Rangers still can’t figure it out, lose to Penguins

January 15, 2018, by

The Rangers figured to have hit rock bottom on Saturday afternoon after allowing a touchdown to the Islanders. That game should have woken the team up and given them the shot in the arm they needed to stop allowing 30+ shots a game. Boy were we wrong.

This was now the 15th straight game where the Rangers allowed 30+ shots in a game. They now haven’t won in regulation since December 19. I’m amazed the goalies haven’t mutinied at this point.

I couldn’t watch the game, so I polled Twitter to see how everyone took the loss. Some of the answers were fun.

This sounds about right.

Oh come on.

Well at least they give 100% doing something. That’s a start.

At some point, you wonder if they care. See previous tweet.

Yea this sums things up nicely.

Seems to be the running theme over the past month.

Well this is one way to get Alain Vigneault fired into the sun. I think that’s a good way to end this tire fire.

Ok I lied. One more.

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  1. Richter1994 says:

    So, in the NY Post, AV says “we will analyze this game” so as to evaluate the “process.”

    Memo to AV: This game is the same as the one before, and the one before, and the one before, and the one before, and…

    The ONLY solace was that their compete level was better than the game on Saturday. YAY!!

    Poor Henrik, he doesn’t deserve this and yet he battles to the bitter end. He says “we’re only going to score 2 goals per game, so we need to keep their goals down, starting with me.”

    AV, THAT’s real leadership. Idiot.

    • Walt says:


      The Pro-cess, is a farce. This guy can’t coach, in spite of his regular season record, the team is tone deaf when he talks, and makes the same horse-s**t comments.

      As for the game last night, the only sign of life to me was when Smith put Reeves on his lard ass, after Reeves did the same to Staal. This is the only guy on this team that shows any gonads, and for that he is exiled to the pine country to sit it out. What a putz AV is!!!!!!!!!!!

      Mollie take the bird out of the oven, it’s done…………..There’s always next season!!!!

      • Richter1994 says:

        I thought they brought a little more energy Walt, which actually is not saying much, but at least they showed a pulse.

        Smith may be not be an “AV type of player.”

        • Rich S says:

          You guys dont understand the process…..it goes like this;
          1. give up a ton of shot a game
          2. give up a ton of odd man rushes a game
          3. Never body check an opponent , just light stick check
          4. leave opponents open in front of the goalies for easy goals
          5. bench or put you best players on 4th line
          6.trade or release any physical players
          7.continue to give the same stupid answers at press conferences
          SEE the pro-cess is working perfectly!!!!!!!!!

        • Jeffrey L Fahrer says:

          Walt is absolutely correct…..AV is Putz. Is JG far behind….absolutely, unless if he is taking his orders from The Biggest Putz Sather. Then JG should have the common sense to distance himself from both and go for the rebuild that is required to get these professional players heads out of their tucchas’. Change the coach now, get these guys to respect the jersey….it will only happen with AV gone.

      • Bobby B says:

        BROTHER WALT, I echo your words of wisdom!! Lets hope the so called GM ( Gorton or is it still Sather??? ) hears and see’s what the rest of the hockey world see’s!!!!

        • Rich S says:

          What do you think BobbyB….
          We hire a fiery coach….whoever that may be….like a young tortorella or even a messier……
          AND then trade for Evander Kane, Dave Manson and reacquire the undertaker to install some immediate backbone and aggressiveness to this Mr Softee team!

          • Walt says:


            That ship has sailed with the Undertaker. As for Kane, please, he is a major disease to have around, and could become contagious???????? I’m all in on Dave Manson though!!!

    • evan says:

      It is crazy to me how 5 years ago rangers fans were torn on whether to fire torts or keep torts. Saying he was too negative, didnt understand the new age of hockey and was horrible for our team.

      Here we are now and we managed to get a coach how is roughly a million times more stubborn and clueless than Torts. At least torts showed he can adjust in CBJ, but AV has been making the same mistakes for over a decade dating back to his time in vancouver.

      I really cant believe what we are watching with AV. It is truly remarkable how clueless he is. Maybe he is coaching to get fired because he earned a guaranteed extension so he will collect his checks.

      I have no clue, but hes ruined my favorite sports team in the Rangers. Watching this coach/management squander the greatest goalie of all time is really sad.

      I had no idea that when AV decided to run stralman out of town and ask for Tanner Glass that we would never get close to the stanley cup again with hank. It is really sad that I have to watch these games with anger as AV plays worse players over good ones and never holds himself accountable.

      • Mancunian Candidate says:

        Well said. Definitely worth reminding the fan base that Vigneault had no problem with losing Stralman to keep Danny G.

        • Walt says:


          What about the other pylon twin, Staal????? These are AV type players, cream puffs!!!!!!!!!

      • Richter1994 says:

        There was a lot going on behind the scenes with Torts, as I was told by people who are somewhat in the know. The guy sounded like he was a psycho, harping on stupid little things that drove the players crazy and eventually they had enough, starting with the goalie who had a big say after that season.

        As for Stralman, you would think that he would have been perfect for AV’s system, whatever that is. But if you notice, the more input AV has had with personnel the worse the team gets. It’s not a coincidence.

  2. Jerry says:

    Far better compete level, with the same results, against a third string goal tender.
    What you see is what you get. And as long as this team is happy with that ‘participation medal’ we will be mired in mediocrity……
    Let us grow a pair and make some REAL moves geared towards the FUTURE, and break this vicious cycle we are mired in.

    • Richter1994 says:

      yep agreed my friend.

      Stop jerking around and do what needs to be done. I think that we are all tired of seeing this crap.

  3. Gary says:

    It’s not that bad. Is what it is. Gorton left an incomplete team in place to start the season and as long as he has a plan to complete the team @ the deadline and this O/S, I’m fine with it.

    Grabs value has never been higher. Nash’s has never been lower, but it’s still high. Holden is P/O D depth for a contending team. What we need back is another 1st, a young D like Carlo and a solid young forward that plays with jam.

    Hope the hell Hank can hold up for another year, bring over Shestyorkin and here ya go. It’s all good. Just like Gorton drew it up, lol.

    Now watch him go all Sather on us.

  4. orangemike says:

    Well at least they gave one period of effort last night. Watch the Phil Kessel goal; what an awesome job by all five Rangers standing around for a half hour watching him shoot. Perfect. Umm…someone might want to get closer than fifteen feet away from Kessel every once in a while. And if they’re going to give up 800 shots in every game, Jeff Gorton might as well trade Hank and bring up the ECHL goalkeeper. Or put me in goal; the result will be the same.

    Whatever they’re paying Shattenkirk it’s about double what he’s worth. Who the hell thought he was a top defenseman? No they couldn’t pay Yandle, now they have a guy who gives away the puck ten feet in front of Hank 50 times a game. And, again as usual, a guy who’s been in the league for fifteen minutes is given a wide open shot with a half hour to tee it up ten feet in front of Hank.. Great job right there. And they can let Sidney Crosby skate around like Peggy Fleming for three hours. Those of you under 40; Google the name. You’ll get the reference.

    And, of course, when the Rangers actually had a lead, courtesy of one of the two or three NHL-level forwards left on the roster, Rick Nash fumbles the puck with a chance to give the team a 3-1 lead. Does it seem to anyone else that it’s been about fifteen years since the Rangers had a two-goal lead? I hope Nash enjoys himself playing for Colorado next year. Oh, or maybe Winnipeg. Oh, I forgot. He’s a great teammate; Gorton will sign him to a long-term contract, with a raise. 44 games, 9 goals, 9 assists. Yep.

    Have a great day, everyone. Regards- orange

    • Walt says:


      Regarding Peggy Fleming, that’s the type of skater AV loves, sign her up for next season as a power forward on this team.

      During the off season everyone was saying how good Shatty was, and as usual, the lone voice who gets under people’s skin was saying he is piss poor on defense. And they poo pooed me for it, oh well such is life!

      Maybe we should give the gum chewer another 5 year extension for turning our beloved Rangers into an embarrassment…………..

      • orangemike says:

        Walt with all due respect, the coach is not on the ice on these breakaways when Ranger forwards repeatedly hit the opposition’s fourth-string goalie in the chest. I know you hate the coach; I get it. When Torts was here you disparaged him too. I used to tell my employees, however, don’t come to me with a problem, come to me with a solution. I would agree with you that the coach will probably take the hit if this team continues to drop and misses the playoffs. It will be interesting to see what happens in April if that happens, given, you know, the extension and all. He wouldn’t be the first coach to be let go after having been given an extension.

        IMHO, this mess falls more on Gorton than the coach. That’s just my opinion, you can disagree if you want. Ice hockey, again just my opinion, is more about the players than the coach. This roster is worse than it was three years ago, and I don’t think there’s much help in Hartford. And if I remember correctly, you were among the crowd who wanted to run Dan Girardi out of town. I think he’s injured now, but he’s played big minutes for the best team in the league. Hagelin’s gone; an important cog in Pittsburgh. The Rangers had no use for him? Brian Boyle, a real checking forward, was too old two years ago- Rangers can’t use him. He has 11 goals for the Devils, of all people. I already complained about Yandle.

        The moves Gorton has made haven’t worked. Other teams have Kucherov, Crosby and Ovechkin. The Rangers have, um….Rick Nash. Well maybe AV has more input into the roster than I think; I just think it’s more about the players. Again, just MHO. Trying to stay warm, 3 degrees this morning in Rochester. Rangers stink, Knicks stink, Syracuse stinks, the Giants stink. Been a rough five months for me; have mercy.

        Enjoy. Regards- orange

        • Walt says:


          Your right, I was one of the people calling for Tort’s to get his walking papers. At the time he lost the locker room, and repeated it in Vancouver. He was given another shot by JD, and he’s come around considerably since.

          The players play the game, but if your constantly looking over your shoulder, scared to death to make a mistake, and get benched, that is on the coach. His system stinks, every decent coach has adjusted to it, and come the second part of the season, as last year, we smell to high heaven.

          Management has indeed made some poor moves, Hags being one, along with Stralman. I question the Boyle move, but he wanted a different role, other than being a fourth line guy. It turned out to be a bigger mistake than we all figured at the time. The worst trade was for E Staal, and the way this buffoon, AV, used the man. This is on the guy behind the bench, because E Staal went to the Wild, and is playing some very good hockey, something he couldn’t under AV.

          Dan Girardi was exposed during the finals against the Kings. The guy couldn’t skate, had a poor shot, made a great snow angel, and was playing first pair because AV liked the man. I loved Dan, but he lost it under Tort’s system, his body took a pounding, and he couldn’t function under the Pro-cees employed by AV. Bottom line, he is washed up, and the only reason he’s playing for the Bolts is they have a dire need for a RHD!

          Take care orange…………

    • Walt says:


      You don’t work for the company located at 343 State Street do you????

  5. Pas44 says:

    I do not want to see Grabner wearing another jersey next season.
    Henrik, you have my blessing to go elsewhere for your much deserved Cup.

    I loved Smith’s hit on Read… Loved it, OTH.
    He’ll be benched next game for sure.

    Funny you hit a Penguin and someone on that team drops the gloves, Yo AV, thats called a TEAM concept, Douche! Your not worth crap without the 2 goalies you’ve been blessed to have buddy!

  6. amy says:

    this is what happens when you come off a bye week you get embarrassed at home against the Isles then you follow it up against a pens team who are hitting on all cylinders what is the answer to the question they have to start on time and stop depending on Henrik you will burn him out look at who is coming the flyers who are fighting for a spot

  7. Joe Cafaro says:

    On the Bruins …when you retaliate the way Smith did …Cassidy will tell the media afterward how much he loves guys taking care of each other. AV sits the guy. The best puck mover and passer on the team plays a minute. The pro cess is a Cess Pool.

  8. Dan says:

    I can only get to one or two games a year (bc it’s so expensive) and my fiancé usually trys to treat me for my birthday. Last year I went to the debacle against Dallas where they gave up 6 goals and the crowd was boo’ing when hank got taken out.

    Now I’m going Thursday against buffalo (the only team we’ve beaten in the last month it feels) as this team is getting closer and closer to completely imploding. Yay.

    I know Kreider is out, and Stepan is gone .., but there just can’t be any way we are this bad. Last year, I was not for firing AV. I thought to myself, who would replace him? Gallant? (Who’s Florida team was a mess). I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and see how they responded the rest of the year. But that Ottawa series really did it for me.

    And this year is a different story, there needs to be a change. Even if it is just to hold everyone accountable because it doesn’t seem to me that he is. The way this team comes out game after game is embarrassing. Other than hank, there is no leadership. We can’t have our goalie be our captain. He can’t hit people, can’t score goals, can’t fight, can’t light a spark on the bench … bc he’s not on the f’n bench! He’s the one they’re hanging out to dry night in and night out.

    These last few weeks have told me this team needs a shake up because it’s not working anymore. I loved that team in 2012 that almost made the finals, not because Torts was the coach, but because we had guys like Callahan, Dubi, Prust, and Boyle who gave it everything on every shift.

    We need someone who’s in the middle between torts and AV. Just my opinion. Good luck watching this week everyone.

    • Joe Cafaro says:

      Dan that ‘12 team had heart. The ‘94 Team had heart AND leadership. This team has neither. After Hank… The closest player with a heartbeat is Zuc.

      • roadrider says:

        The ’94 team also had Messier, Leetch, Zubov, Graves, Beukeboom, Larmer, etc.. In other words, a lot more talent.

      • Pas44 says:

        I want to ADD smith, grabner and fas to this list of heart please.

        and IMO some of our other players, BUCH the latest, lost heart due to their leadership ways.

        no team building skills with this coach, we need a team to get any heart going…

    • Walt says:


      Like Joe said, we are a heartless team, too vanilla, and when someone shows some sign of life, AV sends that player to Syberia for a spell.

      I hate to post remarks like these, I love this team, have followed them since I was 9, but enough is enough. All I want for Christmas is a Stanley Cup. Well maybe a few cups, I’m greedy………….I’m long of tooth, and father time is running out on me, so I’d really like more than the one I got in 94, we can’t go another 54 years to win again!

      • Pas44 says:

        sad days. something has to happen.

        coaches and systems have expiration dates…

      • Ranger17 says:

        Hey Walt one Cup for me also . Ranger Fan since 1949 born in 1941 seen the good the bad and the ugly and it is getting UGLY again quick need to make a few subtle changes before it is too late . LGR

        • Walt says:

          Ranger 17

          Glad to see there are other relics like myself on this site, but you got me by 5 years. That only means you suffered more than me as a fan, so I tip my hat to you young man!!!!!!! LOL

          As for the UGLY, hey they can correct that with one fell swoop, show the coach the door………

  9. SalMerc says:

    We have a top 6 that isn’t scoring goals. Look at the output of Zucc, Nash, and Zinbad for example over the last 10 games. It is abysmal. Our defense never was good, but we have 3 out of 7 guys who shouldn’t be playing at all.

    Time for a make-over. Get some picks, call a hindu and move on to 2018.

  10. Stuyvesant says:

    It probably best they fall out of the race so management’s hand is forced-trade Nash, Grabs, Holden etc and or can AV. Bring up the young guys on D, play Buchs and Lettieri more. Eve bring in Andersson for the last part of the season. Thats somewhat exciting even if they miss the playoffs. This team as constituted has some nice skilled players upfront or when they score it’s a result of nice skilled playmaking…but they dont have a few go to guys who can score when it counts from wherever…then after you have that, you need 1-2 guys who dont necessarily have to drop the gloves but can get down and dirty in the corners, stand in front of the net…they dont have either of those…on D Shattenkirk is not a grade A defenseman but you cannot play him who the GM signed and Smith who you gave an extension less minutes consistently than Holden, etc and play Kampfer over them. Thats ridiculous

  11. Spozo says:

    Who actually thought this team without Kreider, Hayes, and McDonagh was going to go to Pittsburg and win?

    But seriously just fire the coach so I don’t have to hear for the rest of the year about how awful he is. Maybe once he is gone we can actually focus on how poorly this roster was constructed this year.

  12. Peter says:

    Last night does not bother me as much as the Isle’s game because they were missing so many pkayers last night and the compete level was better. But no matter what, this team should be selling and selling a lot at the deadline.

  13. Andy says:

    That was just tough to watch. We are not beating any of these contenders in the play offs. We could not keep up with The Penn’s all game long. It’s time to start working the market to sell off some assets and accept this is not our year. Good news is this is a strong draft year. Move out as many UFA’s as possible and let the kids play and see what they can do.

  14. HARLEMBLUES says:

    I’ve said it over and over to many nice guys on this team. They take far more than they give. It comes from the Coach who’s stubborn as they come. It seems to me that he doesn’t let guys play their game or be who they are. He has a system and that’s it. AV has run his course. The Rangers should be smart sellers at the deadline.

  15. agentsmith says:

    blaming AV is the cop out. just look at the two rosters playing this game. outclassed. huge talent shortage.

    usage? every permutation of our HORRIFIC d corps has been tried already. so enough with that nonsense.

    • Mancunian Candidate says:

      It should take half the season to realize the D in its current state sucks? And as far as trying every permutation—does 6 periods of McDonagh-Shattenkirk as a pairing come anywhere close to the length of time that Vigneault has had Nick Holden (on his off hand, mind you) with McD? Which pairing has been more responsible for horrific defensive play?

      The coach is blameless somehow when he adheres to a man-to-man defensive system that is clearly beyond the capabilities of his roster to execute? The coach is blameless when he cannot see that the athleticism of Anthony DeAngelo fits his system, while the vision-impaired and cement-shod Marc Staal does not? The coach is blameless when $11 million worth of defensemen (Shatty and Smith) aren’t given a fair shot to move up in the defensive rotation, despite the constant atrocious play put forth by Holden & Staal & Kampfer? I’m so tired of people making excuses for Vigneault—he needs to be fired today. His system doesn’t win even when his roster has the ability to make it functional—as his failures to win Cups now in 3 cities demonstrates.

      • Walt says:


        Oh so well said. There are too many AV apologists whose vision is questionable, and or don’t want to see!!!!!!

      • Ray says:

        Nobody on this roster is being held below his proper station. It may be that the system is wrong for the players – and it may be that some players are being given too much responsibility, but it is utter hogwash that there are players who are being given too little responsibility.

        The Rangers want Shattenkirk to be a first pair defenseman. Look, they invested a lot of money in him. The problem is that he is simply awful in his own end. He’s had plenty of chances to contradict that – he hasn’t. Smith could have been a first pair defenseman, but he came into camp out of shape and offers no consistent commitment.

        It is nice to have players that win games, but players who lose more games than they win are a problem. Last night was terrible, the
        rangers were outplayed. Lundqvist was solid, but he wasn’t great. On his best day, Hank wins last night’s game. Guys like Staal and Holden may be weak links, but they don’t lose as many games as the Shattenkirks and DeAngelos do.

        You want as many games as possible decided by your best players. It isn’t the defensemen Hank has to bail out that are the problem; it is those he cannot bail out.

        BTW, when the forward corps is weak, it puts tons of pressure on the defense. Somehow, it is okay for Hank to give up so many goals because there were a lot of shots, but nobody cuts the defense any slack when the forwards aren’t helping.

        • Walt says:

          DeAngelo???????? When was he in the line up the last four months, I must have missed that somehow!!!!!

    • HARLEMBLUES says:

      There are bad Coaches or Coaches that lose the locker room. Yes you can blame a Coach for many things. Like how many times this team comes not to play. That’s not a talent issue. Yes teams have bad games or a bad stretch due to it being a long season and all. Never should a team not give a full 60 minutes of effort.

  16. Bkekk says:

    They should absolutely look into selling at least some of this team come the trade deadline especially the UFA (Nash, Grab, desharnais). They look like a joke out there and clearly are not playing for AV. Defense looks slow tired and can’t get the puck out. Bring up some young guns like Deangelo, lettieri, chytil even and find a more competitive roster/ ego next season along with firing this retarded coaching staff who can’t run a team that consistently plays veterans over your players like buchnevich. Guy has an absolute lethal shot and has awesome chemistry with Zib. We are doomed for next season if things don’t change by 2018-19 season. Starts off with firing this pathetic coach by the offseason. PLeaseeeee

  17. avsucks says:

    Coaches are hired to be fired, once thats done no one is safe. move them out all that you can starting with the first line. lets atleast see the kids the rest of the way.

  18. JoeG says:

    i cant say for certain whether or not AV has lost the room, but it seems that the players aren’t getting the message that he has been delivering over the past few weeks. we have been outplayed the last 10 games. Extremely weak board play, and a complete lack of physicality. Not only that, but we have yet to play a full 60 minutes of a game. I cant blame the coach because he isn’t taking the ice at night, however it seems as if their is a disconnect between the players and coach. Things are only getting worse as now we have let up 5 plus goals in 3 out of 5 games, and it appears that the only bright light has been our goaltending. why wait to fall out of a play off spot before me make a trade… what is the organization doing? we lost our best winger, than found out he is likely done for the season. Now, i understand trades don’t happen instantly, but something needs to happen before we slip 10 points back of a wild card. Unfortunately for us we cant go on another slump due to our horrific play the first 8 games of the year. right now we are stuck at a cross road, and need to make a decision on who to keep and who to let go. personally, i think desharnais needs to go, he is a weak and slow. doesn’t create opportunity and is only killing time out there. We cant let this past 3 weeks determine our season. we still have one of the best goalies to play the game and need to stand behind him, and protect his ass. Really hoping for a spark, a glimmer of light to keep this season going, I’m tired of watching other Metro teams playing in May and thinking of what could have been…..