Mika Zibanejad out with concussion

November 30, 2017, by

mika zibanejad

Well this is no bueno. The Rangers have announced that center and scoring machine Mika Zibanejad is out indefinitely with a concussion. There is no timetable for his return.

The Rangers don’t have any replacements for Zibanejad at all. Their center depth is now Kevin Hayes, JT Miller, David Desharnais, and possibly the newly acquired Peter Holland? It’s ugly.

Perhaps this means the Rangers recall Filip Chytil, who is tearing up the AHL. But either way, this hurts big time.


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  1. Agentsmith says:

    center depth issues? Couldn’t see that coming …

    • Fotiu is God says:

      Smitty, with all due respect: What cosmic worm hole or Deep Space nebulae have you crawled into?

      While The Devils adroitly snared our Richter’s favorite D-man, Sami Vatanen, nanoseconds ago Gorton-Drury and Company stunned the hockey world with the seismic quality Peter Holland acquisition.

      Its Ratelle for Esposito all over again. We’re gonna party like its 1979.


  2. Reenavipul says:

    Another blue ribbon for the Rangers crack medical staff!! Only took them 4-1/2 days and a game to make the diagnosis.

    To be fair, the NHL concussion protocol is a joke, so why should the Rangers be any better unless they actually want to win something besides the President’s trophy?

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      Right…of course.

      The player himself reported no symptoms after the original injury. Played against Vancouver with no issues. Still no symptoms. Then showed up to practice and the symptoms happened. What a shock…concussion symptoms taking a few days to materialize. I mean, that only happens, what, quite a bit of the time!

      So let’s see. You were wrong about Staal last year (insisted he would go on LTIR when all the reporting said otherwise). You appear to be trending the wrong way on McDonagh (although in fairness, that is still to be dertemined…..but either way your overarching point of blasting AV and the Rangers medical staff for not immediately getting surgery done is certainly wrong because he is on the road to recovery and has been medically cleared to play), and now it’s time to rip the Rangers for their handling of Zuc! Amazing.

      But who am I to argue with the Hockey Oracle! You’ve convinced me Reena. We have to get this story out to the unwashed masses who are not blessed with your amazing abilities to diagnose injuries without ever examining the patient. I’m telling you, I’m really interested in doing this story. Think of it! We can eliminate the need for doctor’s visits. Save money on health care. You can diagnose an injury on the internet and reduce the lines in emergency rooms. WOW!

      And then, when we are done with that story, we MUST do the story you’ve been advancing of tearing apart the reputation of Jim Ramsey, the Rangers trainer. He’s one of the most well-regarded trainers in the business, but we must get the truth out to public. The Rangers medical staff have proven once again to be incompetent. I mean just look at all the actions that have been filed against them by the NHLPA. Look at how few players want to play for this loathsome organization that apparently puts their players at unnecessary risk. Disgraceful! And the kicker—ALL of this is being controlled and covered up by that “schmuck” AV and by extension Gorton and Sather, who are the guys REALLY pulling the strings on these medical decisions, according to you.

      I’m telling you…these stories are HUGE!!!!!!! We must tell them. Please, get me your evidence to back this up as soon as possible. You and me buddy…we will be the Woodward and Bernstein of the hockey world!!!!!!

      • Chris F says:

        Eddie and Reen, before you continue this, give me a few minutes to make some popcorn.

        • Fotiu is God says:

          Nah, Chris… More like break out the good bourbon and the killer kush.

          Smart money says bet E3. Twelve rounds. Perhaps a TKO.

          C’mon man: No one besides Fidel or Hugo Chavez can riff ad extremum and rip, with his signature loquacious elegance like Our Eddie.

        • Fotiu is God says:

          The question is, Chris: is Eddie-Eddie-Eddie Mailer, or more Vidal?

          • Chris F says:

            Definitely Vidal. But does that make Reen Buckley?

            • Fotiu is God says:

              No, man. You drinking doubles tonight?

              You totally sketched on the matchup: it’s Gore Vidal v. Norman Mailer.

              I pegged E3 as Vidal, given his more incisor like bite.

              • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

                OMG! Hilarious. Definitely more Vidal, although a very, very poor man’s version. Just a brilliant guy.

              • Chris F says:

                No, no, no.

                I didn’t mistake Mailer for Buckley.

                But, Buckley was Vidal’s most vociferous detractor, and the two went head to head at every possible occasion.

                When I think of Eddie’s verbal jousting matches, I imagine Reen most likely on the receiving end.

              • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

                You are not too far off. My Dad knew Buckley very well, and they had some interesting discussions back in the day. 🙂

              • Chris F says:

                Buckley was crass at times, but an intellectual giant. I appreciate his witty tirades.

                Vidal was generally more civil, but could cut you down like no other.

                Some classic debates.

      • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

        Correction…I meant handling of Mika.

      • Reenavipul says:

        No, I wrote that Staal should go on LTIR for cap purposes, but pay no mind to how bad he sucked after being “cleared”

        As for McDonagh, if they had cut on him when I suggested, he’d have missed as many games as he currently has. But by holding out, they keep on risking it getting worse as no practice replicates in game effort. Everybody says it’s getting better, everybody tells a lie they want to believe. Then laparoscopic surgery turns to open surgery and it gets worse.

        TL;DR for the rest of you hagiography of the Rangers, but only a fool wouldn’t have questions on how the medical(not training)staff does their job. I’ve been there, seen it on both sides of the table.

        High school & college is one thing for skeleto-muscular issues, brain trauma is another.

        If McD was a scrub on the last year of his ELC, as management I would understand throwing him out there, but if I value him like I think they do, I’m going to be so proactive on a soft tissue injury like an ab you’d think he was my only child.

        If my 1C got drilled I’d have had him play 10 minutes of solitaire after the hit, then 2x/day after, look at his solve time and then compare to his preseason baseline on top of NHL protocol.

        The Rangers do most everything 1st class, but the medical diagnostics leaves a lot to be desired.

        • Chris F says:

          By all accounts, McDonagh is 100% and playing tomorrow.

          • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

            Nah….impossible. He’s heading for surgery. It has been decreed as so. So it is so. 🙂

            • Mancunian Candidate says:

              Lundqvist’s phantom MCL sprain was tough to deal with—it cost him no time and spurred him on to his best stretch of the season. the surgery that never happened with McD was another blow. Luckily the team dealt with Reena’s psychotic pretend diagnoses well, otherwise things could’ve really gotten ugly for NYR.

  3. Resident Genius says:

    I was reading the Good Book and started thinking about something that related to it.
    Saul was the king and was battling against the Philistines when one giant comes out and wants to fight the best man. Everyone was cowering behind rocks and not willing to battle.
    A young David decided to fight the Goliath and Saul gave him the permission to do so. You know the rest of the story.
    All the experienced warriors were unable to do the job and a young boy was.
    It was the same with Keenan. He kept Kovalev in, even though he was young and inexperienced, but be had talent. Kovalev was the one that started the comeback against the Devils.
    AV is a coach that does not have faith in the young talent and way too much faith in the experienced warriors.
    We have youth who are very talented and is sitting in Hartford. AV will never become the Cup Winner because he is afraid of winning. Hide behind your rocks AV.
    Not talking religion just an analogy.

    • Mancunian Candidate says:

      Wow, that post was insane even for you. A 6’2” 220-lb, swift, massively skilled Alexei Kovalev is equated with being an underdog? The Rangers were favored against the Devils in ‘94, so that kinda makes them the Goliath figure in your weird comparison here.

      • Resident Genius says:

        They were down 3 to 1 games and everything looked lost. Might not be the best comparison but Kovalev was young. He was not 220 pounds at age 20.

        • John B says:

          Um, the Rangers were never down 3-1 against the Devils.

          But hey, don’t let any facts get in the way.

          • Resident Genius says:

            Only 23 years ago.

            • Chris F says:


              1994, Rangers were up 2-1 in that series initially.

              Devils then won two in a row, going up 3-2 in the series, before the Rangers took game 6 and 7.

              So, while it’s a minor point, the Rangers were never down 3-1 in that series.

              • Resident Genius says:

                Ok, that is not the premise of what I wrote. My mistake. I was not focusing on that issue. Calm down.

      • John B says:

        Not only that, he allowed Kovalev to take “The Shift That Never Ended” as a punishment not a reward.

        • Resident Genius says:

          Sorry, not the same game. AV punishes by sitting and not getting a chance.

          • John B says:

            I think i’ve responded to a drunk, Schizophrenic, bi-polar amneisa patient with no earthly idea where they are, that is more coherent and makes more sense than you are with this.

        • Resident Genius says:

          Ya, you too don’t let facts get in your way!

          • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

            Boy, this was out there, even for you. The Bizarro World is cheering your attempt here. The normal world is laughing at you as usual.

            Kovalev was an up and coming star who was billed as the Russian Gretzky when the Rangers drafted him. He had already made his debut the season before under two different coaches, so there was no risk whatsoever for Keenan in continuing to play him. he was always supposed to be a part of that mix that season.

            While he never achieved the superstar or even the star status predicted for him, he was arguably the most touted Rangers prospect of the past 30 years. Certainly under AV, we have had not had a prospect even close to that. We will see about Chytil, but he’s 18 with no NHL experience. Kovalev was 20 with a half season under his belt. Not even remotely the same.

            Everything else John B and MC said were right on the button.

            Wrong, wrong and wrong. As usual. But, I applaud you for reading Biblical passages. It may open your mind to things. Maybe hate on people like AV, Hank, McDonagh and Fast a little less. Learn to appreciate their abilities a little bit more. Be forgiving of their faults. There is hope for you after all! 🙂

            • Resident Genius says:

              I would expect you would agree with such a comment. Good for you.

            • gene4240 says:

              I just want to sat to the both of you that I am searching deep into my faith to know whether the Rangers will ever win another cup in our lifetime….

              • Fotiu is God says:

                Geno: Had Michael Sauer not been concussed and Alexei Cherepanov not succumbed I believe we would’ve had the second in our lifetime. (I’m 55.)

                More to your question, I have no reason to believe we’ll see another in our gen.

                I mean, notwithstanding an ouster of our coaching staff and some wicked bold moves by Mr. Gorton and Mr. Drury.

              • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

                In addition to Sauer and Cheranpnov, which were obviously tragic bad luck of varying degrees, the one sure thing would have been if we had drafted Tarasenko instead of McIlrath….we have a Cup for sure.

              • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

                I have climbed the highest mountains in Tibet, searching for the answers. I have none to offer-except have faith my son. 🙂

        • Stevem says:

          My God I remember that like it was yesterday.. game against the Bruins, he did score with about 30 seconds to go in the period on a wicked slapper from the top of the circle.. good times!! Except we did lose that game

  4. avsucks says:

    there is no panic in me, they had center issues that werent addressed. Solution bring up the youngsters. Oh wait i forgot AV is our coach. what to do? Hmmm

    this year is over

  5. SalMerc says:

    I am sure the Rangers had some idea of this late on Wednesday. Why we don’t have another center here practicing today is another unanswered question.

    You can hate AV, but getting another center here is on Gorton.

  6. amy says:

    hopefully Mika will recover from this we need him healthy

  7. Chris F says:

    Any idea how this happened?

    • John B says:

      I’m only a lowly EMT, not a doctor like some, but going to go out on a limb and say his brain hit his skull somehow.

      Just joshing. I can’t remember a single major event off the top of my head.

      • Reenavipul says:

        They said it was a hit by Helm on Friday.

        Finished the game, played another, did the morning skate for another before Zibanejad noticed(probably by puking his guts out.)

        Please give me all the thumbs down, because the truth hurts and we can’t be having that, can we?

        • Chris F says:

          Feeling a little underappreciated today, Reen?

          • Fotiu is God says:

            Ahem, Chris:
            I’ll answer the question posed to you earlier. (Above.)

            Given the serrated edge of E3’s last thrust, he’s definitely Gore Vidal.

            Hey man, make sure you use the real butter in the popcorn. Not ghee, or that new age/Whole Foods-not butter. Lots of salt.

        • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

          No, but we can be having pompous, self-absorbed definitive declarations of medical conditions you know absolutely nothing about. Imagine…a delayed reaction to a concussion. WOW!

      • SalMerc says:

        I am guessing against Detroit or Vancouver. I know this because I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night.

        Actually happened when Darren Helm hit him in the Detroit game.

        • John B says:

          Then I’m sorry, you must be 100% wrong.

          If you had stayed in a Holiday Inn Express I’d believe your analysis.

    • pas44 says:

      I recall him getting hit in our zone high side away from the MSG camera, he was slow to get up, it was … I think… the last win. I recall one of the rangers down behind the play, Sam and Joe mentioned it but whoever it was, I think it was MZ, made it slowly to the bench…

      maybe he played on and showed signs later and in the next days that caused the alarm.

      Let’s hope they are being extra cautious and he doesn’t have a bad one!!!!

      MZ, Get Well Soon!


  8. SalMerc says:

    Rangers sign T. Glass to a PTO. Will not play tomorrow but will practice with the team on Saturday.

    So you think this is impossible?

    • Chris F says:

      Highly doubtful.

      They have a massive hole at center. More likely that Chytil gets a call up.

      Though, Nieves is back, so we may see Miller slot in between Kreider and Buchnevich, with Hayes, DD, Nieves holding down the bottom-9.

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      Tanner Glass already cleared waivers and no one claimed him. He’s playing for the Flames AHL affiliate. Sorry, but we missed our chance. 🙂

      • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

        But we could trade for him! 🙂

        • SalMerc says:

          Carey for TG! In an AV minute.

          On a different topic, anyone know why Anthony DeAngelo has only played 11 games for HFD?

  9. HOF19 says:

    This is a very very bad development…………DANG IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. pas44 says:

    look at the positive, this means others have to up their game, let’s hope they do. This means we may be pushed to make a move, I hope they do.
    Lastly it makes room for younger players and may force AV’s hand to give some shots…

    who knows… worse things have happened, like when Henrik was down and out and we all gasped at the incoming role Talbot had to play…

  11. roadrider says:

    Where have you gone Derek Stepan?
    Rangers nation turns its lonely eyes to you

    I kid, I kid …

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      Good one!

      Actually, you speak the truth here. That was the danger in losing Stepan and Lindberg. We were potentially one injury away from disaster.

      I didn’t realize this, but apparently this is Mika’s 5th concussion as a pro. Yikes!

      • Chris F says:

        They’ve all been rather mild, keeping him out a game or two.

        And the Helm hit wasn’t particularly scary looking. Considering Zibanejad played against Vancouver and even attempted warmups against Florida before being shutdown, my hope is this is also a mild concussion he’s dealing with and will be back very soon.

        • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

          Yeah, I’m with you Chris. Probably the outcome. But my news team has done a lot of stories on this in recent years. Even mild concussions, in a cumulative sense, can become a big issue. Even a “non-scary” hit can still produce scary outcomes, according to the medical professionals we’ve talked to. Just no way of knowing.

          But yes, if I were a betting man, I’m leaning in your direction that this will be a short range thing.

          • Chris F says:

            Time will tell.

            But no cause for panic just yet.

          • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

            The other significance of the previous concussions is that it might very well make him more susceptible to a concussive event even with minimal contact then the normal player—perhaps the reason the a seemingly “nothing” collision became something much more.

            So the fact that he has already had five at such a young age certainly raises a bit of a red flag in terms of his long term future as an NHL player. The Rangers certainly felt comfortable trading for him and then signing him long term. But down the road, if he suffers another concussion or two during the life of this deal, would they ante up for an even bigger contract for Mika in 2022? They may opt to move on from him at that point.

            Just speculating obviously. There are many possible outcomes.

  12. Bloomer says:

    Not good news for Mika, I wish him a speedy recovery. Concussions are serious stuff.

    What was with that Desharnais fellow the other night. Even the most harshest De R eh critics have to admit he played a heck of a game. If he can put together some repeat performances, it would lessen the blow of the loss of Zib.


  13. Richter1994 says:

    As a sufferer of too many hits to the head myself (yes, that explains a lot), this is not a short-term issue. Bootom line is that you never get “cured” of a concussion, you just become more easily suseptible the next time.

    This is God awful news on many fronts:

    For Zib as a human being.
    For Zib as a hockey player.
    For the team that was already relying on him big time.
    For the overall direction of the franchise for this year and the next 3 years.

    This could be something that lingers for a long time, with Zib possibly in and out of the line up. We pray that this is not the case, for all the fronts I mentioned above, his personal health being the most important.

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      Well said my friend.

      As I said yesterday, I was not aware of his previous concussion history. And that history now is very, very concerning. Now obviously, I don’t want to get ahead of the situation and think too negatively, but given the history, is it fair to revisit the trade and wonder if the Sens had a reason for their willingness to part with such a promising up and coming talent? Did Gorton fully consider that history before making the trade?

      I can’t remember who it was, but this past summer, I debated with someone out here about who “won” the Brassard for Mika trade. I said then that, based on results from last year, short term I give the win to Ottawa, with the strong potential for the pendulum to swing to NY if Mika delivers as hoped during the life of the deal. The guy I debated with said no, this was already a slam dunk win for the Rangers. I countered with “hey, not if he can’t stay healthy or doesn’t produce”.

      Well, I wonder what he thinks now? Is it possible we will look back on that trade and say it proved to be among the WORST Rangers trades in recent memory, as opposed to one of the best? Remember we had a lot of folks out here who said at the time of the trade that Gorton “fleeced” Dorion, the Ottawa GM, on this deal. It would be a painful irony if it turns out that it was Gorton who was fleeced into taking what might turn out to be “damaged goods”.

      As you said, there isn’t a more indispensable Ranger, other than Hank, then Mika. This team was going to struggle to make the playoffs even with him. Without him? We are in deep trouble.

  14. RobFriedman says:

    Its still early and both Hayes and DesHarnais are ramping it up a bit the last two games. If we’re lucky he’s back late January.