Powerplay falters, Rangers get dominated at home

October 24, 2017, by
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Photo Credit: Jim McIsaac

The Rangers came into last night’s game looking to build on their ugly win against Nashville on Saturday. They did no such thing, and allowed the San Jose Sharks to run all over them. It was another embarrassing performance by a team that had (has?) Stanley Cup aspirations. The Rangers stunk up and down the lineup, save for Pavel Buchnevich and Kevin Hayes.

Buch and Hayes played very will. Henrik Lundqvist, when he wasn’t making a pair of gaffes, made some very difficult saves. But Martin Jones was solid without the mistakes. Plus the Sharks actually showed up to play and played a tight game. The Rangers, on the other hand, were loose defensively yet again. At some point, you change from the overload/man system, right?

On to the goals:

Sharks 1, Rangers 0

With the Sharks a man up on a delayed call, Logan Couture wound up with the puck at the mid-point. His shot looked to defelct off Chris Kreider and by Hank. Yet another exhibit in the case against blocking bad shots.

Sharks 2, Rangers 0

Ugh. Hank needs to stop this.

Sharks 3, Rangers 0

This starts with a bad pass by Kevin Shattenkirk to Mika Zibanejad. The Sharks turn it quickly into a break for Joonas Donskoi. Donskoi’s shot beat Hank, off the post, and in.

He actually clipped Hank’s knee after the shot. Accidental contact, but looked bad.

Hank was not pleased.

Sharks 4, Rangers 0

Lundqvist went to play the puck behind the net, and Couture was right on him. Hank held the puck too long, Couture took the puck from him, and found Melker Karlsson in front for the tap-in. Karlsson got by Marc Staal and David Desharnais in his quest to get open.

Sharks 4, Rangers 1

Pavel Buchnevich forced the turnover along the boards and got the puck to Zibanejad, whose shot beat Martin Jones clean.

Score Adjusted Corsi

The Rangers did a good job of forcing the Sharks into long periods without shot attempts. Usually teams turtle when they have a lead for as long as San Jose did, but they still came out with an advantage in possession. Simple reason: The Rangers played like poop.

Scoring Chances

Lundqvist had to make a lot of difficult saves in this game to keep it close early. But that won’t be remembered because he gave up a softie in the first and had the gaffe in the third. The Rangers got good looks in the third, but they had already shot themselves in both knees by that point.

Shift Chart

Heres’ the shift chart. The Rangers were down the entire game, yet Tony DeAngelo barely played at even strength. At some point, you sacrifice defense to try to get on the board, right? But the stubbornness continues. I got nothing at this point.

Another game, another forfeited pair of points. The Rangers are digging themselves a hole that may be too deep to climb out of by March. Maybe this is rock bottom? But if the Isles game wasn’t, I don’t know what is. I’m frustrated at this point, as are you all, I’m assuming. Wonder how long until we hear a Fire Vigneault chant?

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  1. D C says:

    If he’s still there on 11/11 I’ll be sure to start one.
    These games are awful to watch.
    Enough is enough, clean house.

    • Richter1994 says:

      yeah, basically, but you do need to see what players are worth keeping.

      You can trade the older players but that will not happen until the trade deadline so the acquiring team can fit the players with the pro-rated cap hit.

  2. Rangers Rock says:

    Did you see the elephant in the room?
    That was a really good goalie! San Jose.
    I have an Idea lets play with 7 defensemen, I’m sure we will get more offense and fewer goals with 7 defensemen.

  3. Mythdoc says:

    Your charts show an even game. That is what the eye test showed as well. On the other hand, you can’t allow two softees and expect to win an even game.

    Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. This is as much a Henrik decline watch as it is an AV-be-canned watch. There have been too many hair raising goals allowed, from every-which angle, this year. Whether Shatty touches or does not touch the puck against Pitt, that should not go in. Same with Islanders game.

    And don’t get me started with his decline in shootouts and against breakaways.

  4. SalMerc says:

    Put a fork in them, most of them anyway. Start shopping the names and see what kind of bites you get. McD should get you a nice return. So should Krieder and Zucc.

    You obviously can’t move Staal and Holden or WE WOULD HAVE.
    Zinbad, Hayes, and Buch are about the only untouchables. All the rest can go so we can stock up on draft picks.

    Face it people, time to build for 2020.

    • Mintgecko says:

      In a alternative universe the Rangers could get about 2 or 3 impact top 9 names if JG were to trade anybody besides Hayes, Zib, Buch and Skjei. Realistically JG needs to fix the bottom 6 that has holes in it even if he wanted keep Fast and Vesey for those type of roles. The idea of Hayes having a new line full of top 6 talent and the Mika line needing just 1 more effective wing could really be it for years to come.

  5. amy says:

    this game was horrid you would think after beating nashville on saturday you build off of it but instead it is getting worse not better like they don’t want to play for their coach now they play the coyotes on thursday and then up to montreal two winable games if they play as a team

  6. Andy says:

    The team is disinterested. We should have one of the best D’s in the league and we are no better than last year, with better names on paper. AV and Arniel both need to go. (Do we ever try anything different on the PP?) Lindy Ruff is not the answer long term. They also need to really think about shaking things up with a big trade. Plenty of names that are deserving of being moved. They need to do something real soon, because this season is quickly slipping away.

    • King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

      Why do you say better D ? Because Shatty left a ton of money on the table? Hes just a winger put back on D , he’s a horrible in ur end defenseman ,plain and simple …. which doesn’t help our aging beloved sieve one bit … we bought out the wrong guy , Girardi probably could have filled a 3rd pairing role.Staal has been in lala land since his brother knocked him there and then the eye thing really ruined him.

      • Andy says:

        Shattenkirk is probably at a better point in his career than Girardi. Also a better puck mover. Smith is signed for 4 years and he stabilized our D last season. Sjkei has another year of experience. No Girardi, No Klein who were both pretty bad. DeAngelo has promise if he ever got to play. Pionk also has promise if he gets to play. Shattenkirk in, Smith signed for 4 years. You think our top 4 is not that good? on paper? seriously? ok I will say if I knew Tampa would have signed Girardi for what they paid him; maybe we could have worked a deal with them to take him, retain some of his salary and buy out Staal instead, but they were not buying them both out. Girardi’s BO cap hit was less painful.

  7. Egelstein says:

    According to Corsica, Hank is 17th in the league in low danger shots save pct. Ideally, that certainly needs to go up…however, he is far from the worst, as well –
    basically average. 24th in the league in medium danger shots save pct.; not awesome there and surely that needs to go up. However, 7th in the league in high danger shots save pct.; pretty good there. If he’s declining as rapidly as some seem to think, he’s doing it backwards.

    Guess who also has seen the most high danger shots in the league so far? Yup, Hank. He has been far from perfect and there are several goals this season he’d surely like back. I don’t think anyone is really saying he hasn’t had any issues. Most fans aren’t just blindly defending him. I don’t think there’s any elephant in this room – Hank hasn’t been spectacular; most seem to understand this.

    He also hasn’t been as god-awful as some make it out though, either. His defense has done him absolutely no favors, yet again. (Hat tip to AV for continuing to jumble the pairs…think you’ve tried everything, bro…maybe just let the same pairs play, I dunno, five games in a row to build some chemistry?) To disregard those issues of defenders – even our best one – looking lost in this current system and never knowing who they are going to play most of their minutes with or against on any given night on top of that, and complain about every soft goal like it was THE moment that turned most of these games, is short-sighted and inaccurate IMO. Hank looks like he’s cheating a lot which is commonly a sign of a goalie not trusting his defense (which I’m no expert in since I never played goal, but people who have are pointing this out) and seems to be playing nervous for long stretches. Last night, if Hank didn’t allow the one from the side to bounce away and in, and if he didn’t misplay the puck behind the net leading to that one, the Rangers would have accrued 0 points just the same and lost 2-1. It was not his best game, and I don’t think anyone would say it was…but to act like Hank is the main reason they have lost most of these games is a bit misguided IMO. Confidence is a funny thing, and this team seems to have none right now. IMO, that affects goalies more than most of the other players on the ice.

    (PS…Hank, if you are reading this, buddy…PLEASE stop trying to play the puck from behind the net when there is an opposing skater coming in with momentum anywhere at/past the blue line. Please.)

    • Peter says:

      True, they should stick some defensive pairs and some forward lines together and let them okay together a while. Shuffling the lines in the middle of the game constantly makes it seem chaotic and panic stricken.

    • Mythdoc says:

      17th, 24th, and 7th is your best argument for our putative “one of the best goalies in the world”?

      • Mancunian Candidate says:

        Right now Carey Price is abysmal too. Does that mean Connor Hellebuyck or Keith Kinkaid are better goalies than Price & Lundqvist?

        • Mythdoc says:

          Yes, absolutely, small sample effects are possible. What were Hank’s stats for last season? Way lower than his normal.

          To go back to OP’s final point, Hank’s poor puck handling skills probably lead to 1-2 more high quality scoring chances against per game, which is considerable.

      • Egelstein says:

        I didn’t say anything other than while he has not been spectacular, he also has not been terrible. His job has been difficult, though, and that can’t be denied. Can’t hinge things all on Hank, in other words. I personally believe his stats would be considerably better with a cohesive defense in front of him – be it personnel, deployment, system or a combo of these things…the defense just is not working.

    • King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

      Where’s he stand in stats from shots behind the goal line?

    • Ray says:

      Low danger, medium danger, high danger shots. This is all subjective. It is true that one can develop an objective approximation, but the numbers over the years – with the Hank getting “far tougher” shots than his backup and having a different defensive alignment at his own wish indicate pretty clearly that this objective analysis deviates wildly from Hank’s own subjective analysis.

      In short, shot difficulty stats are interesting, but not nearly so important as helmet color or how a goalie likes his eggs.

  8. Randy says:

    Teams are realizing that you can beat the Rangers in the first minute of the game. You can be certain that this is in all of their scouting reports.

    The Rangers have given up the first goal in almost every game this season, most of them within the first 2-5 minutes. This makes winning very difficult, especially when your team is lacking confidence to begin with and in a scoring slump.

    We clearly need a wake-up call, and I am looking at McDonagh, Kreider, and Nash first. Mac has looked awful, Nash has looked good but needs to put the damn puck in the net, and Kreider has been invisible.

    Those three in particular need to pick the team up and make plays. If we lose the next 2 games, i think AV is done.

    And can we please stop dressing 11 forwards? when in the hell has that strategy ever worked in the long term?!??!

  9. Peter says:

    Losing is not any fun. But I think that the gloom is a bit of over the top. I expected some growing pains. My only concern is that AV’s reaction to giving up too many goals seems to have had the effect of bottling up the team’s aggressiveness offensively. They need to be aggressive and use their speed to score even at the risk of giving up some goals.

  10. jrrangersdad says:

    As much as I hate to say it, perhaps a majority of us were very wrong about Stepan and Girardi. Can’t believe I just said that. I guess chemistry counts for something. Losing Lindberg hurt as well.

    On the other hand, AVs deployments are just brutal!! Desharnais over Hayes on the Power Play and Buchnevich on a 4th line is jump off the ledge crazy. DeAngelo on the left flank on the 2nd Power Play (like Zibanijad on 1st) is also very perplexing. That is not a play making position: its a shooting position and DeAngelo’s shot isn’t going to cut it there. We need a stronger right handed shot in that spot and DeAngelo in a playmaking position like Shatt.

    God bless Fast. If everyone hustled like him our record would probably be the reverse.

    A poor road trip will solidify early golf holidays in April.

    Net net, its time we move on from AV. Players just aren’t responding.

    • Rangers Rock says:

      God bless Fast, but with him, you will not score much and you drag down your offensive players. He was put on the line with Kreider? He should only be on the 4th line!
      Ya, he got 1 of his 6 goals for the year already.

      • jrrangersdad says:

        Never said Fast was the next Austin Matthews. Agree with 4th line duties. Just wished the rest of the team had a similar heart muscle.

    • lv says:

      DeAngelo is not very good…almost time for a new team for him

      • Mintgecko says:

        DeAngelo not being very good at the overall defensive position is accurate but saying any more bad stuff about him is a stretch. At this point he’s just a symbol of Stepan being sent on the dollar to Arizona’s second class team the Yotes. I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s in a trade package down in the near future.

        • Bloomer says:

          I doubt Delangelo will never make it out of AVs’ doghouse. I could see a trade package. It’s tough breaking in the NHL as a young defenceman, even more difficult with AVs disjointed defensive system.

  11. Rangers Rock says:

    Your god Vigneault said that the Rangers “personnel is good” and that they just need to play “the right way.”
    You’re not going to say your god is wrong, are you?

    • Ray says:

      Honesty is important, in its place. In this case, AV is speaking for effect – and it is what a coach is supposed to say.

      • Mintgecko says:

        He usually lowkey rags on the team to the press and would have sent a subliminal message about Hank needing to play up to his A+ game. This season feels different with AV, I think he knows that he needs to go down with his ship. He was probably a huge part of why Girardi left and by reading all his comments up to this point I would have to believe he was apart of putting Hayes on the pedestal while running Stepan out of town. He’s feeling the pressure no matter what because even if JG had full intentions of moving those two you know the GM just designed the roster to fit his system and the team is still failing. AV is saving face this time, he will make it more clear than ever that he’s happy with the personnel unlike other times.

  12. Mancunian Candidate says:

    Fire the coach. Fire the assistants as well. Hire Dave Tippett. Spot on with the knock on AV’s man defense, Dave–this team needs to play a zone D of some sort instead. Once again the coach can’t or won’t adjust to put his players in a position to succeed. This 11F-7D lineup is a cynical joke, a smartass move by a coach who’s willfully tweaking the GM every time he ices that lineup. Get AV gone already. Right now things are looking unrecoverable for the Rangers, and Vigneault clearly doesn’t have any answers.

    • Reenavipul says:

      Dave Tippett would be good for this squad, but the last few years in AZ were tough to watch considering the input he had into roster construction. Lots of complicating factors, played hard, but just overmatched with zero goaltending.

      • Mancunian Candidate says:

        Agreed, he didn’t end well in Arizona–but he did have some good years with them out there, including their franchise-best seasonal & playoff finishes. Stylistically he could be what NYR needs right now though, his Coyote teams were pretty good defensively. He got good production out of Keith Yandle there too, hopeful he could bring that acumen to bear for McDonagh, Shatty, and crew.

      • Mintgecko says:

        I rather see Sutter happen than Tippett, at least LA played a type of puck possession system that allowed the big bodies to play below the hash marks. I use to want to see Tippettreplace Torts old 2012-13 team but not this one, all I read about is his system being about dump and chase aka get rid of the puck at every possession. If there was ever a time to make moves for Mess and Leetch to coach than this team and time frame is right now.

    • Walt says:

      How about he was out coached by the same guy who did us in while in NJ, and went to the finals……… AV can’t or won’t change his game, but his lines, and D pair like they are dirty underwear!!!!!!!! I’m done with the guy…

  13. Pas44 says:

    Stepan, Girardi, Raanta….. Really?

    Can’t be… it just can’t be.
    No one honestly thinks that these 3 leaving would cause this team to suck?
    SO AV’s statement about this team having plenty of talent has to be the rope around his own neck at this point, right?

    what can get this back on track?

    maybe its just time we hit bottom….

    hard to see this coming after the moves and the seasons of the recent past, to get this low…


  14. Joe says:

    Rangers play same way as their coach, coaches… (no urgency,stupid hockey ).. There is no fire or passion in them..
    AV needs to go….the players have totally tuned him out…We need a new voice in there..It’s a total embarrassment watching them figure skating! instead of Hockey…
    Who do we bring in, is the $1m question?

  15. James says:

    The Rangers lost Derek Stepans 50+ Points and didnt replace them…that is showing up.

    • lv says:

      Finally, an intelligent comment! Add to it that the cost to get a 2nd line center in a trade is still enormous. Would cost us JT Miller, maybe more. Hayes stats would improve too as a 3rd line center

      • pavel_burrito says:

        Someone agreeing with your previous statement is not a proof of an intelligent comment.

    • Blue Seat says:

      I know he played soft, and yes that was frustrating. But, he could’ve had a solidified effect on the team that was not obvious. Although, if so, you would think the coach and gm would have known. I’d like to see AV shown the door, and jg as well. AV’s shortcomings are well documented on this site. But, JG’s moves create some questions, along with his handling AV. Still don’t understand that he payed big time for Yadell, who was’nt used correctly by the coach, and not resigned.

  16. Brad says:

    When is enough, enough. Fire Alain and please please g
    Finally get rid of Nashbrown. It will change the chemistry right away. Nash is a loser and losers bring loser mentality to the whole team.

  17. Leatherneck says:

    Watching Islanders, Devils games during AV’s tenure should tell you something when it’s just another game and in many cases unwatchable if you came from the era where there was passion…intensity and drive during these games

    Newer NHL is not better, the pansification of western culture, from the NHL to women in the Marine Infantry Battalions is getting out of hand.

    Watching NHL network and you have an analyst Darren Millard debating against Kyppie and Armstrong about fighting after a clean hit just tells you about the absurdity of it all. A non NHL player expressing his holier than thou liberal I know best to former players why there should be no fights after hits is exactly what’s wrong with the Rangers and the NHL.

    These Rangers are done, they have no intensity and discipline and that is a reflection of the coach. McDonagh can no longer be the Captain, I think it has effected his game. He is not Capt material.

    Rick Nash has been great however he is the best 3rd line winger in the NHL, his contract should reflect that but it does not.

    Trade away time, Let the rebuild begin

    Rasmus Dahlin would look good in a Rangers Jersey so would Brady Tkachuk
    Time to draft top 5, 2 out of 4 years and top 10 4 out of 4.

    This is what last night told mde

    • John B says:

      Sure you don’t want to mix in some xenophobia to go along with all your sexism and everything else?

      • Leatherneck says:

        I’ll take my thinking any day over this metrosexual BS

        so…as liberals do…throwing cliche words out…how is what I said xenophobia?

        Do you even know what that word means? I know you do not, but do you?

        • Leatherneck says:

          As for sexism…I point to the debate between Millard and Kippy, Armstrong. I served in the Infantry and in combat so yeah….I’ll be sexist every second of everyday. I wore those boots, have you?

          • Mancunian Candidate says:


          • Egelstein says:

            So…you have come to the conclusion that liberals and women are the reason the NHL is no longer to your liking? Wow, that’s…that’s really something. Jackassery on this scale is rarely witnessed in a mere hockey blog!

            How have your belovedly-punchy Islanders and Devils done during AV’s tenure, BTW? Have you also noticed that there’s not a true goon or enforcer to be found on most of the recent Cup winning squads? What a coincidence! Besides all that, to note, until this season, AV and Co. thought it perfectly acceptable to carry a low skill player willing to engage in fisticuffs (one Tanner Glass) on the roster for long stretches for one purpose only: grit. Guess what: it didn’t work.

            Skill>Grit. I’m sorry that, much to your chagrin, the world is such a terrible place these days that a dude who can’t shoot for crap, couldn’t puck handle around a traffic cone, but can skate in circles trying to injure people can no longer find a job so easily in the NHL.

            • Reenavipul says:

              To win, you must have skill AND grit.

              • Leatherneck says:

                The thumbs down just goes to show the mental state of this nation.

                physicality has its place in the game we call hockey, of course it would not in figure skating. It’s called the right place and time.

                Fun fact…during Obama’s tenure as POTUS the Marine Corps decided to do a test, 1 Infantry Battalion all Men and 1 integrated. Can you guess what the results were? Yeah not good for the integrated battalion. Infantry skills sets are not conducive and applicable to women. Hell they are tough enough on Men. There is a good reason the Marines have a motto “a few good Men or the 1%”

                If you don’t think a good hit or fight can change the complexion of a game then you do not know hockey.

                Lastly I am not a sexist, a bigot or any other fancy word liberals use to try shaming people who oppose their views. I believe that Men and women have roles in life, same thing applies to hockey. There is a need.

                I will point to the recent Rangers vs Islanders game. It was unwatchable and frankly embarrassing. This was an intense rivalry game once upon a time. If this is OK with you so be it, to me it was unacceptable.

                Look at the difference, Gretzky and McDavid. Gretzky was humble and always pointed to Mr Hockey. McDavid during the NHL awards walks right by Crosby and just gives a nod, had it been Gretzky he would’ve shook his hand.

                There is an attitude difference between the era’s. The today “I” mentality vs “Gracious” mentality. Believe me when I say there is NOOOOO reason for Man Buns…haha

              • Mancunian Candidate says:

                Classier still. It figures that you’d lament the fact that players aren’t getting brain damage for your entertainment as well.

              • Leatherneck says:

                Hey Mancunian Candidate….yeah you… explain to me why the fighters of the 60’s 70’s and early 80’s didn’t have the issues the late 80’s to early 2000’s fighters had.
                There is more to the concussion story than is being told.
                Taking safety and policing out of the players hands was a huge mistake. Penalizing the player who hits and not the player who turns to get hit from behind is just as asinine.
                For every blah you have for me, I have a bleh for you bubba.

              • Mancunian Candidate says:

                Stay classy, buddy. And as far as old time fighters and players not having problems as a result of being punched/hit, I have 3 names for you:

                Bob Probert
                John Kordic
                Walt Poddubny

                All 3 of these guys displayed what would now be recognized as symptoms of CTE–impulsive behavior, being prone to anger, & substance abuse. Kordic died fighting the police while high on coke; Probert couldn’t stay sober for a big chunk of his careerdue to the concussions & the physical and mental demands of fighting 30+ times a season; and Poddubny died broke after getting into a fight while drunk. He’d struggled for years with alcoholism. I saw Poddubny get knocked out cold by Paul MacDermid off of a game-opening faceoff in 1986 against the Whalers–was my night’s entertainment worth the brain injury Poddubny suffered that night?

                How bout Bobby Hull, beating his wife & kids? How about the stick fighting incidents of the past? Where do they fit in to your conspiracy theory about concussions? Show some respect for the suffering these guys have endured. Your attitude seems callous to say the least.

              • Egelstein says:

                That’s true Reen, for sure. I believe your baseline NHL caliber player has loads of grit, though, and the grit heavy teams at the cost of skill are more times than not going to get beaten by the skill heavy teams at the cost of grit in today’s NHL. Even players who get labeled as “soft”…yeah, I bet they would cream a lot of us fans in all manner of variety of physical tests. I’m of the basic opinion that nobody who has stuck in the NHL is truly “soft”…they wouldn’t be there if they were.

                If you’re gonna go heavy on one, I personally think skill is the way to go these days is a better way of saying what I was getting at. I meant it implied that there will always be a blend in this sport, but teams tilting toward skill are the more effective school of thought in this era. A blend of excellence at both would certainly be your ideal scenario in the league today, but those players don’t exactly grow on trees.

                An interesting thing is happening in today’s NHL. Fighting is going down, and concussions are going up. Simply put, concussions aren’t generally caused by fighting…the vast majority are caused by hits. That isn’t because today’s NHL players lack grit and can’t take a hit, either…it’s because advances in equipment have made it so that the player delivering the hit can do so with a far less chance of injuring himself than in the past. There is no fighting in the NFL…yet concussions abound. The helmets have gotten better and better…but they still can’t bridge the gap enough that the pads elsewhere have created. Couple this with skaters faster than ever before, and voila. Concussions left and right, as a result of the initially benevolent cause of developing pads to protect the lower body much better.

                I think I’d actually rather take my chances in a fight than get completely nailed – even if a completely clean hit – by some 6’4” 225 pound dude who can skate far faster than we’ve ever seen from guys that size in past eras, and who is unafraid to turn his body into a missile knowing that so long as he hits me with the correct pads first, he will barely feel it.

                So yeah, a good hit can change the complexion of a game…because players are suffering head and other injuries at a high clip these days as a result of incoming hits that are relatively fearless on the part of the hitter. A good fight can juice a team up, sure…but again, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the team featuring the victor actually has a higher probability of winning the game. It took teams a long time to realize it, because that’s how the “Good Ol’ Boys” clubs that tend to be small circles of the same coaches and front offices getting recycled by team after team for generations at a time generally work. It takes time for these opinions to change. Right now, the league in general is in the middle of realizing that, with the rules in place today, they aren’t going to do so well if they prioritize grit at the cost of skill to a counterproductive degree.

          • pavel_burrito says:

            There is a great documentary on this, called Star Ship Troopers. It too makes a very good case for giving priority to ex-infantry. All others are no important.

            Please do keep posting, Leatherneck. Reading your messages on love, acceptance, positivity, and progressive thinking really brightens up my day.

  18. Ray says:

    “a team that had (has?) Stanley Cup aspirations.”

    How about a team that you had Cup aspirations for? This team lost their #1 center, a top four defensemen, a good third or fourth line center, and a backup goalie who outplayed the starter. They added Kevin Shattenkirk, a power play star not strong in his own end, DeSharnais, and Pavelek. In what universe was this team supposed to be as good as last year’s, which all agreed was not good enough to win it all.

    The trade for DeAngelo and the #7 pick in the draft was about long term success, not this season. Yes, whimsically, if DeAngelo, Andersson, Chityl arrived early, they could contend this year, but that was never the plan.

    Here’s the thing. You think you know JG’s plans and so do I. However, at every turn, you end up surprised at how things turn out and I never do.
    [Well, I did expect an extra veteran forward or two.]

    Dave, there is something called confirmation bias. The fact that most people here agree with you does not mean you are right. The people here are a self-selected group who are here for the principal reason that they like YOU. This is your blog after all. And for the most part, I appreciate your perspective. But geez, this season you have really run off the rails.

    You and many here fail to appreciate one key fact. You may have a lot of information, but Vigneault and others in the organization know way more than you do. There is no law that they are as smart as we are or that they can analyze facts as well, but they know a helluva lot more than we do – and their decisions are based on a larger data set than we have. Just because decision one is optimal based on our data, it may not be optimal based on more information.

    • Ray says:

      Note to all: I regard Eddie’s company man attitude as somewhat extreme and view myself as more of a moderate in this area. I caution that if a moderate starts sounding extreme to you, maybe you are the extreme one.

    • Rangers Rock says:

      If he knows so much why does he do so many stupid things?

    • Mythdoc says:

      Ray, the headline saying we were “dominated” spoke for itself. We held the balance of play for most of the game. We failed to get more than a goal and we let in four. Three of those four shouldn’t have happened. Two were on Hank and one was on Kreider.

      I am not sure Dave watches the games anymore. If he does, he sees what he expects to see. This blog is better than most, I think, nonetheless.

      As for the commenters, obviously we post at our own risk. Politics and armchair coaching: everyone is an expert.

      I like and esteem AV but another ten games of 2-6-2 and I might be ready to see him go. The coach’s head is always the first to topple.

      • Ray says:

        I am not so sure AV has short term job difficulties. Put yourself in JG’s shoes. There are two obvious reasons to keep AV. First, the team is not that good and replacing one coach who has a poor record with another makes the organization look mickey mouse. They were patent with Renney and I expect patience with AV. Of course, bringing him back next year is another matter. Second, players should not be able to get the coach fired. Players need to give their all and changing coaches to please the players gives the wrong signal. Firing Torts set a bad precedent and, if the players really aren’t playing for AV, they need to be sent a message. What better time than in a year when the team is just not good enough anyway.

        OTOH, the development of some young players is critical. We want DeAngelo, Buchnevich, Vesey, Chityl to be as good in the long run as possible. If I think AV is working well on this front (not the same as getting the most out of them now), I want to keep him. If he is screwing up, I want him gone.

    • jrrangersdad says:

      There’s no doubt JG and AV know more but when that comes across as you “know everything” or “your always right” and that doesn’t translate into success then people (players) stop listening and following. At some stage the mind games and different rules for different players becomes counter productive. A lot of parallels with Mutiny on the Bounty. Only problem is our own Fletcher Christian is trying to figure out his own game at the moment.

  19. Brad says:

    Darryl Sutter Please

  20. Richter1994 says:

    It’s all broken, from top to bottom. the fixing needs to start now.