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Thoughts and Musings (Jeremy Edition)

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Hello. Happy Thursday. Let’s dive right in.

-A win would be nice, sometime soon.

-I wonder how much of Drury’s ineffectiveness can be traced to the knee injury. All of it? Some of it? Or is it completely not related?

-This team needs Gaborik, more than ever. They can’t really survive with no dynamic threat.

-Having complimentary guys is great. But, your complimentary guys can’t be your stars, your leading guys. That’s a recipe for disaster.

-And if Hank isn’t performing, well, say goodbye to playoff hopes. This off stretch usually comes in November, not February. Concerning, to say the least.

-February 28th is National Hate Sidney Crosby Day. Just sayin’.

-I wouldn’t mind Tomas Kaberle. He’s not great defensively. But he’s got that boom boom pow from the point. And we sure as hell need that.

-I still think MDZ needs to go back to Hartford. I didn’t notice anything terrible about Eminger’s play. In fact, they were winning when he was in. Coincidence? Probably. But you get the point.

-MDZ is young, still has talent, still has potential. Just needs to work out the kinks. This is someone with no minor league seasoning. Going straight from juniors to the pros is tough. Some guys can handle it. Some can’t. MDZ obviously needs a little more time. So give it to him.

-I’m still so impressed by McDonagh and Sauer. Can’t believe they are rookies. They don’t look like rookies.

-That’s why you don’t need MDZ up here. Because McDonagh looks like he is a 10 year pro. So, let MDZ develop. The big club is no rush. He’s not adding anything to the PP, so let him develop.

-At least try McDonagh on the PP. I know that’s not his strength. But, I could probably help the PP at this point, and I haven’t laced up the skates and put on the pads in years.

-Speaking of years, my birthday is a month for today. Go me.

-And, if anyone guesses my age in the comments, I’ll send you a virtual high five.


-I think the big thing for the Rangers is just to relax. Take a deep breath. Get back to the grinding, physical style that worked so well. Go to the net. Win the battles in the corners. And hope for good goaltending. If you do that, you can win. If you keep falling behind, and letting teams out physical you, you’re going to lose. Get back to Rangers hockey.

-I’ll be taking a bit of a sabbatical from BSB. Living here in Allentown, it’s hard to get the games, and when I do, I’m often busy. I’m not producing the type of work that I want, and I don’t think it’s fair to y’all. I’ll be back in the summer, when things are quieter here, and I can (hopefully) get the Center Ice Package. The BSB community, Dave, Chris, everyone, has just been terrific, and it’s been a blast to write here. It isn’t goodbye. It’s see you later (and in the ranks of cheesy lines, that has to be up there. I have to end with something better). Ok, I’ll end with this. Go Rangers, and I’ll see you in a bit.

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Thoughts and Musings

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It’s Thursday. You know what that means: Thoughts and Musings. Or, my once a week appearance on the site. Seriously, thanks to Dave and crew for allowing me to write a post while I’m nowhere near the Rangers. And now that many sports streaming sites have been shut down in the past few days, it will be even harder. Have to hope for Versus games (like the Pittsburgh one) or hope the play the Flyers. It’s tough. But, we plug on.

-I did get to watch the Penguins game. Loved the start, didn’t mind the finish, didn’t like the middle. Getting Cally and Dubi back is obviously a huge coup for this team. Getting Prospal back will be a huge coup for this team. I don’t mind losing in a shootout. It’s a crapshoot. We got the point, and we move on.

-Still, if Crosby and/or Malkin were playing last night, hard to imagine even getting to a shootout.

-And why did Wolski, MZA and pretty much everyone go 5 hole on Fleury? Wolski and Zuke are known for their moves, not for the shot. Have to use a deke there. He clearly wasn’t giving anything up in the 5 hole.

-Speaking of shootouts, I loved the Skills competition in the All-Star game. I think the game is largely unnecessary. No defense, it’s kind of boring. But the skills competition was fun. Get to see the players relaxed, having a good time. I enjoyed it.

-Back to Rangers. I think the Prospal return will not only help the Rangers as a whole, but help Gaborik specifically. He’s struggling, no doubt. He had a lot of success with Prospal last year. Hey, maybe they catch lightning in a bottle, and Gaborik gets hot again.

-As much as I love Boyle, I don’t think it’s a good thing for a 3rd line center to be your leading goal scorer. He’s been great, and is so important to this team. But you’re paying Gaborik to be the leading scorer, not Brian Boyle.

-I think it was a classy move by Prospal to give up the A. Staal has earned it. He should keep it. Classy move.

-On the same token, I don’t think Drury should give up the C. I may be in the minority here, but I do think he’s a good captain, and his willingness to accept a reduced role and not complain about speaks volume about his character. Cally is the next captain, and will be once Drury is gone. But, there are worse captains than Chris Drury.

-We’re sure that Sauer and McDonagh are rookies, right? I mean, they’ve been terrific. Talk about a lot of young building blocks on defense. Staal, Girardi, Sauer, McDonagh, MDZ when he gets his game together, plus the guys in the minors. One of these guys can be used to get a good center. Good thing.

-MDZ really needs to spend time in the AHL, still. He looks better offensively, but defensively he’s lost. He’s 19, which can be hard to remember. He has a lot of potential, but also a lot of time. No need to rush.

-I also think they should bring back the Wolski-Stepan-MZA line and keep them together for the rest of the year.

-Snow interlude: Can the snow stop?  Like, now? Thanks.

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Thoughts And Musings

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Well, we’re at the All-Star break. Halfway through (roughly). And all in all, pretty good season.

-6th seed. In range of the 4th, although it would be tough. With all the injuries, it’s remarkable.

-Hats off to Brian Boyle. What a tremendous year.

-Players who deserve praise: Staal, Girardi, Eminger, Sauer, Gilroy, Boyle, Prust, Fedetenko, Callahan. Lundqvist, Biron, Stepan, Zuccarello, McDonagh, Dubinsky, Anisimov

-Players who need to do better: Avery, Gaborik, Drury, Christensen, Del Zotto, Boogaard

-The culture here, whatever allows this team to be resilient, to plug in minor leaguers and get the same results, that’s what been great. John Tortorella has to be a Jack Adams candidate, if not the favorite. He’s done a tremendous job.

-Still, for all the grit, need more scoring. Have a little more scoring, don’t need to use all that energy coming back. I’m talking to you, Marian Gaborik. I’m talking to you Chris Drury. Boyle has been great, but he’s also your leading scorer. He shouldn’t be.

-When Dubi, Cally, hopefully Prospal come back, things will be different, I think. But, if we want to make a run in the playoffs, have to score more. Plain and simple.

-Defense, though, has been terrific. Staal, Girardi, Sauer and Eminger, in particular have been great. Gilroy has improved. McDonagh has showed us something. MDZ hasn’t worked out. But I think the stint in the AHL will help.

-If Eric Staal passes over Marc in the All-Star draft, how awkward will family gatherings be?

-I actually like the idea of the All-Star draft. Adds intrigue, excitement.

-Will I watch the actual game? Probably not. Maybe the skills stuff. But the game will suck.

-Met a Kings fan. Fascinating. No, really. Talk about a struggling fan. That team has so much talent, but can’t put it together yet.

-I like what I’ve been seeing from Chad Kolarik. Nose for the net. Good offensive upside.

-Grachev, I think, still belongs in the AHL. Rather have Dupont than him, at this point.

-Sometime, though, he will belong in the NHL.

-I think MDZ, barring any further injuries, needs to stay in the AHL for the remainder of the year. Still has the home run mentality. Doesn’t know when to play it safe.

-I keep thinking back to how much I love the Marty Biron signing. Perfect signing.

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Thoughts and Musings

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Coming to you with a melancholy T and M, as our leading scorer, Brandon Dubinsky is out 3-4 weeks. Oh, joy. Quickly becoming one of the heart and souls of this team, this loss is huge.

-Let’s start with Dubi. How do you replace your leading scorer? How do you replace a guy who plays first line minutes? Who plays on the PP and PK? Who is maybe one of the top 2 or 3 most important forwards? You don’t. What you do, is you hope guys step up. Marian Gaborik HAS to step up. Granted, his first game without Dubi was stellar. Four goals is not your average day at work. But I’m not going to judge based on one game. He needs to be consistent. They’ve been able to get by without him being his best. Not anymore, they need him to play well. They need him to dominate games again. They need him to be Marian Gaborik again.

-Guys like Brian Boyle, Wolski, Stepan, and MZA have to step up. Anisimov needs to step up. All the guys, the core guys, need to play well. Dubi is a huge loss. But, it’s a part of hockey. They’ll have to deal with it.

-The good thing is, I don’t think his presence will be missed that much on the PK. Penalty killing, I think, is a job where you can just plug guys in. Kris Newbury may get some time. Gabby may get some time, like he did last year.

-And now, Fedetenko is out. He’s been so good this year, and he would have been someone who could have stepped up in Dubi’s absence. Brodie Dupont, who I’ve always been a fan of, takes his place. He is a grinding winger who can also play PK.

-The big thing is, everyone has to step up. Can they do that? The answer may determine playoffs or not.

-Off Dubi for a second, I’m starting to think the disappearing act of Marian Gaborik has at least a little to do with the absence of Vinny Prospal. They worked so well last year. And with Prospal out, Gabby has struggled. An excuse? No. An explanation? Possibly.

-I think Gabby may be injured, for what it’s worth. The burst isn’t there.

-Anyone else really impressed with Ryan McDonagh? I knew he was a talent, but, I did not expect this. Looks very poised for his age. He won’t be an offensive guy, but a shut down defender is in his very near future. Can’t believe Montreal gave him up for Scotty Gomez.

-Speaking of Gomez, from our friends at 5-Hole, a somewhat funny, somewhat annoying clip. Listen here.

-Good for Hank. About freakin’ time:

-It’s not like Hank. But if no one else was going to stand up for him, he had to. And he did. He’ll be hated in Montreal for a long while.

-It would have only been topped by a goalie/goalie fight. One of these days…

-The Rangers really need Callahan and Prospal back, and soon.

-Seriously, the Rangers must have pissed off the injury gods, because this just ain’t fair.

-Let’s see how they respond to the Dubi injury. Lots of games coming up, and they need to keep pace to be in the playoffs. Will they? Should be interesting to watch.

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Thoughts and Musings

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Hello. It’s Thursday. One more day till Friday. Always a good day. The Canucks are in town. Always exciting, even if Luongo isn’t playing. Who’s ready for some Thoughts and Musings? You are? Great. Let’s do it.

-I do like the Wolski trade, even if he is inconsistent, and even if the Rangers D is very young. I’ve always liked Rosy, but he was a big cap burden, and there are plenty of young guys ready to take his place in the next few years, so you might as well get something for him.

-As for Wolski, it seems like he’s another Zherdev. Great talent, will show it a lot, but not enough. If he can provide some extra goals, help on the PP, and score in the shootout, then I’ll be happy.

-In the shootout, he’s a wizard. Check the video here. Sick skills

-I do think a veteran D is in order. Bryan McCabe would be nice, especially on the PP.

-I’ll admit: I’m not a fan of Dale Weise. Nice player, sure, but doesn’t do it for me. If he’s only playing 5 minutes a game, it’s not worth it. Obviously, I think he’s a placeholder for Boogaard. Someone has to fight. But, other than that, Weise doesn’t do it for me.

-Avery probably needs more minutes, but where is he going to get it? Who are you going to replace? The only guy would Prust, but the Feds-Boyle-Prust line has been so good, so you don’t want to break them up. He’s looked good with Drury, so you can keep him there, and maybe rotate him up a few times a game.

-When do you think MDZ is coming back? Is he? I like McDonagh, but I don’t trust him in a playoff series, yet. I don’t know if I trust MDZ either, but he at least has more experience.

-Speaking of the Canucks, I love the Sedin twins, but Ryan Kesler is a great player. His play for Team USA in the Olympics was tremendous. He’s a great, great player.

-Will the real Marion Gaborik please stand up?

-I met a guy who knows a guy who lives in the same apartment building as Anisimov. No, I do not know the location. No, I do not know if he’s a ladies man or not. Still cool to know a guy who knows a guy who knows an athlete.

-Food interlude: I’ve developed a real love for honey roasted peanuts. Don’t know why. But they are off the hook. And addictive. Maybe too addictive. But a good snack.

-I agree with Dave. Christensen is done with the Rangers. With the Wolski addition, and the injured guys coming back, there’s just no room. He has so much talent. If he would only use it.

-Dubinsky, I think, was snubbed for the All-Star Game.

-So was Girardi.

-I don’t think you go crazy buying, but you can buy some complementary pieces, a la 1994. Get a gritty checking forward, get a physical D, a puck moving, PP quarterbacking D. You don’t need to get an Iginla (although it would be nice). But getting the right pieces is just as important, if not more.

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Thoughts and Musings

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Happy Thursday and Happy New Year, BSBers. Hope y’all had a lovely and happy New Year. Happy and healthy to you and yours. We’re coming off a great win against Carolina. So let’s dive right in.

-MZA, you’re here to stay. That was a pretty shot. And what a way to get your first NHL goal.

-Besides the goal, I like his stick work, he’s fearless. He’s not going to be Marty St. Louis, but he looks to be a solid top 6 forward in this league. Which I’ll take any day.

-Dubinsky had a great game. So did Staal. So did Lundqvist. So did Gaborik.

-If Staal is not the upper echelon of defenders, than he will be soon. In fact, he has to be up there. Won’t give you the big offensive numbers, but as a defensive stalwart, man, is he good. Homegrown too.

-This team does not have a lot of skill. But that’s okay. They’re winning on grit and determination and hustle. The way playoff teams succeed. I’m not saying they are a Cup contender. But they are a team you do not want to face in the playoffs.

-Buying into a system, or into a coach is not easy. The trust these guys seem to have in Torts is remarkable.

-I think there are a few things the Rangers need at the deadline: A checking, faceoff specialist, PKing center. A physical defenseman. And maybe, another winger.

-They get those things, they’ll be set up nicely.

-Awesome interlude: Have you guys heard about the homeless guy with the amazing radio voice. Check it here.  It’s incredible. Last I checked, he has offers from the Cavs, from Frosted Flakes to be the new Tony the Tiger and the NFL. Incredible. Power of social media right there.

-Nice to see Ranger prospects having a good WJC. Kreider, Fasth, Bourque. They’re the future.

-Can’t believe Canada lost in that game. Up 3-0? Heading into the 3rd? Jeez.

-I’m starting to really enjoy watching this team play and loving how they’re coming together. Lots of injuries, but they persevere. Lots of no namers, but they play hard and they win. That’s all you can ask for, really.

-I think the players representing the Rangers at the All-Star game should be: Lundqvist, Staal, Girardi, Dubinsky and Boyle

-Brian Boyle has to be this year’s Matt Moulson. I mean, what a steal. You take away his 14 goals, his presence, this team would be a lot worse.

-And Slats was vilified for giving up a 3rd round pick.

-I’m starting to think that, barring injuries with the main club, MDZ should stay with the Whale the rest of the way. It can’t hurt. He can develop, learn, get some more confidence and start next year ready to go. Gilroy and Sauer and Eminger deserve to be up with the big club. And with the fabulous Wade Redden as a mentor, he’ll only get better!

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Thoughts And Musings

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Hello, the last T and M post of the year! Crazy. Without further ado, let’s get it.

-Can’t believe this year is almost over. Flew by. It’s crazy. To think: July, major surgery. Late August, move to Pennsylvania. Just a crazy year. But, it’s been good. I’ll take crazy if it comes with good anytime.

-Onto the Rangers. Nice win against the Devils. Sure, Devils probably outplayed them, at least for the first two periods. But, they held on. Hank was great. Timely scoring. Good defense. That’s a win the Rangers don’t usually get.

-New NHL rule proposal: Whenever a goalie is pulled (excluding a delayed penalty) no icing. Would be so much more fun to see teams try to throw it into the net from 200 feet away.

-It’s possible for Brian Boyle to score 30 goals. He’s at 14 already. No signs of stopping. His career high was 4. Talk about a wonderful surprise.

-That line of Fedetenko-Boyle-Prust has been wonderful.

-Liking how MZA is playing. Creative. Fearless. Do we have another Martin St. Louis on our hands? Probably not. But you’re talking about a good top 6 forward, maybe more.

-About time Todd White was sent packing. Was doing nothing, MZA is younger and probably better. Fits the organizational philosophy.

-Broadway interlude: Seeing In The Heights this evening. Know nothing about it. But it’s supposed to be good, and it’ll be quality time with my family. Not a huge Broadway fan. Seen a few shows in my life. Enjoyable. But not something I actively seek out. This should be interesting. The good news is, when I told a friend, who is big into musicals, that I was seeing the play, she screamed and begged me to take her. I guess it’ll be good then.

-How can they work MDZ back into the lineup. The way the D has been playing, hard to see them shaking it up. Best move is to send him to the AHL, have him work on his game, and when they need him, he’ll be ready.

-Same with Cally and Prospal. Who goes? For Prospal, probably Christensen. For Cally, is it MZA? Is it Avery? I don’t know. I guess whoever is playing worse at the time.

-Winter Classic. On your TV. In 2 days. Boy, I can’t wait.

-Why hasn’t any team (ahem, Washington) signed Evegeni Nabokov yet? Couldn’t a team like, ahem, Washington use him?

-If the Rangers can go a nice run here, maybe 4 or 5 in a row, that would set them nicely for the 4 or 5 seed. Having the Devils out of contention really helps.

-Devils suck. Not that I’m complaining.

-Is it too early to start talking about deadline acquisitions? Maybe. But I wouldn’t mind the Rangers picking up a physical, checking, playoff veteran forward or pivot. Maybe someone like John Madden?

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Thoughts and Musings

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Happy Thursday, folks. Almost Christmas! Or, for us members of the Tribe, Almost “movies and Chinese food day!”. Either way, it’s very exciting. Apparently, we’re seeing Little Fockers this year. And getting Chinese. It’s just so radical. You should try it.

-Talked to someone who has been around the Wild for years, and, well, you guessed it, he isn’t surprised by all the Gaborik injuries. To quote him: “He’s so whiny, always hurt. Frustrates the hell out of me.” We got lucky last year. He was relatively healthy. And he responded with a great year. He just hasn’t been himself this year. Which, hasn’t been that bad for the team. I like to call it the Jagr effect: IF you have one star, you’re going to go to that star, no matter what. He can’t do it all on his own. I remember power plays that were set up just for Jagr to take a slapper from the point. And those don’t always work. So you have to mix it up, and that’s where you see guys like Boyle and Prust having big years. This team is better with a healthy, productive Gaborik. No doubt about that. But their experience winning without him is only valuable.

-Will be very interested to see how MZA does in his (limited?) call up. First off, how long is he staying? Just till Gabby gets back? Or is he here for good? I’d suggest the former, but not so sure. Depends on how he plays. Getting 4th line minutes, he won’t have a much of a chance to show what he can do. But, maybe he gets some PP time, and if he impresses, maybe he stays.

-Actually getting a chance to go to a game tonight. Should be fun.

-Okay, what’s with MDZ? I’m not seeing all of the games, I’m mostly seeing highlights? Where specifically is he struggling?

-Can’t tell you how excited I am for the Winter Classic.

-I’m worried about the Boogey man. Obviously, don’t want him to have a concussion. But, shouldn’t a fighter bounce back after fights better? He’s paid to fight, not sit in the trainers room for a few games afterwards.

-Speaking of Boogey, if he’s out for some time, shouldn’t Weise get the call up? Provide that toughness on the fourth line? I liked him in his debut. Reminds me of a bigger, stronger Prust.

-Todd White, at this point, is just dead weight. I would much prefer MZA to be up here full time, or Weise up here full time, than White. He just doesn’t do much.

-Looking forward to seeing Stamkos in person.

-Music interlude: I’m in love with Pandora. Y’all know Pandora: it plays music that’s similar to a certain artist or song. It’s always good, and it’s free. Great to do work to, great to mellow out to.

-Liking how Stepan has been progressing. Seems to be “Getting it”. There’s a rookie adjustment, and you’re not going to score 3 goals every game. I think he’s realizing it, and he’s playing well.

-Keep him on the point, Torts!

-I think the return of Drury has been valuable. With Callahan out, he goes back to being the heart and soul of this team, and I think he will be.

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Thoughts and Musings

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Happy Thursday, BSBers. Ready? Let’s do it.

-Actually got the third period of the Penguins game on Versus, for some reason. I was okay with it. Great period. Great shot by Christensen, AA, Boyle. Way to work by Frolov. Great D on Crosby and Malkin.

-Obviously losing Callahan sucks. Broken hand. Probably out for a similar duration as Drury. The hockey gods giveth, the hockey gods taketh away.

-At least Drury looked good.

-Saw the highlights from the Caps game. Great game. Love the Dubi-Ovechkin fight, even if it was weird to see Ovie drop the gloves. I like the offensive output, obviously, but hard work, good D and good goaltending made for a great game.

-Very happy with the defensive corp. Love the play of Eminger and Sauer. Staal and Girardi have been solid. Rosy has been solid. MDZ has been meh, but you have to think he’ll bounce back.

-No need for Tytuin.

-No need for Richards, yet at least. I don’t want to give up prospects when I can get him July 1.

-I think it’s time for MZA to be called up. He’s killing it in Hartford. Needs a chance.

-Will be interested to see A) how well Drury plays and B) if there’s any impact on the team.

-Annoyance interlude: Bought The Sims 3 for a friend as a holiday gift. Bought it through the EA website. Was 20 bucks. Not bad. But instead of sending it to their address, I put my address as the shipping address. A simple mistake. Shouldn’t be hard to fix, right? Wrong. They have a live chat customer service (which, I do admit, is kind of cool). I talked to someone, asked if I could change the shipping address on the order. Said no. Once it’s ordered, can’t change it. Fine, I thought. Can I cancel it, I asked? No. Can’t cancel an order. Can’t cancel an order. I was shocked. If this was Amazon, canceling an order takes two seconds. Now, I’ll receive the order and have to ship it to my friend myself. Not a huge ordeal. But it could be an easy fix for EA.

-I wish Gabby would be more consistent. I mean, we know its there. It’s just been slow.

-Loving how Dubi is playing

-Loving that I’ll be back in the New York groove for a time over the holidays and will actually be able to watch some games. It’s weird not seeing them on a daily basis. Highlights are nice, but it’s nothing like the real thing.

-I think, given the inconsistency of this team, we may see a winning streak. 4 or 5 games. But that could be the difference between a playoff berth or not. The beauties of inconsistency, ladies and gentlemen.

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Thoughts And Musings

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Happy Thursday, BSBers! One more day till Friday! I’ve always enjoyed Thursdays. It’s a nice day. Except, at least where I am, it’s freezing. So cold that walking outside produces tears. But hey, we are in the northeast. Onto musings.

-I’ll be honest: Have not had the chance to watch any replays or highlights of the games, let alone the games themselves. It’s part of the deal I took living in PA. Can’t see that many games. So my analysis is going to be limited. I apologize. The good thing is that for the Christmas New Years period I will be in NY and will be able to see some games. Maybe then I’ll come out of my weekly shell and write more. Still, it does suck. But, thanks to Dave for allowing me to write even though I can barely see the games.

-I can follow Twitter though, and it’s abuzz with the Frolov/ice time situation. Look, he has 5 goals. 11 points. Disappointing, to be sure. I’m sure he feels that with more ice time, he’ll get more scoring opportunities. And I don’t think that’s wrong. But the Rangers have established themselves as a hard working team, and Frolov’s comments don’t fit in with it. Should they trade him? Probably not. But, sit him for a game. Make him angry and see what happens.

-I think the key is having Gaborik go on a tear and really carry this team. He makes this team go, offensively at least, and he needs to get going.

-I love Brad Richards. But, let’s wait until July 1. I don’t want to give up Staal and Dubinsky, or MDZ and Callahan. Richards is going to want 8 million a year. Probably for at least 5 years. And he deserves it. He’s a great player. But, the Rangers will have to maneuver cap wise. Using the amazing CapGeek, I put together a roster that featured Richards, along with keeping Dubi, Cally, and AA

Marian Gaborik ($7.500m) / Brad Richards ($8.000m) / Ryan Callahan ($2.500m)
Brandon Dubinsky ($2.000m) / Derek Stepan ($0.875m) / Sean Avery ($1.937m)
Chris Drury ($7.050m) / Artem Anisimov ($1.000m) / Brandon Prust ($0.800m)
Derek Boogaard ($1.625m) / Brian Boyle ($0.525m) / Mats Zuccarello-Aasen ($1.750m)
Daniel Girardi ($3.325m) / Marc Staal ($3.975m)
Ryan McDonagh ($1.300m) / Michael Del Zotto ($1.087m)
Steve Eminger ($1.125m) / Paul Mara ($0.750m)
/ Pavel Valentenko ($0.850m)
Henrik Lundqvist ($6.875m) /Martin Biron ($0.875m)
CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter)
(these totals are compiled using the bonus cushion)
SALARY CAP: $59,400,000; CAP PAYROLL: $55,725,000; BONUSES: $1,487,500
CAP SPACE (21-man roster): $5,162,500
I got rid of Christensen and Rosival. It doesn’t let me do trades, but let’s assume for a second that a few minor players came back. Maybe the cap space is then 3 million. But still, it’s doable. It’s doable.
-The roster I put together was just a rough estimate. You have to think Sauer is going to come back. Maybe another winger. Hard to know so far out. But, it’s doable. With some maneuvering.
-Wouldn’t mind seeing MZA get a chance. Can’t hurt, right?
-I think the Rangers should just ride the King for as long as you can. Biron has been very good. But Hank is the star, and you have to let him carry you.
-Musical interlude: Downloaded the Gavin DeGraw “Chariot Stripped” album. IT’s the Chariot album, but all acoustic. It’s awesome. Check it out.
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