Despite standings, Rangers should consider selling at deadline

January 16, 2018, by

michael grabner

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: The Rangers are a wildly mediocre team with major holes that and are not ready for a realistic shot at the Stanley Cup. The team we see before us is the culmination of learning the wrong lessons from tough losses over the past few years. It is the end result of ignoring process for goaltending-masked wins.

Regardless of how the Rangers got here, they are here now. The Blueshirts, despite the standings, are not a realistic shot to win the Cup. They struggled with Mika Zibanejad went down. They’ve been struggling since Chris Kreider went down. True contenders don’t fall off a cliff when they lose a top-six forward. The Rangers have, twice.

You can blame it on the players. You can blame it on the front office. You can blame it on the coaching staff. In reality, all three are to blame. And if you’ve been watching the past six weeks, you know that the best teams will score at will against the Rangers. There is not one single solution that will fix this club in time to make a run. And that doesn’t even account for the return of Kreider, which is far from a guarantee this season.

Even if Kreider were to return, there is still the massive hole at 2C that David Desharnais cannot fill. There is still the, um, something, on defense. The system? The process? I don’t know. But it stinks.

The good news is that the Blueshirts have a bunch of players that could possibly fetch a good haul at the deadline. Michael Grabner’s 19 goals will fetch a pretty penny. As will Rick Nash’s dominating force on the ice. The corpse of Nick Holden might get something from a team that is desperate. The resurgence of Ondrej Pavelec could get something too, if there are teams in the hunt with goaltending concerns (Carolina?).

I can certainly understand the concerns of throwing away a season while still in the hunt. After all, we just want the team to win. What good would buying a center at the deadline do, though? Get them another win or two? This team is still one-and-done, possibly out in the second round if they get hot, or their opponent forgets they can get 40+ shots a game with relative ease against the Blueshirts.

The sell and rebuild on the fly approach worked for the Yankees just last year. They committed to it though. They sold off their valuable assets and let the kids play. Jeff Gorton (and Glen Sather and Jim Dolan) can’t just dip a toe in the selling waters for this to work. They need to make a full dive, head first. Sacrificing this year for the next two is the tough decision, but right decision, to make.

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  1. Richter1994 says:

    No Dave, not “consider selling” but SELL period.

    Time to go totally young, with talent and speed. I don’t know how Henrik will take to that approach but I guess he would have to because he’s not going anywhere no matter who is on the ice.

    This may come to fruition as I have heard (NOTHING CONCRETE) that the Rangers are listening to teams regarding McD and Zuc. If that is indeed the case, then the Rangers are at least CONSIDERING being sellers.

    P.S. I am so effing tired of David Desharnais, lol. Watch how many face offs he gets thrown out of.

    • James1090 says:

      The Rangers would probably get big returns for those two. I hope they are also considering moving any player with an expiring contract including Desharnais.

      • Richter1994 says:

        Well, Nash and Grabner really upped their trade value after last night, lol.

    • wwpd says:

      It’s a good question. All these “Lundqvist won’t let them rebuild” type comments (not you Richter, but definitely others). Does Hank think this roster as constructed will ever let him reach the ultimate goal before he retires? Does he really believe if they can just squeak into a playoff berth then this should be the year? I’d be surprised at this point. Hopefully he sees that this team needs a radical adjustment to ever have real success. Henrik should be front and center in JG’s office saying blow this thing up before it’s too late!

      • Ray says:

        I am often critical of Hank, but I do not see him as an obstacle here. The obstruction is the standard NY mentality — we want to compete every year and we never give up. That was there long before Hank ever arrived on the scene.

        I don’t see a “we’ll sell everybody” mentality. Guys like Zuccarello, Hayes, Miller, Zibanejad, McDonagh are a good start to a contendinng team. You don’t just dump them. Yes, for the right offer, you trade any one of them, but you don’t deal all of them and you don’t just convert current players into the chance to draft a Sean Day (promising, but years away).

      • Richter1994 says:

        Obviously Hank wants to win, but deep down, does he really believe that this roster can get it done?

        Sports is such a psychological thing, as you have to believe that you can win every game. But I believe that Henrik loves NY too much to care which direction the Rangers decide to go in.

    • Swarty says:

      I honestly think that the only way to fix this mess of a Ranger’s organization is
      1) put Sather out to pasture
      2) figure out a way to get JD out of Columbus and give him full reign

      I cannot imagine for a minute that JD would not want the job – Oh Baby – I can hear the Garden now….

      • Swarty says:

        Just for the heck of it I looked up Davidson’s contract with Columbus.

        He is signed through 2018-2019.

        So…How about Sather, Nash, and a bag of pucks for JD???

        • Richter1994 says:

          Yes and yes my friend.

          Just when it seems like Sather is out, he gets pulled back in. Time to retire.

  2. Jörg Lucky Wilbert says:

    Nash might be looking good while you watching him. But that doesn’t really matter as he is not producing. Honestly he never was the guy he get paid for. Sure he looks great how he handle the puck and how he makes his great power moves into the Slot. I could watch him the whole day. But to have a guy for 8 millions per year just to look great without the most important thing , goals and goals and assists, is useless. He is harmless as a sniper. And he almost never shows up in important situation as tight games or play offs. And this separate him from all the shooters and great snipers. They all have issues once in a while but they all come up big when their team need em. Nash almost never did it and won’t in the future. I like him as a guy and he is under the best 10 defensive forwards or even 2 way forwards. But he is not for what he get paid. And this is kinda tragic for him and the team. maybe he comes up big inanother team .

    • Richter1994 says:

      I know that everyone looks at the player’s contract, but I do believe that teams give these big, long-term contracts with the idea that the team expects that they will get screwed on the back end of it.

      Rick is trying to do way too much on his own. I was at the game on Saturday and he’s trying to weave through 3 Islanders in the offensive zone. Not a good way to play and expect production.

  3. joe cafardo says:

    SELL. SELL. SELL. But….disposing of assets and accumulating picks in what is expected to be a deep draft is 1/3 the opportunity. The Rangers are flawed in 3 ways: 1.Not enough talent for today’s game. Players with grit, hockey sense AND speed. 2. Coaching. AV is not a finisher. This is an above mediocre coach ( .580 reg season/.480 post season wp) who has the demeanor of a law clerk and history shows he does not coach up. That is ..takes average people and makes them better OR has trust in his players to get them to believe and play up.. 3. Scheme. There is a fundamental lack of alignment between what the Front office thinks and what the On ice staff has as its plans. Night after night allowing the opposition the capacity to strafe your defense and goalie is a demoralizing act. On the counter….a team coached and schemed to wait for the perfect shot preceded by the perfect pass is inherently passive and sets itself up for rushes on the other end. How many times have we seen this. Repairing the Rangers requires a vision for the type team and players needed. The ownership ( a REAL problem) needs to buy into the long term plan. This is the role of the GM….to set that vision. Then that directs the type coach who shares in that and then you get players to fit that scheme. Thats what the Yankees have done and give Cashman credit for aligning Hank jr that if they fix it his way…the Yankees will sell plenty of seats. If Slats cares about anything ( beside his pay) he should be helping Gorton make Dolan understand how to fix this. Anything else we do is simply random and this team will be relegated to the Hockey mid tier of mediocrity for a long long time. I for one will not pay a dime to see them carry on this way.

    • joe cafardo says:

      PS…I live in Boston and am ringside watching how the Bruins are creating a framework to contend for the cup in a year or so. And we see how Toronto is doing it. And we see how Tampa has built itself. Forget Pittsburgh….you can hope for luck to have one transcendent player let alone 2. Hope is not a method for winning.

    • Odielishous says:

      I am not stating I know, but I am basing my opinion off history. I for one don’t think Dolan as an owner really has that much interest in the Rangers. I think his main effort or meddling really points to the Knicks.

      Sather when he first took over was consistently fielding losing teams. Which also had the highest team salary in the NHL. So 4 seasons of having some of the wealthiest teams and players with the highest contracts and didn’t make the playoffs once. Then the strike came and in came the beginning of the cap.

      I mean if your a owner that meddles that is the best reason to fire a GM I have ever seen. Yet Sather still to this day has a position in this franchise. And he hires all these ex rangers and gives them lucrative salaries to do nothing in the franchise. I mean Leetch stated it in his presser when they hired him I have no idea what they want me to do but I will try to figure out my roll. Messier was an assistant GM that never was around.

      I think it really comes down to Sather and Gorton figuring it out between themselves. I have faith in Gorton and think he has real idea I just think Sather sees big names and his brain goes all nuts and just have to have that guy.

  4. Odielishous says:

    I am done with this discussion. They suck, we should sell, fire the coach. We all get it and for the most part agree. So let us get some actual suggestions for :

    1.) A Replacement Coach

    2.) A Real Trade destination for Nash, who has a no move clause with 12 or 10 teams he is willing to go to. I forget how many teams, but I am sure we can look it up. I looked it up it is 12.

    3.) Grabner and his future with this team. I for one am a fan of keeping him. I think his speed is impossible to replace as we all saw with Barzal …speed rules the league now. And he is tough. He is no Colton Orr but he has spunk.

    4.)Can you or should you move franchise players like McDonagh?

    He has a modified no trade clause also but his is 10 teams. Where in the world would he want to go beside minnesota? I mean the rule of thumb for the last 10 stanley cup winners has all been to have 1 elite defender and solid mix of the remaining 5.. But the number 1 always averages about 25 to 27 minutes a night in the playoffs. And has some upside on offense. I personally have never seen Mac as that type of player, but I just compared his stats for the playoffs to seabrook and Keith and very similiar. I mean he is going to get a big contract in 2 years. It is a tough pickle for Gorton. Do we see him here in 2 years? Does he want to leave? There is a lot of questions with him.

    • Odielishous says:


      5.) Who on this team is in your opinion can’t be traded? Or is everyone up for grabs?

      • Peter says:

        I believe that it comes down to this: If you can bring back a top ten pick then McDonough, even the Mighty Zuccarello and Grabner, despite how awesome he has played for the Rangers, and combinations there of, have to be sell options. They need at least one forward with elite skills to add to their other players to put them in the company of those teams who have pkayers who can take over a game.

        That will mean waiting around a couple of years for the players they obtain to mature along with kids like Chytil, Andersson, Day, D’Angelo, whoever, etc. So be it.

        I think you don’t trade Skjei or Shatty. You avoid as much as possible trading Hayes, Kreider and Miller.While tradeable, you only deal McDonough if you are going to get a big return in the deal. Everyone else is a potential trade chip.

    • Rich S says:

      Spot on Odielishous,
      Grabner our MVP two years running is a long term 3-4 years KEEPER!!!!!
      It would be lucky to get a top 10 pick unless its a McDavid or Eichel who are as valuable or put up his numbers!!!! NEVER trade a player with his speed/scoring ability unless you are getting an ELITE player back……
      Trade-nash, zucc, any defenseman except skjei, shatty , pavalic, hayes…….
      Keep-zib, kreider, miller, vesey, buch, fast. letteri……
      next year – add chytil, andersson, ronning, day, pionk, deangelo

  5. James Carr says:

    Great idea. But idk what you can expect to get for nah and grabs. They may need to consider trading McD to a team to get another top 10 pick

    • Odielishous says:

      Why trade Mac if the team folds from here on out?

      There is your top 10 pick. We only have to finish 21st out of the 31 teams in the nhl to get a top 10 pick. And as it stands right this moment we are 19th in the league.

  6. amy says:

    these next few games should tell the tale where the Rangers go tonight against the Flyers then on Thursday against the Sabres a team that took the Rangers into overtime in the winter classic then the west coast trip to Colorado, Los Angeles and Anaheim and San Jose not an easy propisition

  7. Andy says:

    Could not agree more. The future is very bright a year or 2 out. The present not so much. Cap space will get a nice boost next year. Strong draft. So get as many picks as possible and fix the weak spots. You already have Andersson and Chytil a year or 2 at most away. Shestyorkin maybe comes over in the next 2 years and tandems with Hank until it’s time to pass the reigns. Give Pionk or DeAngelo a legitimate shot at making the big team. And finally get rid of this coaching staff. All of them. no need for Lindy Ruff to fill in as interim post AV. With how he’s run the Defense that’s not a move worth making.

    If they looking at doing something big, wait until the draft unless someone blows you away with an offer you can’t refuse.

    It’s time for change.

  8. Walt says:


    Keep the kids…..

    Get a new coach……..

  9. roadrider says:

    The Yankees analogy is not bad but has some flaws. One, the Rangers don’t have the equivalent of Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller to trade to contenders. They have some nice players like Nash and Grabner that will help contenders but don’t expect any Gleyber Torres’ or Clint Fraziers’ in return. As far as draft picks go, unless some contending team has some very low pick that they got in a trade we’ll most likely get quantity over quality there. And the teams with the low picks aren’t going to be interested in trading for what the Rangers have to offer. McDonagh would probably bring back more than Nash or Grabner but given his down season the Rangers would be selling low on him.

    Also, its not clear that the Rangers have an Aaron Judge or a Gary Sanchez in their system. Chytil and Andersson are going to be big leaguers but its not clear that they’re going to provide the Rangers what Judge and Sanchez gave the Yankees, at least not right away.

    That said, I can’t really argue against selling. I have my doubts that the MSG hierarchy will go along with it because they will prioritize even one round of playoff money if history is a guide.

    • Walt says:


      You make valid points, but as it stands we are out of the playoffs in this morning standings, and with a very tough schedule coming our way, that decision will be made for us within the next two weeks. Dolan can’t be that stupid I assume, as to not consider getting the best return as possible?

  10. SalMerc says:

    No one is untouchable!
    Combine players, move contracts, stock up on 1st and 2nd round picks.

    Oh yea, get a coach who can live with 7 rookies in the lineup next year.

  11. pas44 says:

    Teams go through times like these, but, the Rangers do not look to have improved on the ice, the coach doesn’t seem to be able to use the talent pool correctly and it is starting to look like he lost the room.

    Getting a new coach in to see if the players react would be my first move. NOW. not after the all star break, after tonights game.

    Then move Nash already, maybe a prospect to pull in a center thats needed.

    things have to happen, this team will not go to round 2 if they can even get in.
    so why not start the moves now?

    I say keep Grabner. He is a dynamic player that has unique skills.
    how many of us cringe when #62 rushes Henrik wearing the black and gold?

  12. tanto says:

    Start with trading the whole coaching staff (aside from Bennie), move Nash but keep Grabner.

    • jeff says:

      tanto this is the move. It does not matter who is traded for if he has to play for AV. Thats the start! I think with a different coach this becomes a much better team….at least a competitive one. The players who can’t get it done, have to sit and re-earn their ice.
      Note to JG…..does B Smith become the go to physical guy? Ice capades are nice but there is no Lord Stanley at that dance.
      Didn’t Slats have a guy named Semenko and later a guy named McSorely play shotgun for his Oiler team? He must have forgotten, old age eh? Wonder if Z, Zuccs, Buch, McD,Staal to name a few would play a little bit better if they knew they wouldn’t be bullied.
      Oh well, signed off on the extra tier and money to watch the Sweater I grew up with trashed from Optimum.
      Maybe next year on Firestick and the NHL package.

      • tanto says:

        I don’t hate AV or anything but we’ve seen a downward trend from this team over the last few years. They clearly don’t play with the same swagger and mental fortitude that they use to. It’s painful to watch.

        • jeff says:

          tango agreed its not about hate, AV is a family man and I actually feel bad for how its gone for him. That said, and with me paying the cable bill and tix bill, no mas. I’ll find a better cocktail than a NYR 2017-18 game as coached by this incompetent crew (except Bennie).

  13. Al Dugan says:

    Look at the schedule for the next 20 games. How many 2 point games are truly in there? I’m going with maybe 3-4.

    NYR have to go play in COL, LAK, ANA, SJS, WPG, CLG, EDM, NSH, DAL, and have a smaller group of tough home games.

    Boys and girls, they ain’t making the playoffs. In fact, they could very well end up a bottom ten team. Just look at the points spread in the East and West.

    No way are they making the playoffs. None. The only thing we have to look forward to is Jean Ratelle night and the Steven MacDonald award.

    Name a player who is out performing his circumstances. Yes, one. Hank. That’s it. Everybody else is solidly underperforming.

    And I’m tired of deployment issues and ice time issues and who is playing with who. Last night JT on the Icelanders got destoyed by the Corsi gods. He also scored a big shorthander and the game winner in OT. Outperformed his circumstances. We have none of that. All we have is players like Miller, and Hayes, and Nash, and Zucc who will try to pass the puck into the net. SHOOT please.

    • Rich S says:

      You forgot to include Grabner ……way outperforming his contract and every other forward……we need 5 more like him!!!!!

  14. Swarty says:

    Despite Eddie not being around to defend me on this one – I have to say that the Rangers have been overachievers for much of the past few years. I disagree with just about everything AV does with this team but they have continued to win. But it is all catching up now.

    That being said the team has a real opportunity to perform an impactful rebuild on the fly. But you have to get ahead of it and not muddle around until it is too late.

    This team as constructed is not a Cup contender. Is Dolan really foolish enough to think that financial impacts of two home playoff games (more likely zero) is a better path then a real decent shot at an opportunity to improve long-term with upside of many future Cup games at MSG?

    Nash, Holden, Grabner, are obvious.
    McD – if he can fetch a haul then why not?

    And in my opinion you have to look at Hayes, Miller, Vesey – they are all the same middling type player – parlay them into a young sniper or a young high end dman. Anything but the same middling forwards that we already have.

    In my opinion we also need to get Buch a young Russian running mate center and put Zucc on the other wing.

    The Yanks are a good analogy Dave. In my opinion, Gorts should be reaching out to Cashman to get a handle on just what it takes to have the balls and the brains to pull of a rebuild on the fly.

    • Mancunian Candidate says:

      Yeah, because nothing will be as helpful to NYR as Gorton reaching out to a GM in a different sport. One that has no salary cap to boot. Seriously, what would be the point of that? Not to mention that Cashman is terrible at his job, and has been for 15 years now.

      With each passing day Gorton looks more shaky in his job. He’s got a coach in Vigneault who has clearly ignored Gorton’s desire to reshape this team, a coach who is actively defying his boss’ attempt to rebuild. Yet Vigneault is somehow still employed, all while arrogantly dismissing the very players Gorton has assembled to change the dynamic of the team. I used to think the “Sather is still the real boss” stuff was a bad conspiracy theory, but Gorton obviously has no hammer to wield over Vigneault to get the coach on the same page with him. This team is a mess and it’s only going to get worse if changes to the coaching staff do not occur.

      • Peter says:

        I don’t know the potential alternatives to AV out there. But, if they go for it and get picks and youngsters, then you need someone with a proven ability to relate to. and develop young players. Maybe even an AHL guy.

      • Swarty says:

        MC – I guess the way I wrote it implied that I meant the Cashman call literally but it was meant as tongue-in-cheek.

        That being said – if the two would like to have lunch then I am buying.

    • Ray says:

      I think the key is to get a good grip on your goals and keep the players you want and deal those you don’t. It is also about getting good value. McDonagh is an interesting case. I think he is undervalued around here, but I don’t know if he is undervalued by the GM pool. One key is to not trade undervalued players because you can’t get proper value.

  15. Playground 9 says:

    Trade AV for Mark Messier.

    Get as much as we can for everyone else. (I would sell Hayes last) 🙂

  16. wwpd says:

    please let this happen

  17. kevshockey says:

    The fact is selling all of these players for picks (or better yet players that are either ready to make the jump or are ready for a bigger role) give the Rangers just as good of a chance of making the playoffs. This group’s best chance of making noise this year was their firsts, DeAngelo and Pionk all taking a huge step this year and forcing some veterans out of the lineup. It didn’t happen, and in some cases wasn’t allowed to happen. It’s time to make a move, and Nieves to the minors to Holland isn’t exactly sending messages to the room.

    I don’t know what you get for these guys, but they are all expiring assets at this point and it’s time for a culture change in that room.

    While I don’t actually want this to happen. I’d be ok with them trade Hank at this point to anyone who can win the cup for nothing. He deserves better than this.

    • Odielishous says:

      I like your idea of players for younger players. That makes the most sense. Guys that are tearing it up in the minors but are on teams that have talent blocks or inflated contracts keeping them from making the jump. But must be proven guys on a AHL level with 1 to 2 years max experience.

      Culture change in my opinion happened already. The trades of Brassard, Hagelin, Stepan, and dumping of the G man. Those guys were good locker room players and it has showed since their departure.

      I agree with moving hank but just doubt it will happen.

  18. Leatherneck says:

    A must go is McDonagh…..He is not Captain material, if you demote him it will have ramifications as well….so trade him….you’ll get a hefty return and a win win win for all.

    forget the rebuild on the fly…give the rebuild 3 years…draft high and give the team a chance at 3 elite level talent in the draft

    attitude must be high on the list

    Zibby comes to mind….high end talent….but no battle level…avoid players like that…..Lias Andersson was just we needed courtesy of his tossing the silver medal into the stands.

    • pas44 says:

      So are you in favor of selling Henrik? Three years to rebuild may see him lose his royal powers… is it better to get this type of return as well.

      team first… but Henrik is … all world…

      what is your feeling?

      • Leatherneck says:

        Yeah…sell him to a true contender…if he wants a Cup….because it ain’t happening here

  19. Michael Johnson says:

    I can understand if we’re sellers, Nasher due to the size of his contract. I can understand DD as well. I’m sorry though Grabs has been nothing short of electric and could literally change a team looking to go for a serious run. If we REALLY are sellers I do HATE giving up the type of speed you simply can’t teach i.e. Hagelin, Kreider, GRABNER. The guy isn’t slowing down even a little bit. I pray he stays a Ranger and is a vet the kids play with. We have the young forward talent we must test up here, we certainly have the young D talent that Holden/Staal are blocking. And certainly not now, but it really seems we also have the heir to Hank honing his skills. I’m excited to see if he really is all he seems to be. Hank deserves better than 35-45 shots a game with no help on D at all.

    • pas44 says:

      well said, let’s hope the leaders learned how badly losing Hagelin hurt this club, don’t make the same mistake.


  20. Leatherneck says:

    Grabner on the 4th line….simply that thought process whether he stays on it or not is a solid reason why the process has never worked and why AV must go

  21. Jerry says:

    Sell. Period.

    Holden (if anyone will take him)

    • Odielishous says:

      holden would get by on a waiver list except for the fact that Roy loved him so much.

  22. Odielishous says:

    I fine with moving on from the players you haven’t listed but who is your leadership core afterwards?

    Relying on Krieder and Miller to drive this team I don’t see that working.

    And don’t say Hank, cause no forward or defenseman cares what a goalie thinks. Goalie gets a leg sprain and he is out 3 weeks. Stepan got his jaw broken by a punch and was back in the next game.

    And at this point we could end up with 2 or 3 first round picks if everyone gets their wishes.Rangers are not going to be a top 20 team by the end of this season so there is a top 10 pick in that, plus we trade someone to a contender we can get another low 1st round pick. That is all great, but who is going to center this team next season?

    Here is the centers as we speak…

    Holland/Whatever bag of pucks for that night.

    To many maybe players for next season. What happens if Chytil/Andersson are not ready? What player is going to fill that void? Does that mean you have Zippy and Hayes followed by whoever you can scrap up on the next 2 lines? That is not a sound strategy to go into next season with. The year we went to the Cup we have 5 legitimate centers. Who are all centers on their respective teams now except for the retired one.

  23. Peter says:

    I fully understand the sentiment to keep Grabner expressed by many. For the past two season’s I have posted his praises when some have denigrated the guy as short term overachiever. Well, his skills are very difficult to come by; you cannot teach his speed or his sheer cleverness. His stick work might be teachable to another smart kid.

    That being said, his trade value right now is going to be just about the best it will ever be. He is healthy, performing at a high level and is cheap, but will be a UFA. While I’d hate to see the guy go, they’d be nuts not to see what the market is for him. Hey they might get him back if whoever gets him can’t sign him.

    If they are going to land valuable picks or top flight young players, they are going to have to part with valuable veteran players like Grabner, Zuccarello and probably McDonough. It has risk as a strategy, but has a lot of potential upside.

    • Kentric says:

      Totally with you on this one. Everyone is saying keep Grabs, but if you honestly think that the team has no real chance at the Cup this year then you should definitely see what you can get for him. Like Peter said, he’s going to be an UFA and you would be selling at a high point.

    • Odielishous says:

      Missing a big part…risk vs. reward. You risk something with the potential of a reward. How high the potential to get that reward dictates whether you take that risk.

      There are not that many Grabners out there. The organization felt Etem was a potential replacement for Hagelin. That went well. I just don’t see to many guys have his knowledge and puck reading ability with his speed. Not likely to replace him with a pick.

  24. HARLEMBLUES says:

    I’ve mentioned what the Yankees have done for two years now. Good post,Dave. The Yankees finally let Cashman rebuild by keeping 1st round picks and doing their homework with each draft. They amassed picks drafted smart and traded assets for top prospects and picks. The Yankees farm system is flush. They then used some chips to bring back D. Robertson,Tommy Kahline for the playoffs push. A real push. Then this winter bam The Giancarlo Stanton trade made with chips they had amassed. The Rangers should do the same at the deadline. Trade McD because he will fetch a 1st round pick plus. Trade Nash to a contender and he to will fetch a first rounder. Be smart sell high. Holden gone ,Mats right deal gone and Staal for a late rounder. Do the homework on this draft, the next draft. Here’s the number one cup in 75 plus years. How many times must I repeat that. Don’t want to hear oh we can’t blow it up. I repeat one CUP in 75 plus years. Stop banging ones head against the wall. See Yankees set up for years to come.

    • roadrider says:

      The Yankees traded Starlin Castro and one of the guys they got for McCann for Stanton (so only one “chip” that came back in the fire sale) but that deal was almost entirely predicated on the Yankees taking back 90% of Stanton’s contract. In a salary cap league that ain’t happening unless you’re way below the cap. Including Castro (who was expendable to the Yankees and will probably be flipped by the Marlins) and the prospect was mostly a face-saving facade around a pure salary dump.

      McDonagh is in a down year, pushing 30 and probably hurt. I don’t think he’s bring a first rounder unless its from a team that’s going to drafting very late in the first round. Nash is even less likely to bring a first rounder because he’s not scoring, won’t be seen as a guy who will put a contender over the top by himself and will be a pure rental. Grabner might get a better return but he’s a rental too. The Rangers will be selling low on both McDonagh and Nash.

      The Yankees are “set up for years to come” mostly because they already had Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez already in their farm system and had Luis Severino ready to bounce back from a bad debut season. And before last season began, of those three, only Sanchez was not surrounded by question marks.

      The Rangers are hardly in the same position. That doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t sell – they probably should – but don’t expect the same type of return that the Yankees got for Miller and Chapman.

      • HARLEMBLULES says:

        You loss me when you said McD doesn’t bring back a low 1st. I don’t understand people who say McD is so good don’t trade him but then say you can’t get a low First for him. We got the 7th pick for Stepan and he sucks.How did the Yankees acquire McCann? Judge was a late first round pick which in the past they would lose signing patchwork FA. They let McCann go because they had signed developed a young chip named Sanchez. My point being the Yankees started to keep picks sign international players (Sanchez) did their homework on drafting players. They then flipped players for high end talent like Torres instead of fooling themselves into thinking we’re one guy away. If played right the Rangers can come away with several 1 round picks in a deep draft year. They also have young skill coming like this past year 2 first round picks. Sean Day, the Russian goalie, Gettinger and Ronning.

        • roadrider says:

          You don’t seem to get the concept of market value. Its not about how good McDonagh is. Which team with a low first round pick in a hard salary cap league is going to trade it for a guy pushing 30 who is going to get expensive real soon and is having a bad year? AZ would probably have been better off keeping their pick instead of trading it for Stepan. McDonagh is more valuable to contending teams and they don’t really have the lowest draft picks. Yeah, if the Rangers find an organization as dumb as the Coyotes they might get a super low pick for McDonagh but I wouldn’t count on it.

          The Yankees singed McCann as a free agent. WTF that does that have to with trades?

          The Yankees got extra first round picks as compensation for their free agents signing with other teams. They didn’t get them in trades since baseball draft picks can’t be traded.

          Yeah, the Yankees flipped Aroldis Chapman for Torres (and others) because a franchise that was off the charts hungry for the last piece to help them win a WS was willing to break the prospect bank in a crazy stupid market for relief pitchers. Same story with the Miller trade. There’s no way any NHL team is going to value Nash or Grabner like the Cubs and Indians valued Chapman and Miller. McDonagh will bring back more but I seriously doubt it will be as much as people on this board expect since they will be selling low on him based on his age, his poor performance this year and the impending expiration of his below market rate contract.

          • HARLEMBLUES says:

            You mustn’t understand market value because AZ gave the Rangers the 7th pick for Stepan. You can make excuses but it happened. There’s no clear flavor to win the CUP but the Rangers aren’t going to. McCann was signed and flipped for a player who then was used to bring Stanton to NYC. See Grabner maybe now you’ll get it. A team like NVille or Toronto may be willing to make a move or Edmonton. It only takes one team to place a high value on their chance to win this year. These players can be flipped for NHL ready high skilled talent. Nash can be re signed at the end of the season. Like the Yankees did with Chapmen. Staal could be traded for a pick or someone in Europe or Russia who you’re looking at down the road. Say a mid late round. Those picks the Yankees got for FA as I said they don’t usally get because of their own FA signings. My point again there’s a lot the Rangers can walk away with if they play their hand right. Who did the Devils get Taylor Hall for? But McD doesn’t bring back more than Stepan.

  25. Bruce Cohen says:

    Nobody on this team is untouchable, including Hank. As much as i hate to say it, trade him while he is still at his prime. A rebuild, 3-4 years and where is Hank , then?

  26. Blue Seat says:

    Could we get a true number two center and crease clearing defenseman for Hayes, Nash, Zucc, and McD?

    • Odielishous says:

      Ah nope. We had a true number 2 center and we made him our number 1. And we had a crease clearing defenseman but his salary was to high so we had to buy him out.