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The Metrics We Use

In an effort to gain more of an understanding of a player’s value to his team, specifically players we can’t watch daily, we are making more of an effort to use metrics in our analyses.  It’s not to say we are shunning goals, assists, powerplay points, and stats of that ilk; but we will generally try to stay away from stats that are more team based, like plus/minus.  It’s simply because there are now better options to use.

All but two of the metrics listed here were created by Behind The Net.  The other two metrics (WAT, PVT) are based off of metrics they have created.

Goals Versus Threshold (GVT): GVT was the first of the metrics to gain popularity.  To first define the “threshold”, it simply means “replacement player”.  The “replacement player” here is the top AHL/minor leaguer (note: NOT the top prospect, per se), or the best available free agent in the middle of the season.  Glen Miller of SNY Rangers Blog put this into Ranger terms and noted that a replacement player is someone like Chad Kolarik, Kris Newbury, or Andre Deveaux.  Simply put, GVT is the number of goals a player is worth in relation to a replacement player over the course of a season.

In the 2010-2011 season, Marian Gaborik finished with a GVT of 10.2, which means his presence on the Rangers meant a little more than 10 additional goals that season.  Comparatively, Henrik Lundqvist finished with a GVT of 29.6, which means that his presence on the Rangers saved them a little less than 30 goals throughout the season.

GVT is a combination of a player’s offensive, defensive, and shootout contributions for skaters, and the goaltending and shootout contributions for the goalies.  The formula is very complex, and I did not come up with it, so I cannot comment on it.  But, the formula does a fair job at weighing these attributes, and adjusting them for position.  For example, a defenseman’s defensive contributions will count more than his offensive contributions.  Ice time and quality of ice time is also measured in this formula.

Points Versus Threshold (PVT): PVT is a metric that I created after reading Miller’s post on WAT (explained after the jump).  Simply put, I felt that points were an easier way to judge a player’s worth in the standings than wins, as points earned in the shootout play a large role in hockey.  Using Tom Awad’s note that 6 goals (GVT) = 1 win (WAT), and 3 goals (GVT) = 1 point (PVT), I simply took the GVT and divided by 3 to come up with PVT.

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Scheduling Note

Just a note about the posts for the tournament:  For each game, we will be posting a game thread.  Feel free to discuss the games and what you see there.  However, both Suit and Jugs (Chris) are out of pocket for the weekend and into Tuesday, so that leaves me with the duty of writing reviews of the games.  I will be watching the games, but I will be DVRing them, as I have prior commitments for tonight, and I have work on Monday/Tuesday.  We will still be posting reviews of the games, but they will be delayed.

Poll: New Prospect Watch

It’s getting close to that time of year again, and with Evgeny Grachev gone, we need someone to replace him in the Prospect Watch (sidebar, on the right).  It’s tough to pick just one prospect for this, so let’s go with two prospects.  Naturally, if anyone in this poll makes the Rangers, he will be replaced by the next highest vote getter.  YOu are allowed to vote for two of the following players in this poll:

Vote below, and we will add this feature when the season starts.

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New Site Feature: The Sin Bin

In an effort to get our readers more involved in our site, while still having a little bit of fun, we’ve decided to create a new page called The Sin Bin. The Sin Bin will be a page that will feature a series of polls where we can all vote on the best and worst user comments of the week.

Since Word Press unfortunately doesn’t feature any sort of comment ranking system, we thought this would be a fun way to settle the MANY disagreements in the comments sections of our posts.

You think you’re a clever commenter? Well let’s see what our readers think. You think because you write for this blog you know everything? The Sin Bin may prove otherwise.

Ya catching my drift?

Each week Dave, Chris, and I will nominate several clever comments and have everyone vote on which is the best. If we continually see the same user getting votes, then that user will have a chance to write a guest post for this site.

If we continually see the same user getting votes for the worst commenter, than he/she will be subject to public ridicule.

*Please note, that this is not something that should be taken too seriously, as we will be nominating ourselves for the first go round.

Come vote!

Free Agency Live Chat

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Free Agency Live Chat Reminder

Just a healthy reminder that we will be holding a live chat starting at noon on Friday for the first day of free agency.  Our first chat for the first round of the draft was a success, and we expect this one to be even better.

See you guys Friday.

Free Agency Live Chat

On Friday, we held the very first live chat here at BSB, and it was a great success.  We chatted for four hours during the first round of the draft, and it appeared everyone who participated enjoyed themselves.  So, we are going to do another live chat for the first day of free agency.  Make sure you set your calendars for noon on Friday, as that is when the next live chat here will begin. 

Hope to see you all then.

2011 Draft Live Chat

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Live Chat Reminder

This is just a reminder that we will be hosting a live chat tomorrow night for the first round of the draft. The draft begins at 7pm, but we will likely begin the live chat a little earlier, around 6:30pm. We will be running the chat for the duration of the first round. So while you are watching the draft, make sure you stop by here to participate in the chat as well. See you guys tomorrow.

NHL Draft Live Chat

The first round of the NHL draft takes place this Friday at 7pm. That will mark the very first live chat we will do here at BSB. We will be running a live chat throughout the entire first round. So for those of you that will be home watching, don’t forget to tune in here as well, and discuss the draft and any other events that may occur that day.