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Archive for Irresponsible Rumormongering


Trading Lundqvist is a fool’s errand

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Photo Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke

With the possibility of the Rangers selling for the first time in forever coming more acutely possible, the focus from the fan base has understandably turned to hypothetical returns for the teams’ more attractive trade chips.  Naturally, the logical discussions (many of which have been examined in this space) involve Ryan McDonagh, Rick Nash, Michael Grabner and Mats Zuccarello.  One target that a fairly vocal minority of the fan base has consistently brough up has been, oddly enough, Henrik Lundqvist.

Now, the reasons why Hank’s detractors (or trade advocates) feel moving the King would be a prudent move aren’t all that far-fetched.  He takes up a significant amount of cap space.  His overall performance has delayed a (probably necessary) rebuild longer than it should have taken.  The organization clearly wants to win as long as they have a generational talent on the roster, etc., etc.  These are valid opinions.

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There are no half measures in selling

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mats zuccarello

Photo: Jim McIsaac/Newsday

As soon as the rumors hit about the Rangers selling, names started flying. Ryan McDonagh. Mats Zuccarello. Rick Nash. Michael Grabner. Nick Holden. Henrik Lundqvist. Every name on the roster was mentioned, as a full gutting of the team was being envisioned by many.

Let’s be real for a moment. I doubt Hank is getting traded. Which means if the Rangers are truly punting this season, they are going to gear up for next season and the season after as a last ditch effort to get Hank a Cup. In the event of a full tear down, the Rangers likely wouldn’t be ready for a Cup run for 3-4 years, especially if they are content with getting picks and not NHL ready players.

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When the Rangers signed Michael Grabner to a two-year deal two summers ago, it seemed like a deal designed for the expansion draft. Grabner certainly had a unique skill set and some value, but was never going to be relied upon to be the team’s leading goal scorer. However he’s done just that for the Blueshirts. He led the team with 27 goals last year, and is far and away the leading goal scorer this year with 21. He’s on pace for a 30 goal season.

A revitalized career in New York has done wonders for Grabner, who will certainly cash in on his back-to-back 25+ goal seasons. He won’t fetch a McDonagh return, but there is a good case to make that he could bring back a nice haul. After all, teams always need speed and goal scoring, and are willing to pay handsomely at the deadline.

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Where do we go from here?

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jeff gorton

Over the past week, we here at BSB have torn into the Rangers organization. While most of our critiques in the past have included some form of hockey-based analysis to draw our conclusions, be it systems, stats, eye test, whatever, the past week was more subjective than objective. It was a good old fashioned venting session.

The plan for the week didn’t start that way. After all, we did correctly read the Rangers’ moves that they will be sellers. That was written last Sunday and published the following day. But by that time, the events of the week had really settled in. The Kevin Shattenkirk injury and news of how the Rangers handled it was first. Then came the tone deaf Ron Duguay comments. Then came some in-game decisions that were truly baffling. Add that all to a season that has seemed to lack direction, and we all just needed a good ole fashioned venting week.

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The Rangers made a flurry of moves on Friday morning, which came in response to Kevin Shattenkirk’s injury and Michael Grabner’s illness. Tony DeAngelo was called up and will likely be in New York until –at the very least– Shattenkirk returns. Daniel Catenacci will likely only be with the club through the west coast road trip.

There was one other move that flew under the radar. It was the Rangers assigning Lias Andersson to Hartford, following his recovery from a shoulder injury suffered in the World Juniors. Andersson was sent back to Frolunda in Sweden after training camp, so the move, while not surprising at the time, wasn’t expected in October.

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Around this time yesterday morning, Bob McKenzie was asked if the Rangers should be buyers or sellers at the deadline. His answer was what you’d expect:

This should come as no surprise to you, if you’ve been paying attention to the current situation of the team. The Blueshirts are a bubble team, where a shrewd few moves –and a few ballsy roster decisions– could turn them into a legitimate contender. Knowing James Dolan, that’s probably the route they will take.

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henrik sedin daniel sedin

With the Rangers in the middle of their bye week, we are able to take a step back and assess where they are at the midpoint of the season. The good news is that we know what the Rangers are. The bad news is that we may not like what they are.

The Blueshirts are a team that will live and die by their ability to get quality scoring chances. They don’t get quantity, but when they get quality, they go in the net. Combine that with Henrik Lundqvist, and you get a team that, if they get hot, can make a run. That said, the overall process is lacking, and that begins with roster construction.

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Potential trade target: Charlie Coyle

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charlie coyle

As the need for another center grows, as does the wild speculation of who the Rangers want. It started with Matt Duchene, but that didn’t happen. Derick Brassard makes sense, but the Rangers like trading for guys under 30 years old. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins sounds nice in theory, but can Edmonton really trade another top-five pick?

Usually we like to look at teams out of the playoff hunt for potential fixes. It fits the Rangers’ M.O. But there aren’t many appealing options on the teams already out of the hunt. So that leaves the Rangers with a need to look for a center on a team in the playoff hunt, that has center depth, and potential holes elsewhere in the lineup.

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Game by game, period by period, the need for the Rangers to acquire center depth becomes more and more evident. The Metro Division is a dogfight, and the Rangers were an inconsistent mess with Mika Zibanejad. If one player can have that much impact on the lineup, then it’s a flawed lineup (something we knew already).

There is a good argument for selling assets at the deadline and moving forward with Filip Chytil and Lias Andersson behind Zibanejad next year. No matter where you fall on the side of that discussion, we all know the Rangers won’t go that route. Let’s stick to real life, where the Rangers make a deal to contend this year. We know it’s happening (barring an epic collapse). May as well accept it.

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Potential trade partner: Ottawa Senators

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derick brassard

What a difference a year makes. Seven months ago, the Ottawa Senators were in the Conference Final. Now they are out of the playoffs, and according to Bruce Garrioch, looking to retool their entire team. They were a flawed team last year that made a run, and instead of identifying true issues, made short term fixes, thinking they weren’t that far off.

Per Garrioch, the Sens want to make a trade before the holiday freeze, and he mentioned names like Derick Brassard, Mike Hoffman, and Ranger killer Jean-Gabriel Pageau. These are all big names, but how realistic is a trade for one of these guys?

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