Rangers no show again, lose to Chicago

January 4, 2018, by
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Call it Winter Classic hangover. Call it just another no show. But the Rangers dropped an ugly and winnable one to Chicago last night by a score of 5-2. Don’t let the score fool you, this was not as close as the 3-2 score (two empty netters for Chicago) would make you think. The Rangers played an ugly game. They didn’t create on offense and didn’t care on defense. The reason why this was close was again, Henrik Lundqvist.

Jeff “Not Tanner” Glass wasn’t really tested much as he won his second NHL game in 13 pro seasons. He only faced four even strength (six total) shots in the first, and then another two at evens (eight total) in the second. That’s right folks, the Rangers put up a total of 14 shots, 6 at even strength, in the first two periods. They woke up in the third. Sorta.

On to the goals:

Hawks 1, Rangers 0

This was a hard one to analyze, since it’s not really a huge break down. Jordan Oesterle’s initial shot goes wide. Kevin Shattenkirk lost a step on Toews, who got to the carom off the boards as Vinnie Hinostroza got one step on Marc Staal. Toews and Hinostroza had perfect timing, and was really a bang-bang play. I’m not going to sit here and criticize Staal or Shatty on this one. It’s a hockey play, it happens.

Rangers 1, Hawks 1

This was just a very nicely placed shot by Nick Holden. He used the defender as the screen. Glass never saw it.

Hawks 2, Rangers 1

Nick Schmaltz got a step on Brady Skjei, and turned on the jets for the partial break. Skjei spun around as Schmaltz slid it under Hank, but not in. Staal slid on the back check while getting cross checked and knocked the puck into his own net. A lot of people were calling for a penalty on Ryan Hartman on this one.

Rangers 2, Hawks 2

When in doubt, feed the puck to Mika Zibanejad on the powerplay. Good passing by Mats Zuccarello and Pavel Buchnevich as well.

Hawks 3, Rangers 2

What I don’t like on this play is the initial pressure by Brendan Smith on Alex Debrincat by the red line. It left a passing lane open to David Kampf. Kampf took the pass and promptly got the puck over to the better player in Patrick Sharp. Boo Nieves came back to cut off the pass back to Kampf, but there was already enough room for Sharp to tee up the shot over Hank’s glove, picking the corner.

Hawks 4, Rangers 2

Jonathan Toews empty netter.

Hawks 5, Rangers 2

Patrick Kane empty netter.

Score Adjusted Corsi (even strength)

This is just plain old ugly. The Hawks controlled the game from the start.

Scoring Chances (all strengths)


Since this game stunk, here’s a reason to smile:


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  1. James Carr says:

    The reluctance of the forwards on this team to put pucks to the net and go to the dirty areas and blue paunt of the ice really showed tonight.

  2. Walt says:

    The way we played last night was an example of how we are a team with a bunch of tin men, no heart!!!!! Everyone should refunds their paychecks from that game, piss poor display!

    • upstatetom says:

      the way they played last knight relects soley on their coaching and management. if they can’t correct this problem by now they should ALL be fired !! no excuses, they have a kid that scores in his 1st game then he’s put in the freakin press box, for christ sakes give these kids some incentive !!! nobody has any reason to go the extra mile the way this clown runs the team. also your right if they can’t do any better than that, their paychecks should be revoked. let’s go george mcphee and your glorius(( vegas golden knights)) yeah !!! that’s what you call “DETERMINATION” and hard work. the rangers instead of watching their own videos maybe they should watch the vegas videos. (really sick of this CRAP) this is the most absolute worst since 1962 !!!!

      • Walt says:


        The post sounds very familiar to me, I couldn’t have said it any better, but what do we know?

        • upstatetom says:

          i would just like a team that works hard from start of game too the end and the rangers aren’t it, players or managers !!!

  3. orangemike says:

    Another poor offensive effort. Zib has disappeared (P.S. I know he scored last night. I could score on a 5-on-3, and my granddaughter could have scored in that situation. She’s 7); no Kreider. Is Rick Nash still on the team? Nick Holden has to score? Again the Rangers make a fourth-string goalkeeper look like Ken Dryden. Please shoot the puck. Please. Well, maybe they can get a goal against the AHL team in Arizona, although I’m skeptical.

    Stay safe in the polar vortex, everyone. Regards- orange

    • Ray says:

      Actually I don’t think Zib disappeared at all. I don’t think he has ever really looked like a dominating player. What he is is a sniper with a deadly shot. And last night the Rangers did a decent job of setting him up and Zib wasn’t hesitant about shooting at all. The problem was that all but one of his shots were wild. Hopefully, this is a just a post-layoff thing.

  4. Richter1994 says:


    Wow. I mentioned yesterday about a possible letdown after the WC but I was wrong, it was a complete no show. A nice 5 on 3 goal and a lucky seeing eye goal by Holden was the extent of it.

    Memo to Zuc: When you’re within 5 feet of the goal, SHOOT THE PUCK. What’s with them with shooting the puck? Are they that lacking in confidence that they don’t shoot? I hammered Hayes on Tuesday for the same thing. Just very, very frustrating.

    Not that it had any impact on the outcome, but I for one am tired of seeing David Desharnais on the ice. And then seeing him on the PP makes it outright ridiculous. Me and my buddies in my section were having a lot of laughs about him, but we needed something to make us feel like going to the game was worth it.

    At one point the SOG were 22-7.

    The funny thing is that given the Hawks’ dominance, the Rangers’ D was actually decent. The problem was the Rangers never had the puck. That being said, the Rangers can have 2 defenders in front of their net and they both “watch” the Hawks’ player pt the puck in the net. That happens way too often during their games.

    Now the next 2 games are pretty much “must wins” or at least a 3 out of 4 point type of thing to keep this from being another long streak of badness.

    People that complain about Lunqvist’s contract are actually right. He should get more than he’s getting now. Bad contract. For Henrik.

    • Richter1994 says:

      Just as I was complaining about DD, a very good friend of mine and big Ranger fan text me what a bad player he is, lol.

      • BleedingBlueSince62 says:

        DD is a placeholder. He is too small to play in the crunch of tight NHL games. I really believe almost anyone could get 25-30 points centering lines on this team. Chytil should be given a shot before we go into another major crater. Can’t you feel the meltdown coming?

        • Richter1994 says:

          If by “meltdown” you mean the King buckling, then absolutely. I said this 2 weeks ago that at some point Henrik will just collapse from all these “play it like a playoff” regular season games.

          Very simply, if the Rangers are not going to trade Nash, Grabner, and Holden for picks to rebuild, then they need to look internally for younger players like Chytil, Graves, DeAngelo and future HOFamer VINNIE LETTIERI (lol) to replace stiffs like DD, Holden, and Carey (I like Carey because of his heart but he stinks as a hockey player).

    • Ray says:

      What difference does it make who is on the PP when Jimmy Vesey is on the ice?

      • Richter1994 says:

        Just another point to be made maybe but DD over Hayes? lol

        If you use 8 forwards out of the 10 players on the PP, I would say that DD is like the 12th or 13th of the 16 forwards in the pecking order. And if you add Lettieri and Chytil to the lineup then DD is like last or next to last.

    • Lace says:

      It stinks to lose and it sucks more loosing the season series to Chicago but the Hawks are a good team that was in need of a win last night to salvage their piss pour road trip. So they came out ready to play last night from the Get.
      There was obvious let down last night so I wouldn’t read too much into that one particular game.
      However, in the grand scheme of things, this is the kind of game you would expect a cup contender to attend or at least wake up by the half way mark. The Rangers were beaten handedly in every aspect from start to finish. Although it was only a 3-2 game, the 5-2 finish better reflects the effort put forth or lack thereof. Until the Rangers can get up and at least challenge an opponent in a game like this, they are not contenders.

      • Richter1994 says:

        I’ll be honest, I really don’t mind the losses if the Rangers play well in the game. It happens.

        But tell me, how many “good” games have they played this year so far? Mere wins do not count, I’m talking where they carried the play for at least 2/3rds of a game. I have seen almost every game this year and if I get to 10 then I think that’s pushing it. The goalies have been basically credited for most of their wins.

  5. joe cafardo says:

    Turnovers in the neutral zone allowing Chicago to ignite and use their speed and again…the annoying tendency to not put pucks on the net and instead try for the better pass allowed Chicago’s third tier goalie to have a nice view of the game.

  6. King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

    Sharpe is a sharp sniper

  7. Buch Nieves says:

    The game was not as close as the score indicated, until the two empty netters rectified that.

  8. pas44 says:

    Rick Nash is a Gamer.

    We continually get everything out of his role on this team that we paid for!
    How many games does he take this team under his wing and change the outcome.
    I have lost count over the years.

    And lets not forget the playoffs! can’t wait to see him come alive.

    • Richter1994 says:

      I am a huge Nash fan but the last 2 games were probably the worst of his season so far. Invisible is putting it mildly.

      • James1090 says:

        This seems to be a problem with this team. Not just Nash, but some others as well.

        • Buch Nieves says:

          a) Too many playmakers, not enough elite shooters?
          b) Guys who love the tic-tac-toe play at the risk of springing an odd man rush against?
          c) A glaring need for a top six center?
          d) All of the above?

          • Richter1994 says:

            Not enough elite shooters? How about none. Zib being the best of all the Rangers.

            • Spozo says:

              Kreiger is next in line as the best “shooter” but only in the sense that he actually shoots the puck. He doesn’t have a rocket like Zib and relies on his wrister most of the time but him and Zib are probably the only “shoot first” guys on this team.

              And Zib is fresh off a concussion and Kreider out until likely March, this may get ugly in a hurry!

              But still it’s one stinker. I’m not jumping off the ledge until this becomes a trend.

              And let’s remember, despite the “mediocre” description Dave places on the majority of the Rangers opponents, any team on any given night can beat you if you don’t bring your A game.

              • Richter1994 says:

                Yep, agree my friend. At least Kreider has some sort of shooting skill in his game.

                From the time he got here, I was shocked at the lack of umph on Nash’s shots. Not the snap that I thought he had.

                Other than TB and maybe one or two other teams, aren’t the rest in pretty much the same boat? Except for the extremely bad bottom feeders?

                It’s like our country: 2% at the top, 2% at the bottom, and then you have the 96% which represents the middle class.

              • Pavel_burito says:

                Lol. Kreiger. Love it, if it was intentional

            • James1090 says:

              My point exactly. There isn’t anyone currently on the Rangers that could have sniped that goal like Sharp did last night.

              • Richter1994 says:

                Jagr is the last guy to be THAT guy. Gaborik was when was younger but he scored more “garbage goals” than snipes when he was here.

          • pas44 says:

            I could be crazy, but for a long time now I have watched guys pass to Nash instead of letting it go, I know this sounds silly, but I have seen so many open shots get pushed to Nash only for him to try to do too much with his power moves only to give the puck up!

          • Lace says:

            Honestly, in my humble opinion the Rangers have enough talent to win with. Personally I think the back end could use a little help but I think their biggest flaw is in locker room.
            Games like last night need someone that will stand up and rally the troops or lead by example on the ice. Doesn’t have to be a star, just a guy that will play every min of every shift. Throw a big hit or start a fight or even yell at the players for dogging it the first 20 mins. Too many passengers on this teams. This was the reason I thought McDonagh was wrong for team Captain. Not sure that guy exists on this team as currently constructed.

        • pas44 says:

          But “others” aren’t in the position of #61.

          He is the guy who is supposed to take over, to light the spark in others as well.

          he is a big Charlie Brown, super guy, makes plays but is not what an NHL teams needs in the role he was signed up to be.

      • pas44 says:

        All I am saying is time in and time out, way more times then not, other teams big names are making it happen, last night Towes, Kane ( I do not like Kane at all ) and Sharp, made it happen, and made others happen by their play and heart…

        I am not a nah sayer to nay Rangers, but the fact is and honestly has been, #61 is not playing like the player we need in his given role on this club.

        we have to stop making excuses, no team offered anything for him, he is a money pitt

        • Richter1994 says:

          Not saying Nash isn’t a cap drain but he’s still a top 3 forward on this team. Part of that is a bad commentary on the Ranger forwards as a whole.

          You can’t have elite players drafting 15 to 30 year after year. Top picks:

          Chicago: Toews, Kane
          Washington: Ovi
          NYI: Tavares
          Edmonton: McJesus, Hall, RNH
          Toronto: Matthews
          Pitts: Crosby, Malkin

          All at the top of the draft. We blew it with Tarasenko in 2010.

          The most dynamic draft choice we have had that is not a goalie is Kovalev, 25 years ago. Cherapanov (RIP) would have been.

      • scrangersfan says:

        Do you think that Nash is playing good enough to earn the 7.8 million a year he is paid? I don’t!

        • Richter1994 says:

          Nope, not at all, but he does and it’s his last year. Like I said above, he’s still a top 3 forward on this team and where would the Rangers be if he were not on the team the last 5 years?

  9. BleedingBlueSince62 says:

    This team is dooomed with Nash and Staal.
    MNaybe you don’t want to blame Staal for the first goal, but I do, He’s a fucking turnstile for Hinostroza to walk through, without even paying his fare, and leaves Hank totally unprotected. Staal is weak, slow and USELESS. as someone said, does he have to shoot someone on Fifth avenue to get scratched? Two goals hung on him last night, reaching his apotheosis getting knocked over like a duckpin and shoving in an own goal. How many points does this skeleton have to cost us? He is worse than Girardi at his nadir. And my friends in Tampa cant believe how bad Gi is even with sheltered minutes. God what madness those contracts were.

    Here’s a simple question: would Staal be on this team if he didn’t have a locked in contract? HHAAAAHHAAAAA. so why is he playing every night? He personally has us on the bubble. If he played just adequate defense, we would have at least six more points, probably 8 to 10. He is a black hole.

    Nash is invisible and useless. He sometimes plays good fundamental hockey, but, really, SO WHAT? Bury his sorry ass on the fourth line – or, wait, our fourth line is really good and productive, so maybe not. WHAT DOES IT TELL YOU that most observers wouldn’t want to put our $7 million wing on our fourth line because he’d screw it up??? Only a coach like AV could take that fact and turn it into playing him on the first line. What a SHOCK we looked horrible and got thumped by a struggling team.

    • Buch Nieves says:

      What a mean spirited rant. It detracts from any decent point you are trying to make when you blame Staal, who is about to sweep the puck out of harm’s way, and then is catapulted by a monster, illegal cross check in the back into the net.

      But, hey, you know you’re right, so it’s all good, eh?

      I think Staal has been a pleasant surprise this season, but is he limited in what he can do, absolutely.

      And many have mentioned that Nash is not playing well right now, especially on the line with Hayes and Grabner.

  10. Peter says:

    I am sure that the Hawks playing a very disciplined game had a lot to do with the Rangers looking as poorly as they did last night. But, aside from Buchnevich diving for a puck on a play last night, I didn’t see much battling by the team. Lackluster effort begets another loss. The Hawks have some fine players, but if you don’t try to test their backup net minder more, then you are failing to exploit a possible chink in their armor.

    If they play like this for another month and they don’t sell at the trade deadline, then I will be watching a lot of Leafs and Golden Knights’ games. I am tired of not quite good enough and lack of effort.

    Stay safe and warm everyone up north. We had snow and ice in Savannah for the first time in the 12 years we’ve lived here. Brrrrr!

  11. craig says:

    AV decides to sit Letterie again, The kid brought some energy and enthusiasm in his first game, scores a goal, and is benched the next two games. Why not allow him to play? I realize the kid is unproven in the NHL, but sometimes a hungry rookie can give a spark to a lethargic forward group. AV has a proven track record, and is a overall winner, but he sometimes lacks a fire and it is reflected sometimes in the teams lethargic play. The exciting Winter Classic had to somewhat drain the team, but part of the coaches responsibility is to get the troops fired up and mentally prepared for the next game. I believe that some of the blame, but not all of it, for inconsistency, goes to the coaching staff, The way Chicago totally out hustled them all game was pathetic and inexcusable. If it wasn’t for Hank, the Blackhawks could have scored seven or eight goals.Great (not just good) teams are consistent in their efforts, day in, and day out, and that’s what sets them apart.

    • pas44 says:

      who should sit in his place?


      I don’t agree.

      • Richter1994 says:

        You have 2 #s there that are easily replaceable to give Lettieri a real chance. I would prefer #28.

      • art says:

        DD needs to sit for Letteri. Although DD has had some moments he is mostly ineffective. I believe his best game of the season (2 assists) came after he had been benched for a couple of games.

        Letteri gives us that shoot first mentality we are lacking. Lets give the kid several games and see what he can do. The downside is minimal. Its not like DD plays perfect hockey.

        AV wake up

  12. pas44 says:

    I really liked #24 last night, Boo is looking really good, strong with the puck, his play is fierce and he keeps it going all shift…

    nice to see this kid hitting a next level a little bit


    • Walt says:


      It took an act of Congress to get the kid in th lineup in the first place. This is why I call for kids being given a legitimate shot at playing, not 9 minute over three games like the Chytle kid got!!!!!!!!

  13. Ray says:

    The Rangers were clearly outclassed, but the game was reasonably close. Lundqvist played reasonably well, but he was hardly unbelievable. There were no shots where he had no chance at all and he let three by. [not saying he should have stopped any of them, only saying that goalies will sometimes stop such shots]. There were of course also a number of really good shots he stopped. All in all, I’d say bit better performance than the .909 save percentage indicates.

    Hockey is a funny game where a few good moments are more important than unrelenting pressure. And that almost paid off last night. The Ranger problem no though is clearly a lack of forward depth. no Stepan, no Kreider, an aging Nash, a not completely healthy Zibanejad, and no real replacements.

    • Hockey Sittoo says:

      You are in the minority if you don’t think Hank was stellar. Zero chance on either of first 2. 50-50 on third.

  14. scrangersfan says:

    Let’s not wait for the trading deadline, let the house cleaning start now. This team does not have the talent or the heart to be a serious cup contender. Just to get into the playoffs is not good enough. One cup in 76 years just doesn’t cut it for Me. Blow up the whole team and start from scratch. No one should be untouchable and I mean no one!!!!!!!!

  15. Buch Nieves says:

    In general, I am not one to play lineup guessing games, but I do think moving J.T. back to center and demoting DD (possibly to the press box) would be helpful.

    Miller does at least a credible job as a 2nd line center, whereas, DD is just not able to.

  16. avsucks says:

    Shoot the puck! Boo is a keeper, he shows some grit. we need more guys like him.

  17. Odielishous says:

    I don’t hate Staal. And I think Nash is very overrated.

    Staal: Is a excellent perimeter defenseman. He can move up with the rush. Makes for the most part good reads. Is he a offensive juggernaut …No way in hell. Does this make him a bad defender? IMO Not in the slightest. Is he overpaid? More then likely. Does he have bad moments when the forwards bail on him and he has no outlet? Sure. But any defender in this league besides the elite have this problem.

    Nash: Is a good power forward with a strong defensive tendency. He has no wrist shot to speak of…seriously when is the last ripper you saw off his stick? Has hands of a magician. Can carry the play when he wants but is scared of concussions. Has a inability to lift a puck up when in tight on a goalie. How many toe or pad saves have been made on him? And he very rarely gets beat on the defensive side of the game. I don’t mind having him on the team at 3 million a yr. or less.

    I am no AV supporter in any way shape or form but the guy gets results for the regular season. If your franchise wants a playoff spot he is the guy to hire. Does his system have playoff flaws? Sure. But as a owner if you are looking for a guy to get your team over the hump and into the playoffs which without a doubt Carolina Hurricanes are desperate for…he is the man. I mean Ranger fans might just be a little spoiled. 7th season of playoffs and looks like we might make it 8 this year. Carolina is in it’s 8th season of no playoffs and it sure looks likely to make it 9.

    Guess my point is perspective. Is AV the GOAT? No way in hell. Is Staal a elite defender. No way in hell. Is Nash a ALLSTAR power forward. No way in hell. Staal like giardi has been through hell and back with this team. I mean the guy almost lost an eye, had a concussion, and god knows how many injuries he has played through. Yet he is the first guy people attack? How about ripping into Smith. Who sat for the first 10 something games cause he went out over the summer and got fat and lazy. And came into camp looking like a big mess. He hasn’t improved much and left staal and lunquist out to dry on the sharp shot last night. He got crushed in the back with a ferocious cross check and pushed the puck in the net. Where was Smith on that play? Off in a corner checking on his hotdog vendor? Stop being so quick the blame the guy who is left out to dry.

    • art says:

      The Staal haters need to simmer down. He is not an elite defenseman even though he is highly compensated. He is good at certain aspects of defending but limited in others. He never was fleet of foot and complaining that he gets turned inside out by speedsters when left one on one is a waste of time.

      Smith has actually been the bigger disappointment. We knew what we had in Staal but smith is nowhere the player he was in last years playoffs. Although he’s better then he was early in the season he still is leaving a lot to be desired. Hopefully he gets back to where he was last year soon.

      For all the itchy trigger finger traders add him to your list. What might he bring back if he returns to form?

  18. Peter says:

    Staal is a great guy who like Girardi is playing despite injuries that would thwart lesser men. Yes, I think I’d ask him to retire and instead play kids from Hartford, but I will never make fun of him.

    Nash looks like he has lost a few steps and his shot isn’t what it used to be. Without a doubt, he gives a solid effort and is also a great guy. No, I would not re-sign him at this point in his career. I’d go young there too. He has been a good player but he is paid too much to be a defensive specialist.

  19. Blue 65 says:

    First time posting:I have been watching this team since 1965, and this team has a history of being soft. When are we going to get some gritty tough players, I am tired of seeing players that are GQ cover models. No one on this team works hard from start to finish. The only time this team had tough players was the few years when they won the cup.

    This coach has no system no structure that works, looks more like a pickup game and he doesn’t make ANY IN GAME CHANGES. How does Vigneault keep moving Buchnevich from the first line to the fourth line and then back again. Never gives lines a chance to develop. Never puts young players in positions to succeed.

    When are these players going to learn that if you don’t shoot the puck you cannot score a goal. Always passing the puck they would rather lead the league in assists then goals.

    It’s time for a Brian Cashman sell off and rebuild this team with players who will do what it takes to win a cup. I’m tired of seeing a bunch of Gomer Pyle’s (no disrespect to Jim Nabors) skating for this team. Any while you’re at it get rid of this coaching staff.