Hats off to Vesey in Rangers win over Carolina

March 13, 2018, by
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The Rangers and Hurricanes alternated goals last night, and luckily for the Rangers they scored first and it was an odd number of goals. They came out with a 6-3 win after leading 1-0, 2-1, and 3-2. This wasn’t a pretty game by any means, as both teams had extended periods of sloppy play. But it was the Jimmy Vesey hat trick that left us all smiling last night.

Neither goalie was outstanding, but Alex Georgiev was certainly better than Scott Darling in this one. That said, Georgiev did make some nice stops to close out the game. The constant pressure was nice to see, even if the potential for a higher draft pick was on the back of everyone’s minds. Also on the back of everyone’s mind is the injury to Tony DeAngelo, who had a gruesome spill in the boards. Legs don’t bend like that in that place.

On to the goals:

Rangers 1, Canes 0

Neal Pionk’s shot off the face off went wide and took a big carom to the front. Mats Zuccarello was there, getting a step on Justin Faulk after he came across from the far boards, and got to it before Scott Darling could get to the other post.

Canes 1, Rangers 1

Jesper Fast turned the puck over in the offensive zone, which led to an attack for the Canes. There was some luck involved here, as the initial shot by Sebastian Aho was mostly blocked by Brady Skjei. Tony DeAngelo had the puck kind of bounce off him right to Teuvo Teravainen who put the puck through Georgiev’s legs.

Rangers 2, Canes 1

Another faceoff win, this time by Pavel Buchnevich. Buch went forward with the puck, which apparently surprised the Canes. Jimmy Vesey went to the net, and Buch centered the puck hoping for a bounce. He got it, as the puck bounced of Trevor van Riemsdyk and Vesey got his stick on it to get the puck over Darling.

Canes 2, Rangers 2

Goals off the faceoff were apparently a thing last night. Jeff Skinner collected the puck off the FO win, then circled to the high slot and put a wrister on net. It looks like Lee Stempniak got a stick on the initial shot, then buried the rebound. He got well in behind John Gilmour, who was watching the puck and didn’t have his stick on the ice. Bad play here by him.

Rangers 3, Canes 2

Another faceoff win. This time Buchnevich’s shot from the point gets to Vlad Namestnikov in front, who deflected it by Darling.

Canes 3, Rangers 3

The Canes had the Blueshirt penalty killers scrambling for a while, and the puck eventually got to Victor Rask at the point. Great shot off the post and in.

Rangers 4, Canes 3

Buchnevich and Vesey combined to force TVR and Derek Ryan into turnovers. The puck wound up on Vesey’s stick down the wing, and he roofed it over Darling. Great shot.

Rangers 5, Canes 3

Zuccarello empty netter. His 100th goal.

Rangers 6, Canes 3

Vesey empty netter for the hat trick, the first of his career.

People are probably going to complain that the Blueshirts won and possibly hurt their draft standing. But honestly, last night was fun to watch. It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t the best game in the world. But I enjoyed watching that game. It’s been a while.

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  1. Stevem says:

    Zucc scored his 1st NHL goal against Carolina and his 100th career goal against them.

    • Walt says:

      Interesting point, good for the little guy, with a huge heart!!!!!!

      • Stevem says:

        It was an OT winner, I believe Hank and Dubinsky got the assists. Zucc came around the Cane net and roofed one over Cam Ward

  2. Reenavipul says:

    Apparently 3 of the goals were set plays; further proof AV is a figurehead at this point.

    • JrRangersDad says:

      My son’s pee wee AAA team have set plays but I don’t think Daddy Ball coach is taking the next step to the NHL coaching ranks!

  3. Walt says:

    Very good night for Jimmy, first career hat trick, and good all around game for him. The kid in goal looks very nice, would make a good back up for next season!!!!!

    • Mintgecko says:

      Beset is overrated. If his next coach doesn’t deploy him like AV than he could have a significant drop off in production.

      • Egelstein says:

        I think he’s definitely an NHL player. That said, I don’t think he should be considered for top six duties. Personally I like him across from Fast on the fourth line (Vesey-Andersson-Fast for example could perhaps be one of the best fourth lines in hockey next year). My main concern is he will get his next contract based on reputation more so than production.

        • Walt says:

          I have to agree, that sounds like a decent fourth line, with plenty of offensive punch as well!

  4. amy says:

    last night was a good night all the way around Zucc had two goals and Z-Bad looked great and Jimmy had the hat Carolina is having their problems but tomorrow night you play the Stanley cup champs in the Penguins and they have 3 strong centers sid, geno, and brass so play the same way and beat them

  5. Bloomer says:

    I believe the whole purpose of professional sports is to play to win. Its the competition that pushes players to become better. If I wanted to watch fun hockey, I can walk down to the local rink and watch peewee hockey. Last night the Rangers demonstrated that they have players that can make plays and score goals. They also have a capable back up goalie. Lots of positives to build on for next season.

  6. SalMerc says:

    Vesey upping his trade value, on a night when Hayes seemed invisible.

    Did you see where AV was touting Staal as the best defenseman?

    I would not be surprised to see AV behind the bench next year. I would however think that his current coaching team would be replaced.

    Kids showing they have goals to stay at the NHL level. Nice pre-game discussion regarding Pionk & Gilmour. Steve V & Duguay mentioned that it is real for them now, as the first 10-15 games they play on adrenaline. Now they have to start showing they need to be here.

    Must say Pionk & Stall are a pretty good, dare I say 2nd, pair.

    • Randy says:

      They have both been solid, but unspectacular. I give Gilmour the slight edge though I thought Pionk had a much better game last night.

      The battle for the starting 6 D next season will be fun to watch.

      Skjei and Shatty are my only two locks. Then you have Staal, Smith, DeAngelo, Pionk, Gilmour, Rykov, Hajek, and maybe Lindgren fighting for the remaining 4-5 spots.

    • Mintgecko says:

      It’s funny how Spooner came out with a assist last night. I thought he was the one suspect on that line who kept losing the puck. There were countless times where Hayes would move it to him and either on the rush or around the boards in the OZ he would just lose the puck out of nowhere. I want to see Hayes skate between superior player’s, one being a sniper. He’s made everyon have career highs Hags, JT and Grabner.

      Staal is garbage and ruins sooooooooo much offensive opportunity. Kudos to successfully get 3 passed off and break up 2 plays at the blue line. You must really hate Hank to think that, I’m assuming you bash his game.

      • SalMerc says:

        Nothing against Hank at all, but I assume you meant Hayes.
        Not bashing, just observing.

    • Rich S says:

      What, another trade???? Got to wait until season ends…..
      You said, ”Vesey upping his trade value”……..
      I said, ” Vesey is going to be a 20+ goal scorer”…..a ”Keeper” like Buch, Kreider, Miller , Hayes, Grabner…..
      I cant figure out why you and many other fans here continually talk about trading our better players????????
      THE GOAL is to acquire as many talented players as we can and eventually compete for a cup!
      At what point do we stop wanting to trade all our good players and KEEP them and build a team?????

  7. Swarty says:

    Unacceptable effort – no more of this.

    Seize the Tank

    • Egelstein says:

      I get why the players (with contract considerations this offseason, anyways) want to keep their foot on the gas. I get that some guys just don’t want to lose. That being said, it will be unfortunate IMHO if they can’t get into the top 7 give or take. That’s where the significant or high end projected talent in this draft starts to fade.

  8. craig says:

    This young defense on the Rangers is Swiss Cheese. Ridiculous number of shots on goal every game. To small, inexperienced, not physical enough, no grit. Staal is to slow, Pionk is not big enough, Gilmour is not physical and solely a puck carrier and Skjei has been average defensively and has regressed from last year. The other fill-in defense men are minor leaguers. Hopefully the two good defensive prospects we got in the trades can step up next year, Skjei also needs to step up, along with a healthy Shattenkirk. Some first round picks will help in the long run, and maybe Gilmour (who I like) will learn to play better defense.

    • mike says:

      High number of shots against have been an issue for this team for a for years now…It is the system that allows for this to happen. AV system relies on a goalie to stand on their heads.
      At least this newer brick of Swiss Cheese knows how to transition out of the zone and create offensive opportunities. We need these young Dmen to continue to improve offensively and defensively, and YES we definitely need to bring in some stronger Dminded Dmen but more importantly we need a defensive strategy that does not rely so heavily on goalies playing like gods.

    • Mintgecko says:

      Long term if Pionk does the right stuff this summer than I bet he’ll look better than Skjei next year. He’s actually more than physical enough like Ryan Ellis. He always has the energy to keep on defending well after taking contact unlike ADA, Staal and Gilmore.

      • craig says:

        Needs to put on 10-15 pounds of muscle this summer to compliment his 6 foot frame. That may help him physically and defensively in his own end.

        • tanto says:

          It isn’t about the weight, it’s about the strength. Adding too much weight, even if it’s muscle, can detrimentally affect your quickness. He will have to find the right balance … but no question guys like Pionk, Gilmour and ADA need to get stronger and bolster their cores.

          • 'The Original Rob' says:

            “It isn’t about the weight, it’s about the strength.

            Yes, exactly why Craig mentioned muscle, as it’s muscle that gives us strength.

            Sorry Tanto, as I always enjoy reading your posts but you are dead wrong in this one.

            Putting on muscle while keeping the same body fat percentage can only make an athlete faster.

            The whole ‘putting on weight will slow you down’ theory is the biggest fallacy in sport.

            Trust me I know this as I’ve played Hockey my whole life and compete as a Natural Bodybuilder 🙂

          • craig says:

            I agree, but I doubt if 10 pounds of muscle will be detrimental to his quickness. The opposing bigger forwards seem to be able to swat him off a lot.185-190 lbs might be a little light for him, although Erik Karlsson is listed at 191 lbs., but not every body is the same.

    • Walt says:


      Rykov is under contract for next season to play in Russia. He’ll come here with Igor the goalie the following year!!!!!!!

      • craig says:

        Thanks for the reminder Walt! Maybe he will be that much better when he is available.I knew he was good last year, but I did some resent research on Igor and saw some videos. Man, he looks like he is a beast of a goalie and something really special. Something to look forward to for sure.

        • Walt says:

          It’s going to be a shame, and a good problem as well, when he arrives, Hank will play, Igor sits for a year or two, and Georgiev will be lost in the draft. Sort of like with Marc-Andre Fluery!!!

  9. Andy says:

    The first Vesey Goal was slick.(nice face off win by Buch) He played well last night. They kept letting them come back but finally out them out of it late. Decent win, but that’s not helping draft selection. Tough luck for DeAngelo last night. He was starting to find his game. That looked so painful on the replay. Hoping it’s not as bad as it looks and he will be better soon.

  10. Rich S says:

    Been a couple of weeks since the giveaways…and now that the smoke has cleared ….now the question no one seems to be able to answer, especially you Dave, since you keep saying how much you liked all the moves……..
    We ”gave away” 3 TOP 6 forwards [nash, grabner, miller] and a top pairing D-man in Mcdonagh…..and admittedly all we got back are ?6…MIDDLE tier prospects -forwards and defensemen……HOW IS THAT IMPROVEMENT????????
    The concept is to accumulate as many top 6 , top tier , highly skilled players as possible and compete for a cup……
    When you trade 3 top 6 forwards and a top pair d-man and dont even come away with 1 elite prospect or even 1 or 2 top 6 player……..then the trades were terrible……

    • Walt says:


      First of all we got some very, very good young kids in Rykov, Hajak, and others. More importantly we got additional #1 picks, #2, and a #3 in order to draft some real quality young kids, in a very deep draft.

      We lost Nash, UFA at season end. If we want we can re-sign him on the cheap, or he could walk.

      We lost Garbner, UFA at season end. See above!

      We got rid of Holden, and got back a nice return, and a #3 pick, UFA season end.

      We got rid of Miller, who I liked, but was maybe a challenge to deal with, IQ wise, or so they say. The return was very good here as well.

      Bottom line, JG turned horse shit into gold because we would have lost three at season end for ZERO, zip, nada, absolutely nothing. That my friend is reality, and I am glad the moves were made. We are on opposite pages here, sorry man!!!!!