Weekly Preview: Extend the Win Streak to 9 Games?

November 13, 2017, by

The Rangers have pulled themselves together for a lengthy win streak, currently at six games as they enjoy a few days off for needed rest. From an abysmal start, the past two weeks have proven to be just what the doctor ordered in getting the Rangers back in the thick of things.

The Rangers’ play has become much more cohesive, and fans in general should be excited about this progress. The standings have progressed nicely, as shown below (far right column indicates points on the first column, indicating standings as of November 1):

This week the Rangers will be on the road for two games, something unusual for the team who has only seen five away games in 18 this season. Let’s take a look at what they’ll be facing.

Wednesday, November 15 @ Chicago Blackhawks (8-8-2)

The Blackhawks have been not all that impressive this season, as their .500 record would indicate. Despite getting destroyed by the Devils last night, Corey Crawford has been the cornerstone of the the team, having posted a 1.87 GAA in all games prior to last night. He’s been keeping the team in the thick of things, and, like most good goaltenders, unable to single handedly win every game (cough cough).

At even strength, the Blackhawks are about as average as a team could be: they boast a 50.7 CF% and are literally playing .500 hockey. The tricky thing about them is, of course, the raw offensive talent they have that can explode at any point. You can bet your bottom dollar that between Patrick Kane, Brandon Saad, even Richard Panik, this team is dangerous despite their average record.

Friday, November 17 @ Columbus Blue Jackets (10-7-1)

Not much has changed since last week’s preview against the Jackets, except this time, it’s in Columbus, and that the Jackets have gone 1-3 in the past week. The Rangers’ power play helped them defeat Columbus last week, and has been a great tool for them as of late, so let’s move on to Sunday’s game…

Sunday, November 19 vs. Ottawa Senators (8-3-5)

This game is a rematch of the second round of the 2017 playoffs, a series that many fans thought the Rangers would handle with ease.

This is because nobody listened to me.

The Senators look a little different this year, especially after the trade for Matt Duchene last week. In case you missed the podcast last Friday, Kyle Turris went to Nashville in a three-team swap which saw Duchene go to the Senators. Duchene in a more positive environment than Colorado could be awfully dangerous.

At even strength, the Senators are not a strong possession squad, and they’re not bolstered by very strong goaltending in Craig Anderson. This is certainly a winnable game for the Rangers, but this week will tell how the team responds to having an offensive jolt in the lineup.


NYR 4 – CHI 3 (OT)

NYR 2 – CBJ 4

NYR 3 – OTT 0

Let us know your predictions in the comments.

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  1. Richter1994 says:

    Rangers 3 Hawks 2
    Rangers 1 Blue Jackets 2
    Rangers 4 Sens 3

  2. amy says:

    this team is playing on all cylinders I see Wednesday Night Rivalry game on Wednesday with the rangers winning 2-1 then in Columbus 3-2 and then on sunday when the sens come in3-0 sens sorry about tha

  3. RichS says:

    TOP 10 Reasons why this team is winning ….IMHO……despite the defense…..
    1. PP has been awesome….
    2.Shattenkirk is on PP
    3. Stepan is NOT on PP
    4. Buch has taken the next step
    5. Grabner is back
    6. Miller, kreider, vesey all playing well…as expected
    7. NO stupid trades yet….
    8. Hank is not giving up 2 soft goals a game
    9. Hayes is a better defensive center than stepan was….by a lot, he cover guys!
    10. Nash…playing terrific from game 1..

    • Mintgecko says:

      Nobody is talking about it but I’ve noticed other teams try their best to keep their top line away from Hayes. The McDavid line was putting up a clinic against Mika and DD lines.

      Stepan was basically replaced last year, I saw that trade coming from a mile away, great move on JG part.

    • Hatrick Swayze says:

      Rich- how about Zibanejad?? He’s tops on my list as to reasons we’re winning (both on PP and at ES).

      Mint- interesting take. I’d guess Nash’s presence on the line has a lot to do with it to. He’s a tough even strength draw for other lines to match against. Unfortunately, I’ve been too busy to watch much of the Rangers so far. Do we have consensus on this from the rest of the crowd here?

      • RichS says:

        Yup Hatrick….
        I should definitely included Zib!!!!! Outstanding so far this season……

    • Timmy Tooth says:

      #9 is way off…. what are you smoking?

  4. sherrane says:

    Prior to the Vegas game, I predicted the Rangers would go on a 6-game winning streak. I still believe that will be the case and they embark on a 7-game winning streak after a loss in Chicago:

    Black Hawks 4, Rangers 3
    Rangers 4, Blue Jackets 2
    Rangers 5, Senators 4 (OT)
    Rangers 3, Hurricanes 2
    Rangers 6, Red Wings 2
    Rangers 3, Canucks 1
    Rangers 5, Panthers 3
    Rangers 2, Hurricanes 1 (OT).