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Category: Administrative Stuff

Guest appearance on TSN 1260 Edmonton

Just a quick note, I will be appearing on TSN 1260 Edmonton tomorrow at 1:40pm local time (3:40pm EST) on Lowdown with Lowetide, hosted by Lowetide, to discuss lots of things Rangers. Kevin Hayes, Glen Sather, and the Rangers prospects are on the docket, so be sure to tune in.

BSB gets an Instagram!

Since social media is a delightful and offensively large part of our lives, I’ve convinced the guys to go to the dark side and join Instagram. The first post is Dave making a dope of himself by donating and accepting his nomination for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Look out for some fun hockey stuff on there.

Give us a follow here.

BSB welcomes Martin Burns to the staff

We here are happy to welcome Martin Burns (@mburnshockey) to the staff here at BSB. Martin is going to bring a much better statistical mind to the new stats that we are seeing, and will be doing a much better job at explaining everything than I can do. Martin and I are also going to be working on a season-long project this year, in which we will provide details closer to the start of the season (teaser trailer right there).

Welcome aboard Martin, glad to have you.

Memorial Day

 (H-W Photo/Michael Kipley)

(H-W Photo/Michael Kipley)

I know there’s quite a few veterans and active military who read this blog. Thank you for your readership, but most importantly, thank you for your service.

From our family to yours, we hope everyone enjoys the day off. Stay safe.

And we’re back (sort of)

Sorry for the down/inactive time folks. It appears that the migration is complete enough so that we can actually have content on the site. When this is all said and done (probably around tomorrow morning), we should have all functionality back. The pictures for the posts seem to be taking the longest, and there are a few other kinks I’ll need to work out on my end.

Hopefully this speeds up the whole BSB experience, especially in the comments. We had some issues with load times posting comments. So that should be resolved with the move to the new server. Thanks for the patience folks.

Reminder: Blog will be down from noon tomorrow to noon Thursday

As we noted this afternoon, the blog will be down starting at noon tomorrow for a server upgrade. The goal breakdown of tonight’s game will post at 7am tomorrow, and then we will have a post at noon on Thursday when the blog is back up. Sorry for the inconvenience, but the upgrade is necessary to make the blog run a little smoother and much faster.

Admin note: We will be down from noon tomorrow to noon Thursday

After the debacle that occurred with blog stability during the trade deadline, I went ahead and upgraded the server to be able to withstand the bandwidth that comes with an ever growing readership*. Due to the server upgrade, we will need to close down the original account and move to the new host plan, which will require 24 hours (max) of down time. The down time will start tomorrow at noon and end Thursday at noon.

We will have a goal breakdown from tonight’s game running tomorrow morning. We will be back up in time for the game on Thursday as well.

*-Seriously, thank you all for the continued support. We’ve been growing at over 100% page views per year, and we wouldn’t need this upgrade if it weren’t for you guys. We will keep delivering the quality content that you keep coming back for, and once this is done the commenting section should load a lot faster.

Five years later, BSB still going strong


It wasn’t until late yesterday that I realized it was December 3rd, so suffice it to say it was a long day. But when I actually realized what day it was, I had one of those “oh crap” moments. It was a good “oh crap” moment, because I realized that the blog turned five years old yesterday. It’s amazing how fast time flies.

It was five years ago yesterday when my good friend Becky told me that I should start a blog. There weren’t many readable blogs at that point (maybe a handful), mostly because hockey wasn’t as popular as the other sports, so I decided to go for it. I reached out to friend of the blog Mike Axisa (of River Ave Blues) for advice on how to get things rolling. He was even kind enough to promote BSB on RAB (hooray three letter acronyms) a few times to get the word out, and to help write here to get the blog moving along.

In those times, I was happy to cross 100 hits per day. If I got a comment on a post I almost wet myself. I remember the first time I crossed 500 hits, and it was when Mike posted the first link to BSB in an RAB open thread. I had a celebratory beverage.

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Discover Thanksgiving Showdown: Game and truck tour review

In case you missed it, two lucky BSB readers were provided with a pair of tickets to the 11/29 game in Boston and a pair of tickets for a tour of the NBC production truck prior to the game. It was part of a giveaway, sponsored by Discover, that we were very happy to be a part of. Our winners wrote a recap of their experiences below. Thanks to everyone who entered the contest. We hope to run more of these in the future.


The Thanksgiving Showdown was awesome minus the Rangers losing. We started with a quick little tour of the NBC Production truck. There we saw the control room with all the different cameras NBC has access to and where the producer would switch to the different cameras in different situations. It was also cool cause we saw a guy in the corner who was working on all of the templates for the score and game clock that shows up in the corner of the tv and then there was another person updating the leading scorers template that would show up during the broadcast. It was really cramped in that truck and I imagine it gets pretty heated while the game is going on.

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BSB welcomes a new writer

Some of the feedback we have received over the past few weeks has been a desire to see some more league coverage, as well as seeing a female writer. While adding a new writer was never really an immediate plan, adding more league coverage was something we had wanted to pursue for some time now. Luckily, we had someone around all along that not only was instrumental in the founding of the blog, but probably watches more non-Ranger hockey than all five of us combined.

For those that are unfamiliar with the original story of how this blog was founded, one of my closest friends for the past decade recommended that I start writing in December of 2008. Five years later, this blog has grown to add four great writers, and is one of the top Ranger blogs out there today (in my humble opinion).

That close friend, Becky (@bhabs37), will be the one joining us going forward. For now, she will be starting with Around the NHL posts (first one up tomorrow). Becky has always been an honorary writer here, chiming in with a few guest posts every now and then. It seemed fitting that we bring her on for a weekly post. Be sure to follow her on Twitter.