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morgan barron

The Rangers have selected forward Morgan Barron at pick #174. Baron played five games in the USHL last year (Sioux City Muskateers) as an 18 year old last season, recording no points. He did spend most of his time with St. Andrew’s College this year, though. His line last season was 28-22-50 in 48 games while serving as team captain.

Barron is a big kid and a good skater, but is a project pick. The 6’2, 200 lb forward is a Cornell commit, so he is at least 3-4 years away from turning pro. It’s good to see he’s going to Cornell, means he has a head on his shoulders.

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Dominik Lakatos

The Rangers have taken 20 year old center Dominik Lakatos with their 157th overall pick. Lakatos plays in the Czech league, so the Rangers went with another Euro player. The 6′, 178 lb center put up 10-12-22 in the Czech league this year, earning rookie of the year honors.

I don’t know much about him, but I am a bit concerned by his age. I’m not a big fan of drafting 20 year olds when the draft age is usually 18 years old. But I trust Gordie Clark. That makes four Euros so far.

For what it’s worth, a lot of scouts/prospect guys like this pick.

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calle sjalin

The Rangers have taken defenseman Calle Sjalin at pick #145. Sjalin is another 17 year old taken from Europe, playing just a pair of games this year in Sweden’s third tier league. The 6’1, 179 lb defenseman (lefty) was actually one of the top ranked Swedish defensemen a year ago, but missed an entire year made him fall off the radar.

He’s another young guy and a project pick, but he also appears to have a high ceiling. Since he was rated so high just last year, there’s a chance he had top-two round skill and just fell because of his injury.

Other than that, there’s not much on Sjalin. Josh will have a more detailed post tomorrow.

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brandon crawley

The Rangers have taken defenseman Brandon Crawley at pick #123 in the fourth round. The Rangers originally had pick #102, but traded it to San Jose to move back. Crawley is an American defenseman from New Jersey, so he has the local factor. At 6’2″ and 203 lbs, he’s a big kid as well. He put up 7-20-27 on the London Knights this year as a 20 year old.

Crawley is an over-ager, so there’s a chance he can go right to the AHL this year. He’s more of a defense first guy, so don’t expect huge numbers from him in the AHL. He’s a solid skater and good positionally, so he’s not your prototypical banger/shot blocker.

He played well with London, but as a 20 year old you want to see him dominate kids smaller than him. We will see what the Rangers do with him as an over-ager.

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Yesterday sure was exciting. First the Derek Stepan/Antti Raanta trade, then the rumors of trying to move up to #3, then two first round picks.

Today should be quieter. The Rangers don’t have a pick until the fourth round, with 4 picks total (rounds 4-7). Discuss and follow here.

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Time to Panic? Not Quite

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anthony deangelo

Let’s all take a deep breath. It’s been a big day for the New York Rangers, who traded away a core member of the team in Derek Stepan and their backup goalie Antti Raanta (who could very well be starter material – you can check out my piece on him over at NHLNumbers here) in exchange for Anthony DeAngelo and the 7th overall pick. With that pick they selected Lias Andersson, and later at 21 they took Filip Chytil, both of whom are could play either LW or center according to their profiles at Elite Prospects. There’s still a lot left to this offseason, so it’s not quite time for panic, but there’s a reasonable case to be made that there’s cause for concern.

Let’s start by stating the obvious – the Rangers are a win-now team, because Henrik Lundqvist isn’t getting any younger. Given yesterday’s events, and the loss of Oscar Lindberg to the Vegas Golden Knights, the roster still needs some filling out. As it stands right now, we’re down two centers from where we were at the beginning of this season, when our depth down the middle was one of our obvious strengths. Our defensive group is still a work in progress, and it remains to be seen whether or not we’ll end up signing the coveted Kevin Shattenkirk in free agency. The opening night roster is not quite ready yet.

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Rangers take Filip Chytil at #21

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filip chytil

With their second pick in the first round, the Rangers took Czech forward Filip Chytil at #21 overall. The 6’0″, 180 lb center/LW was the youngest player in the draft at just 17 years old. He made the draft age by a few days. He put up 4-4-8 in 38 games in the Czech league this year. It’s worth noting that as a 17 year old, he’s playing in the top men’s league in the Czech Republic.

Chytil is a tremendous skater with a good hockey IQ. He’s also known for getting to the dangerous areas. However he is rough around the edges, especially on defense. But that’s to be expected, the kid is only 17 years old. He actually projects higher than Lias Andersson, as he might make it as a top-six center. However he has a much lower floor.

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Rangers take Lias Andersson at #7

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lias andersson

The Rangers have taken forward Lias Andersson with the #7 overall pick in the draft. Andersson can play all three forward positions. The 5’11, 200 lb forward is deemed the safest pick in the draft, with one of the higher floors. He doesn’t have the elite ceiling that you’d want from a top-ten pick, though.

Andersson put up 9-10-19 in 42 games in the SHL as an 18 year old, which is pretty solid. He’s a solid skater with a good shot. However the Rangers reached on this pick.

Update: Rumors are abound saying the Kings wanted Andersson at 11. If this was Clark’s guy, and he knew that he wouldn’t last beyond LA, then taking him at 7 makes sense.

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The 2017 NHL Entry Draft is upon us, and it’s been a wild ride already. The Rangers have made a blockbuster deal, sending Derek Stepan and Antti Raanta to Arizona for the #7 pick and top defense prospect Anthony DeAngelo. Jeff Gorton doesn’t appear to be finished yet, as there are rumblings that he is looking to move up from the 7th pick. Clearly he has someone in mind.

The rest of the league didn’t sit idly by either. Chicago made a pair of moves. They first sent Nicklas Hjalmarsson to Arizona for Connor Murphy and Laurent Dauphin. Then they re-acquired Brandon Saad (with Anton Forsberg and a 5th rounder) from Columbus for Artemi Panarin, Tyler Motte, and a 6th round pick. The other blockbuster was Jordan Eberle heading to the Isles for Ryan Strome. We will be live blogging all night, so follow with us.

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Last week I covered the potential NYR picks if they decide to go defenseman in the first round. of course, there is the possibility that they want to draft a forward. The interesting thing about the forwards is that all the potential “game breakers” have a glaring issue, whether it be size or injury history. In this post, I will be covering four forwards who have been linked to the Rangers. These forwards do not include centers Lias Andersson, Elias Pettersson, or Nick Suzuki, all of whom would probably be a surprise if they fall this far. Suzuki is projected to go around 12-15, Andersson 14-17, and Pettersson some say can even go top-five. As previously done, I will be listing them in order of my priority.

Klim Kostin (RW, 6’3, 196 lbs)

Kostin is probably one of the most intriguing forwards in the group because he is likely to be available. Originally seen as a potential top-ten pick, Kostin dropped due to a pair of factors. The first is a shoulder injury, and the second is his lack of production in the KHL. To sum him up, Kostin is your big power forward with incredible hands around the net. He loves to be a force and when he causes a commotion he can easily get the puck to a teammate to score. His preferred way to score, though, is to power through the defense and around the goalie to tuck in pucks. He loves to simply dominate a defenseman or two and crash the net.

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