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BSB live chat 10.10.14

Live Blog BSB Live Chat 10.10.14

BSB live chat

Live Blog BSB Live Chat 10.3.14

BSB live chat 7.25.14

Live Blog BSB Live Chat 7.25.14

BSB live chat 7.11.14

Live Blog BSB Live Chat 7.11.14

BSB live chat 5.16.14


Friday chat reminder

Happy Friday, BSB faithful!  After an emotional Game 7 win and a date with the Habs, we have quite a bit to chat about.  I’ll see everyone here at Noon, but the queue will be up at 11:45am for you to submit your questions.

BSB playoff live chat


BSB live chat 4.11.14


BSB live chat 3.28.14


Friday chat reminder

Happy Friday to everyone out in Rangerland.  Only have about half hour to chat today, but makes sure to stop by a 11:45am to fill that queue, and we will get going promptly at noon.  See everyone there!