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Category: Administrative Stuff

Free Agency Live Chat Reminder

Just a healthy reminder that we will be holding a live chat starting at noon on Friday for the first day of free agency.  Our first chat for the first round of the draft was a success, and we expect this one to be even better.

See you guys Friday.

Free Agency Live Chat

On Friday, we held the very first live chat here at BSB, and it was a great success.  We chatted for four hours during the first round of the draft, and it appeared everyone who participated enjoyed themselves.  So, we are going to do another live chat for the first day of free agency.  Make sure you set your calendars for noon on Friday, as that is when the next live chat here will begin. 

Hope to see you all then.

2011 Draft Live Chat

Having trouble viewing the chat? Click Here

Live Chat Reminder

This is just a reminder that we will be hosting a live chat tomorrow night for the first round of the draft. The draft begins at 7pm, but we will likely begin the live chat a little earlier, around 6:30pm. We will be running the chat for the duration of the first round. So while you are watching the draft, make sure you stop by here to participate in the chat as well. See you guys tomorrow.

NHL Draft Live Chat

The first round of the NHL draft takes place this Friday at 7pm. That will mark the very first live chat we will do here at BSB. We will be running a live chat throughout the entire first round. So for those of you that will be home watching, don’t forget to tune in here as well, and discuss the draft and any other events that may occur that day.

Offseason Plans

Just because the Rangers season is over doesn’t mean that we will be hanging up the pen (keyboard?) until September.  Much like last offseason, expect posts at least daily from myself and Chris, Michael will hopefully be contributing often, and we have The Suit on with us now who will be contributing at least weekly.  We will still continue the great content here, but some of the weekly posts (like the fan confidence polls) will re-start next season. Don’t stray too far away.  In the mean time, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, using the links below.


The Suit:

We are also on Facebook (link), and don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS feed for continuous updates (link).

Finally, if you have any suggestions on how to improve the site, any post ideas, or any general questions, feel free to email us using the links on the sidebar.

ASMCollection: Helping Send Binghamton To Nationals

As I posted earlier this week, my school’s roller hockey team won their regional tournament, and has qualified for the national tournament in April. Eric Greenberg from Authentic Sports Memorabilia Collection contacted me today and is running a great promo to help the Bearcats get to Nationals. If you buy an item on ASMC, in the Paypal note you can add “Binghamton Roller Hockey”, and 10% of that sale will be donated to the club to help them get to Nationals. There are a lot of great items on the site, and you get a certificate of authenticity with each purchase.

If you are interested in memorabilia, I would recommend checking out ASMC. If you happen to find something you like, please make sure to include “Binghamton Roller Hockey” in the receipt so that 10% of the purchase price is donated to the Bearcats attempts to get to Nationals.

Thank you Eric for being so generous to help out a team in need. It is greatly appreciated.

Help Send Binghamton University To Nationals

As many of you know, I am an alumnus from Binghamton University (both undergrad and graduate), and I played roller hockey there for five seasons. This year, the team is back on top of ECRHA, a sub-conference of the NCRHA, by beating Pitt 3-2 in the Finals. The format of the league is simple, ECRHA is the eastern region of the national league, and winning ECRHA means an automatic qualifying bid for the Nationals. Unfortunately, the Binghamton Athletics Department does not fund the roller hockey team very well, thus almost 90% of the expenses come straight from the players pockets.

Nationals is no different, as they are being held in Wisconsin this year from April 6-10. The team is facing registration costs ($995) and travel expenses. In addition to many fund-raising events the team will hold on campus and on Long Island, they are going to be holding a raffle and silent auction. If you have any spare memorabilia, or anything you can donate to a silent auction, please let me know as soon as possible (shapirodavidm[at]gmail[dot]com). Basically, I would collect anything donated, and overnight it to the team president.

Anything you can do to help will go a long way to get these guys. Thanks in advance.

Quick Administrative Note

I spent a long time last night trying to figure out what to write for this morning’s post. I couldn’t think of anything. I only have one thing on my mind right now, and that is my vacation. I leave tomorrow, but for all intents and purposes, today may as well be another vacation day. I’m going to be out of the country until next Sunday. Much like the last few years when I’ve gone away, I have had some great help in making sure that BSB continues to run normally. Chris will be covering for me while I’m gone, which means he will be covering my posts, including the Trade Deadline open thread, as well as his own. Quite the workload. Mike Gleich will obviously continue to provide excellent recaps and afternoon posts, and Mike Axisa from River Ave Blues has said he will post any major news. I cannot thank you gents enough.

Several people volunteered to write guest posts, but I have only received two posts thus far. If you reached out to me, you have until today at 5pm to get those posts to me. I need time to schedule them throughout the week.

Guest Blogger Needed

I will be out of the country from February 25 through March 7, and we are going to need someone to help keep the content going on the blog while I’m gone. Chris and Mike will continue to do their thing here, but I am looking for someone to post once per day. There are some general rules here, as we need someone who knows how to spell and can use proper grammar, which includes no foul language on the blog. If you are interested, please email me at dave[at]blueseatblogs[dot]com (issues with spam if I link it on a post), or you can click the link on the side to email me. Both email addresses go to the same location, and I will get back to you. If you can, please include a sample of your writing as well.

I would like to give this guest blogging spot to a BSB regular, so if you want to post, make sure you email me.