Vitali Kravtsov to remain in Russia this season

July 9, 2018, by

vitali kravtsov

Vitali Kravtsov, the Rangers’ 9th overall pick this year, will remain in Russia for one more season before coming over to the US. Alex Nunn did the translating on this, and he also noted that Kravtsov, Yegor Rykov, and Igor Shestyorkin all have their contracts in the KHL end after this season.

Kravtsov is the potential elite talent, but don’t sleep on Rykov and Shestyorkin. Shesty is the heir apparent to Henrik Lundqvist, and there’s a reason why the Rangers targeted Rykov at the deadline. Expect a Russian invasion next summer.

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  1. Agentsmith says:

    Not even gonna bother dissecting the pick anymore.

    assuming buch and kravtsov are the rw’s of future… Does this mean zuc is on borrowed time?

  2. tanto says:

    I’m not too disappointed with this, after all a team can only handle so much youth at one time. For now the focus is on kids like Chytil, Howden, Andersson, Georgiev, Lindgren and Hajek … next year we can have the 3 Russians come over together.

    • Chris A says:

      Also, this pushes Kravtsov’s UFA years out a year.

      Really not a horrible outcome, assuming Kravtsov comes to N America next summer.

      • wwpd says:

        if he came this season to play only in Hartford, would this have affected RFA/UFA timeline?

        • Chris A says:

          You know what? I was wrong. Coming to Hartford wouldn’t have burned a year from his ELC.

          Andersson and Chytil both had their contracts slide last season, despite playing most of the season in the AHL.

          • tanto says:

            It would have if he played 10 games in the NHL. Let him add a few pounds and get physically more mature. Chances are he’s going to be getting Top 6 minutes in Russia so there’s very little downside.

            • wwpd says:

              I thought kids don’t get much ice time in the KHL?

              Probably no big deal in the end but I would rather see him in the Rangers system in Hartford this year where his training can be managed more closely.

              • tanto says:

                Normally they don’t. Even he started out last year in a checking role on the 3rd line, but in the playoffs he was on the 2nd line and performed well. I’m sure, especially since they renegotiated his contract to pay him more money this year than they would have had to, that he’ll be getting lots of quality minutes.

          • wwpd says:

            thanks for clarification!

    • Reenavipul says:

      FFS, these aren’t 10 year olds on their 1st travel team.

  3. Tyler says:

    Hopefully a Panarin signing to add to the Russian infusion as well.

  4. wwpd says:

    is Tkachyov still on the radar?

  5. Snake says:

    A family member bought me a 2018 Rangers calendar for my birthday 48 weeks ago. January was Rick Nash (my fav player), February was Miller, March was Kevin Klein, April was Kevin Hayes, May was Mc Donough, June was Graber and July is Dan Girardi. I don’t want to know who August is but I hope it is AV. LOL. Anyway, I’m really glad that at least Nash and Hayes were with the team when their months came up.

    The point is obvious…so many players that made up the team I loved (despite being lead by AV) are gone, but even when you only look back on the prospects and players they got in those deals like Rykov you have to feel pretty positive about the future. With the new players acquired in the draft it is easy to forget the prospects we got at deadline. And I enjoyed rereading this excellent post by Dave again today.


    The future looks bright. I just hope I live long enough to see these guys raise the Cup.

  6. Walt says:

    This is good news folks. He gets an additional year to play against men in the KHL, put some muscle mass on his frame, and keeps him off of our roster for an additional year. He then comes over with the other three, all on ELC, so this gives JG additional flexibility to deal, and resign the others. Also puts us in a position to protect him for the upcoming expansion draft………….

    • MBN says:


      Well said.

      Basically, there is almost no downside to his not being here this year, unless the coaching staff wants to have a “hands-on” look at every game he plays. I am sure they can arrange for the same in the KHL, if they really wanted to.

    • Reenavipul says:

      Looking at the KHL schedule, there will be plenty of chances for Kravtsov to bulk up. Compared to last season where they played every other night, this season Traktor goes every other night for 3 games, then has a couple of days off. Some times it’s 2 nights, other times 4, the longest is 6(not counting national team breaks.) So they’ll have 12 windows where he can focus on off ice work.

      In the AHL he’d have the start of every week to do that.

  7. Joen7 says:

    There is a downside this makes more unlikely that we can plug him in 19-20. Chances are that will be a get use to the north american game either here or with hartford. We should have waited until camp to make this more.

    • Walt says:


      I can see us bringing him back after the KHL season ends, on a “try out contract”, so as to not use up a year of his ELC, and have him play for Hartford for a month, or two??

      If that is the case, I believe he then could be brought in for a game, or two at the NHL level? This is the best of all worlds if that is the plan!!!!!!

    • Richter1994 says:

      The KHL season starts earlier so they had to make the decision now.

  8. Peter says:

    I don’t see a downside. He is only 18 years old, is 6ft 2 and only 170 pounds. He needs to fill out and work out to get strong enough to play in the NHL. A year more in the KHL and probably time in the AHL before he hits the big club. It is the rare player that plays wing in the NHL at 19 these days.

  9. sherrane says:

    2019: The year of the Russian invasion.

  10. Richter1994 says:

    Dam Putin.

  11. Bloomer says:

    3 elite talented young Ruskies playing in the KHL. All Ranger prospect passed over or let go by the other NHL teams. I will believe it when I see it if they ever take the ice at MSG.

    • Reenavipul says:

      Rykov is a 3rd pair defenceman with a chance to be 2nd pair. Playing with Rundblad(who was a depth player *for the Coyotes*) says a lot.

    • Richter1994 says:

      Krav, we’ll see, but looks fantastic.
      Rykov, can be a Ranger some day.
      Shesty, is Henrik’s heir apparent.

      Not bad my friend.