Powerplay sparks third period rally and fourth win in a row

November 7, 2017, by
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The Rangers are going to live and die by the comeback this year. The Blueshirts were down 2-0 early after the Blue Jackets dominated them in the second, but kept clawing away before exploding in the third period. The powerplay was the story of this game, scoring three times in the third period for yet another come from behind win.

With the win, the Rangers showed that they can still beat good teams, and that their three game winning streak prior against bad teams was, at least for now, no aberration (Update: Forgot about Tampa. They are actually quite good). It may not have been the prettiest of wins, but it was still a win against a very good team. That’s a confidence builder for a team that can still be fragile at times.

On to the goals:

Jackets 1, Rangers 0

David Desharnais tipped the initial shot by Artemi Panarin to the corner, a play which caused Panarin to fall. Desharnais then puck watched and drifted too far low, which Panarin stayed up high to receive the pass in the slot for the goal.

Jackets 2, Rangers 0

Columbus forced a turnover at the blue line high risk area, which helped them turn it into a 3 on 2 the other way. Josh Anderson saw Hank moving and shot it the other way, and he hit the only area of the net open to him. It was a very well placed shot, but one you ideally hope Hank stops.

Jackets 2, Rangers 1

JT Miller took the pass from Nick Holden down the wing with speed, then blew a tire stopping. He one-handed the puck to the slot while down, where Michael Grabner stopped it with his skate and tucked it under Bob. Wow.

Rangers 2, Jackets 2

Another powerplay goal, again from Kevin Shattenkirk. Chris Kreider provided the screen. A little puck luck and a little Shatty is all you need. This looks like it hit off someone too.

Jackets 3, Rangers 2

Boone Jenner lowered his shoulder and just drove through Shattenkirk on the way to the net. There was a small bump with Hank, where he lost his stick and Brandon Dubinsky picked up the puck. Dubi was able to get the puck to Oliver Bjorkstrand in front to take the lead. Kreider was guilty of following the puck and not sticking Bjorkstand in front. That’s why he was so open.

Rangers 3, Jackets 3

Right off the faceoff on the powerplay, Pavel Buchnevich rips it from the point on net. It got blocked, and the puck wound up on Kreider’s stick with the empty net.

Rangers 4, Jackets 3

Another powerplay goal. This was just a beautiful pass by Mika Zibanejad to Buch for the lead.

Rangers 5, Jackets 3

Grabner empty netter.

Score Adjusted Corsi

The Rangers actually had a good amount of shots early on, which is good to see. I’m so used to poor starts that I completely forgot the first two goals against were in the second period, not the first. But CBJ did dominate that period. It’s worth noting that the Rangers did all their damage on the powerplay, which is why the third period looks so slanted for the Jackets.

Scoring Chances (not score adjusted)

The Rangers seemed to loosen up in the second after going down two, which makes sense as they were trying to play catch up. The first period was a defensive clinic though.

Shift Chart

Here’s the shift chart. David Desharnais and Paul Carey were basically benched in the third period. Carey is only playing because Boo Nieves is out. Really highlights the need for another center when two of them are benched for a full period.

The Rangers are now winners of four in a row. Considering the October they had, this is a very nice balancing act. It was a matter of time before their SH% started correcting itself. It was also a matter of time until Hank started being Hank. Let’s hope this continues.

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  1. Ranger17 says:

    If we can just get a 3rd line C we should be good to go . That is until we can change up Holden Kempfer , for Pionk and ADA . Any one give any thought to ADA playing RW . Any one remember Red Kelly back in the days D with Detroit and C with the Leafs HHOF player

    • Spozo says:

      I thought Kampfer was pretty solid lastnight actually.

      • Peter says:

        Kampfer had a decent game last night. He also has had some poor ones. That is the way it will go with him I believe.

        • James1090 says:

          Sorry Kampfer should not be in the line up. Smith is a better overall player and needs to get back in the line up.

          • Chris A says:

            Not until Smith shows he can actually get around the ice.

            Kampfer is a perfectly fine replacement while Smith takes the time he needs to fix whatever turned him into a 40 year old man.

      • Dave says:

        At evens: 11 CF, 18 CA in 67% OZ starts.

        The hit/penalty drawn/resulting PPG may skew actual performance.

    • Mintgecko says:

      I totally agree with you Ranger17 that a 3c would do wonders, specifically a shutdown 3c. This teams roster setup was different in the last few years more so ever since Hayes joined as the 3c it’s made Stepan and Brass job easy. I loved the DD experiment but it doesn’t really look like he’s working out. I said this after the 2nd game of the season that the bottom 6 could go for a makeover, a more defensive one with better role players other than Fast. I would send Zucc and Vesey to the Sabres for Kane and Girgenson and a 2nd rounder but hopefully that would mean that DD is still around to run the 3rd line.

    • RichS says:

      What 3rd line center???????
      When AV finally comes to his senses and stops jerking him around JT Miller should be placed PERMANENTLY at center…..eventually , very soon IMHO he will be our best center, relegating zib to #2 and hayes to #3……

      • Chris F says:

        Zib has been phenomenal. While Miller has been matching him for points, Zibanajed has been consistently, hands down, our best toward, and a true #1 Center. No one is pushing him out of that role.

        • Peter says:

          Zibanejad is a stud. Young and locked up, Gorton’s best deal thus far.

        • RichS says:

          Chris, I have to agree, zib has been our best forward supplanting nash with his play the past few weeks…..But dont sleep on miller , IMHO he has the ability to take over games with his rushes……on seemingly every shift…..
          Problem now is what to do 3rd and 4th lines ……….
          How does this look?
          Chris Kreider–Mika Zibanejad–Pavel Buchnevich
          Rick Nash–Kevin Hayes–Mats Zuccarello
          Jimmy Vesey–JT Miller–Fast or Grabner???
          Grabner???-Boo Nieves- Vinny Letteri???

  2. Richter1994 says:

    I thought Torts was going to have a stroke during the game.

    Quality win against a tough division opponent and down 2.

    Sweep the week again.

    • Mancunian Candidate says:

      Torts is such a jackass, when will he realize how much his temperament costs his team in calls from the refs? The refs hate the guy, it’s so evident….

      • Mintgecko says:

        I loved how Avery called him out in his new book on never really playing hockey or having the skills to skate around while cradling the puck during practice. No shots to the die hards around here who never played a competitive game in their life.

        • wjpeace says:

          The ability to play has nothing to do with the ability to coach. Torts has also had at least one hip replacement. That could be a variable.

      • Richter1994 says:

        I thought he was calming down over time, but yeah, even my friend last night said that he’s back to his old tricks again.

  3. SheldonKannegiesserLives says:

    Great recap, Dave, as usual. But when you said the previous 3 victories were against “bad” teams, I think you forgot that one of them came against Tampa Bay, arguably the best squad in the league!

  4. James Carr says:

    I think this winning streak proves the coach knows what he’s doing. The roster is flawed, but the PP is killer and this team hasn’t quit. Credit to Miller Krieder Zibby and Buch. Those guys showing leadership on the ice.

    • Creature Feature says:

      Always an easy cop out to blame everything on the coach. He needs the players on his team to perform and he needs them to come to play every night.

      While AV’s tinkering is bothersome, he obviously doesn’t have the horses for a strong 3rd line.

      Can’t understand what is up with Brendan Smith. Not like AV hated him last year. Could he be that our of shape or that stubborn?

      • Mintgecko says:

        I been saying it since his first pre season game that he looked terrible in every possible way but I assumed the playoffs was what did him in. I’m pretty sure he’s had a past of always getting injured but either way I’m backing up AV for this decision but not for playing Kamper or Holden over him, ADA should be in the lineup for one of those two. I’ve also been reading lately that Smith did indeed come to camp out of shape. Well either way I knew this team was going to be short of a top 4 D man and I been preaching that for a while now.

        • Matt R says:

          He signed his final big contract and the relief of anxiety made him less motivated to work and he showed up to camp unprepared for a top 4 role on a playoff team.. happens all the time in pro sports and real life. I guess the Rangers had to do it because NHL caliber Dmen don’t grow on trees but even when he is playing well he looks clumsy and takes too many risks for his skill-set. He’ll start to play better soon and quiet the haters but his contract will absolutely be a topic of conversation in the coming seasons.

      • sherrane says:

        Smith has been atrocious. The Rangers are 3-6-2 with him in the lineup and 4-1-0 with him in the press box.

    • flatbush says:

      I am not an AV fan but he takes the blame an must get the credit when they win. That said, the players are in the same boat so right now it seems the ship has turned in the right direction. The roster is not flawed and there is no perfect roster. The roster argument is a fan fantasy which every fan for every team will tell you if we only had this or that. looking at this objectively and analyzing the before and after this is what I see. There is a forecheck and first touches which was non existent prior to the Tampa game. There is a better back check and getting out is more with 5 guys coming out together with support. Prior, they were stretched out which usually occurred as a result of a N zone turnover. Getting the puck in and down low eliminates sloppy turnovers. Getting out together and getting it in are the two major differences I see which has helped their game. The big question is, ” when did the light bulb go off and who is the driving force behind this basic concept? I’ve always perceived the message was play fast and pretty more than go to work down low and everyone back to support. Clearly they have changed. Lets not forget the power play has been a big factor in this win steak. If they go back to playing stretch passes and being pretty and soft hey will slide back. Someone needs to keep their foot on their necks.

  5. SalMerc says:

    Think the leadership trip to Montreal last week was to watch Turris. Wonder who was in the mix?

    Top line played like a top line. Fast has solidified the PK.

    Hayes needs to get going. Did Vesey see much ice time 2nd period on?

    Nice job on the dedication to Nash.

    • sherrane says:

      “Did Vesey see much ice time 2nd period on?”

      He had four shifts in the second period and the first three were with Desharnais. His 4th (and final) shift was with Miller and Nash with about 3:00 left in the 2nd.

      • SalMerc says:

        Thank you. He didn’t get to many calls from the TV analysts, so I thought he might have been benched as well.

        • Mintgecko says:

          That’s because he doesn’t do anything, Vesey needs to go to a team who thinks that he belong in the top 6. He needs to find his role and fix up his 2 way game. I always thought that he should mirror his game like Cally or Pascal Dupuis and he’s bigger than those two.

          Hayes is playing with Nash who has looked like he lost 5 steps to his game. Then Zucc who isn’t winning his 1 on 1’s or passing tape to tape, he’s simply just a passenger on a good PP right now. I hope for a move to happen in the near future that could bring back a top 6 name that would blend well with Hayes game and JT to move back on a line with him. I think it’s time to trade either Nash or Zucc for a win now move and for the future.

          • RichS says:

            In Vesey i see a JT Miller of 3 years ago……looked out of place , not sure what to do , where to go…..but a very skilled, fast, big, aggressive player who gives a great effort each time he is on the ice………
            Like Miller and Buch it may take another year or two but he is a keeper……..

    • Richter1994 says:

      The players average 15 minutes per game but it’s 20 minutes one game and then 10 the next.

  6. D C says:

    Very clear the top 2 lines shouldn’t be touched.
    Especially the KZB line, that line is lethal.
    Brady Skjei is our best dman.
    We should call up letteri or chytil to play on the 3rd line and sit DD, he’s mediocre offensively and turns the puck over more than any other player i’ve ever seen. He was responsible for 2 goals against last night.
    We’re going to have a big problem next offseason resigning players. We’re really going to pay the price for giving Hayes and Miller bridge deals. Hopefully we don’t make the same mistake with Buch and Skjei.
    I was screaming for Buch to play more, needless to say I told you so 🙂
    Where are all the idiots that said Mika should have been bridged and not signed to that 5 year deal?

    • RichS says:

      Spot on comments DC
      Agree 100% Letteri to NYR , desharnais to Hartford, another center who doesnt cover men in the slot!!!!
      Nash coming off books,wont command big money anymore…..maybe buy out stall although I dont know how that effects cap…..and maybe hank restructure his ”’massive”’ deal…….
      Yup, cant figure out why Buch was ever benched ……he is good!!!!!!!
      To NYR management….NO STUPID TRADES ….leave this team alone!!!!!

    • Mintgecko says:

      Evander Kane-Hayes-JT

      I would love to fill in the cracks with a couple of Hartford names and trades. Btw Vesey was just as much to blame on that goal with the trail man crashing the slot but it wasjust terrible defensive awareness by him that could have been avoided.

  7. amy says:

    the team played great especially the KZB

    • Mintgecko says:

      How Kreider’s been scoring amazes me and if he was in a 4-5 game scoring slump then I wouldn’t be shocked. ZB is certainly clicking but Kreids is just squeezing out a goal from his amazing center and Buch’s overall play who already makes Zucc look like trade bait.

  8. Rangers Rock says:

    How can we win with B players? It must be the coach that plays.No AV’s formulas make it appear we have quality players. Tell me what players are really that good?
    So if the car drives well, is the problem the driver?
    So if the car driver is driving well during the season, why doe he fail in the playoffs.
    I think you need to remove AV’s favorites so he does not shoot the team in the collective foot again. I think we need to replace some defensive players, Slap him in the hand for the Vessey situation and get a center. I ‘m sure AV loves the young guys.

  9. D C says:

    For as good as the first power play unit looks, the second unit has looked terrible. ADA instead of Mcdonagh running the point would help that but AV is in the way.
    Not sure why Hayes hasn’t been given an opportunity on that unit.

  10. Snake says:

    I like KamPHEAR. He may not be great, but I like his energy. I think he makes a great 7th or 6th D-man.

    The Rangers may be winning lately on sheer will. I have a hard time seeing it last when they have DD and Carey on the bench for 1/3 of the game. They aren’t getting much value out of Vesey when he has to sit as a result of rolling only 3 lines.

    Miller did pretty good at center last night. Hopefully Boo can become the 4th center and Miller remains as 3C.

    Even if the team can’t maintain playing at this level, the games have been fun to watch. I don’t mind them losing as much when they put in the effort…something that was seriously lacking in the early part of the season.

    • Richter1994 says:

      Richard Simmons has a lot of energy too but I don’t want him playing in or top 6 D either.