What could Mats Zuccarello realistically fetch in a trade?

April 28, 2018, by
mats zuccarello

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This one hurts to write, because I love Zucc. But the reality of the situation is that Mats Zuccarello may wind up being traded at the draft this year. He’s a first line player making second line money. He’s good for 50-60 points per year –possibly more on a team with an actual system in place– at just $4.5 million for one more year.

Zuccarello is a great add for any team looking to add scoring. His cap hit makes him even more attractive. But for everything Zuccarello brings, he is 30 and only has one year left on his deal, limiting his return. Even so, if he does get traded, he should –at least in theory– bring in a solid return.

To first gauge his value, we need to look at past examples of forwards being traded at the draft. I am also omitting basically any trade with Vegas because they were unique circumstances. I’m also omitting the Eberle for Strome trade because Chiarelli. Ditto Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson.

The first trade that unfortunately needs to be brought up is the Derek Stepan trade. He and Antti Raanta fetched a top-ten pick and a B prospect (reminder that Tony DeAngelo was already traded once for a 2nd round pick). Zuccarello isn’t a center and isn’t locked in for the term that Stepan had. I think this is, at the very best, the ceiling for a Zuccarello trade.

The Artemi Panarin/Brandon Saad swap was intriguing, but I don’t see the Rangers making a swap like that. Just something worth noting.

The Brayden Schenn trade to St. Louis was interesting, but I don’t think that is a good comparable here. Schenn is younger, a center, and cost controlled. That return was Jori Lehtera, a late first in 2017, and a conditional first in either 2018 or 2019. That’s two firsts for Schenn. This is also the high bar for Zucc, and I don’t think it gets there.

So let’s go to the 2016 draft. Lars Eller went from Montreal to Washington for a pair of second round picks. Eller, a 27 year old center at the time, had two years and $3.5 million on his contract remaining (he has since been extended at that exact dollar value). Eller is a 30-40 point center. All things considered, I think this is towards the lower end of what Zucc can fetch.

Andrew Shaw also fetched a pair of seconds from Montreal. He was an unsigned RFA at that trade, then inked a six year deal. Woof. This is more evidence that Zuccarello should fetch more in a trade.

That’s really it for the past two years of players getting traded at the draft. It’s actually exceedingly rare. On the bright side, we have a floor and a ceiling for Zuccarello’s trade value. However aside from that, we don’t have much else to work from.

Tom Urtz did a whole lot of work to see what the stats mean Zuccarello’s trade value is at. It’s very detailed and definitely worth the read. Urtz theorizes (and proves via his post, which is very well written) that there may be a match with Dallas and the #13 overall pick. That is certainly intriguing and may be a match for both clubs.

Another first round pick would give the Blueshirts a whopping four picks in the first round. Depending how the draft lottery goes, that is one helluva kickstart to a rebuild.

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  1. Jerry says:

    Good piece Dave.

    As a whole, I think it’s human nature for us fans to overrate our players. I for one think JG did a hell of a good job so far with the trades he made. I smile seeing some of the ridiculous proposed trades we see in print. ‘Yeah we’ll give you our garbage for your good to great player’.

    It takes two (or in some cases more) willing partners to make a trade. I see a value and a need for quite a few teams surrounding Zucc.

    Like you I am a fan of his. But at this point he is far more valuable to this Ranger team as a trade item than a player. No matter how it hurts, that’s just the way it is.

    I have faith that if Zucc is traded JG will get fair value back and that is all we should hope for.

    • Mintgecko says:

      ” I see value and a need for quite a few teams surrounding Zucc “. Yeah that line could go for just about a little than half of all the top 9 names around the league. I use to be in the trade Zucc campaign when it wasn’t a popular discussion back in 2016 but now I finally see where his leadership qualities will pay off. If he’s willing to take a minor raise and still a tradable contract than you keep him and give him the “C” and surround him with a strong leadership group. I’ll keep the heart and soul player who has actual top line numbers and doesn’t need to see a sports physician to tell him that he’s a big boy in the offseason.

      Assuming JT doesn’t come here has me thinking that Kreider could surprisingly go through a trade sometime soon. Heck even if JT signs here than Zib at wing would be a better bet as a 1st line scoring winger. Kreider could go to Anaheim for a top4 D man or LA for Muzzin but bottom line is that he goes to one of the west coast teams. He needs way to many moving parts to become that power forward that scores at will. Zucc on the other hand could be depth to move up during a injury and a stable piece on the 3rd line with Chytil and PP2 with Hayes . You add Vesey or Spooner and a pick in that package with Kreider and I bet we can get Kase and one the two between Manson or Montour from Anaheim. Those Cali teams will do the addition to subtraction type deals to put a Kreider in their top 6. Smart drafting and someone like Tkachuck will make him expendable within 2 years. I would love to see what the Oilers would offer for him. He’d be to stupid to play with the Mcdavids or Crosby’s of the league.

      I’m confident that JG might throw a curve ball like that at draft day. He’s gone away from about 70% of the fans who kept crying to trade Hayes instead of Stepan or keep JT over him in the last 3 years. It tells me that our GM doesn’t give two sh#ts about the general fanbase opinions.

      • HARLEMBLUES says:

        Your thinking is what has won this organization one cup in 75 plus years. Do the work on the scouting of young talented players. Keep the picks and build a cup winning team. Enough with this fools gold bullshit. I want a cup not entertainment.

        • Walt says:


          There aren’t enough thinkers like us out there, everyone wants instant gratification, and the results are predictable, no cup!!!! When will they ever learn……

          • Richter1994 says:

            You can build through the draft and still compete next year, if it’s done correctly.

            What team has won a Cup with predominately their own drafted players? Pens maybe, but they have top players that came from outside (Kessel and Hornqvist).

            • HARLEMBLUES says:

              You add FA or trade for pieces when the process has moved along. When you have sorted who’s to keep and who’s move on for other assets. People are talking about JT or trading a still young Kreider when the process hasn’t started. Ridiculous. Signing JT doesn’t get this team a Cup. It would just put this ha k in a win now mode. The same mistakes will be made again.

    • Lace says:

      I just want to say I think Gorton is doing one hell of a job retooling this team. He’s a great cap manager and I think a pretty good talent evaluator. That remains to be seen of course as the jury is still out on young players he recently acquired. Still I think the team in Boston that Chiarelli got credit for was KICK STARTED by a few shrewd moves by Gorton as interim GM.

      I hope we don’t trade Zuc but a 4th 1st round pick would be nice. Would give the Rangers more Options with earliest picks having more in that round. I’d like a coach to be chosen by the draft but not likely???

  2. Reenavipul says:

    To remember, Montreal doesn’t know what they’re doing.

    The Schenn/Lehtera deal was a salary dump that Philly facilitated, so that explains that deal.

    You have a cheap, expiring contract(with decreasing production) that would have more value at the trade deadline, the likely reason Zucc goes at the draft is because they need to free up cap space for a bigger move, so it might suppress value.

    The ceiling might be a 1 from Dallas, but I could see LA or Anaheim as well as they need placeholders and speed on cheap deals.

  3. SalMerc says:

    Maybe 2 second round picks or somebody’s stud in the AHL

  4. Leatherneck says:

    A first for sure to a contending team…so 18 to 26 range plus a high end prospect or a 2nd on draft day which I prefer

    Trade dead line day 2 picks (1st and 2nd) and a prospect

    prefer selecting in this years draft

    I want Tampa’s pick to be a first next year….So Tampa doesn’t have to win it this year so better pick this year is just as good

  5. Richter1994 says:

    Calgary appeared to be the destination for Zuc at the trade deadline, for prospects since they did not have a first round pick.

    I think the Rangers get a better impact player if Zuc is part of a package going the other way.

  6. tanto says:

    1st round pick at a minimum … and yes, I could see targeting Dallas’ pick. If we have to throw in a mid-round pick to make that happen I say go for it. If we can’t get a 1st rounder, keep him and wait for the trade deadline when you can probably fetch even more. Would also consider a short extension for him if we don’t trade him at the draft.

    • Reenavipul says:

      A 1st rd pick in the middle of the round is the minimum, bottom of the round you’d have to add a 3rd.

  7. Walt says:

    Not to over value Zucc, but a 1st is well worth the return, especially with the load of talent in this years draft!!!

    Having said that, Dallas would be a nice fit, and they probably would enhance that deal some. Mintgecko’s post above adds the possibly of the Ducks, which is very appealing to me. I would do a Manson, or Montour deal straight up for Zucc………

  8. Mintgecko says:

    The Stepan trade isn’t fair to bring up. The league didn’t value him like the average NYR fan did. He had the for sale sign in separate offseasons, we would have known through the media in the summer of 17 If he was a great asset. Once in 16 where it reports were saying it was more of a low key to throw his name out there and from the sounds of it nobody but. Minny was interested but wasn’t going to meet JG’ s requirements. There were reports saying that they didn’t think Stepan was worth the overhaul and names like Zucker or Coyle at the time. Hence why they rather overpaid for Hanzal at deadline and eventually picked E Staal.

    Zucc rep might be the polar opposite of Stepan’s on the trademarket. I would add him in a package with one of the free agents that need to get signed to acquire a roster player.

  9. Eugene says:

    If we going to trade Zucc, we are going to continue inglorious Baffalo and Arizona tradition of loosers

  10. Larry says:

    The Bruins just destroyed The Bolts, Tamper Bay defense was like Ranger’s defense under AV, and maybe too many ex-Rangers on the team? :))

    BTW Nash scored 2 goals and McDonald had a -3 game.

    • King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

      Think maybe Tampa sat too long waiting? Also its BS Bruins go game 7 and then get 2 nights off. Should have had to go back to back or yesterday!

    • Swarty says:

      I was there – and it was way worse than it looked on TV

  11. King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

    What a crock of #€%¥ the lottery is … What’s so hard about doing it live , 15 place get a ball , 14 gets 2 and so on ,,,, u get picked , those balls come out. Just like a live lottery drawing. Bunch of crap!

    • Swarty says:


    • Richter1994 says:

      It’s supposed to be an equalizer for teams that are purposely tanking.

      • Richter1994 says:

        But why was the Rangers’ a golf ball?

      • Swarty says:

        Richter – what the King and I (funny) are referring to is the idea of holding the lottery behind closed doors and then coming out with the results on cards as opposed to watching it live which of course would be way cooler.

        I do get there is some logistics required to remove a team’s remaining balls once they were chosen but that is not that big of a hurdle.

        • Richter1994 says:

          Hey pal, I think that’s exactly how it should be done.

          Then when they go to pull the Rangers’ logo out of the envelope, they pull out the ashes of the logo’s remains. Good for TV drama.

  12. Swarty says:

    I love Zucc – I would hate to see him go as among other reasons, I think he slides in to the captaincy.

    But…If Dallas would give up the 13th pick then I say draw up the papers.

  13. supermaz says:

    I may be in the minority here, but I’m not trading Zucc. He was true to the organization, we should be true to him.

  14. King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

    Leather buddy … Who we going for at pick # 9 ?

  15. Leatherneck says:

    Good chance we draft Dobson…Silly that we fell one slot….no chance at wahlstrom now….Kid probably will go between 4 to 6

    Bouchard or Dobson

    Montreal could go D….or Tkachuk
    Ottawa Zadina
    Coyotes probably Wahlstrom
    Detroit Hughes
    Canucks Bouchard
    Chicago Bovquist
    Rangers Dobson…but I’ll Be ok with Hayton too
    Latter picks Bokk, Kaut or Dellandrea

    • Richter1994 says:

      We can only hope and pray that there is a run on D men with Yutes, Det, Van, and Hawks. Then Wahlstrom is a possibility.

      If the Habs do not take Zadina then they should fire their management after the pick.

    • Reenavipul says:

      Boqvist is gonna slide hard. Picked up his 2nd concussion of the season in the U18 semi.

      I think his O is exceptional, but his D is non-existent. The medical red flags(the concussions, a couple of knee injuries) could make him a great steal for somebody in the teens, but I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 ft pole. Why?

      On top of everything above, he’s young for the group along with being under average NHL size. He’ll need a few years to fill out and learn to play D before he ever comes over to North America. If he spends 2 years in the A starting at age 20, you get him at the NHL for 5 seasons before he’s UFA. That’s *if* he learns to play D, *if* he never gets his bell rung again, *if* he fills out to 190-95 lbs.

      He’s the kind of guy who you could lose on a waiver claim before he gets 50 games for you.

  16. Agentsmith says:

    Tom did good work in his post but I think #13 for zuc is not very realistic, unless it’s part of a larger deal. Maybe to move up a later first perhaps. Other wise I think 2nds/ahl prospects are more realistic

    To those who say re up and extend him…. BC “leadership” … That whole letter then was a waste of time and energy. In fact, you can argue they should have disposed of him at the deadline BC those extra few ” pride” wins could cost a shot at wahlstrom etc.

  17. Richter1994 says:

    #9, brutal, and waste of a down year. But man is it great that we got all those meaningless points?

    So now, assets have to be used to move up, if that’s even possible.

    • Walt says:

      That SOB AV shit on us on the way out the door!!!!

      • Jerry says:


      • Richter1994 says:

        LOL, actually it was effing Henrik that won those games by himself.

        And THAT’s why, I wanted AV and his staff gone and replaced by Ranger management, like Schoenfeld and Drury, so they could dictate how the personnel would be handled the rest of the season.

    • wwpd says:

      Jamie Lundmark 🙂

      • Reenavipul says:

        Jamie Lundmark just retired and had a nice career.

        In Europe.

      • Richter1994 says:

        Lucien Deblois AND Ron Duguay.

        But hey, if we kept all our first round picks for the last 40 years instead of trading them away then we would have won 5 Cups, at least.

        • Leatherneck says:

          They didn’t care about drafting and developing….actually ever…..this is first time it’s even in the brain housing group of management.
          We notoriously have had bad player development….our route was always trades and free agents….so Richter 94….there are flaws to your views.
          Rangers management loved to grab the headlines….which is what the Oilers started to do….look at them now….
          Be patient….let’s see where this goes…it works it works, it won’t it won’t. What won’t work is grabbing other peoples laundry. That is a time proven fact

          • Richter1994 says:

            There are flaws to all views unless you know how to identify talent, which is a heck of a lot bigger crapshoot with young players who have never played in the NHL than established players who have.

            I don’t understand how you think that going the complete rebuild route is such a guarantee.

            The proper formula is a mix of the 2 and good management of the cap.

            • Leatherneck says:

              Not saying that it’s a guarantee, however it has had tremendous success throughout my time watching hockey. For the Rangers it’ll be something different….so I want to see that over failed ways we have demonstrated.

              • Richter1994 says:

                Really? Again, what NHL team won the Cup strictly with their own draft picks?

                The expansion Isles did a great job of drafting but still did not win until they added vets put them over the top.

                The Oilers, 6 #1 overall picks in 10 years. And all the other bottom feeders are annual top of the draft pickers.

                So what is it that you are pointing to that screams “total rebuild” as a method for Cup winning success?

                It’s a mix, as I have been saying all along. You want them to keep their picks? I have no problem with that, but there is no way that they would be successful fielding only players that they get through their drafts.

                Players drafted after the 3rd round, their chances of making the NHL are slim and the chances that they are good NHL players are even slimmer. Not impossible but it’s not the norm.

              • Leatherneck says:

                Richter 94….Islanders, Penguins, Kings, Oilers, Blackhawks….tell me you are joking….lol

              • Richter1994 says:

                Isles got vets bro.
                So did Pens.
                So did Hawks.

                Kings are the closest thing to truly building through the draft but they had help too.

                I tried posting an article that says that less than 50% of all the first round picks in the NHL play more than 500 NHL games (using the 90s and the 2000s).

                The 2nd round, less than 25% make the NHL and play 200 games.

                The 3rd round it falls off a cliff from there.

                So what you’re recommending is statistically impossible or would take 10 years to accomplish, if it succeeded at all.

          • Walt says:


            True statement, and the reason we always had deep pockets. Now, under a cap system, we have to develop players because we no longer can flash money to lure players here. This is something new in the way of a mindset for the Rangers organization!!!!

        • wwpd says:

          Jury is definitely still out on how much value there is in the players who were drafted using our 2013-2016 1st rounders that were traded away. How’s Kerby rychel doing these days?

          • Richter1994 says:

            We had one of the best playoff runs in the last 5-6 years a team cold have without winning the Cup, and we might have had we had a better coach and made smarter moves.

            Relying on drafted players who’s games may not translate well to the NHL is a big risk especially since the chance of succeeding on every pick is slim to none.

  18. Reenavipul says:

    A little bit of throwing things against the wall territory.

    With Buffalo getting the chance to grab Rasmus Dahlin, If the Rangers want to hedge on the quick turnaround, they could sign Skjei to a front loaded, signing bonus laden cap friendly deal, then trade him to Buffalo for their 2019 1st and whatever LD they want to send back.

    Their D still stinks and are a year away from being a year away, so in a truly deep draft the Rangers could have multiple chances for a top 3 pick.

  19. Mikeyyy says:

    The 3rd pick in the draft. Zucc in a package to Montreal who are in winnow mode. Would be nice to send over a lower 1st pick and zucc for the 3 spot.

    That would give us the 3 and 9 spot. You almost have to do it as projections say talent is thin after the 8 pick.

    Would love to have Zadina and Hayton

    • Walt says:


      That trade will never happen!!!

    • Richter1994 says:

      Again, if the Habs doing anything with that pick other than to pick Zadina or any of the top 3 that fall to them, then they should be fired on the spot.

      Besides, they’re not in “win now” mode, they’re in win 2055 mode. It’s a process.

    • Leatherneck says:

      This draft is very very deep….real solid players deep in round 2

      good targets in later rounds too,,,,like Oscar Back ,,,great faceoff guy
      Ty Dellandrea great pick to nab with our last of the 1st round picks

      2nd round….Nils Lundqvist….Kevin Bahl…David Gustafsson…possibly Martin Kaut (if he is there we nab him…he is projected in the 1st round to early 2nd)
      Dominic Bokk with the 2nd of our first rounders

      We get Bouchard or Dobson with 9th pick
      Trade into the 1st 13 to 21 range (early 13 to 15 one of Hayton or Veleno)
      (15 to 21 one of Bode Wilde,Kaut Kotkaniemi or Kupari)

      2nd round
      Bahl, Gustafsson or Lundkvist
      McBain, Ylonen or Grloux
      potential 2nd round in trade Nado Eggenbereger or any of the names mentioned for 2nd round pick

      3rd round
      Curtis Hall or Cameron Hillis

      4th round
      Kody Clark or Oscar Back

      5th round
      Riley Sutter

      6th round
      Adam Samuelsson or Patrick Giles

      Great depth additions….we did however lose out on elite in Wahlstrom who was very strong candidate to join our ranks possibly at 8

      Quinn Hughes would be a good get though if Dobson or Bouchard are gone and the best reason…to get his brother here…Jack Hughes

  20. Bloomer says:

    Zuc is a magical hobbit who wears the team logo on his heart. He will inspire the newbies players and the Rangers should resign him.

    • Richter1994 says:

      His retention on the Rangers would be easier to justify if he could score 20+ goals getting the minutes he gets and the PP time he gets.

      And I’m a Zuc fan BTW.

      • Ray says:

        No you’re not. Scoring is goals + assists. If you want to downplay assists, you are not a fan of a top playmaker who doesn’t specialize in goals.

        • Richter1994 says:

          No I’m not a fan of Zuc? Why? Because I was being mean to him? lol.

          So the definition of being a fan is saying nice things regardless of how little they have to do with reality?

          I was on the Zuc bandwagon way before he was even signed here. It was between us and the Red Wings, to be specific.

          • Ray says:

            Maybe I am reading too much into your comments, but they hinted that you might subscribe to the absurd notion that Zuccarello is not as good as Zibanejad, when he is obviously better.

            Yes, one can be a fan and still criticize a player, but I think criticizing Zuc because most of his points are assists suggests incomplete appreciation of the kind of player that he is.

            Meanwhile, re Lundqvist, you certainly have no problem saying things that have nothing to do with reality. For example, you jokingly criticized Hank for winning games at the end of the season, when in fact, he won almost none after the front office threw in the towel (1-7 in his last eight games, for example).

            • Richter1994 says:

              Lundqvist has earned whatever leeway he gets. More than earned it.

              There is not one Ranger that even comes close to earning that leeway than he does.

              And BTW, I referred to the 3 game winning streak on the west coast road trip that was Feb 28-Mar 3rd. Hank won 2 of the 3 even though the Rangers gave up over 50 SOG in both games.

              • Ray says:

                He also won a total of two games in a month before that and one game in a month after that. Look, a good goalie went 4-4-1 with the same team (worse actually) that Hank went 5-15-3 with.

                Isn’t it time to say that being a HOF goalie 2005-2013 doesn’t entitle you to play forever?

    • agentsmith says:

      this logic is everything wrong with the state of the franchise right now. more focus on “heart, character, and likeability” then actual talent. yay zuc logging all those mins is our top scorer. that’s the real problem.

  21. Richter1994 says:

    I’m going to bring out a name I mentioned months ago (as a potential Ranger draft target at that time) as a possible 9th pick for the Rangers: Joel Farabee.

  22. Emile the Cat says:

    Let’s trade up and get Wahlstrom, let’s avoid the smurfs. If he’s there at 6, the #9 plus one of the second rounders and one of the third rounders should get it done.

  23. Odielicious says:

    Some musings for you trollers.

    Nhl as a whole is a crapshoot. Just think Crosby gets whacked in the head one more time he is never going to been seen on the ice again. It will be his 15th concussion and soon he will be like Ali in interviews.

    Pointing to failed franchises as proof the draft doesn’t work is like pointing to our 1 cup in 77 years as a point of success. Edmonton, Arizona, and all the other teams that seem to be consistent losers are there for more then just proof of drafting never works. Edmonton as I have stated is a horrible in being a patient franchise that unloads stars for bags of pucks. Arizona is a franchise in the middle of desert that almost closed its doors a few years back cause no one was watching.

    Just a quick question …where did we get all these playoff runs from? Mac,Step,Girardi, Hayes, Zuc, Strallman, I mean come this list goes on forever. We drafted half these guys and found or signed the other half as free agents that no one wanted and they were left for dead. Think of all the big name free agents/trades we have made over the years….any of them ringing success stories? Name one trade/free agent signing for a big name that worked out well in the last 10 years? Yandle? Nope. Staal …Nope…Nash…nope…Shattenkirk…nope…Zibenijad..nope…Gaborik…nope…Richards..nope…Dan Boyle…nope…St. Louis ok there is the one. LOL but when you truely look at that trade it is a nope.

    Richter…stop trying to turn this franchise into the yankees. Even the yankees realized at some point signing big name free agents doesn’t work if you have no leadership core.

    Build the core from within and when they are ready …sign free agents to fill the gaps. Not hard to figure out. I know this is new york and we all want to win now but I would rather win for 10 years in a row again and be losers for a few years to get there.

    As far as Zuc …he is expendable as anyone on this roster is right now. If he fetches another 1st round pick so be it. Otherwise he is on my team next year. He is a quality player when his heart is in it. But if he wants out I sure he will get what he wants.

    Dropping down to 9th really sucks and that is a tell when gorton said it sucked. I definitely see him trading up cause he feels he has no other option. Not looking forward to that move cause it will be for one of my favorite players left on this team.

    • Richter1994 says:

      “Richter…stop trying to turn this franchise into the yankees. Even the yankees realized at some point signing big name free agents doesn’t work if you have no leadership core.”

      Dude, if you’re going to go at me, then at least read my effing posts before you criticize.

      I have said, oh I don’t know, about a MILLION times that a “mix” of home grown players and players outside the organization is the way to go.

      And for your information, Girardi, Hayes, Zuc, and Stralman were signed as FREE AGENTS, not DRAFTED. You can’t even defend your argument accurately.

      So, who is the troll?

      • Odielicious says:

        What team has won a Cup with predominately their own drafted players?

        There are flaws to all views unless you know how to identify talent, which is a heck of a lot bigger crapshoot with young players who have never played in the NHL than established players who have.

        I don’t understand how you think that going the complete rebuild route is such a guarantee.

        Isles got vets bro.
        So did Pens.
        So did Hawks.

        Kings are the closest thing to truly building through the draft but they had help too.

        These are all your quotes from this post. I don’t know what you are trying to say but it sure sounds like you don’t think drafting is the way to go. Just saying. These are all franchises with at the minimum of 30% of their roster being there own talent. So more and some are less. If buying free agents worked toronto and Ny rangers would win the cup every year.

        I especially like that quote of yours “I don’t understand how you think that going the complete rebuild route is such a guarantee.”
        Not that many ways to translate that other then drafting is no good.

        But hey you know best!

        And for my information ….did you even read my post ? LOL

        • Richter1994 says:

          I did your post.

          And yes I said all that, and here’s the problem that you and others have: You’re dealing in absolutes, meaning one thing or another, 100%.

          I will say it again, I recommend a MIX of drafted players and players from outside the organization.

          A MIX. A MIX. Meaning some of Group A and some of Group B.

          No where, have I ever said that I do not advocate drafting players. I am against a complete, start from scratch, rebuild, that will never work and would take no less than 10 years to accomplish.

          Why do I say that? Because, if you get more than 2 players in any one draft to play in the NHL, then that is a stellar draft, even if they are not star players.

          So, I will ask again, other than Lundqvist, what star have the Rangers drafted in the last 20 years? That’s from 1998 to 2018.