Rangers announce prospect camp roster

June 24, 2018, by

The Rangers have announced their prospect camp roster. It will include the entire 2018 draft, Lias Andersson, Filip Chytil, and most of the prospects acquired at the trade deadline.

There are a few undrafted prospects invited as well. It’s worth keeping an eye on those names.

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  1. Reenavipul says:

    Just look at the sweater number for where they are in the pipeline.

    Exceptions: Bergh, Wall, Lundqvist

    • tanto says:

      With that many exceptions maybe it’s just a coincidence. lol You might be reading too much into the #s.

  2. Bloomer says:

    It’s showtime for these young hockey players. Will be interesting to see what they got.

  3. tanto says:

    First time all the goalies are our property … even without Shesty. This is going to be fun, hopefully they do a better job this year letting us see these guys scrimmage.

  4. Walt says:

    Hajek, Howden & Lindgren.

    These three are the ones I’ll be watching the most, it’s almost drop the puck time folks!!!!!!!!

    • Andy says:

      I think you nailed it Walt. Those are the character guys who should really make a push to be on the big team this year. Maybe not right out of training camp but I won’t be surprised to see any of those 3 in Ranger blue before the season is over. They are the impending future for the next few years. It will be nice to have a better look at Kravtsov and Miller…..the future about 2 to 3 years out..maybe sooner for Kravtsov…

      • tanto says:

        Kravtsov played Top 6 minutes in the KHL last season during the playoffs. I wonder if he makes a strong enough push this summer whether or not he can actually compete for a job. If I’m the Rangers I keep him in the US to control his development … if he doesn’t make the team out of camp I wouldn’t be surprised to see him make a “debut” sometime during the season.

        Then again, patience grasshoppers. 🙂

        • Andy says:

          Completely agree Tanto. Keeping him in North America will be very good for his development. At least if he goes back to Russia he will be in the KHL. But he’s better of being in NA. I could almost see us move Namestnikov to a top 6 wing position to try and get him going so we can trade him. Then move Kravtsov into his spot for the last 8 games of the season, like we did with Andrersson and Chytil( although he got 2 games early) I would love to see him play but really no point burning a year of ELC. Especially this year.

  5. Larry says:

    Kravtsov still has another year on his contract in KHL, so he won’t be here until 2020, add another year in AHL…maybe we can see him in NYR uniform in 2021? Maybe?

    • Al Hirschen says:

      He has a out if he buys out the last year of his KHL deal for this season . If he buys out he’s in New York and Hartford next year

    • Reenavipul says:

      Kravtsov has an option to leave this season, guessing it has to do with the % he has to kick back to Traktor this season if not in Russia.

  6. Larry says:

    Miller has a great athletic ability all that, but he is still a project, he is in the process of transition from a Forward to a Defenseman, so he still needs a lot of work. Good luck.

    • Larry says:

      K’Andre Miller headed to Wisconsin in the fall, how long is he going to be in college? 2-3 years?

    • tanto says:

      Actually that’s the thing with Miller, he’s way ahead of the curve in terms of his development as a D’man … that’s one reason why some think his ceiling is so high. He can be a Top pairing shut down guy. At the most we’re looking at 2 years in college but I won’t be surprised if it’s just 1.

  7. MjrMisconduct says:

    Excellent article on Blue Shirt Bulletin called In Gordie we trust or do we?,he gives analysis of rounds 2-7.

  8. Larry says:

    The best player of this group might be the goaltender Olaf Lindbom, because the NYR used a high 2nd round pick on him, they must be very very high on him, and we all know NYR has the best goalie coach in the world.

    • Reenavipul says:

      Petr Mrazek, obtained by Philly for a 3rd round pick, wasn’t offered.

      Grubauer, traded with a short term albatross contract(that was quickly bought out) netted a 2nd, which suggests that his straight up value was a 3rd at best.

      Why are you grabbing almost any goalie before the 3rd round again?

      • MjrMisconduct says:

        Absolutely agree,especially when we have 6 in the system & 2 already in the pipeline before this draft,5 of whom are still 23 or younger,I’d actually say before the 4th round.

      • Larry says:

        I don’t know why they drafted him that high, but this kid must be someone special because NYR have good eyes on talented goaltenders. I expect him to be a reincarnation of Henrik in a few year.

        Jeff Gorton also said in his interview that goalies are the easiest to trade, so expect some goalies in NYR system get traded soon.

        • Reenavipul says:

          They might be easiest to trade, but I don’t care if they’re Ken Dryden, Patty Roy & Dominik Hasek all rolled into one, grabbing them in the 2nd is no way to generate value.

          • Larry says:

            Who knows? That might be some team would’ve take him in the 2nd round…You don’t know, I don’t know, the NYR don’t know either…they like him enough to take him @ 2nd round, so be it. I hope he would be a great goalie for us for the next 15 years.

            • Reenavipul says:

              No, we do know because EDM moved up at the end of th 2nd to get their goalie coach’s kid, then the other G picks didn’t start going until after that.

              • tanto says:

                That actually doesn’t tell you much if another team at the back end of round 2 was eyeing this kid in particular.

          • Reenavipul says:

            Dryden: 3rd rd pick
            Roy: 3rd rd pick
            Hasek: 10th rd pick

      • tanto says:

        Because neither of those two proved capable of being a #1 — Grubauer is still very iffy. Sure he had a good regular season, but he folded during the playoffs and it took Holtby to win the Caps the Cup.

        Rangers feel this kid can be a bona fide #1 …. they aren’t drafting a goalie in the 2nd round unless they think he has a good shot at being one down the line.

  9. Richter1994 says:

    The Rangers invited their 2010 draft class as well because they are not NHL ready yet.

  10. Blue Seat says:

    Anything announced about MSG network showing Prospect Camp activity?

  11. MjrMisconduct says:

    Caps resign John Carlson 8yrs/64mil.

  12. Larry says:

    Jeff Gorton said in his interview there were little interests in his players in the trade talks, except Spooner. He said trade market is slow because high-end players in the league hasn’t been traded yet. He also said there were not much talks to trade up during the draft, it seems like he can’t find a partner to trade up.

  13. Larry says:

    It looks like all the kids they drafted aren’t going to be NHL ready for at least 2-3 years, let’s see what Gordon is going to do in the free agency and the trade front…if not much happens, then Hank is really F U C K E D for the next 2 years.

    • Reenavipul says:

      Rangers retain most Euros for 4 years unless drafted after 20. The exceptions are Russian & Swiss players. So if Gross goes back to Switzerland, he remains on the reserve list until dropped.

    • HARLEMBLUES says:

      So what the sweater says RANGERS on the front.

  14. Larry says:

    Nils Lundkvist is listed 5-10, 170. He looks like an undersized player for the NHL standards, but who knows…he might become a smallish and agitated player…like Sean Avery someday.

    • Reenavipul says:

      In 5 years he might be the next Stralman, who was a 7th rd pick the Rangers got for nothing.

      • Larry says:

        Please, no more Stralman and Dan the wheelchair Boyle talk, I got a headache everytime I think about that.

      • tanto says:

        You can’t take a virtually isolated incident like Stralman developing into a damn good d’man after having been a 7th rounder, etc. and turn it into a rule. Besides, the NHL has changed a lot since the days when Stralman was drafted.

        I’ve seen him listed at 5″11 … and he won’t even turn 18 until late July … no reason to believe he won’t end up over 6′.

  15. Emile the Cat says:

    There’s not much talk about Ronning, I know he’s not big but with the league moving toward smaller, quicker players does Ronning have the goods to be a scoring winger? Maybe a third liner?

  16. SalMerc says:

    Very disappointing weekend, followed by an uneventful few days which saw Carlsson signed and the NYR not in the mix for Taveras. With Spooner the only Ranger getting calls, looks like we are in for 2 seasons of failure. Sure we can buy a 2nd level FA, but we are currently not a good club, made up of bottom 9 forwards and 2nd and 3rd pair defensive combos.

    At this point I would be okay with blowing it up totally, but then we would see Gordie go off the chart again and draft an unknown from Iowa (next year) as their first round “prospect with promise”.

    What do we have to look forward to? A dysfunctional first line, a second line that starts in the defensive zone and a 3rd and 4th line made up of either kids or have-beens. Happy 2020 folks.

    • HARLEMBLUES says:

      Watching young talent develop for once instead of the win now approach. Which has won 1 cup since 1940. The natural order of things. Jack Hughes next.

      • SalMerc says:

        Winning vs. Competitive. We shall see. I want to see a competitive team, which I believe we have not assembled.

  17. Walt says:

    On a side note, Calgary traded Adam Fox to Carolina. There was talk that he maybe wouldn’t have signed with them, the Flames, forcing a trade. This is the time to see what it would take to get this kid in Ranger blue, he is a stud. Right defense, and has been partnered with Lindgren in the USA development program, and they would be a knock out first pair in the future!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go for it JG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Joen7 says:

    IT’s going to be a long summer now I was hoping we would draft at least one player that would have a shot to make the club in camp. Would be nice to see the prospect camp but the rangers do not show those. Maybe the lottery falls our way next spring.

  19. agentsmith says:

    hard to get in to this when every guy picked 5 spots before his actual ranking. (aside from chytil) Imagine if Clarke was an fund manager, yikes! time for changes in management.

  20. Jerry says:

    For all of us fans who was tired of kicking that can down the road for one more shot, what the Rangers are doing now is a breath of fresh air.

    I’ll take another bad season, of developing kids. As long as we are DEVELOPING and COMPETING I’ll be patient.

    • SalMerc says:

      Developing and Competing. We’ll see.
      In order to take pressure off of the kids, you need a first line and complementary players for their lines to allow them to learn, grow and compete. I don’t see that.

      You can throw a complete rookie line out there in a “sink or swim” scenario, but that rarely works.

      I am a big Gordon fan and hopes he can sure up the team with some more talent – otherwise maybe we are shooting for next year’s draft already.

      • Jerry says:

        I agree with everything you’re saying Sal. And I think JG will bring in the complementary pieces needed.

  21. Reenavipul says:

    No Rykov because he couldn’t get his visa sorted.

    He got traded in February, his season was over in April. It’s the end of June.

    Pretty sure he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer

    • Richter1994 says:

      But how’s his hockey IQ? He may not know where the city he plays for is located, but hopefully he knows his way around the ice.