Trade deadline strategy

It’s interesting. If you watched the Rangers play, while ignoring the rest of the conference, you might think they are destined for greatness. They’re playing uptempo hockey, bagging 2.92 goals per game. The power play is over 19% for the first time since Leetch was dropping knowledge on the NHL. Most importantly, they can just flat out fly whenever they play…

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Photo by Scott Levy/NHLI via Getty Images

Halfway through the season, NHL playoff picture is set

Who would have thunk it? Every season since this whole “loser’s point” thing that Senor Bettman introduced after Lockout: The Sequel, the playoff picture has been cloudy up until the last week of the season. This time around, the playoff picture is crystal clear, and the games remaining are more about jockeying for positioning than qualifying for the postseason. In…

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Western Conference playoffs Chicago Blackhawks vs St. Louis Blues

Hot or Not: Around the NHL

With All-Star weekend upon us, it’s about that time again to evaluate who’s hot, who’s not, and exactly what has been going on while we’ve been in our Blueshirt bubble. It’s been a season filled with surprisingly good teams, surprising struggles and a strange new tradition up north of throwing jerseys onto the ice. The Good New York Islanders –…

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Perfect for a Post-Game Rave!

All Star Game team thoughts

The All-Star selections came out yesterday, making it a huge topic of conversation since it’s been three years since the last All-Star game. Some basic facts to know about the game are that it’ll take place in Columbus this year, it takes place on Sunday, January 25 (two weeks!), and that each team has to have at least one representative…

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Around the League: Trouble in Edmonton

I was watching some hockey game last week – Lord knows it wasn’t the Rangers, since they had basically all week off – when the standings flashed on my screen and I nearly choked on my hot chocolate. The FLORIDA PANTHERS have more points than the Rangers!? Surely I must’ve been drunk, but no, I wasn’t. I wondered what the…

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Around the League: Maple Leafs, Stars and Oilers, oh my

With the Rangers playing so many games in such a little amount of time, it’s easy to forget that there’s a whole league out there that’s been happening without us. Luckily, you don’t need Center Ice or NHL.com when you’ve got a Sunday BSB update. A lot of really amusing things have been happening lately, so let’s go through them….

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NHL kills dry scrape, finally

The NHL has finally killed the dry scrape of the ice between the third period and overtime of tie games. The reasons for killing it were obvious: It took too long and the crowd died after it. The last dry scrape will be done on Saturday. Also, the phrase “dry scrape” sounds horrible. It sounds like an invasive test at…

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The Slava Voynov arrest fiasco

LA Kings’ defenseman Slava Voynov was arrested early Monday morning on charges of domestic violence, a story that unfortunately made more headlines than your average NHL story. Voynov has been suspended indefinitely pending the investigation, which came after his girlfriend was rushed to the hospital with injuries. Of course, when something heinous happens, it’s very easy to assume things. We…

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Around the League Update

We’re almost two weeks into the regular season, giving teams a light litmus test of where they stand against the league. It’s important to remember that it is still very, very early in the season, but 5 or 6 games gives coaches enough of an idea of which lines are working and which aren’t. Here in Rangerland, we’ve spent a…

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When the “top six” became the “top nine”

When Lockout: The Sequel happened and wiped out the entire 2004-2005 season, the NHL was at an all time low. Too much clutch and grab, too little skill, and too many “enforcers” that couldn’t actually play the game of hockey. The game was in a bad place, and something needed to be done. This was also the time when coaches…

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