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Wolfpack Suspends Arnason

As per Steve Zipay, the Hartford Wolfpack have suspended C Tyler Arnason. Details of the suspension are not readily available right now.

Arnason was signed to a one-year, two-way contract. He is making $100,000 playing with Hartford, but would make $700,000 if he clears waivers and plays for the Rangers, which is highly unlikely (contract details courtesy of CapGeek).

Glencross Suspended Three Games

Curtis Glencross was suspended by the NHL for three games in response to his blindside hit to the head on Ranger captain Chris Drury.

Someone still should have decked him.

Byers Suspended

As per Andrew Gross, Ranger winger Dane Byers was suspended one game by the NHL for instigating the brawl at the end of last night’s game against Vancouver. Coach John Tortorella has also been fined $10,000. This is an automatic suspension / brawl for getting an instigator penalty.

Brashear Gets 6 Games

In all seriousness, Donald Brashear has been suspended 6 games for his part in the blindside hit on Betts (5 games) and provoking Colton Orr during warmups (1 game).

Good riddance. I hope he gets mugged. Douche.

Practice What You Preach…

By now, you have all heard that Rangers Head Coach John Tortorella will be suspended for Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals due to his conduct behind the bench during Game 5.  Prior to the game, Tortorella made the decision to bench Sean Avery in favor of Aaron Voros due to Avery’s lack of discipline at the end of Game 4.  While I agreed with taking action with Avery, I disagreed benching him for an entire game and putting a player with an entirely different skill-set in his place.  This marked the first time I really questioned Tortorella since he became coach (if that means anything).  I do love the fact that Tortorella is a no BS guy: sort of reminds me of another coach that led this team to the Cup 15 years ago (geez has it been that long?)

But while his tactics are refreshing, I look at it this way:  on a team that can’t skate, score, or forecheck, and who is trying to close out a playoff series no less, you bench a player that does all three of those things very good with a player who is marginal at all those things.  The bottom line in any professional sport is winning, especially in the playoffs (duh).  Your best team has to be on the ice every night.   And to boot, they STILL took dumb penalties, and the guy you put in to replace the undisciplined Avery may get suspended and/or fined.   And on top of THAT, you, as a head coach, lose your cool and get into it with some ridiculously drunk fan.  And when all the smoke clears, it turns out that YOU instigated everything with said fan.  What message are you sending to your players when stuff like that happens?  You would never guess the Caps are on the brink of elimination, given these teams attitudes entering Game 6.

When its all said and done though, the Rangers are still up 3-2, coming back home.  And luckily for them, their assistant coach has enough experience and respect to probably will this team to a clinching victory.

Suspensions/Fines for Torts, Orr, Voros?

During last night’s debacle, and really ugly 3rd period, we saw Orr and Voros lay out some dirty hits, and Tortorella get into it with some Washington fans. There is a very good chance we will be seeing at least fines for all three, and possibly suspensions.

What to do if/when someone is suspended? Who do you call up from Hartford to fill in? Artem Anisimov? Greg Moore? maybe give P.A. Parenteau a shot? We shall see later. Right now, we all wait in limbo as Colin Campbell and the rest of the disciplinary committee meet to discuss the fates of Aaron Voros, John Tortorella, and Colton Orr.

On a different note, what is with the Washington fans? Talking about classless. In Game 1, they were throwing stuff at the Rangers, and in Game 5, they throw stuff at Tortorella? I mean, grow up. Seriously. There is no need for any of that. It’s hockey, not the WWE.

I won’t be around for the rest of the day. It’s too nice out to stay in and wait for the result. So I won’t be posting an update on the suspensions until tomorrow. Go outside. It’s beautiful.