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Vote: 2017 BSB Plan Finalists

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Well, there you have it.  Our best and brightest for the 2017 Offseason.  Now, it’s up to you to decide who reigns supreme.  Give a vote below and see who our champion is!

Thanks to everyone who submitted their vision for the 2017-2018 New York Rangers.  Make sure to stay tuned to BSB for your daily dose of the boys in blue.  Pre-season is just around the corner!

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Now that we have had a chance to digest the first our of submissions, let’s get right into our second finalist.

I present to you, submission #2: Read More→

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Happy Friday, BSB community!  A couple months back, we posed a contest to our readers to come up with a working offseason plan that would help bring our beloved Blueshirts back to contention this season.  If you missed the specific ground rules they can be found right here.

Long story short, you submit specifics of an offseason strategy, the esteemed writers of Blue Seat Blogs chose the top 3 submissions, and then you, our beloved community, get to chose your favorites.  Past winners include notable commentators TommyT and Hatrick Swayze.  After doing this for a couple years, we have come to understand what it takes for a submission to work as a finalist.  Unfortunately, this year, only two submissions were really of the depth and quality necessary to take home that crown.

With that said, below is our first submission.  I’m going to run our second submission at 10am, and at noon, the voting opens.  May the best submission win!

Without further delay, here is submission #1: Read More→

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The obvious choice for many of these

The premise is simple: if all the Rangers were cast as competitors in the major reality TV show competitions, who would come out on top? Yep, I realize this is silly – but we’re at that point in the summer. Here goes!

American Ninja WarriorChris Kreider is a little tall for a typical ninja, but he’s a physical freak of nature. He has upper body strength for days and should be able to beast his way through most of the obstacles.

Survivor – While the Wisconsin and Beantown alliances would be formidable foes and strategically eliminate most of the top contenders until their inevitable showdown, Mats Zuccarello would skate to a classic under the radar victory. He’s small, unassuming, unintimidating and nice to everyone. Zuke is the classic “wait, how is he still in this thing?” guy that outwits, outlasts and outplays his competition.

Ink MasterMichael Grabner is covered in tattoos, so if he’d have the inside track on this one. But can he actually operate a tattoo gun?

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5 Signs it’s almost hockey season

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It’s Labor Day weekend, which means that summer is over. What that means is that although we’re still a couple of weeks away from preseason, hockey is almost upon us. In case you don’t believe me though (I mean I can hardly believe we’re at this point either) here are some signs that hockey season is right around the corner.

  1. It’s (hockey) sweater weather – Although we had something of a mild summer here in the New York Metropolitan Area (don’t think I forgot about you Long Islanders/Northern NJ types) there were a few weeks there in July that were quite hot. Even when things weren’t scorching temperatures were still at least 80-something degrees. That seems to have tapered off as of late, with weather as low as the high 50s. All of that means it’s finally appropriate to don your favorite extra layer: your Rangers jersey.

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You got nothin’ on the Beeze

Well, here we are.  The Top 10.  We have covered my 31-11 ranked goaltenders over the past couple of weeks, but this is the main event.  If you missed either of those entries, including all of our criteria and other housekeeping issues, feel free to check them out here and here.  Now, I know we will all be in unanimous agreement that these rankings are wise and accurate, but in the unlikely event that there is the occasional disagreement, feel free to make your voice heard down in the comments section.

I present to you, the Top 10… Read More→

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Still cooler than any of us

Welcome to the second installment of this year’s Top 31 goaltenders.  I covered all of the introductory/methodology/housekeeping issues during the first portion of the list, which you can find here to bring yourself up to speed.  Otherwise, we are going to jump right in.  Here goes, goaltenders 20-11… Read More→

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Game of Thrones: New York Rangers edition

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If you’re like me, then you spend your Sundays counting the hours until Game of Thrones comes on TV. Lately, it’s a miracle if you’re able to avoid spoilers, and to those of us who can, the reward is phenomenal.

But haven’t you ever wondered who would excel at ruling Westeros from the Rangers? Who would be Littlefinger, manipulating the war? Who would be Jon Snow, the stoic and reluctant leader? Who would be Cersei, capable of a level of evil we can’t even imagine? Well have no fear. Winter is here at Blue Seat Blogs.

Spoiler warning: There are some minor plot points from prior seasons that get covered here. These aren’t massive spoilers, but if you haven’t watched through Season Six, you might want to skip this.

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You will never be this cool

Welcome to the 6th Annual Top 31 Goaltenders List.  Can you believe it’s been six years already?  Wild.  Anyway, this was one of the most difficult years to rank, in that many veteran goaltenders started to reclaim for former glory and a few young guys took aim at some top 10 stalwarts.  However, with the addition of the Vegas Golden Knights as the league’s 31st team, I got to add another spot to the rankings, giving me a little extra breathing room.

So, let’s get the house keeping stuff out of the way before we get to some honorable mentions and our first section of the list.  The criteria for the rankings are as follows:  I am advising a hypothetical “team” on a one-year solution between the pipes.  I am completely ignoring concepts of age, contract status, incumbent goaltender, contention window or any other factors relating to the status of said “team”.  Everything is in a vacuum and all about current talent level that can be projected out for the next twelve months.  It goes without saying this whole exercise is for fun and massively subjective, so feel free to run me through the gautlet in the comments.  Read More→

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adam graves

After a brief hiatus, the Blue Seat Blogs #TBT series returns.  Our first two editions revisited memorable Rangers regular season wins.  But because being a Ranger fan involves a little bit of masochism, this week’s trip back takes us to the most recent nadir of Rangers hockey: the early 2000’s.

After winning the Stanley Cup in 1994, the Rangers declined slowly and then all at once, as the core of Mark Messier, Brian Leetch, Mike Richter and Adam Graves aged.  Rock bottom wouldn’t truly come until 2004, but if you lived through this era of Rangers hockey, you likely have done your best to delete it from your memory.

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