After successful deadline, Rangers must focus on finding elite skill

March 2, 2018, by

gordie clark

Jeff Gorton entered the trade deadline with a plan. His plan was to use his best assets to jump start a rebuild over the next few seasons. The plan so far is clear: Stockpile picks and solid, but not elite, prospects, and use picks to swing for the fences. It’s that last part that is now a critical success factor.

Rebuilds fail for many reasons. Looking at the Oilers and Sabres, they failed because teams didn’t surround their elite talent with good complimentary players. Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel, as generational talents they may be, have no help around them. Both teams fail spectacularly because their elite players cannot do it alone.

The flip side is building so much depth that there is no elite talent around it. Teams like these are often good, but not good enough to win a Cup. Teams like the most recent Rangers come to mind here, although if not for some rough puck luck in 2014 and injury luck in 2015, we might be singing a different tune.

The Maple Leafs are a team that built depth through trades and draft picks, and then finally crossed over into a legitimate contender once they got William Nylander, Mitch Marner, and Auston Matthews in the fold. The Predators always had depth, then crossed to perennial contender with the trades for Ryan Johansen and PK Subban.

The Rangers, with their trades at the deadline, have acquired that depth. Players like Ryan Spooner and Vladislav Namestnikov are already established middle-six players. Guys like Yegor Rykov and Libor Hajek are probably going to be bottom-four defensemen. Brett Howden projects to be a middle/bottom six forward. Lias Andersson as well. Add that to the guys already on the roster, and you have a solid core of depth. That’s a major piece of the puzzle.

However now the Rangers need to swing for the fences. Hopefully Filip Chytil becomes an elite 1C that the Rangers have desperately needed. But there needs to be more. The Blueshirts will have a top-ten pick, possibly a top-five pick. They need to go for high ceiling, to match the high ceiling of Chytil. It’s safe to assume they won’t get generational talent Rasmus Dahlin. But depending how the ping pong balls and draft go, they might land Filip Zadina, Andrei Svechnikov, Adam Boquist, or Brady Tkachuk, among others.

As of today, the Rangers don’t have that elite player that strikes fear into the opposition. It’s rare to get it outside of the top-ten picks, even rarer to get it outside of the first round. In June, all eyes will be on Gordie Clark. It’s up to him (and Gorton) to get more elite talent in the system. Chytil has elite ceiling, but they need more than one kid. With three first round picks, they have the potential to hit three homeruns, lest we sit back and watch more of the same.

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  1. Bobby B says:

    Excellent Post Dave, the future looks bright, exciting to be a Ranger fan again!

    • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

      The future has the potential to be bright. As the post notes, the Rangers have a lot of work to do and the need to hit several homeruns. Won’t be easy.

      • tanto says:

        I’ll be happy with 1 home run and two triples … or just hit for the cycle, that will do as well.

    • Odielicious says:

      I really don’t understand how you guys have time to do this and a real job. And I am sure some of you have a family also. Thanks for putting out new content on a daily basis. Honestly it is humbling. It is nice to have some place to talk about Rangers hockey with similar like minded people who may not agree with me but at least I can vent while also maybe seeing things from another perspective or 2. I just barely have time most days to throw up something and I don’t even have kids or a wife. But trust me I get flack from the girlfriend on the regular.

  2. Zen says:

    Worth noting that Chytil will almost assuredly be a wing in the NHL. Or at least that is what many scouts/experts think. That doesn’t change the point of the article, though, which hits the nail on the head for sure.

  3. Swarty says:

    I have just one thing to say and I have been wanting to say it for nearly two years

    Vlady is your Daddy – And I told you so….

    • EZ Rider says:

      I am excited about having Vlad, too. Liked J.T a lot, he had a great offensive game for the Bolts last night, but still ended up zero on plus minus for the game.

    • Fotiu is God says:

      Okay, Swarty. I’ll take the bait.

      “If Vlad is your Dad,” then Kathryn Tappen is your…

      Though Leatherneck puts a great deal of lather into his daily–twice daily?–draft projections, I suggest we put some skin in a mock amateur draft. Say, hosted by Tappen and The Avalanche’s Lauren Gardner (mildly goth, but built like Elvira).

      We’ll stage it in your hot tub, Swarty.

      Get Russ Meyer, or The Mitchell Brothers to shoot it…

      Who’s with me?

      • Peter says:

        I was going to make some slightly off color comment about Tappen that, but my well-known good taste and polite nature made me think better of it.


      • Walt says:


        I’m in head first!! Oh oh, I may have gotten myself into some deep tapioca??????

  4. SalMerc says:

    We have a team of complimentary players. Not so sure the elite talent will come from this draft, and most certainly not for next season. I am on the fence about adding a guy like Karlsson too. Yes he is elite, but we need an “Ovi-type” threat, not a superstar blue-liner.

    Still thinking there are deals to be made and would not mind grabbing a Bozak for Hayes and a pick type of deal.

    Our picks have to be near-NHL ready, and hopefully they are. I predict a very slow start to the 2018/19 season as the combos get ironed out.

    We need a team like Toronto to get bounced early so they think about making another move.

    • tanto says:

      Hayes for Bozak? Ugh … and our picks, they need to be the best player. Screw NHL ready.

    • Mintgecko says:

      That’s the most stupid idea ever.

      As a Hayes advocate I must continue to school people like you that Hayes isn’t going anywhere. Go listen to JG on the radio talking about not wanting to pay JT while giving Hayes a raise.

    • Odielicious says:

      Hayes is another one I don’t feel AV’s system helps. He is not fleet footed by any means. He is no zamboni…but he doesn’t bring elite speed. That is why I could see a trade for him. Not saying bozak necessarily. Just the idea works if they stay with AV. He is a great player…he just is capped in AV’s system.

      • Joen7 says:

        Can’t figure Hayes out, he is not a 3rd line checking center. I think he is better at a more offensive role. Keep him around at least until next deadline then evaluate where we are with him.

  5. Walt says:


    Well thought out piece of writing here, and very true, one can’t win the cup without top tier, elite players.

    Filip Zadina, Andrei Svechnikov, Adam Boquist, or Brady Tkachuk, among others, are the people that can get us over the top if we are lucky enough to land at least one, if not more of these young men. We have some very talented kids currently in the system, and it may take 2-3 years to really challenge, but we will be there for the long term.

    One thing I am certain of, Gordie and his staff have worked magic with what he has been able to do, considering that he had no tools to work with, yet we got Buch late in the 3rd round, Day in the 3rd as well, I believe, let’s see what he can do with some top picks. His staff hasn’t been given the credit due for drafting the Chyle, and Andersson kids last year. I’ve been giddy since the trade deadline, and can’t wait for the draft to see what this team will look like for the foreseeable future!!!!!!!

    One last thing, don’t be surprised if we don’t make a trade for a stud defense man, or sign one UFA such as Carlson of the Caps……….

    • Monty says:

      Hi Wlta 🙂

      what’s the Chyle kid?

      • Walt says:

        Spell check didn’t work here. Our second #1 pick from last year, an 18 year old kid in the AHL who doing just fine…………..LOL, get excited at this kids potential, and the mind is going faster than the fingers!!!!

  6. Agentsmith says:

    Wait, i thought zuccarello and his 43 points was elite

    **checks for sarcasm font**

    People forget that in 2014 we were essentially shut down by Dustin tokarski.

    Getting Gaborik and Nash was nice but u really only get 2 years of their prime that way.

    I totally agree with this new approach, but follow through .

    • Walt says:

      great first line, LOL!!!!

    • Scully says:

      I would love to see what Zucc can do with a truly elite C playing with him.

      I’m 31, so I grew up watching hockey when, even in the late 90s, a bunch of guys averaged 1pt per game… these days like 5 guys in the entire league are able to do that. So perhaps we judge Rangers by a previous system of “what constitutes elite” in terms of point production.

      With that said, every one of the recent cup winners, save for the Kings, has had a at least one elite point per game guy on the roster.

      • Mintgecko says:

        Who cares about Zucc getting his needs. He plays on a PP with tons of fire power options to pass too.

        Kreider needs the true 1c or else he will never break out. Buch should also go with a 1c who’s faster and can win board battles.

        Just about every team besides Yotes have a center who’s capable to put up 65+ points even in a injury riddle season. I think the Preds 1c is struggling but Forsberg and Arvidsson are wingers who can make up for it.

        Nash playing with Krecji now compared to Zib last month is such a difference.

        • Agentsmith says:

          So trade him to the
          Oilers. Good riddance . Get someone on the pp with shooting ability. We are too one dimensonal. Pass pass pass.

  7. D C says:

    I know this won’t be received well because so many people are in love with “grit” but Brady Tkachuk will not be elite. He’ll be a very good player, no doubt about that. But if we get lucky enough to have the option between him or say Wahlstrom or Hughes, then it should be one of the latter two.

    • Walt says:


      We may be lucky enough to get both, hey we do have three #1 picks don’t we????? One can easily forget that we are in that position seeing that we gave away #1 picks like it was candy on Halloween for years!!!!!!!!

    • Jack says:

      I would take Brady and not look back…if he is a better version of his brother…sign me up…

      30 goals. 30 assist and 150 PIM

      • D C says:

        I think that’s a fair expectation of what he’ll be and if you’re okay with that then good. Wahlstrom for instance has a higher offensive ceiling than 30 goals and 30 assists in my eyes, look at what he’s doing for the USDP compared to how Brady did with them last year. Wahlstrom is still 17, 9 months younger. Kid could be an absolute steal.

        • Jack says:

          I’ll take Wahlstrom as well…what I can’t take is a 5’10 170 dman, unless he is a young Karlsson…but then you have to move 2 of Gilmour, Pionk or D’angelo….can’t have 4 of the same guys in your lineup

        • Leatherneck says:

          I am on the train that you draft Wahlstrom you trade back into the draft again and go for Bouchard or Dobson 1st and only if both are gone to pick Tkachuk

          Tkachuk is not a bad selection but there are 2 needs in Bouchard (1st preference) or Dobson

          Dellandrea is the Center I want

          Veleno would be nice too but he is a candidate for a bust McLeod is more steady and Hayton a 3rd line center but we have Howden
          So I prefer Kaut or Kupari with the 2nd pick

          • tanto says:

            I can see Howden playing on the wing …. obviously there will be some competition for the spots up the middle, but Mika, Namestikov, Hayes and Andersson (barring trades) seem like the centers for the next few years.

      • Rich S says:

        that was jt miller!!!!

    • SalMerc says:

      Only the top 5 picks in this draft currently have “elite” potential. The rest may become super, but out of the box (to me) only 1 thru 5 are game changers.

      • Agentsmith says:

        Wahlstrom seems like a good option if picking at 7.

      • D C says:

        I’m not on board with that. I think a guy like Ty Smith or Merkley have elite potential but their bust potential is much higher than the top 5 picks.

        • Leatherneck says:

          You will love Wahlstrom D C if he is our pick….don’t be disappointed but be excited should he be our pick.

          Only Dahlin and Zadina would be a better pick

          Absolutely we do not want Merkley at 4 to 8
          Wahlstrom is more important to the Rangers than Ty Smith

          Wahlstrom is a need and an elite prospect….this is a draft you can actually draft for need

          • D C says:

            My comment was to Salmerc in regards to the elite players in the draft.
            Read my comments above about Wahlstrom, he’s my guy in this draft if we can’t get into the top 3.

          • Leatherneck says:

            To give you a comparison

            Wahlstrom would’ve been a Top 3 pick last year in my opinion

          • Joen7 says:

            Wahlstrom – about 10 years ago I’m at a youth hockey tournament and we are sitting around and someone has this video of a this 9 year old kid at the Boston Garden doing this spin move where he lifts the puck on his stick and whips it around and over the goalies shoulder. That 9 year old was Wahlstrom look up video on youtube.

  8. Peter says:

    It appears that the Rangers might be picking at around #6 or #7 if things don’t change much. They could attempt to trade picks and/or players to pick within the top 5, but I am uncertain whether another team will be amenable to such a deal. In any event, with at least 3 first round picks and a couple of second rounders, they are going to be in position to draft some very talented young players.

    • Walt says:

      Amen brother, isn’t that a wonderful thought!!!!!!!!

    • Swarty says:

      Watching the threads the last couple of days I get the felling that after Dahlin there is not any real consensus as to how the rest of the top ten to fifteen play out.

      All are agreed it’s a deep draft. If that is the case then it may make more sense to stay put with our pick and package the two extra #1s with the excess #2’s and 3’s to get three picks in the first 12 -15 slots.

      Leather and alot of you have a good handle on the draft pool. If there is some difference maker in the top five and we don’t have to overpay then I am all for taking a shot at moving up.

      Unless we can get the #1, which is not likely – but not impossible either – then I think three picks in the first 15 is pretty attractive.

      I would also like to hear Josh’s take on the draft prospects – that should be coming soon I hope.

  9. Leatherneck says:

    I have studied this draft

    Boqvist is not a player you want to draft…..he is a complimentary player fit for the likes of the Oilers and quite a few already established teams, Quinn Hughes would be better

    Dahlin and Zadina will go 1 – 2

    I would take Wahlstrom over Svechnikov

    Tkachuk will slip as I think teams will draft Hughes and Boqvist over him

    Evan Bouchard is the McDonagh type
    Dobson has huge upside

    we get in a position to draft Wahlstrom and Tkachuk (Trade)…..gotta do it

    hopefully Boston and Vegas go out in round 1 and suddenly we have a 17 to 21 pick and here a more run or bust could be one of Veleno….who could go as high as 10 to as low as 20 same with Barrett Hayton but I think here a solid pick is Martin Kaut or Rasmus Kupari….could be 1 or both might be available but if both are Kaut is more polished but Kupari has a high ceiling

    31- Dellandrea….fellas this kid is going to really improve even after the draft and a player you want in a rebuild

    Round 2- my picks have slide up into the 1st round….Bokk and Samuelsson… both have trended up so here McBain could very well be available, your project pick here is Bahl, and a former projected 1st round pick who has fallen in Ylonen

    This is your draft that will net you the quality depth plus an elite prospect (-) and elite prospect (+)

    Wahlstrom is an elite talent (+) (sniper and power forward)
    Bouchard is an elite talent (-)….needs to improve his initial acceleration in skating (first step) but has everything else

    Kaut/Kupari/Bokk the Larionov to the Federov type depth (high end prospects)

    Dellandrea could become Datsyuk type player or (your jack of all trades and master to none) Imagine #17 Fast +++ and PK and face off guy with Adam Graves type personality on and off the ice So a Fast+++ but a center isn’t too bad at low end with a high end of Datsyuk a huge win

    Stay AWAY from Merkley, Thomas and Farabee….of the 3 Farabee is the best

    • King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

      Keep doing ur Homework Leather! I’m all for the kids buy don’t really know whats in the draft.Sometimes its a crap shoot but this year is deep hence a good year to start over instead of trying to add high priced pieces that most times faulter!

      • Leatherneck says:

        This is the draft to build your depth….good players till rd 4

        unlike the 97 to 2002 draft….which were underwhelming as far as depth in the draft

  10. Scully says:

    Accidentally posted this on the Rebuilt Is Pointless Thread (sorry)

    If next year’s salary cap does come in at somewhere between 78-82 million, according to Cap Friendly – the Rangers will have about 25-30 mil in cap space this Summer to re-sign restricted Free agents and sign unrestricted guys.

    That’s a ton of space, and when combined with 3 1st round picks, and 7 total picks in the first three rounds… this might be a quick turnaround.

    Can anyone confirm these numbers?

    • Leatherneck says:

      We need to be builders for 3 years…..forget the UFA route

      Man…been there done that since FA signings became a thing in the mid 80’s

      Do it right this time and do something different…..BUILD your own

    • tanto says:

      There are always exceptions, but screw the UFAs … we don’t need to be signing 28-29 year old guys, we need to be trading them.

      • Joen7 says:

        Going to need a few vets just don’t give them no trades. We can sell off again next FEB.

  11. Leatherneck says:

    Another player KeAndre Miller is a perfect selection for either Detroit or Montreal who have 4 2nd round picks to pick with the 1st of 2. Rangers have 2 #2’s but not a good pick for us as there are more important depth players we should draft

    McBain or if someone like Bokk trends back into the 2nd…Bokk went from a mid 2nd round to early 20’s…Samuelsson trended up into mid 20’s so it will be interesting to keep tabs on these two during the draft.

    Kupari has been all over from 12 to 26 but trended back to the 12 to 16 range but here Kaut has been steady with no massive fluctuations to be an early 20 pick

  12. jeff says:

    Have faith in G Clark. He is an excellent evaluator of talent. The shoe drops when the “Ranger Brain Trust” (Slats) sees things differently.

    • Odielicious says:

      I am not so sure about that …G. Clark thought Etem was a great prospect and how did that Hagelin trade work out? I think he is excellent in drafting B…C+ type players …just don’t count on him to find that one elite gem hiding in the top 30… or 60 picks.

      I can’t find any info on when he started as the draft guy for the Rangers. Anyone have any ideas?

  13. CTfan says:

    How about starting with a D-man who can actually clear the crease. I watched Hank face 55 shots with a Canuck sitting in his lap the whole game. But, with the gum chomping clown behind the bench, no problem.

    • Leatherneck says:

      Dobson can be that, Samuelsson can be that and Lindgren can be that
      Rumor has it Rykov has edge to his game

    • Jack says:

      amazing how AV’s approach to getting creamed is to get them back on the power play…and no, Tanner Glass and Cody McClod are not the answer.

      WE have to draft, snarl and several players who play that way…now, that snarl needs to be connected to talent i.e. Tkachuk, Serron Noel, Kandre Miller, I have always had faith in Clark but I think AV’s tentacles have poisoned everyone from within…I like Lias Anderrson a lot but think there will be much better players over the course of their careers who we passed on.

      • D C says:

        Oh okay so you want to pass on more talented players so we can have a player with snarl…
        That’s a good way to waste draft picks.

        • Rich S says:

          evander kane has both as do many other players…….
          AV wants small, passive, soft players……..and he got them!!!!!
          And look where we are…….

          • Leatherneck says:

            KeAndre Miller is not a good selection for us….Noel…indeed he is

            KeAndre Miller you select if All of Bokk, Samuelsson, McBain are gone….Don’t see that happening

            There are other first rounders who slip who will be a better selections

            I don’t think we have a chance at Noel

            Dellandrea…..remember this name….he is something of everything including grit…..

          • D C says:

            Rich, please remind me who this so called player was on the penguins the last two years…

      • tanto says:

        Hey Jack, let’s see how many of those “better” players can actually play a complete 200′ game while captaining the team …. because that’s what the Rangers were eyeing with Andersson. Time will tell, but I want a guy who is willing to throw a silver medal into the crowd because it doesn’t meet his expectations.

        • Leatherneck says:

          Amen to that Tanto…..I loved his reaction….I am happy he is our prospect

        • Jack says:

          in 2013, we had 3 rd rd picks, we picks Buch, Duclair and tambellini, 30 picks later Miles Wood. I love Buch, but I would take Miles over him and I do not even need to comment on the other two. We never draft talent and snarl…just high “character” guys

  14. Leatherneck says:

    I know this, I want the Rangers to trade for a 4th pick in this draft in the 8-12 range

    My re build idea is max 3 years with the 3rd year we push

    Next year I want us to be in lottery position
    following year making the drive to prominence and relevance, however I think our

    Nolan Foote / Jack Hughes in 2019
    1 C might be in 2020 draft Alexis Lafreniere

    I don’t want us to be a 1 off like were in Lundqvist’s window hence build build build…..UFA’s have proven to be not the right approach to win a Cup

    Stanley Cup teams have depth/strength to make the adjustments at trade deadline day

    We have a ton of wasted money to eat until 2020/21

    Marc Staal has to go next year not for his play as much as letting younger D men gaining valuable experience
    Hajak/Rykov/Lindgren getting experience more valuable or playing Staal?

    allow the cap space to be the reason you can buy out Staal

    sign a few UFA’s to fill a roster but also become trade assets at the deadline

    A prospect I hope gets his act together is Sean Day….so much potential here and I would rather see him be an option vs a bust….rooting for this kid

    • SalMerc says:

      3 years in NY? No way. We show signs of a resurgence next year and have to challenge for the Cup the following year. No 3 year re-builds!

      • Leatherneck says:

        It ain’t happening….steady as she goes…build build build

        Depth is a key to winning a cup too…..we don’t have it and will only be there half way after the draft…we need one more year of tanking the following year moving up in standings….meaning gain confidence…plus factor in experience….then you are still looking at a couple of years to be real contenders

        Patience and a plan / vision here are a key at this time in Rangerland

  15. Chris says:

    I’ll take Bouchard over Boqvist, please.

  16. Rich S says:

    As usual I thoroughly enjoy reading your articles. But IMHO this one completely contradicts the title and what you have been saying regarding the trades. You continually call the trades ”’successful”’ etc. Yet your comments today, state that the rangers acquired a ”core” of players/ prospects , ”bottom six” defensemen and ”middle six” forwards. ”Nothing Elite ”… say….
    I agree with that premise that we did not acquire any ”Elite Talent” through these trades. But here is where I differ. I think the trades with the devils and bruins basically got “”less” than we should have…..we gave away two special players, both considered ”game changers”……each with skills to impact a game!!!!
    Yet we got back, ”’Bottom six and middle six”’ players!!!!!
    HOW is that successful???????
    Tampa trades were ”Horrible”…..
    The trade of mcdonagh , a top 2 defenseman with 1 1/2 years left contractually and JT Miller- younger, faster, much bigger and stronger, physical and plays with an edge….for a 5-11 180 pounder – middle six …..player…..and tampas #1 draft pick , which will be the last 1 or 2 picks in the round……..and in addition Vlad has totaled only 4 points in 40 playoff games playing with stamkos etc…..
    ELITE talent rarely is found past the first 2 or 3 picks in rd 1 ….certainly almost NEVER past that or in the later rounds!!!!!!
    The only chance we have to acquire elite talent is with our own pick which we had ……without trading young…..miller and ”close to elite” talent like mcdonagh, nash and grabner, who you can make a case for has played like an elite player this year!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry Dave, you and the majority of fans here , are guilty of wishful thinking, as we rangers fans usually do. Looking at them with some objectivity these trades were bad and we went even further backwards. We lost the talent war here.
    [ see strallman, Dan boyle, Eric staal, yandle, etc etc…..] Until we get a new coach and GM…….

    • Joen7 says:

      We need to get very lucky with these picks. I think we got fair value for these guys. Anyway what the market would bare. We got above average from Boston, and could re-sign Nash if we want. Tampa had leverage with Ottawa dangling K.

    • Mancunian Candidate says:

      Namestnikov has played in only 29 playoff games. And though he only has 4 points, he’s tied with your boy JT Miller in career playoff goals. With 1 goal.

      Miller has played 40 playoff games, and has 1 goal. He’s played 11 more playoff games than Vlad, playing power play time as well—and Miller has 1 goal in 40 playoff games. Namestnikov was used in a defensive role in the playoffs for Tampa, while JT Miller was used in an offensive role for NYR.

    • tanto says:

      Nonsense. If you look at all the trades consummated within the last week before the deadline you can’t say our return in each of those trades wasn’t better. The market wasn’t conducive to more, no “elite” players changed hands — whether it was the rentals going out or the prospects coming in. Best you can say was that McD “was” once a borderline elite defenseman …. whether he has a couple of more years like that left remains to be seen.

      If “we” Ranger fans are guilty of wishful thinking then you’re guilty of overvaluing your hand.

      • joen7 says:

        Agreed They got what the market would bare. Wish they could move Hank. They should limit his play going forward so maybe he changes his mind on the no move.

    • Walt says:


      At the risk of repeating myself, I’m going to reword a post I responded to you the other day.

      The reason we traded Nash, Grabner, Holden, was expiring contracts, and we par laid them into prospects, and picks. McD is playing with some sort of injury, and is coming up on a big pay day after next season. Miller, next season, and as much as I liked the kid, he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

      Sorry to come across as a smart ass but get over Strallman, Yandle, who couldn’t defend if his life depended on it, Boyle, etc, that is old history, and even with your fav’s, we still would never have won a cup. That to me is the ultimate objective, not sentiment. Again, I’m not trying to be obnoxious, but those who have parted weren’t doing squat for us in the future………

  17. Leatherneck says:

    Say we miss out on Zadina and Dahlin and stay put a haul of


    This is a homerun

    Dahlin or Zadina by themselves are a homerun and a huge +

    We get Dahlin…I would immediately trade just about any roster player/players to get back into the draft in the 5 to 12 range
    Wahlstrom the target…..if not available I would now go for Brady Tkachuk or Serron Noel (safe picks) or Barrett Hayton / Joe Veleno (homerun or bust pick) in the latter part of say 10 to 12….You can now afford a miss here

    Disclaimer these are my preference and I am not a professional scout but I can evaluate prospects but more so team needs

    A bust was McIlrath but I had envisioned a Leetch / Buek type situation but I also wanted to trade into the draft for Bjugstad

    I had Carlson over MDZ
    I had Giroux over Sanguenetti

  18. Bloomer says:

    Drafting is huge. Every draft pick has the potential of being the next elite player or the next bust. It’s been frustrating for Ranger fans watching draft pick squadered for washed up big name players.

  19. Duncan says:

    Frankly, after picking Andersson over Middlestadt, I am very concerned about how this wealth of draft picks will be spent. There are a few others I would have picked before Andersson as well.

    Nobody else has any misgivings?

    • EZ Rider says:

      If we needed to not have misgivings, we would not be Rangers fans.

    • Leatherneck says:

      I did….I wanted Vilardi but then I lost my mind when we drafted Chytil

      Now I am happy with the picks

    • Lon says:

      Could not agree with you more. Anderson will prove to be a big mistake

    • Joen7 says:

      As I posted below With Anderson the Rangers got caught trying to play it both ways hoping he could step right in and play this year. Chytil is a very good gamble hope it turns out to be a Homerun.

    • jrrangersdad says:

      Guys, guys, guys

      Chytil was like one of the youngest kids in last year’s draft. Where do you think he would have gone in this year’s draft? Top 10? Anderson is a sure thing 3rd liner. They rolled the dice with Chytil. Wait a couple years before you judge that pick.

      • Walt says:

        It’s amazing how quickly we fans are ready to throw the baby out with the wash water. He is barley 18 years of age, playing in the AHL, and excelling. What the hell are people thinking, it’s not always instant gratification folks, give the boy some time to develop both athletically, and physically!!!!!

        As for drafting both last season, it was a sharp move IMHO!!!!!!

        • Leatherneck says:

          Much of our mediocrity in all these years….going back to the 70s was we always traded our youngins to go for it and year after year we failed except for 94….that’s almost 50 years with just one Cup….45 failures to 1 Success to with 3 near misses (SCF losers)

          Some horrible drafting too
          Lucien Deblois could’ve been Mike Bossy
          Doug Sulliman could’ve been Kevin Lowe or Michel Goulet
          You get the drift…..

          we notoriously selected pretty poorly in round 1 in our draft history with a few home runs here and there

          Not a coincidence we have 1 cup going back to 1970 (start of my era and to remember) and beyond that obviously

          So can we say it’s about freaking time to do it in a different and actually the right way? I say heck yeah and about freaking time

      • Dunc says:

        The point is that the Rangers passed on a 1st line talent in Middlestadt. Sure thing 3rd liners are taken at the end of the 1st, not at #7.

    • Peter says:

      I disagree strongly with the negative commentary regarding Lias Andersson by some. After only about 12 games in the AHL Andersson is averaging almost as many points as Chytil who has been there far longer. Andersson is only 19 and he has been playing against men a couple of years.

      Lias, in my opinion, might make it to the big club before Chytil because he is a thicker kid with more muscle than Chytil, who is still only 18 and needs to bulk up. Andersson’s ceiling might not be as high as Chytil’s but so far he seems to be exactly as billed: an very good two way player with a high hockey IQ and decent hands.

      That all being said, neither of them will be coming soon if expansion draft considerations preclude such a move.

    • Odielicious says:

      I have been saying it since we took him at 7th and he flopped in the preseason. Where Chytil made the team out of the gate. Now where he ends up no one knows. All we can do is judge his performance since his draft.
      Had 7 points in WJC but I looked up the in game stats from the final 3 games and he had declining minutes and only 1 or 2 points in the elimination games. Not so good.
      I like his spunk in throwing away the silver medal but shows a lack of professionalism which you need to have if you are a complete player like John Taveras as he likes to claim.
      Since joining the Wolfpack he is averaging a point per game and a 17% shooting percentage which is better then Chytil but it is also a smaller sample size.
      Personally I felt there had to be better options on the board then him at number 7. But only time will prove this right or wrong. In countless drafts the true winner takes 3 to 5 years to show up in the NHL as the clear cut winner.
      Out of the 2016 draft only 7 out of the first 30 are names are impacting the NHL today. And fall in the order of where they were picked number 1.) Matthews,2.)Laine,3.) Dubios,6.)Tkachuk,7.)Keller 9.)Sergachev,14.)McAvoy,
      Out of the 2015 Draft Class …11 out the first 30 are household names impacting the NHL. Those are 1.)McDavid 2.)Eichel 3.)Strome 4.)Marner 5,) Hannifin 6.)Zacha 8.)Werenski 14.)DeBrusk 16.) Barzal 17.)Conner 18.)Boesser
      2014 Draft Class you have : 9 out the top 30 as regulars 1.)Ekblad 2.) Reinhart 3.)Draisalti 4.) Bennet 8.)Nylander 9.)Ehlers 15.)Larkin 21.)Fabbri 25.)Pastrnak 29.)Kempe

      Obviously this is my opinion of these drafts. There are some consistencies among these drafts.
      1.) Top 3 picks seem to always make the NHL.
      2.) Sleepers are found in the 14 through 20 area.
      3.) The occasional 30 or 29th pick coming up with a winning franchise having a impact.
      4.) 5 through 10 always seem to be flops or at least have more flops then successful choices.
      5.) 16th pick on to the last 2 picks of the first round really are infrequently successful picks.

      Which in turn proves the likely hood of Lias being a flop cause he was seated to be picked somewhere in the 20’s and he ended up being drafted 7th on a chance for his 2 way game play. Obviously you will mostly disagree with me but look for yourselves at the last 3 drafts. Not really alot of household names in the 16 to 28th slots.

  20. Playground 9 says:

    Don’t they make big centers anymore?

    I would love to see Wahlstrom on the right and think Tkachuk might just be way underrated. Love to pick up both.

  21. Joen7 says:

    I think Anderson was not a good choice last year at number 7. They were trying to play both sides of the fence because they were hoping he could step in and play in 17-18. IF not for the injury in camp I’m thinking they would have opened up the season with him on the big club. Let’s hope he becomes at least a 3rd line center. They missed out on a chance to swing for the fences with this pick.

    • tanto says:

      When he’s Captain of the Rangers you may feel differently … well even if he doesn’t wear the C, he’s going to be a damn good integral part of a winning team. Swinging for the fences was with #21. Maybe there really wasn’t anyone worth “swinging for the fences at #7) — although in all honesty I was hoping we drafted Mittelstadt.

      • Leatherneck says:

        I agree that Andersson is gonna wear some kind of letter

        Kreider is still part of this core…”the Veteran” and probably be the Captain

        I think if Lindgren plays as he has been….he’ll wear a letter too. To me he is the least appreciated of the prospects we got….I watched the WJC’s….he was a stud in that tournament

    • Odielicious says:

      I’m not saying no way to him having a impact on this franchise, but it is not looking so good as of today. Now he can go home in the off-season and work with trainers and truly dedicate himself to becoming that overall 2 way player. Odds are not in his favor though. But with the this franchises backing and just overall resources, his odds are better the more he takes advantage on them.
      Take Hayes brothers as an example. His brother jimmy is lucky to find a contract this year. And Kevin himself after his sophomore year wasn’t looking to good himself. But Kevin unlike his brother …knuckled down and worked out like a beast and put himself into that next level. Whereas his brother didn’t have those same resources at his exposure. And it was more on him to take those steps. And now Jimmy is fighting for a contract year by year where Kevin looks to be getting locked up for a long time.

  22. Joen7 says:

    Wahlstrom seems to be a popular choice right now on who the Rangers will take. It’s really hard to know enough about any of this guys let’s hope the Rangers figure it out and guess correctly.

    I have seen Dahlin and he looks like he goes through teams like a man playing with boys. It’s hard to judge how good the players he is playing against.

  23. Joen7 says:

    This is the first time I’m really looking forward to the NHL Draft.

    By the way it was about time that number 19 went up! Broke my heart when they traded him. Park should have been next, anyway never got over Vic H. laughing in the box late in game 7 against the Flyers.

  24. Joen7 says:

    Zuc must go before the Draft maybe he can be packaged to move up

  25. Jolting Joe says:

    Surprised no one has mentioned the possibility of Kovalchuk signing this summer. He would qualify as an elite skill player, no? He currently has 63 points in 53 games for St. Petersburg.

    • Joen7 says:

      Depends on how they approach the rebuild.

    • Leatherneck says:

      Problem is he is not a fit in a rebuilding team

      My theory on the cap space is contracts on the cheap so we can buy out Staal as we will have a ton of wasted money in our cap hit

      If Holden nets you a 3rd….I will be happy with a 3rd for him and half his cap hit….but plan to absorb his cap hit in the surplus…

      Most important is to start giving Hajak, Rykov and Lindgren playing time

      • Joen7 says:

        can not trade Staalcthey would have to buy him out like they did with G last summer. Nothing in return and they will take a cap hit anyway. They might need to do it to make room for prospects.

      • Joen7 says:

        can not trade Staal they would have to buy him out like they did with G last summer. Nothing in return and they will take a cap hit anyway. They might need to do it to make room for prospects.

        • Leatherneck says:

          There is a chance that both Lundqvist and Staal may waive their NMC/NTC in order to play for a contender.

          I think both see the writing on the wall now and realize the reality of the situation.

      • Reenavipul says:

        You can drop Kovy in a top 6 role if he does a 1 year performance driven deal. If he wants 2 years, he can take a hike. If he wants to be in NYC, it’s on the team’s terms, not his.

    • Odielicious says:

      Kovy could turn into the Jagr of this rebuild, but I just don’t know enough about him. I don’t follow the KHL and the lasting memory I will always have of him will be a quitter, who would rather go back to the home country then play here. But you never know the details of why players decide to leave teams and huge contracts just like Jagr left us.

      I guess I am not against a bonus riddled contract on a 1 yr deal for the league minimum and see if he can still do it for 82 games a year. But to sign him to a long term deal would be insanity.

  26. Leatherneck says:

    Watching the NHL Network…Lawton talking about the Rangers….I have the same thought. He nailed it as to where the Rangers are….this is the infancy stage of the rebuild. He mentioned exactly the same names to unload for this and next years draft….He added Kreider and to me he is the keeper….the “Vet”

    Something he said that I was attempting to convey is sustainability for an extended period of time to be a real contender. Sustainability only comes from depth

    He also mentioned LA, Chicago, Pittsburgh and I’ll add in the Red Wings they all rebuilt with the Red Wings be a perfect example of sustaining their window, Pittsburgh too.

    US and the Capitals were always one off….and the Caps are now the one off with no real depth to make a move anymore and hence they stayed put unlike us who kept trying to add. So the Caps extended their drive to the Cup instead of becoming a fire sale team. So with some luck maybe the Caps win however I guarantee you the plan is there for them to re build too.

    • Joen7 says:

      Pittsburgh will never rebuild as long as they have the 2 headed monster.

      • Richter1994 says:

        Nor should they

      • Leatherneck says:

        His point was they tanked….hence they were able to draft the likes of Crosby Malkin, Fleury, Kane, Toews , Doughty, Kopitar, And we all should know about the Wings and how steady they were for YEARS in the draft

        Caps never really selected high after Ovi and Backstrom…but hit a home run with Carlson and Forsberg but foolishly traded him (might have been their one off)

  27. Richter1994 says:

    Trouba or OEL or Karlsson or Carlson or any 2 of these (preferably Trouba and Carlson)
    Possibly Tavares
    Re-sign Nash
    Draft Zedina

    My dream for this offseason

    • Joen7 says:

      Doesn’t address the biggest issue we give a million scoring chances this kicks the can down the road.

      • Richter1994 says:

        A big reason for that is that their possession 5 on 5 blows. Get better, more skilled players that actually can hold and possess the puck, then you just cut the scoring chances against way down.

        Defense can be offense, not just skating backwards to defend.

      • King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

        You get a true #1 center and its changes ur D massively! Zib as a #2 is ok,could upgrade that as well.

    • Leatherneck says:


      My Question is why and How? You are looking at 25 mil to sign them

      No Tavares none of the D except for Trouba in a hockey trade…

      Trouba is still young enough… still and cheap at 2.8 for 1 year then RFA….now this would be a fit for the rebuild as he can still be part of the rebuild core

      Nash in the Cheap…3 mil max…I am in no term…2 years max….will be a great mentor so fits in the rebuild idea

      Carlson wants too much money….love the guy….wanted him over MDZ and term….doesn’t fit rebuild contest

      Tavares is signing with the Isles

      NOOOOOOOOO to OEL and Karlsson…no matter what

      • Richter1994 says:

        Buyout Staal and trade Smith.
        Kovy, 1 year low cap base with bonuses because he’s over 35.
        Nash, probably 3 years for $4M per.
        Trouba is an RFA this year I believe, $6M per. Trade cost? Zuc and some of the assets you just got.
        Carlson, probably $6M per. FA so not trade cost.
        Tavares, probably $10M per. If he even gets to FA, which I have my doubts. Alternative is keep Nemer at C and switch Chytil to wing.

        Admittedly I did not run the #s but with an $82M assumed cap then I think it can be done.

        • King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

          Rich do you think someone will take Smith?Maybe we get lucky and he bounces back?He’s shown some grit with heart and played some decent minutes but no where near consistency what so ever!

          • Richter1994 says:

            You might be able to convince a team to take a chance, figuring a fresh start and getting away from NY will help. That and a 2nd round pick, lol.

        • Odielicious says:

          Can we even buyout Staal? Don’t we have to many buyouts already on the books?

    • Odielicious says:

      Anything is possible with this franchise, it is one of the better things about being a NY’er. Money is not a constriction as with so many small market teams.
      None of these D do I personally want. All over rated and will handcuff us in the future. We have so many prospect in this area just play the kids for a couple of seasons and see what we end up with.

      Kovy not a bad idea on a 1yr minimum bonus riddle contract.

      See how Chytil and Lias fall out next season.

      Nash at 4 million a year can go else where. Take him at 2 to 3 million. Preferably 2.

      And we need forwards in this draft so lets see whats available and take speed and physical size over stick skill and hockey IQ. No more small centers. Small wingers are fine but need large fast centers to drive play. And tilt ice in our favor.

  28. Leatherneck says:

    I keep saying this…..we have been down the road with UFA signings with significant failure…..for once let’s build our own team and do it right…..Let’s do something different than same thing over and over and expecting a different result….insanity in definition ….been there done that TOOOO MANY TIMES

    • Richter1994 says:

      Bro, they are not going the full rebuild. Not happening. They acquired assets, some to keep and some to spend.

      • Leatherneck says:

        I hear Dolan said go re build….so that means no more stupid spending

        OEL and Karlsson make you a 1 off and regretting the contract in year 3 to whenever they are signed for…too much money tied in to two players…pointing also to Lundqvist and now straight up directing you to the Blackhawks

        Gotta Gotta avoid this insanity….

        Tank next year too and get more assets and depth

        Now pointing to Blackhawks before signing the 3, Pitt, LA, NY, Detroit….built their own….geez man….this is the winning formula….think about how many years they were bad before they went on runs of Cup winning teams

        Think man….think

        You can’t buy the freaking Cup

        • Richter1994 says:

          I basically am reciting what I think the Rangers will do. Whether I think that’s right or wrong is a different story.

          They have the unique opportunity to turn this around in one year.

          • Leatherneck says:

            I totally disagree…we are 4 years away,,,,we are in the infancy stage before we can become Contenders

            6 stages:

            1- Clean house
            2- build depth and core
            2a- Find your Elites via draft…3 drafts
            3- build experience here a few good ufa signings to mentor the kids….like Nash but assets still, to trade away fore more depth deadline day
            4- Adjust as needed via trades for Cup runs

            UFA signings are only for mentoring purposes

            5- Stick to plan. execute the plan
            6- Stay patient and avoid temptations

            Sustainability in the window only comes from team depth

            BUILD BUILD BUILD I say

        • Richter1994 says:

          Oilers had 5 #1 overall picks. Where are they?

          • Leatherneck says:

            You should read my posts in last thread….I brought up both the Oilers and Islanders and why they failed

            I explained it there and the danger is the Oilers approach and how to learn from those mistakes

          • Leatherneck says:

            Oilers can still merge into a contender….I think they learned their lesson

            Oilers will draft Bovquist…an excellent addition to their team and a fit

            Bovquist though would be a bust say with the Islanders Panthers Capitals type teams

            He would excel only with the Oilers in early round picks and with teams like Predators, Boston and such where he is a complimentary piece

            he would be an awful pick for us

            • Richter1994 says:

              The bottom line is, whether you build through the draft or build outside of the draft or a combination of the 2, you have to be able to identify talent.

              Honestly, how do the Rangers give up Stralman, keep Girardi, and then sign Dan Boyle for the same money that they could have kept Stralman for?


              • Odielicious says:

                I think Stralman is an excellent defender, but offensive upside was not exactly Dan Boyle levels at the time.
                Stralman 13 points in 81 games the year we let him walk. 1 goal and 12 assists.
                Boyle 36 points that same season and could quarterback a powerplay.
                Which is exactly at the time what the front office felt they needed. They had Giradi and Staal.

                I not saying this was the correct move but certainly wasn’t one of the worst moves. Hindsight is always 20/20 but at the time we had alot of stay at home defenders and really good ones at that which is exactly what stralman showed us that year. So they felt he was expendable for what he wanted from a contract.

              • Richter1994 says:

                Stralman is one of the best defenders in the league. The Rangers blew it big time.

    • King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

      One can only wish.The vets they signed the past few years.Richards,Boyle,Redden,Gomez,Drury,Naslund ( I’m sure theres a million more … lol ) … Christ sakes what a mess.If we could just get Staal to retire,that would be a big plus!

      • King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

        P.S. – I’m liking the new and improved Leather !

        • Leatherneck says:

          More fun talking hockey

          Lundqvist is a polarizing character with 2 diverse ideas
          As much a I love Zuc and Carlson…they are not a fit anymore and I feel the same way about Lundqvist….

          He is a good goalie but he is no longer a fit

          we will have another STAR/ELITE goalie soon….so let’s do it the right way for him…Igor Shestyorkin

          Can’t emphasize enough doing it the right way…Brother Seiveqvist

  29. kevin mccarthy says:

    clear the beach is the next move