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Sixth annual Top 25 Under 25 Part 1

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ryan lindgren

It’s my favorite time of the year. Over the past three years, I’ve gone through the Rangers organization and ranked the top 25 players under the age of 25 years old (201320142015 part one2015 part two 2016 part one2016 part two, 2017 part one, 2017 part two). The ground rules for this list are simple: To qualify for this list, a player must be under 25 years old. It doesn’t matter if this player is in the NHL, AHL, or in any of the leagues around the world. If they are Ranger property and under 25, they were considered.

First, let’s go through the players from last year’s list that no longer qualify and honorable mentions who missed the cut (over HALF of last year’s list!):

Aged Out: Mika Zibanejad, Jimmy Vesey, John Gilmour
No longer with the organization: JT Miller, Ryan Graves, Robin Kovacs, Malte Stromwall, Adam Tambellini, Alexei Bereglazov
Honorable mentions: Tarmo Reunanen (LY: 23), Brandon Halverson (LY: 19), Dominik Lakatos (LY: 24), Gabriel Fontaine (LY: 25), Ryan Gropp (LY: 16), Calle Sjalin (LY: 22)

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vitali kravtsov

Vitali Kravtsov, the Rangers’ 9th overall pick this year, will remain in Russia for one more season before coming over to the US. Alex Nunn did the translating on this, and he also noted that Kravtsov, Yegor Rykov, and Igor Shestyorkin all have their contracts in the KHL end after this season.

Kravtsov is the potential elite talent, but don’t sleep on Rykov and Shestyorkin. Shesty is the heir apparent to Henrik Lundqvist, and there’s a reason why the Rangers targeted Rykov at the deadline. Expect a Russian invasion next summer.

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Steven Fogarty accepts qualifying offer

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steven fogarty

Rangers forward and 2011 3rd round pick Steven Fogarty has accepted his qualifying offer, and will remain with the Rangers/Hartford Wolf Pack next season. His QO is a one year, two-way deal that pays him $708,750 at the NHL level, and $70,000 at the AHL level.

Fogarty is primarily a defensive center who has put up back to back 20 point seasons with the Pack. It is unlikely he has an NHL impact going forward, as his lack of offensive makes him a liability in 1/3 of the ice. Fogarty is a nice depth signing for the Pack, though.

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Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

So I know we already did this, and I kind of made my point, but Manny, who runs Corsica and is probably one of the best math minds in hockey right now, recently released NHL point equivalency coefficients for 173 different leagues (basically every league listed on Elite Prospects). Although the debate has settled down, I’m an indefatigable pedant, and just have to have the last word on the matter of Kravtsov vs Wahlstrom. I’ll keep this quick, since it’s really just a brief statistical calculation and then you can all go about your days.

So to start, below is the thread that begins the list of NHLe coefficients. For full transparency, what I’m going to do is calculate each of Kravtsov and Wahlstrom’s points per game in the leagues they played, based on their data from Elite Prospects, and then use Manny’s coefficients to convert it to NHL points per game. From there, just so we have a more concrete, intuitive idea of what’s what, I’ll then convert the NHLe to a full 82 games worth of points. Let’s have at it.

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olof lindbom

Picking up where we left off this morning. Here is Part Two of of the 2018 draft review.

Round 2 Pick 39, Olof Lindbom G

The pick that ended the world. I get the outrage about the pick, trust me I was mad too. I wanted a forward and do not get the logic about selecting a goalie when we are pretty stacked at that position. That said,  I try to only focus at the picks at hand, this guy is a Ranger, it is unhealthy to look at who was selected after. Also, lets stop caring about what the Islanders do, yes they looked like they had a great draft but at the end of the day they do not matter to the players the Rangers want to develop and finally, how many drafts actually work out in which the central scouting rankings are the exact ways in which players end up NHLers.

Back to Olof. Unfortunately, I do not know much about goaltenders, outside of the ones I like to focus on in Russia. I can’t comment on his style but I can make a few comments about the pick. First, I don’t like that his sv% is under .900 normally for a goalie to be successful you want domination or at the very least success at these lower leagues. On the other hand when playing for the Swedish national prospect team his numbers rise to .949 and .910 in the U18 and U20 tournaments respectively. When the difference is this stark I tend to see the quality of play of the other goaltender on his junior team and Rosengren who is 2 years older had a .920 SV%. I personally don’t see the excitement that the Rangers management saw in Lindbom but clearly the Rangers loved him and think Allaire can work his magic. He was not the #1 ranked goalie and taking him at 39 certainly shows how much they love him. Lets hope it works out.

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vitali kravtsov

The 2018 Draft has come and passed. In the first real draft of the rebuild, the Rangers have supplemented the 2017 first rounders that were able to debut on Broadway this spring with three more first rounders. Over the last couple of years, I have noticed a few strategies, or trends with the Rangers in their selection of prospects. First, I feel like they acquire positions in bunches. When we had no goaltenders in the system the Rangers went on a run in three drafts and were able to select goaltenders to revamp the prospect pool along with adding a few undrafted.

The 2017 draft seemed to revolve around building through the middle as the Rangers selected Chytil, Andersson and even Barron to give them centers with varying levels of offensive potential to blend with a fairly young group of top-dix centers in Zibanejad and Hayes. During the deadline the Rangers built upon that center depth by getting Howden but they also seemed to focus on getting defensemen that can play a puck moving game. Rykov, Lindgren, and Hajek provided the Rangers a group of defensemen that all seem like they can be quality pros at the same time.

In this 2018 draft we see a continuation of this as in the 10 selections that were made, 6 defensemen were chosen. If I were a betting man, I would expect the Rangers to select some more wingers in next year’s draft or get some wing prospects in the highly anticipated trades.

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The Kid is (More Than) Alright

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Draft day, as I touched on in my post in the week leading up to it, is a weird one. Although the Rangers wound up not trading any roster players (they might eventually this summer, however), it’s still an interesting mix of excitement, nervous anticipation, more excitement, and a general posture towards the future. On the one hand we’re fueled by a desire to see our team do the best they can do and make smart decisions, and on the other there’s the simple joy of watching teenagers hug their moms, put on those jerseys, and embark on the journey of a lifetime.

There’s a certain tearing between the “name on the front of the jersey/name on the back” dynamics in that sometimes, as some of us find ourselves upset that the wrong kid is going to wind up on our preferred hockey team years down the road. I realize that’s reductionist to a certain extent, and that there’s a lot more to it, but I think it bears repeating: this is only a game, and these are just kids. Grown men audibly screaming the F Bomb in a crowded theater filled with children underscores how serious some people take the draft, despite the cloak of agnosticism that hangs over all of it. We simply don’t know how things are going to pan out, so let’s not scream obscenities or get into Twitter fights about it quite yet, OK?

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Rangers announce prospect camp roster

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The Rangers have announced their prospect camp roster. It will include the entire 2018 draft, Lias Andersson, Filip Chytil, and most of the prospects acquired at the trade deadline.

There are a few undrafted prospects invited as well. It’s worth keeping an eye on those names.

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Thoughts on the Rangers’ draft

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k'andre miller

The 2018 NHL Draft is behind us, and the Rangers made ten total selections, with one trade to move up in the first round. Josh is going to have a full breakdown of each pick later this week. This lovely Sunday is best spent, at least for me, running through the picks at a high level and the overall draft strategy. I have some thoughts.

1. First things first, the Rangers really nailed the first round. I wanted Oliver Wahlstrom, but that’s my personal preference. Vitali Kravtsov wasn’t falling to 22 or any other spot the Rangers could realistically trade up to, so let’s eliminate that thought. Kravtsov has an elite level ceiling, and he lit up the KHL playoffs as an 18 (!!) year old. He has one year left on his KHL deal and has said he’s coming to North America after. This kid is legit.

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2018 NHL Draft Day 2 Open Thread

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The second day of the 2018 NHL Draft is upon us, and if you’re like me, you’re sleepy and trying to stay awake. Barring any trades, the Rangers have the following picks:

  • 2nd round (8th pick) – 39th overall
  • 3rd round (8th pick) – 70th overall
  • 3rd round (26th pick) – 88th overall
  • 4th round (8th pick) – 101st overall
  • 5th round (8th pick) – 132nd overall
  • 6th round (8th pick) – 163rd overall

We will be updating this regularly, so stay tuned.

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