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Rangers Trade Rick Nash to Boston

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Rick Nash has just been traded to the Boston Bruins,¬†according to Bob McKenzie. The trade is complicated, and not all details are in yet, but the return so far is a first round pick this year and prospect Ryan Lindgren. The Blueshirts will retain 50% of Nash’s salary. The Blueshirts also get center Ryan Spooner, winger Matt Beleskey, and a 7th round pick.

The 33 year old former Rocket Richard winner, Calder Trophy nominee, and two-time Olympic gold medalist originally came to the Rangers in a blockbuster deal with the Columbus Blue Jackets that saw fan favorites Brandon Dubinsky and Artem Anisimov go the other way in the summer of 2012.

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michael grabner

Photo: NHLI/Getty Images

Up next on the Rangers fire sale is Michael Grabner, who has just been traded to the New Jersey Devils in exchange for defenseman Igor (or Yegor, according to Elite Prospects) Rykov and a 2nd round draft pick.

Rykov has done alright for himself over in the KHL for SKA St Petersburg and their VHL affiliate, putting up 14 points in 51 games for as a 20 year old defenseman in the KHL and 6 points in 7 games in the VHL.

While we’ll miss his speedy goal-scoring ways it’s safe to say this is a pretty big win for the Rangers, who picked Grabner up assuming he’d be a decent depth option only to find he was a great goal-scorer all along. Turning nothing into something is the name of the game, so it’s hard not to be pleased with this one. We’ll keep you posted as we say goodbye to more Rangers as we approach the deadline.

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rick nash kevin hayes

Photo Credit: Jim McIsaac

Let me tell you a tale of two rentals. Player A has 1.45 primary points per 60 minutes played this season at 5 on 5, and Player B has 1.14. Player A’s GF%, relGF%, CF%, relCF%, xGF% and relxGF% this season at even strength are 43.55, -2.35, 49.22, 3.91, 51.85, and 5.01. Player B, in those same categories went 52.78, 5.64, 52.77, 1.25, 53.91, and 1.00.

There’s a lot to unpack here, provided I haven’t already lost you by dumping 14 different stats on you in the span of four sentences. Player A certainly seems to be on a worse team, because all of his raw percentages are lower than Player B’s, although relative to his teammates Player A seems to be the better player in every area except one, relative goals for percentage. Now, that one certainly means something, because in hockey, it’s the goals that count. All things considered though Player A is probably the one you’d take at the deadline right? Still, Player B seems alright, and depending on the ask a GM might opt for the latter player over the former.

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The man with a plan (we think)

Just a few weeks back I was defending my own cynicism and giving Jeff Gorton an incomplete on his report card, but I’ve recently had a change of heart. You might find this surprising (I don’t, because I tend to be all over the place, but you all don’t know me like that) but I’m going to make the argument that such a shift in mindset is not without reason. Sure, there’s still good cause to be hesitant, but what was once skepticism can shift towards cautious optimism without sounding too crazy. Yes, folks, I’m saying it’s just about time to #TrustTheProcess.

Starting with what we know most clearly, it’s who’s on the ice that matters right now. Of course, a lot of the reason for the roster’s new look has been injuries, and the team is still playing Cody McLeod (although if you really think Gorton is playing 8 dimensional chess then maybe that’s an effort to get a higher draft pick), but the fact is that guys like Neal Pionk, Anthony DeAngelo, and John Gilmour are getting serious minutes on the backend. This is a crucial step in their development, breaking down the adjustment period that would exist if they first stepped into the lineup next year. The fact that they’re getting consistently big minutes means they can make mistakes without having their confidence shattered by a draconian coach.

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The Persistence of (Hockey) Memories

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henrik lundqvist

Dave’s recent post recapping great playoff moments while looking toward the future had me thinking. Like Dave, like all of us really, I’ve gained some incredible memories with friends and family over the years through this Rangers team and their sustained playoff success. Those are memories I wouldn’t trade for almost anything, with the “almost” really just being a Stanley Cup with Hank’s name on it. The reminiscing a lot of us have been doing in the days since Sather and Gorton released The Letter got me thinking into why this fanbase has found itself split in its reaction to last week’s communiqu√©. As we gear up for the Rangers’ first big fire sale in the Lundqvist era some of us are filled with trepidation, while some look towards a brighter future. Why is that?

It’s easy to resort to some kind of sports essentialism when attempting to answer these questions; some of us simply are xyz kind of fan while others are abc kind of fan. That answer, while satisfying in its simplicity, doesn’t do it justice I don’t think. Sports are a crazy complex web of cause and effect, both inside and outside of our own heads. The reasons we feel one way and not another are of course on many levels personal but can still be analyzed by looking at whats going on in terms of input.

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BSB Round Table – Trade Deadline desires

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It’s trade deadline season, which means a couple of things around Rangerstown, some new and some old. What’s new is that the Rangers, for the first time really in the Henrik Lundqvist era, are set to be major sellers with an eye towards the future (I’m not really counting the Gaborik/Brassard deal because it turned out that Brass and co. were quite the additions). Not so new is what’s fun about this time of year: daydreaming of trades that will likely never come to be and convincing yourself with each passing day that actually they will.

With that in mind, I did a super annoying thing and resurrected an months-old staff email thread on a completely different topic and asked two open-ended questions – who is your dream deadline trade partner, and who do the Rangers end up wrangling away from them? This week we’re doing Ryan McDonagh, but, unless the Rangers steal our thunder by making an actual trade, we’ll hopefully have more for you coming from other angles as well.

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On this week’s episode the gang discusses what the Rangers should do at this point in their strange season. The answer is sell, but how and to whom are open questions – listen in and find out! As always you can find us right here, on SoundCloud, and on iTunes – feel free to leave a comment or a review too!


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The Power of a Promise

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(Jamie Sabau/NHLI via Getty Images)

A pall has descended over Rangerstown, and it’s sucking the fun out of the game. The Rangers are barely winning anymore, they’re doing that thing again where they totally mismanage injuries, Henrik Lundqvist is on pace to play way too many games, Cody McLeod is now a New York Ranger, and AV is still around, up to his old tricks.

The team, seeming lacking in any sense of direction or coherence, is now rumored to be decidedly in the selling camp as we approach the deadline, and likely beyond that to the draft. You’ll have to excuse me for being cynical about whether any of that comes to pass, or whether any of it is well executed, given the state of things. The Rangers have somehow taken a consistently good thing and in one season (but actually over the course of many seasons, which I’ll get to) turned it bad. How did we get here?

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Mid-season Report Card: Jeff Gorton

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When I was in school I took a course pass fail. This turned out to be a good idea, because it was an incredibly demanding Latin American history course, and I was totally out of my depth, having just transferred from a fairly big state university where everything was large lectures to a small liberal arts school where classes were much more intimate, but I digress.

At the end of the semester I needed an extension on the final paper, and because of that I didn’t get the final word on whether I passed or failed when I was supposed to – I got an incomplete. If you can’t see where I’m going with this one already, just pretend that Jeff Gorton was me in Latin American History, and that his final evaluation is pending the completion of his work. That’s right, he’s getting an incomplete this semester.

There’s two ways you could really tackle this I think, and both lend themselves to this conclusion pretty well.

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Blue Seat Blogs-cast – Happy New Year and Midseason Review

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On our first episode of 2018 (did you miss us?) Pat, Dave, and Rob look at where this team is roughly halfway through the season in terms of offense, defense, and coaching. As always you can find us right here, on SoundCloud, and on iTunes. Feel free to leave us a comment or a review as well!


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