Blue Seat Blogs-cast – Draft Post-Mortem and Off Season Thoughts

June 26, 2018, by

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valparin 100mg viagra We’re back again to drop some knowledge and wisdom (or something like that) on Rangerstown in the post-Kravtsov era. Tune in for thoughts on the players selected at the draft, the hysteria that’s ensued, and other Rangers reactions, and be sure to leave a comment for what you’d like us to discuss next time! As always you can find us here, on SoundCloud and on iTunes.



  1. Richter1994 says:

    http://rakshayoga.com/medrol-4mg-tabletwise.html 1) Krav will prove to be a better player than Wahlstrom, long-term.
    2) Miller will be a stud, eventually playing 2nd pair and on the PP.
    3) Nils will make the team at some point.
    4) Low level free agent signings will happen, Grabner a possibility (appears no to Nash), and other bottom 6/bottom pair vets a good possibility for vet leadership.
    5) The impact moves for next year will be via trade, if at all, meaning if they are available at reasonable trade costs. JG is trying, trust me, he’s trying.
    6) The Rangers will give Hajek every opportunity to make the team out of camp.

  2. Walt says:

    arcoxia 200mg dosage Tony

    source url “The Rangers will give Hajek every opportunity to make the team out of camp”.

    calcium carbonate buyers in china This is an incomplete thought because they will do the same with Lindgren.

    hoodia gordonii 8500 mg weight loss 90 pills Listening to an interview with JG, Sean Day was mentioned, and Jeff’s reaction was very upbeat!!!!!!!!!

    buy suhagra 100mg online india Starting July 1, we will know much more what the team will look like, I still see many moves coming our way!!!!!!!!!!

    • Richter1994 says:

      http://newtechsociety.org/ff15/silagra-50-mgs.html Hey pal.

      clindamycin 450 mg preis JG seemed to indicate that he thought that Hajek was NHL ready but did not mention Lindgren by name. I think all the young guys will get a chance to make the team.

      norvasc 10 mg 30 tablet fiyat Day is dumb, hockey IQ wise. Great talent and skill, I project that he will be part of a package for trade. I do not see him in the future plans for the Rangers. JG talking him up makes me think that he is a trade chip.

      • Walt says:

        cheapest viagra professional Tony

        enter Interesting take on Day???? The kid is a physical specimen, skates fast, good shot. As Ron White said, “There is no cure for stupid”, and I wasn’t aware of this being the case!!!!

        click here I think that Lindgrean, playing in the AHL last season, after his college season ended, was ahead of anyone in being NHL ready. It’s going to be fun watching these kids develop, and be a part of the long term plans for us. He may not start the season here, but it won’t be long before he is on the big boy squad!!!!!!

        • Richter1994 says:

          http://mefirighana.com/bentyl-5mg-80mg.html Walt, Day is physically gifted. Huge guy that can skate like the wind. But dumb as a door knob, hockey wise. He gets caught way too often because he cannot anticipate plays.

          trileptal 100mg hund From your lips to God’s ears on Lindgren, I want both here.

          day 6 accutane 10mg And don’t forget Crawley!! I hear the Rangers love him. Shut down defender type.

          I don’t know about DeAngelo, may be odd man out, especially if the Rangers get a top righty D man like Trouba or Karlsson.

          • Leatherneck says:

            Richter 1994.

            Do you realize you just described K’Andre Miller????

            Watch the U 18’s….Miller was awful in that tournament. So we will defend Miller but throw the book at Day?

            • tanto says:

              I happen to disagree with you about Miller … but aside from that you’re comparing an 18 year old kid with 2 years experience playing D against an exceptional status 20+ year old who has played the position all his life.

      • tanto says:

        I agree, I’ve been saying since Day 1 that I thought his issue was upstairs more than anything else.

        Lindgren’s interview yesterday was very good. I like the “sound” of this kid a lot. I think he gets it.

  3. SalMerc says:

    If you are not signing a stud FA, then go second or third tier and offer 2 year contracts. If we are truly embracing the kid movement, let them play.

  4. tanto says:

    Am I the only one who would be interested in exploring Duclair again? With all the bouncing around (3 teams) he might just be starting to understand what it will take to stay in the NHL. This may not be his last chance, but like a cat he’s using up his hockey lives pretty fast now. His talent can’t be questioned.

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