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The Case for Captain Callahan

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Definition of essential: Ryan Callahan

With all the buzz about the Erik Karlsson trade that’s coming any day/week/month/year/millennium now, there’s also been a good amount of scuttlebutt about the Rangers playing middleman in such a deal. As Dave noted yesterday, one of the possibilities for the Rangers in facilitating the eventual acquisition of Erik Karlsson by the Tampa Bay Lightning would be the return of Ryan Callahan.

This would be a doozy from a salary cap standpoint, sort of, as he’s signed for $5.8 million dollars for another two years, but the “sort of” comes in when you consider that the Rangers are not likely to be super competitive for the next two years (although I’m with Dave in that they won’t be as bad as everyone thinks) and the Rangers in any event will be subsidizing his big ol’ cap hit with the amount of players on cheap deals that they’ll have (Andersson, Chytil, Buch for another year). So it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to take him on as a way to induce TBL into sending us something sweet as a thank you for helping them find room for the best defenseman of the past billion years. Beyond that though, I have a modest proposal, first suggested by the elder statesman of the Rangers beat himself, Larry Brooks.

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So I know we already did this, and I kind of made my point, but Manny, who runs Corsica and is probably one of the best math minds in hockey right now, recently released NHL point equivalency coefficients for 173 different leagues (basically every league listed on Elite Prospects). Although the debate has settled down, I’m an indefatigable pedant, and just have to have the last word on the matter of Kravtsov vs Wahlstrom. I’ll keep this quick, since it’s really just a brief statistical calculation and then you can all go about your days.

So to start, below is the thread that begins the list of NHLe coefficients. For full transparency, what I’m going to do is calculate each of Kravtsov and Wahlstrom’s points per game in the leagues they played, based on their data from Elite Prospects, and then use Manny’s coefficients to convert it to NHL points per game. From there, just so we have a more concrete, intuitive idea of what’s what, I’ll then convert the NHLe to a full 82 games worth of points. Let’s have at it.

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Let’s Take a Dump, Together

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So UFA Day has come and gone, with the dust settling not only on the Tavares bombshell decision to go to the Leafs but also the various other smaller names. Teams are starting to get an idea of what their rosters are going to look like, or at the very least what they want their rosters to look like. This last bit is crucial for Jeff Gorton, who, having already made the deft move of doing nothing in the UFA market, could really add some extra umph to his Rangers renovation project by taking on a bad contract or two in exchange for further prospects and picks. It’s time to take a dump, in other words.

There’s a few options for whose bad salary cap hit we could take on for the low low price of a nice draft pick or a top prospect, and there’s certainly teams who would be willing to oblige for variety of reasons. Let’s start with the most obvious candidate looking to move something bad in exchange for something good: the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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The Kid is (More Than) Alright

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Draft day, as I touched on in my post in the week leading up to it, is a weird one. Although the Rangers wound up not trading any roster players (they might eventually this summer, however), it’s still an interesting mix of excitement, nervous anticipation, more excitement, and a general posture towards the future. On the one hand we’re fueled by a desire to see our team do the best they can do and make smart decisions, and on the other there’s the simple joy of watching teenagers hug their moms, put on those jerseys, and embark on the journey of a lifetime.

There’s a certain tearing between the “name on the front of the jersey/name on the back” dynamics in that sometimes, as some of us find ourselves upset that the wrong kid is going to wind up on our preferred hockey team years down the road. I realize that’s reductionist to a certain extent, and that there’s a lot more to it, but I think it bears repeating: this is only a game, and these are just kids. Grown men audibly screaming the F Bomb in a crowded theater filled with children underscores how serious some people take the draft, despite the cloak of agnosticism that hangs over all of it. We simply don’t know how things are going to pan out, so let’s not scream obscenities or get into Twitter fights about it quite yet, OK?

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We’re back again to drop some knowledge and wisdom (or something like that) on Rangerstown in the post-Kravtsov era. Tune in for thoughts on the players selected at the draft, the hysteria that’s ensued, and other Rangers reactions, and be sure to leave a comment for what you’d like us to discuss next time! As always you can find us here, on SoundCloud and on iTunes.

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Some Pre-Draft Thoughts

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jeff gorton

The big day is tomorrow. While not entirely decisive as far as determining the shape of our team for the next decade, it’s about as decisive as a single day gets. The Rangers have tons of picks, tons of cap space, and tons of ambition, not to mention that this is arguably the most stacked draft in recent memory.

Whether they’re planning on moving up the order, making a big splash for someone like Erik Karlsson, or making a bunch of Gordie Clark classic sleeper picks, there’s going to be something to get excited about. That said, here’s some scattered thoughts.

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The Emotional Paradox of Draft Week

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mats zuccarello

It’s almost time. The 2018 NHL Draft will begin this Friday (the first round is Friday, the latter rounds will be Saturday) and given that we’ve already seen a big trade go down in Max Domi/Alex Galchenyuk, all the rumblings at the trade deadline about players the Rangers may/may not be trying to move (Mats Zuccarello being the most notable one). Judging from the general vibes emanating from the Rangers front office in the post-Letter landscape, well, we’re likely in for a wild ride. It’s safe to say that more or less anything could happen, especially if, as often happens, other teams do wild and crazy crap – the Rangers will surely either attempt to anticipate the maneuvers and machinations of rival GMs or at the very least react accordingly. We’re in for a wild ride.

All of this is quite exciting, at least in a vacuum. If Jeff Gorton is smart we’ll be walking away with a Quinn Hughes, Oliver Wahlstrom type, and, in typical Rangers fashion, a late-round steal (there’s always at least one, because Gordie Clark sure knows how to pick ’em). With all of the high-quality talent in this draft we’ll likely be seeing new faces much sooner than later, which means new moments of excitement, new stories to tell, new experiences to share with our friends and family. Sounds good, no?

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The time between the end of the postseason and the beginning of offseason shenanigans is always a weird one, but this past week the hockey news cycle has taken a particularly grim turn with reports of two things I’d like to draw your attention to.

The first is the disgusting report from Elliotte Friedman that Slava Voynov is interested in returning to the NHL this season and that his interest has been reciprocated by some NHL teams. This report should be enough to make your blood boil: Voynov plead no contest to misdemeanor domestic violence charges and opted to go back to Russia rather than face potential deportation hearings in front of an immigration judge. The officer who responded to Voynov’s home described it as akin to a murder scene, and a social worker at the hospital that treated Voynov’s wife testified that he was told it wasn’t the first time. Still, Voynov has an expungement hearing set in California, that, if favorable to Voynov could clear the way for him to apply for a US work visa and return to the NHL.

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pavel buchnevich

It’s the offseason, so of course that means mindless speculation and endless hypotheticals. I’m not hating on our national passtime by any means – I love conjecture and imagining things that totally won’t happen as thought exercises. One thing that came up on twitter recently however has me concerned, because while thought exercises and potential scenarios are important, we’ve also got to keep it in the realm of reality for any of it to be illuminating.

Without that grounding we either state the obvious over and over to the point where it lacks any utility, devolve into reactionary contrarianism, or begin to set an agenda that dominates the conversation once other people take it too seriously (this last bit implies that we here on the Rangers blogosphere are Thought Leaders, which of course we are). I’d like to address it head on: there are almost no good trade hypotheticals involving Pavel Buchnevich.

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Some Key Quinn Quotes

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david quinn

It’s a new era in New York. Not only is Alain Vigneault gone (and John Tortorella before him), but the Rangers have officially embarked on what some might call a rebuild (others might not, and that’s fine, but as we saw at the trade deadline there’s already been some major changes towards the future). Enter David Quinn. The now former BU coach is behind the bench for the Blueshirts and while some may have their (probably valid) criticisms, I think it’s a phenomenal hire. He’s a breath of fresh air and represents a total sea change as far as the mindset of this organization goes. If Jeff Gorton can convince Glenn Sather and James Dolan to get weird with it, then there’s a bridge I might just buy from him.

Going beyond the representative aspects of this hire though are the actual, ya know, coaching things. While Quinn may get a knock from some people for lacking in the X’s and O’s (which I’ll reserve judgement on until I actually see it for myself) there’s a few things buzzing around Quinn, many of which he’s said himself that have me excited. Most of these are from an interview he did on the Michael Kay show, but if you haven’t read his letter to the fan base that’s worth checking out as well. Without further ado, here’s David Quinn, in his own words.

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