Elimination game specialists

Eve of a Rangers elimination game

Sports have been a part of society for as long as we’ve been keeping track. Ancient texts have the Olympic games starting as early as the year 175, with Greek mythology dating them far before then. Look at the Coliseum in Rome: a huge venue for fans to watch games being played — however questionable the morals of those games…

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Rangers round-up

It’s easy to get lost in the playoffs when games come thick and fast but there’s been a few other things going on in Ranger-land aside from the absorbing Tampa – Rangers series. Shocking I know. Let’s have a quick catch up. Sather acknowledged Glen Sather was nominated for the GM of the year award this week. Deservedly so. The…

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Thoughts heading into Game 4

Good morning, BSB community.  It’s game day.  That means the Rangers have a chance to stop the bleeding, get back to basics and level the series before returning to New York.  As a general rule, I am not a superstitious person.  However, every time I turned Game 3 on, something horrible happened to the Rangers.  So, I sucked it up…

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Random musings on an off day

The Rangers and Caps have an unusual two-day break between games six and seven, so today is an off day for both teams, their second in a row. The Rangers have come roaring back in this series, tying it at three games a piece after being down 3-1. While the Rangers never truly looked out of the series or dominated…

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New York, New York,  4/17/14 New York Rangers right wing Mats Zuccarello #36 scores a goal during the first period in game one of the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs at Madison Square Garden on April 17, 2014.  (Paul J. Bereswill)

Thoughts entering Game 4

– I thought Monday was among Rick Nash’s best games of the year, and by far his best of the playoffs. Nash has been far better this postseason compared to last, but he’s still not finishing. That doesn’t make Nash a bad player, but it also means New York is going to have a tough time winning. – Braden Holtby has been…

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New York Times

Thoughts heading into Game 5

Here we are. It’s Friday and the Rangers are heading home one win away from dispensing with the Pittsburgh Penguins in the opening round. Naturally, I have thoughts… I didn’t get home Wednesday night until the first intermission. Although I had it on the DVR, Twitter was kind enough to let me know I hadn’t missed anything. Marc-Andre Fleury has…

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henrik lundqvist

The King, Rick Nash playing well and getting defensive: Musing the Rangers

It’s that horrible day, the one between games but the Rangers are heading into Friday with a 3-1 series lead. Life can’t get much sweeter as a Rangers fan right now. Let’s throw up a few random thoughts on Rangers goings on. It appears Rick Nash will always divide opinion. Has Nash been dominant? No he hasn’t but he’s been…

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rangers panthers 2015

Thoughts after not being able to watch the first three games

Well I’m back. I was in Charleston, taking my lovely girlfriend for a long weekend for her 30th birthday. She will probably write about it on www.honkytonkfit.com soon, so if you are curious, keep checking that out. Anyway I couldn’t watch most of the first three games of the series. I caught the third period of Game One from a…

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Carolina Hurricanes v New York Rangers

Musing the Rangers: Playoff hockey is here!

Playoff hockey begins (for real) today. Forget about Wednesday, we’re all waiting for today and the Pens vs. Rangers series opener. Let’s have a muse to kick the playoffs off shall we? Is it me or have an unusually high amount of teams got serious injury headaches this spring? The Rangers can consider themselves relatively lucky that they will enter…

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Much to write about nothing

Last night the Rangers lost to the Ottawa Senators in the first meaningless game they have played in a long time. I didn’t watch a single minute. I was taking full advantage of the luxury of not having to worry about how the Rangers did and just simply enjoyed that absolutely sensational hockey being played around the league. I was…

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