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Before we know it, the NHL draft will be here beginning the next season of New York Rangers hockey. There are a lot of question marks surrounding the organization, ranging from the eventual playoffs, to the future personnel choices, to new prospects joining the organization.

The Rangers are expected to be big players in the college UFA market considering that many of their players in the AHL have expiring contracts.  There is a very talented forwards, with Ahti Oksanen and Drake Caggiula leading the pack. There are also three puck moving defensemen in Ethan Prow, Casey Nelson, and Troy Stecher going on the market, and hopefully the Rangers can nab a few of them.

The other way the Rangers will add youth into the system is through the draft, something which has been difficult to get excited about due to the lack of first round picks. However, I personally love trying to find talent in the mid and late rounds.

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Giavni Smith (Photo: Steph Coratti,

Givani Smith (Photo: Steph Coratti,

Hard to believe that this NHL season is already half way overm but while watching this roller coaster of emotions called the New York Rangers I have continued to work on some of my hockey visualization projects as well as scouting some players for the upcoming NHL draft.

First things first, the Rangers will make the playoffs and the 2016 first rounder will be going to the Arizona Coyotes. While I personally want to see a retool and have the Rangers recoup their prospects, I feel that giving the Yotes the 2016 first rounder is better than the 2017 first rounder.

According to, the Rangers currently have six picks for the 2016 draft. A 2nd, 3rd, 4th (from Arizona), 5th, 6th and 7th. I fully expect the Rangers to end up with around eight by the draft after trades, either by cap casualty trades or moving back to get two or three exta picks. In any case I have been watching some players in juniors and Europe to try to find some targets that would be able to either fit the system or are simply prototypical NYR picks.

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I know the 2016 NHL season hasn’t even started yet, but I really do love watching, scouting, and analyzing prospects. It is fun to watch them grow and develop into quality NHLers because for some strange reason you feel a sense of pride when one of “your guys” make an impact in the NHL.

For the American readers, this 2016 draft will be teeming with American stars in what can possibly be the best draft for the USA in quite a while. In this post I will be highlighting some of the top prospects in the draft just to give you guys some background behind the names that you will start hearing more.

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keith yandle

Yandle’s acquisition meant another year without a #1.

Much has been made of the New York Rangers history of trading draft picks in recent years. BSB regular Spozo recommended that we go through, afterthe lockout in 2004, and see what those traded picks turned into. It was a pretty fantastic idea, so here we are today. It’s worth noting that this post will only look at picks traded for players, not picks used to trade up/down. Let’s begin.

2005 Draft

The Rangers traded up with Atlanta to get Marc Staal in the first round (picks used on Alex Bourret and Ondrej Pavelec), and then traded down with Montreal (pick used to take Guillaume Latendresse)to recoup the pick. But the Rangers didn’t trade any picks for players in this one.

2006 Draft

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ryan gropp

Gropp (Photo: Seattle Thunderbids)

Well, the day I have been looking forward to since the Rangers got eliminated is officially over. I will be brutally honest here, this wasn’t a great draft for the Rangers in my personal opinion, but it was still nice and I am more happy about this one than last year’s. My ideal plan for the draft was to go for whichever player had the most skill, something teams like Toronto and Philly did. Even though the Rangers didn’t necessarily do that, I have faith in Gordie Clark and am pretty happy with guys we took today.

Ryan Gropp- Gropp was a player that I wasn’t expecting to be available by the time the Rangers picked, but he is a nice player. My only gripe about him is that the Rangers didn’t draft the more skilled player in Sprong instead. That said, Gropp is a very solid pick and has a pretty nice chance to make the NHL. He has good size at 6’2, 183 lbs, but he brings more to the table. Gropp is a really swift skater and has a wonderful shot for a kid his age.

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2015 nhl draft

Really getting solid mileage from this image.

Day One of the 2015 NHL Draft came and went last night, with the Rangers staying largely silent. There were rumblings of an eventual deal for Cam Talbot, but that was the only action we saw for the Rangers. It was a relatively boring night.

Day Two, however, was the complete opposite. The day opened with more Talbot rumors. But before the eventual Talbot deal could be made, the Rangers shocked their fan base by sending Carl Hagelin to the Anaheim Ducks for Emerson Etem. The trade also involved the Rangers moving up in the draft from #59 to #41, giving Anaheim the 59th and 179th picks. The Rangers grabbed forward Ryan Gropp with the 41st pick.

Minutes after making their selection, the Rangers then sent Talbot to the Edmonton Oilers for three draft picks. The Rangers got the 57th, 79th, and 184th picks. The Oilers also got the 209th pick in the deal.

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2015 NHL Draft Open Thread: Day Two

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2015 nhl draft

Getting a lot of mileage out of this image.

Well, the second day of the draft is upon us, and the Rangers actually have picks to use today. Even though the Rangers didn’t pick last night, there was a little bit of disappointment that they didn’t, since Cam Talbot was supposed to be traded for a first round pick. The general feeling was disappointment when they did not trade him last night.

That said, Talbot should be dealt today, likely early, so that the Rangers can get more picks in the second round. Right now, the Rangers have the following picks:

  • 2nd round – 59th overall
  • 3rd round – 89th
  • 4th round – 119th
  • 6th round – 179th
  • 7th round – 209th

The Rangers traded their 5th round pick to the Canucks last year for Raphael Diaz.

As per usual, we will be live blogging the draft. Be sure to join us. I’ll be bolding the Rangers picks and moves. I won’t be updating every trade up/down. Just the ones that affect the Rangers.

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2015 NHL Draft Open Thread: Day One

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2015 nhl draft

Tonight is Day One of the 2015 NHL Draft, with the first round taking place over the span of three hours. The New York Rangers do not have a pick in this round, yet. There are wild rumors about what will happen with Cam Talbot, and it is expected that the Rangers will make a trade tonight to slide into the first round.

Before the draft, you should read Josh’s draft road map, which outlines who the Rangers might have available to them at any given point in the draft. All of his draft profiles can be viewed here.

This afternoon, there were three major trades, two involving the Bruins:

  • Buffalo acquired Robin Lehner and David Legwand for the 21st overall pick.
  • Bruins sent Dougie Hamilton to Calgary for the 15th, 45h, and 52nd picks in this year’s draft
  • Bruins sent Milan Lucic to Los Angeles for the 13th pick, goalie Martin Jones, and prospect Colin Miller. The Bruins retained $2.75m of Lucic’s salary.

We are live blogging the draft tonight and all day tomorrow. Be sure to join us.

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2015 nhl draft

Here’s a quick rundown of the roadmap for the Rangers, based off the 2015 NHL Draft profiles I compiled the past two weeks. Hopefully the Rangers follow this roadmap.

My ideal moves:

Quick note: At the time of this posting, the rumored return for Cam Talbot was ridiculous. I’m expecting a pair of 2nds, and maybe a 6th. I know that now the rumors state a 1st is in play. This is getting crazy. I don’t know what to expect, but the expectations below were written before news broke that Talbot can fetch a 1st.

I would also trade Kevin Klein to a team for a 2nd and 5th or other late pick. Consequently these would be my choices (full roadmap after the jump):

33- Dunn/Roslovic (if Bracco is still here take Bracco)
57- Rasmus Andersson
59- Alex Dergachyov
89- Jesper Lindgren
119- Conor Garland
5th rounder in trade (move into 4th round by using 5th rounder and a pick from next year- Brad Morrison
6th rounder- Cam Askew
6th rounder from Talbot deal – Ziyat Paigin
7th rounder – Kay Schweri

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2015 nhl draft

Well everyone, the draft is in a couple of days. As we are nearing draft day we still have 2 more rounds in which the Rangers pick as of right now. I will be combining rounds 6 and 7 into one post because for the most part some prospects may fall into round 7 or I wouldn’t mind us drafting in round 6.

Cameron Askew Askew headlines the short list of players I am really interested in during round 6. The thing is he is a little bit of a wildcard and I just cannot predict if he will go in round 5 or make it to our pick in round 6. He is ranked 154th on the North American skaters list by central scouting so if that holds suit he should be available here. Cameron is a player I really want the Rangers to take a chance with, I am sure some of you think that I don’t like players with size but that is the exact opposite, that said Askew may be the perfect blend of size, skill, work ethic and risk.

The 6’2 203 lbs Massachusetts born center has an NHL body already and he is still growing. This kid is tough and he has skill that has been seen in flashes as he has 45 points in 66 games for Moncton. Those point totals are probably what caused him to drop to 154 but at this position the Rangers need to take a risk to add this power forward into the system. Askew is a player that is tough as nails and has a good hockey mind that should help him be successful not only next season but the years after.

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