Game 10: Build confidence, win two in a row

October 23, 2017, by

The Rangers beat Nashville on Saturday, and it seemed to be a weight lifted off their backs. They are 2-5-2 to date, and in range of the magic number of three. But they are still in dire need of points, and you get the sense they know it. The win over Nashville may not have had the best process, but when you get two points and are in dire need of a confidence boost, you take it.

Now with San Jose coming to town, the Blueshirts will need to build on that win over Nashville. Perhaps the process starts coming together. Perhaps they start getting some bounces. Perhaps both. No matter what, the Rangers dug themselves a hole, and need to continue digging themselves out of it.

Sharks Systems

Pete DeBoer is has the Sharks playing a 1-2-2 forecheck which they would use aggressively in the offensive zone or passively in the neutral zone as a trap depending on game situation. In the defensive zone, Deboer uses a hybrid overload/zone defensive system depending on whether the puck is along the boards or at mid-ice. On special teams, the DeBoer goes with an umbrella/1-3-1 power play and a  box/diamond penalty kill.

For more on these systems, check out our Hockey Systems page.

Sharks Lines

Kevin Labanc-Joe Thornton-Joe Pavelski
Tomas Hertl-Logan Couture-Melker Karlsson
Timo Meier-Chris Tierney-Mikkel Boedker
Jannik Hansen-Ryan Carpenter-Joonas Donskoi

Joakim Ryan-Brent Burns
Marc-Edouard Vlasic-Justin Braun
Brenden Dillon-Tim Heed

PP1: Couture-Thornton-Pavelski-Heed-Burns
PP2: Boedker-Lebanc-Boedker-Hertl-Vlasic

Martin Jones gets the start.

Rangers Lines

Rick NashMika ZibanejadMats Zuccarello
Chris Kreider–David Desharnais–JT Miller
Jimmy VeseyKevin HayesJesper Fast
Michael Grabner-Pavel Buchnevich

Ryan McDonagh-Brendan Smith
Marc Staal–Kevin Shattenkirk
Brady SkjeiNick Holden
Tony DeAngelo

PP1: Zibanejad-Kreider-Buchnevich-Zuccarello-Shattenkirk
PP2: Nash-Desharnais-Miller-Vesey-McDonagh

Henrik Lundqvist gets the start.

Scratches/Injuries: Paul Carey (healthy), Steven Kampfer (healthy), Adam Cracknell (healthy)

Crazy Prediction: A win where everyone is happy. That seems to be a rarity these days.

Game time is 7pm. Be sure to follow on Twitter for gifs, and on our Snapchat for in-game.

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  1. Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

    According to AV’s presser this morning….

    1) It will be 11F/7D yet again tonight, so DeAngelo plays, Cracknell sits

    2) AV and Gorton will huddle up soon to deal with this center situation. Sounds like either Chytil, Nieves or Lettieri may be recalled possibly this week.

    • Walt says:


      To do what, be sitting on the pine? I’ll wait to see how AV handles the kids when they come up, assuming they do……….

    • Reenavipul says:

      Chytil got dinged up over the weekend(but should be good to go), Lettieri has played 1 game in Traverse as a C, the rest of the time he’s been on the wing. Nieves has everything but hands, so if you’re looking for goals, you’ve got the wrong guy.

  2. Rjcy says:

    Lettieri is exactly the kind of player this tram needs and yet exactly the kind of player that probably will not get the call or, of he does, will not see the ice. Intense, moxy both physically and with the puck. Roster is lame. Coach is kame. Wondering if GM is same…..

  3. King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

    Oh no … First shot !

  4. Mythdoc says:

    SJ does a nice job of milking possession. Cycling and winding the puck in the O zone. It’s a style I think the Rangers could play successfully, if they do end up getting a new coach.

    • Walt says:

      the key, new coach!!!!!

      any update on the guy you described the other day???

      has that search committee been formed????

  5. King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

    Sieveqvist .. Oh Sieveqvist

  6. HOF 19 says:

    So I figure after 14 games we will be …………………………4-10

  7. Leatherneck says:

    Oh Leaky Leaky

  8. Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

    I love Hank, but that just can’t happen as often as it has. Not right now when the Rangers are trying to literally save their season.

    • King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

      He’s been letting in way to many soft ones …. Yes he’s making some big saves but lots of goalies are … Jones made 3 outrageous saves alone in this game so far

    • Stevesse says:

      This is an end to an era. For more than a decade, King H was responsible for at least 50% of Ranger wins. Time has eroded some of his skills and he can still give you a great one, but he has given up enough softees this year alone that the team can’t recover. Fragile psyche,no real shooters.New coach and system may be needed to jumpstart a most likely lost season.

  9. Mythdoc says:

    On another note, I think Sam and Joe could find the bright side in a cave in the middle of a hurricane at night.

  10. Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

    Very disappointing. No finishing ability may literally finish us before the month is done.

    • Mythdoc says:

      Apart from the soft goal, no puck luck at all. The deflections are pinballing around everywhere but in the net.

  11. Dan says:

    I can’t anymore with this team …

  12. Chris F says:

    Not watching, but I see we’re dominating shots and faceoffs.

    What gives?

    • King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

      good goaltending vs very good goaltending .. so far

      • Chris F says:

        So, the “process” isn’t to blame thus far?

        • Mythdoc says:

          They have played pretty well….it’s just that they are not very dangerous even when they get chances. Also, the extra pass has reared its ugly head.

          • Chris F says:

            Found a feed online and watched the 2nd period.

            From what I watched, I saw a SJ team executing a great PK and a shutdown trap game to hold on the lead.

            Rangers dominating possession, but trying to do too much with the puck. The opportunities are there, but clearly their confidence is so shaken that no one is making the clean, smart play. Frustration is very evident.

            But I don’t see a broken process.

            They desperately need some puck luck for a change.

          • Walt says:

            Don’t you mean the early goal against reared it’s ugly head???

  13. HOF 19 says:

    C’MON………………….SHOW SOME DANG LIFE…….DANG IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. HOF 19 says:

    Do we really suck this bad ?????????????

    • HOF 19 says:

      YUP……..WE DO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Mythdoc says:

    SJ pk is great, but hey, guys, use the weak side!

  16. HOF 19 says:

    Imagine if we do not even win 20 games this season ?

  17. Mythdoc says:

    And that clicking sound is thousands of TV sets turning off. Shatty splits their D, chooses to try to pass instead of shoot, sends them off on a 2 on zero, game over.

    • Walt says:

      The game was over after the first 1:56 into the game. Sorry folks, I’m starting to give up hope on this group…………….

    • King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

      Yeah but he left a bunch on the table 😂😂

  18. Reenavipul says:

    I’m guessing Hank’s gonna be icing his MCL between periods. Shouldn’t really return, but probably would anyway.

  19. HOF 19 says:

    AV and Ben McAdoo both fired 2 Mondays from now ???????????????????

  20. avsucks says:


  21. lv says:

    No team chemistry. Players gave up or don’t believe in AV’s system. Both fixes fall on Gorton’s shoulders. Rangers aren’t run like a business. We hold on to players near the end of their prime and instead reward them for what they did in the past instead of what they can do in the future.

  22. Blue Seat says:

    The Rangers are a mess. Can’t score a power play goals in six opportunities, even with Shaddershrink. Change is needed in the way it’s coached. About Desharnais, read in an article on this site (favorite Ranger go to site) about his possession skills. So with Hayes bumped to third line (not advantageous to using him as trade bait) Deshamais gets to show terrible passing skills. Probably should be on four line, no? Coaching again, yes.

  23. King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

    sorry but 2 soft goals don’t go in and the game is different

    • MMF says:

      Hank was terrible tonight on goals 2 and 4, no question about it. But he has also been very good in games they lost, notably against Columbus, St.Louis, and Islanders. He is not the only issue and I would say he’s not the biggest issue. This team as a whole is tentative in the offensive zone and discombobulated in the defensive zone. They are also way too fragile. Not sure what the answer is, but I don’t think it involves ditching Lundqvist for Pavelec…

  24. Bobby B says:

    Pathetic, look at the Vegas Knights, they skate, they hit, they score, they WIN!! Rangers look like the expansion team, Vegas is a better team, how can this be??? Oscar Lindberg, playing his solid 2 way game, skates, scores. body checks, Hey was he not playing for us last year, and our best 2 way center during the playoffs??, Good move Gorton!!

    • RichS says:

      Bobby B,
      1000% accurate on lindberg….our best center during the playoffs …..and we let him go……..when I suggested we leave stepan available, I was told he has too much value…….so we trade him and our BEST goalie for a 4 minute a game defenseman and a 18 year old maybe 3rd line center…..
      That 4th line was our best line in the playoffs and we dismantled it to get ”’value”’ for stepan!!!!!!!
      I said it then and I say it now Lindberg is a better, more valuable player than stepan……..
      After 50 years I still have no faith in our GM’s………stempniak, stallberg, strallman, talbot………..now lindberg……

  25. Reenavipul says:

    Winning ugly, losing uglier, 1st time in a long time hard to unload my tickets.

  26. Snake says:

    Anyone hear that sound at the end of the game? That was the sound of the Rangers window of opportunity to win in the Lundquist era slamming shut. All the moaning about the crummy Rangers defense got us this. A Rangers team run by a coach that prefers pond hockey with a team that has no O. We got those puck moving defensemen though. Worked out real well.

    • Richter1994 says:

      It’s over.

    • King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

      That ended long ago … Like two years ago

    • Walt says:


      The truth be known, this loss is on Hank. Early, while deflected, that first goal hurt. Then #2, and especially #4 are killers. The world knows how Hank can’t puck handle if his life depended on it, insists on leaving the crease, chasing the puck, then turn it over for a goal. SICK!!!!! I love Hank, but man alive, he’s just not the man he was just a few years ago. To see him play this poorly this season is breaking my heart!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Mikeyyy says:

    Zoinks! Out coached again scoob. We would have won if it weren’t for those pesky kids.

  28. Richter1994 says:

    I’ve been to funerals that had more buzz than at the Garden last night. My plan:

    1) Fire the coach. You have to because they have no other recourse right now.
    2) By firing the coach you now put it on the players. The Rangers HAVE to know what they really have in this personnel to make decisions going forward.
    3) Go young. Trade everyone over 30 at this point. I don’t think that Henrik would accept a trade at this point but even I admit that you at least have to ask him. But really, what contending team needs a goalie and has the cap space to absorb Henrik’s salary? Not one that I can think of.

    Firing the coach isn’t the cure all, this season is over already, but you need to find out about the players. If the coach is replaced and you have the same product (or lack thereof) on the ice then you have your answer. Then you blow it up. But if the team greatly improves then you can at least work towards next season with this core group.

    I will defend AV on one thing though, not having 12 NHL forwards to choose from for an NHL game is 1 million percent on Gorton.

    • Joey D says:

      I agree with everything but not that the season is over. It looks over, but isn’t. A new voice leading this team with defined lines and pairs could get them to a wildcard.

      • Richter1994 says:

        I will tell you why it’s over for this year:

        1) The safety net rangers have had for 10+ years is no longer there (Henrik). He’s a beaten man. The opponents score an early goal and Henrik shuts down. His reaction last night on that first Sharks’ goal is typical: “here we go again.”
        2) The team is not nearly talented enough to overcome the King’s shortcomings.
        3) They have to play on an almost 105 pt pace the rest of the way just to even have a chance at the playoffs. Not happening. Not in the division the Rangers are in.
        4) Even if they somehow make the playoffs, they have to play 70+ games at a playoff game intensity, what will they have left for the playoffs themselves?

        That’s why you find out about your players now for next year.

      • Mancunian Candidate says:

        “Defined lines & pairs”–on the money, the coach clearly has no faith in his players & their ability to develop chemistry with each other. Just another reason to fire Vigneault. Another no-show at home as well. If I’m Gorton, AV gets fired today.

  29. Peter says:

    The darkest hour is always just before dawn.

  30. SalMerc says:

    Face it. We are a bad team. Time to dismantle and rebuild.

  31. Jerry says:

    Better to trade a player a year too early, then a day too late. So Sal, I’m with you 100%

    And I’m not so sure Hank wouldn’t accept a trade to a real contender for a legit chance at the SC, ala Ray Bourque.