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On Tanner Glassdom

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tanner glass

Let’s all take a moment here to appreciate Tanner Glass. I say that sincerely and with a straight face – dude had a nice game on Thursday night and deserves some appreciation. I’d like to do a bit more than just appreciate Tanner Glass however, I’d like to talk about him and the phenomena of obsession over him by some fans and members of the media.

You see there’s a misconception out there that some fans who would rather he not be in the lineup hate Tanner Glass or hope to see him fail. The response by those who hold this misconception is to praise Tanner Glass over and over, exalting his character and work ethic.

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On this week’s podcast Pat and Dave discuss what’s been going right and wrong for the Rangers against Ottawa, looking toward the upcoming games in this series. As always you can find us right here, on SoundCloud, and on iTunes. Feel free to leave us a review or some comments too!


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On this week’s episode of the Blue Seat Blogs-Cast we discuss how the Rangers adjusted in the latter half of their first round series against the Canadiens, and preview the upcoming second round matchup between the Rangers and the Ottawa Senators. As always you can find us right here, on SoundCloud, and on iTunes.

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Thoughts before Game 6

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rick nash

Photo: Jim McIsaac/Newsday

We all know what happened the other night in Montreal, and we all know what we hope happens tonight at the Garden – I figured instead of a post stretching one thought out for too long I’d just hit you guys with some scattered thoughts before tomorrow’s game.

  • The Rangers really need to come out and play a full 60 minutes tomorrow night. They turned it on in the latter portions of Game 5, but for a while there Hank had to bail them out. Montreal is going to be playing desperate hockey, and the Rangers are going to need to counter that with a complete effort, because even taking their foot off the gas slightly will give Montreal all the opportunity they need to set up and attempt to alter the course of the game.

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On this week’s episode of the Blue Seat Blogs-Cast the gang talks playoff hockey. We go over what’s ailing this team, what’s up with the Garden crowd, and what other games we’ve been watching. As always you can find us right here, on iTunes, and on SoundCloud. Be sure to leave us reviews and feedback!

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Optimizing the Rangers Lineup

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It’s playoff time, and that means over-analyzing absolutely everything there is to analyze about hockey. Whether it’s a particular goal, a bad call, or the decision to play Nick Holden and Marc Staal in the twilight of a close game, it all deserves our intense scrutiny because well, we’re talking about a chance at a Stanley Cup here. One thing that’s especially crucial in the playoffs, and thus warranting our obsessive analysis, is chemistry.

A couple of weeks back the excellent Ryan Stimson put up a piece on just that. For those of you who don’t know, Stimson runs the Passing Project, which is an effort to track passes that take place during hockey games in order to better understand the little things that make a big difference over the course of a season. While the Passing Project doesn’t quite have every game tracked, they do have a substantial amount of work done already (almost 900 games) and Ryan’s work is worth your attention. The piece can be found over on, and I highly recommend you read it. Read More→

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jimmy vesey

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Phot

There’s a couple of ways you can make sense of the Rangers’s unfortunate, almost-shutout loss against the Ottawa Senators on Saturday afternoon. You can chalk it up as an ultimately meaningless game, one where the team played a suboptimal lineup and boy did it show. You can look at it as potentially foreshadowing future playoff performance, which would lead to a dreary end.

You can even meet somewhere in the middle, acknowledging that it wasn’t a super impactful loss while also wishing for better things from the team, despite their less than great lineup. I’m partial to the last approach, but that’s just me. One thing we do know for sure is that Henrik Lundqvist will be playoff ready by the time the Rangers matchup against Montreal, with Hank making exceptional saves that kept the Rangers in the game longer than they should have.

As for everyone else, there were few bright spots, which isn’t exactly encouraging, but hey, the team was missing some of its key offensive engines. All in all, this was a definitively penultimate game of an uneven Rangers regular season. Onward to the goals.

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On this week’s podcast we discuss the Rangers’s upcoming series against Montreal, the controversy surrounding the NHL’s participation in the Olympics, and who we like outside of the Rangers this playoff season. There was a lot of anger and a bunch of hot takes. Great if you want to hear what really grinds our gears. As always you can find us right here, on iTunes, and on SoundCloud.

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alain vigneault

The Rangers are in an interesting spot with their lineup decisions. On the one hand, there are guys coming back from injury who could probably do for some ice time and the team is looking to get into a pre-playoff groove. On the other hand guys are banged up and worn down from the long season and could probably go for some rest. In either event, these aren’t the lines/combos we’re looking for.

Let’s go with the first scenario. Dan Girardi is now ready to go, and Kevin Klein likely is not far behind. Henrik Lundqvist too is set to play against Anaheim on this upcoming road trip. There’s a a certain logic that says that you want to find a sweet spot with your lineup as the playoffs approach, and so you play your best guys.

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kevin klein

One of the big storylines this season for the Rangers has been injuries. Throughout the season, skaters all across the lineup have endured some form of injury or another, with even the perennially healthy Henrik Lundqvist falling victim to the injury bug. We’ve already covered the Jesper Fast angle of the injury story, so I thought I’d probe one of the more interesting questions raised by a fully healthy lineup: what happens with Kevin Klein.

Most everyone can acknowledge that Klein has had a down year. He’s never been much more than a low-end second pair, more appropriately third pair guy, but in years past his offensive production has masked his shortcomings. This year not so much, with the play of red hot rookie Brady Skjei compensating for his errors at best and those same errors on full display at worst.

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