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After two straight games of giving up six goals to a potent Tampa Bay Lightning squad, the Rangers are in desperate need to even the series before heading back to New York. The Bolts won in overtime in Game 3 after the Rangers came back to tie the game twice. The game was an extreme disappointment for the Rangers, who blew a 2-0 lead and put up five goals in a loss. Simply put, if you have Lundqvist in net and you put up five goals, you need to win.

Team defense has been the story of the series, as the Rangers have blown coverages, haven’t back checked, and haven’t gap controlled at all in the last two games. Ben Bishop has been shaky, and the Tampa defense has been exploited, but in order for the Rangers to win, they need to get back to basics on defense.

Justin wrote a very detailed analysis on how to beat Ben Bishop, and I wrote a detailed systems/numbers preview of the series. Both are great reads if you haven’t already perused.

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Boy was this a sloppy, yet exciting game. Neither team remembered how to play defense, but the Rangers were the worse culprits again. This is a team that was one of the top teams in the league in goals allowed, but has allowed a whopping 11 goals in two games. No one on the blue line had a good game, with some egregious efforts all around. In fact, I think Jesper Fast is the only Ranger player I’d say had a good game.

Henrik Lundqvist was human, but you can only really fault him for the last goal, which of course was the overtime winner. He’s been hung out to dry the last two games. If the Rangers played any semblance of defense, they would have won. Ben Bishop has been pretty brutal the last two games. Any kind of strong defensive play, and the Rangers take this game. It’s sad really.

On to the goals:

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The Lightning embarrassed the Rangers in Game Two on Monday night, taking advantage of stupid penalties and bad defense to the tune of a 6-2 demolition. Tonight is a new night, and the Rangers will look to rebound and regain the series lead. New York was probably better off getting blown out on Monday, as it forced a mental reset for them.

The Bolts, meanwhile, benefited greatly from special teams. Generally, the refs have let a lot of stuff go in the playoffs this year, but Game Two they called everything. The game was won by the Bolts on the back of special teams, but they also played a lot better at even strength.

Justin wrote a very detailed analysis on how to beat Ben Bishop, and I wrote a detailed systems/numbers preview of the series. Both are great reads if you haven’t already perused.

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This press release was sent to me by the NHL, figured it was worth sharing.




With more counterfeit merchandise during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the NHL aims to educate fans on how to identify the real thing

NEW YORK (May 18, 2015) – As New York paints their town blue and red heading into the Eastern Conference Final, fans are gearing up to support their team by purchasing Rangers playoff gear. With this in mind, the NHL is actively increasing education, awareness and enforcement efforts to help prevent Rangers fans from being victimized by purchasing unauthorized and poorly produced knock-off merchandise.

“Counterfeiters take advantage of sports fans and legitimate retailers around high-profile events like the Stanley Cup Playoffs,” said Tom Prochnow, Group Vice President, Legal and Business Affairs at NHL Enterprises, L.P. “By giving fans the information they need to avoid buying fake gear, the NHL can help protect both consumers and businesses that play by the rules from opportunists selling inferior products.”

The NHL has a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting program to help protect fans looking to purchase genuine NHL jerseys and merchandise. Most important is the NHL hologram that is affixed to all licensed NHL products. To avoid being deceived by counterfeiters, Prochnow urges hockey fans to:

  • Look for the hologram sticker or holographic hangtag and a sewn-in or screen-printed label identifying the name of the NHL licensee that has been authorized by the NHL to produce “genuine” or “official” merchandise.
  • Shop at legitimate retailers, such as the MSG Store, NHL Powered by Reebok store or, the official online store of the NHL, rather than buying items from street vendors, flea markets, overseas websites or other questionable sources.
  • Beware of ripped tags or irregular markings on apparel.

 “Rangers fans should remember that everyone is at risk of falling victim to counterfeiters,” Prochnow said. “We want our fans to have mementos that last as long as their memories. They aren’t keepsakes if they contain typos or fall apart after one washing.”

The NHL works in conjunction with federal, state and local law enforcement officials who, throughout the Stanley Cup Playoffs, will enforce laws prohibiting the sale of counterfeit merchandise. According to the International Trademark Association (INTA), counterfeiting is estimated to have an impact of approximately $650 billion per year on businesses worldwide, resulting in the loss of 2.5 million jobs annually.

Last year, during the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs, working closely with law enforcement, the NHL was involved in the seizure of more than 4,600 pieces of counterfeit NHL merchandise with a retail value of nearly $750,000. Since 1992, the NHL – through its membership in the Coalition to Advance the Protection of Sports logos (CAPS) – has been involved in the seizure and surrender of more than 10.9 million pieces of counterfeit merchandise featuring the logos of various pro sports leagues, teams, colleges, and universities – valued at more than $410 million.

About CAPS:

The Coalition to Advance the Protection of Sports logos (CAPS) is an alliance formed by The Collegiate Licensing Company, Major League Baseball Properties, Inc., NBA Properties, Inc., NFL Properties LLC, and NHL Enterprises, L.P. in 1992 to address common trademark protection and enforcement matters of its members. For more information, call 1-800-TEL-CAPS (835-2277) or visit

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Tyler Johnson scored the first three Tampa Bay goals, one shorthanded, one on the powerplay, and one at even strength, to carry the Bolts to a decisive 5-2 win in Game Two. We all knew the Rangers wouldn’t make this easy on us. Of course, the Lightning are a great team, so this really shouldn’t be a shocker. What was shocking was how badly the Rangers played on defense, and how badly luck reared its ugly head.

Two of Johnson’s goals came on fortuitous bounces –and you create your own luck, which he did– with multiple Rangers blowing tires to start the plays. But as I just mentioned, you create your own luck, and the Rangers didn’t exactly do much to stop the offensive chances from flowing for the Bolts. They took a bunch of penalties, they had a bunch of blown coverages, they made poor decisions, and to make matters worse, they didn’t take advantage of their chances.

Such is life. The Rangers always lose Game Two. On to the goals:

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Game One of the Eastern Conference Finals went to the Rangers, and that game was more eventful than about 90% of the previous 12 playoff games played by the Rangers this year. This game was pretty fast paced, with the Rangers and Lightning exchanging rushes and getting shot attempts. Both Ben Bishop and Henrik Lundqvist stood tall, especially Bishop –who is really tall anyway– who made 28 saves. Lundqvist made 23 saves.

The Rangers really controlled play against the Lightning yesterday, putting up a 60% puck possession advantage throughout the contest. They also controlled the scoring chance battle, really getting back to their rush game and getting those chances (more on that below). The Lightning did not follow the mold of the Caps and Penguins before them, and did not clog the neutral zone. The Rangers took advantage to get those attempts. That said, both Ranger goals were of the “greasy, dirty, gritty” variety. Gotta have both.

On to the goals:

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The New York Rangers came roaring back last round, erasing a 3-1 deficit to beat the Capitals on Derek Stepan’s overtime winner. Now they have the Tampa Bay Lightning, a matchup not many New Yorkers wanted to see. Tampa is quick, talented, and deep. They have great goaltending, and their overall team defense is solid (but not deep). They have the speed to match the Rangers, something few teams in the league can boast.

But the Rangers have Henrik Lundqvist. They have been battle tested. They have been there before. The Bolts have not, and that may be the Blueshirts’ biggest advantage in this series.

Justin wrote a very detailed analysis on how to beat Ben Bishop, and I wrote a detailed systems/numbers preview of the series. Both are great reads if you haven’t already perused.

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Conference Finals predictions

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Halfway there! For those of you who survived without anxiety/panic/heart attacks — or those of you who didn’t, but are home from the hospital — it’s time for some more high pressure fun! The Blueshirts host the Bolts today at 1. Here at BSB, our flawless predictions are ready for your reading pleasure. Spoiler alert: we’re all too scared to pick against the home team, and most of us don’t get how the Ducks are still in it. Look out for constant coverage, as games are every other day throughout Memorial Day Weekend.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs New York Rangers

Dave’s pick: Rangers in 7. The games these teams played in November are meaningless. They were 7 months ago, and both sides had injuries. TBL has a talented and deep group of forwards that can practically score at will and a goalie that has been lights out against New York. Their D is their perceived weakness, but it’s not much of one. The Rangers are still, probably, without Mats Zuccarello, which is a huge hit to their offense. I really don’t like this matchup. I’m a homer though.

Justin’s pick: Rangers in 7. After another 3-1 comeback, I’m in full on homer mode.  No objectivity whatsoever here.  That said, Tampa is going to be an incredibly difficult out.  I think in the end, Henrik Lundqvist is the difference.

Becky’s pick: Rangers in 6. My original bracket, of which the West is a hot mess of red but the East is pretty in tact, says that this matchup ends with Tampa taking the cake. That was obviously before the playoffs started. The Bolts have had extensive offensive input from their fetuses (feti?) and could be dangerous should Steven Stamkos come alive, but inexperience paired with the long haul of the playoffs and beating a barely there Red Wings team followed by the Price-only Habs don’t impress me much. The Rangers – King Hank, specifically – are locked in. They know how to adapt, something we’re not sure of the inexperienced Bolts. Call me crazy, but I think/hope the boys in blue spare us the heartache.

Suit’s pick: Rangers in 7. Four teams left, former Torts disciples scattered throughout these organizations. It’s cool, no correlation there. This is the matchup I was hoping for. Not because they made us look silly during the regular season, but because of obvious narratives, the make up of these rosters, and the systems employed on both benches. These teams are evenly matched in so many respects it’s hard to pick who will come out on top. In the end, Hank will stand tall.

Kevin’s pick: ??? This is the one matchup I was afraid of. The Rangers had no answer for Tampa Bay’s speed and skill during the regular season – and though they are a better team now, I’m not sure that’s going to change. It’s not even Steven Stamkos that has me worried, it’s the Ondrej Palat/Tyler Johnson/Nikita Kucherov line that’s going to be a real handful. Henrik Lundqvist is in hero mode, so it’s certainly possible he could steal a couple games and swing the series. But I’m not sure the Blueshirts can score enough to keep up with TB without having Mats Zuccarello in the lineup. And for the record – I am refusing to make an actual prediction.

Chris’ Pick: Rangers in 7. Fans shouldn’t expect anything less stressful than the series before. Tampa are faster, deeper and more skilled than the Caps. They share the same (if not more) high end talent and both Ben Bishop and Tampa have owned the Rangers recently. Fortunately experience still counts for something. The Rangers won’t be fazed by the occasion and if they can tidy up their breakouts, if they can stay disciplined and if they can get some secondary scoring I can see the Rangers sneaking the series but it will be close either way. If the Rangers can limit the Johnson line and don’t let Callahan come back to haunt them, Rangers in seven. Only just.

Chicago Blackhawks vs Anaheim Ducks

Dave’s pick: Blackhawks in 6. I don’t understand the Ducks at all. Their blue line and goaltending are both huge question marks.They don’t have the bottom-six depth to match up. But they keep winning. Meanwhile, the Hawks are a team built for deep runs. Crawford is a question mark, but as is Andersen. I give the edge to the Hawks though.

Justin’s pick: Blackhawks in 6. I agree with Dave, in that the Ducks’ continue to flummox me.  They have a ton of talent up front, but the back end and goaltending is suspect.  They also haven’t really dealt with a high-end opponent yet.  I think Chicago catches the Ducks off guard and punches another ticket to the Final.

Becky’s pick: Blackhawks in 6. I don’t really believe that the Ducks have faced too much of a hard time in these playoffs, and I think that Andersen’s ability hasn’t quite been tested yet. Patrick Kane is a beast and the Hawks have proved that both of their goaltenders are capable of backing up their offensive talent. Half of me thinks that the Hawks clean up in five, but it’s the conference finals, so let’s stick with six.

Suit’s pick: Ducks in 6. I’ve been picking the Ducks since the beginning, so I’m going to stick with them, even though on paper it probably doesn’t make sense. With that said, they have skill and they have grit that can skate. Defense and goaltending aren’t all-time, but they seem to bare down when it matters. Their power play has been unstoppable. The Hawks are the Hawks, but ‘keep the puck away’ from our goalie can only work so many times. Ducks in 6.

Kevin’s pick: Blackhawks in 6. Boy did I underestimate both of these teams, and I feel like an idiot for it. Chicago just didn’t feel the same during the regular season, but I should have realized this team is more than capable of flipping the switch come playoff time. I’m still not totally sold on Anaheim and think the Ducks have really benefited from two easy matchups. Chicago just has too much everything, so unless the Blackhawks’ goaltending implodes again, they’ll take this one in six.

Chris’ pick: Blackhawks in 7. Are the Hawks the closest thing to a dynasty we’ve had in recent times? Another conference final and/or a trip to the SCF would get them close to such a lofty status. The hawks are deeper but the Ducks look unstoppable as Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf seem to be doing what they want when they want. This series will be a test of Anaheim’s depth – can they go toe to toe with Chicago? –  the Hawks may be the deepest team in the league. If Anaheim can overpower the Hawks physically they could force their way past the Hawks but the Hawks have too much pure talent for me and will survive another long series.

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It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t pretty, but the New York Rangers survived against the Washington Capitals, and are now set to face the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Conference Finals. Although the Lightning finished second in the Atlantic, many pegged them to move on to the Conference Finals. Seeding doesn’t matter at this point though.

The Lightning took all three matchups from the Rangers in convincing fashion during the regular season. But they played all three games in a two-week span in November-December. The last game was played on December 1. The Rangers didn’t have Ryan McDonagh for two of those games. They dressed three guys that aren’t on the team anymore. Tampa Bay didn’t have Victor Hedman for two of those games. Those games were almost 7 months ago.

That said, the Lightning are unlike any team the Rangers have faced this postseason. They dispatched Crosby and Ovechkin, but the supporting casts for those stars were sub-par at best. The Lightning have the star power in Steven Stamkos, and tremendous scoring depth to complement it.

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Scouting the opposition: Ben Bishop

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After their historic comeback against the Capitals, the Rangers have punched their ticket to the Eastern Conference Final against a very skilled and very deep Tampa Bay Lightning team.  There will be narratives about reuniting with old friends and a lopsided season series, but those will generally be media fluff.  However, there has been legitimate debate about the impact that Tampa Bay goaltender Ben Bishop has had during his first playoff run as a starter.

His numbers so far in this postseason are very good.  However, his stats haven’t exactly lined up with the eye test to this point.  Let’s dig into his game a little bit and figure out exactly what the Rangers are up against.  I actually did a breakdown of Bishop’s style way back in 2012, when he was first breaking into the league with Ottawa.  Much has changed, however.  Since this is our third goalie scouting report so far this postseason (Fleury, Holtby), you know the drill by now: Stance, Crease movement/depth, Equipment, Puck-handling ability and Exploitable Weaknesses.  Here we go… Read More→

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