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A trade deadline primer for all fans

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The trade deadline is right around the corner, and the rumors are flying left and right. Speculation is also rampant. So as we head to the deadline, which is this coming Monday, I have some helpful hints to help you through this stressful time.

1. First and foremost, know the difference between speculation and rumor. A rumor is something concrete, stating that there have been talks, pieces discussed, and a deal could be in the works. Usually these rumors come from two people: Bob McKenzie or Elliotte Friedman. Speculation is different from a rumor. Speculation is saying that the Rangers could deal for Eric Staal because Rick Nash is out. “Could” is the key word there. That’s someone throwing something at a wall. It could make logical sense, it could not. But try and identify the difference, it’ll save you some sanity.

2. Beware of fake accounts. I linked to McKenzie and Friedman above for a reason. Even if they aren’t the first to report something, they will piggyback off the original reporter. Seriously, beware of fake accounts.

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Mailbag: The penalty kill, Jesper Fast

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Two questions for the mailbag this week. As always, submit your questions via the widget on the right, and we will answer them on a weekly basis.

jesper fast


Ray observes: This is more of an observation about the penalty kill than a question. So I’m going to put the full email from Ray below, it’s superb analysis.

——-(Ray’s email)

I looked up some surprisingly hard to find numbers and did some calculations that might be of interest. I found my starting numbers on War-on-Ice. The stat is simple enough — TOI/GA (time-on-ice per goals against), so one is rating defenders by the simple metric of how well they keep the puck out of the net. High numbers are good.

I list all Rangers with at least 10 minutes of PK time and asterisk those with < 50 minutes.

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Early morning Friday thoughts

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Happy Friday, BSB faithful. It’s about 5am and I am readying to leave for Canada to get back to my Canuck roots for a couple days, so I’m going to leave you with some brief thoughts before the Kings come to town this evening.

Let’s start the proceedings with a former King. I am very surprised the Rangers did not put a claim in on Christian Erhoff. I know what you are saying; “but Justin, there was a reason the Kings put him on waivers, why would the Rangers want anything to do with him?” Well, for one he would have added defensive depth and he only cost cap space. There have been several nagging injuries this season, and clearly the organization is only looking to call up Brady Skjei in the event of a long-term role. Could also have created some matchup leverage depending on opponent. Alas, it was not meant to be.

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Rising Rangers still missing spark plugs

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Carl Hagelin is one of several spark plugs the Rangers have lost recently

Carl Hagelin is one of several instant catalysts the Rangers have lost

The Rangers’ defensive lapses and disappointing individual performances have been discussed again and again, but one surprising issue this season has been the frequency with which the team hits the ice with very little energy. We saw so few of those pure stinker games in recent years under first John Tortorella and then Alain Vigneault, but this impossible-to-measure quality has been missing this season with unacceptable regularity.

Part of the problem has been the exodus of key individuals that served as the main spark plugs for the Blueshirts. Former captain Ryan Callahan could always be counted on to give the team a lift by sacrificing his body, Carl Hagelin had the unique ability to fly on ice and wreak havoc in the opponent’s zone, and Martin St. Louis channeled his veteran status and personal experiences into juice for the club. The Rangers survived the departure of Callahan just fine, but losing the latter two last summer may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Read More→

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Thoughts prior to All-Star Weekend

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The Rangers find themselves back in action on Tuesday, after their seven day All-Star layoff. Hopefully, the rest does the team well, as they have exchanged optimistic signs of improvement with mediocre displays over the past few weeks (months). While we take a little breather from competitive hockey, I have some thoughts.

Might as well start with the All-Star Game. I will just say what we are all thinking: it’s terrible. It has been terrible for quite some time. At least it doesn’t determine home ice advantage in the Stanley Cup Final, but that’s a different discussion altogether. I have read various articles on how to improve it, and at least the NHL is trying. Yearly tweaks to format, a fantasy draft, etc., have at least shown the league acknowledges the problem. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a realistic fix. Players don’t try, which is fine. The problem is over the past few years they spend more time just dicking around than they do playing hockey. I understand that these guys work very hard over the course of the year and deserve some levity and recreation. The problem is watching Carey Price play goal backwards just isn’t very entertaining.  That’s not to even touch on the whole John Scott fiasco.  Read More→

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Two questions for this week’s mailbag. As always, email us your questions using the form on the right.

alain vigneault


Felix asks: Given all the (well deserved) criticism about AV’s stubbornness in sticking with declining aging players, why do think he hasn’t learned his lesson from his Vancouver days and is seemingly recreating his own demise, this time in New York?

This is tough to answer. Part of AV’s dismissal in Vancouver was due to reluctance to play younger guys. That appears to be true this year, especially with Dylan McIlrath. However Chris Kreider, J.T. Miller, and Kevin Hayes have all flourished under AV. The argument can be made that Kreider, Miller, and Hayes all had to play, as the Rangers had no other option and that when there is an option, AV leans on veterans at the detriment to the team.

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Two questions for this week’s mailbag. As always, submit your questions using the mailbag widget on the right.


The AV Squad (Photo by Scott Levy/NHLI via Getty Images)

Hawkeye asks: We have heard talk about how stubborn AV is, and how he is playing favorites by never critiquing Glass, Girardi, and Staal. How much do our assistant coaches play in this? What are Scott and Ulf doing that hasn’t improved the Rangers play during this season? Can they be held responsible as well?

The assistant coaches play a large role in roster decisions as well, but ultimately the buck stops with Alain Vigneault. It’s why he’s the subject of most of the criticism. AV also doesn’t have history on his side, as one of the main concerns that led to his termination in Vancouver was his inability to move on from the declining play of veterans.

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Mailbag: How has Alain Vigneault done?

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Two questions for the mailbag. These came in a while ago, but I honestly haven’t had the chance to address. Sorry for the delay. As always, if you have questions, submit via the mailbag tool on the right.



RFiB asks: What are your opinions of the job AV has done through his 2+ years as Rangers coach? Questions have been popping up recently about his ability to lead this team to the Cup, and I wanted to get the official BSB take.

This is tough to answer. I think Alain Vigneault is a great coach. After the adjustment period when he first came on board, the Rangers steamrolled the Eastern Conference in the second half, but struggled to close out teams in the playoffs. They made it to the Cup Final and lost the closes five game series you’ll ever see. The Rangers had horrible luck in that series. Overall, his first year was a rounding success.

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Gifts under the BSB tree

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Santa's Sleigh

Santa’s Sleigh

Merry Christmas, y’all! It’s a lovely day, whether you celebrate or not, because chances are, you’re not at work! If you do celebrate, you’re also feverishly unwrapping gifts and relieved that shopping madness is over. Bonus: it’s super warm in the Northeast, so if you’re not quite in the mood to watch Hour 14 of the Yule Log, you can go play outside and burn off some of that ham.

Tomorrow starts 10 day haul that is the IIHF World Junior Championships over in Finland, so our hockey withdrawal will slowly subside. Prelims on Saturday include Canada-USA at 1pm. We also get the return of NHL hockey tomorrow, so before then, let’s take a look at what the BSB crew is low-key hoping to get this morning from Santa.

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Thoughts following the terrible road trip

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Can we pretend this weekend didn't happen?

Can we pretend this weekend didn’t happen?

The Rangers completed a trip through western Canada over the weekend, going a miserable 0-2-1 against Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. They played well in Vancouver, but lost due to some questionable officiating. But the two games in Alberta were train wrecks, with the Rangers giving up 12 goals total in those games. Time for some additional thoughts.

1. Those that paid attention to the underlying stats saw this coming. The Rangers were playing above their heads, relying too much on goaltending and unsustainable shooting, and not playing a puck possession game. All of the team’s issues were masked by the goaltending and shooting, and now we are seeing this come crashing down to Earth. The stats are more of a predictive model of which teams are following right process but not necessarily getting results, as well as identifying teams that are getting results without process. It’s like The Weather Channel. They aren’t always right, but most of the time, they are. This is one of those times where they were right, and the Rangers’ poor play is catching up to them.

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