Report: Filip Chytil has torn muscle in leg

September 1, 2017, by

filip chytil

In some not-so-good news, it looks like Filip Chytil’s chances of making the Rangers out of camp took a severe and potentially crippling blow. Per Alex Nunn, citing a Czech report, Chytil suffered the injury during the U20 Four Nations Tournament.

Chytil had an outside shot of making the roster this year, but it appears that he will remain in the Czech leagues this year instead. Hopefully the injury isn’t that serious, and he did play the next two games, so perhaps just some rest is needed. Either way, it’s something worth monitoring.

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  1. Rich S says:

    At 17 years old, if I remember correctly, unless he is the next coming of Gretzky I dont see how he has any chance of making the rangers.
    Since he played games after the injury thats a good sign. When I was a kid , many decades ago, you never saw this amount of injuries in every sport. I think one problem is that players overtrain and dont give their bodies enough rest time including a long off season without training.
    Dave, is there a training camp roster yet?

    • Reenavipul says:

      There was zero chance of him making the opening night roster bar a bunch of injuries to others. The Czech league is not good. I saw Dmitri Jaskin playing 2nd line minutes at 16 for Slavia and he’s a 4th liner in the NHL

  2. Mintgecko says:

    Lets be real here he wasn’t in any of the short term plans to be a NYR. Then from what I’m reading that this club expects big things from Hayes/Zib from here on out makes any long term plans a bit foggy for him especially with Andersson being next in line to become a center. I feel like when Filip can eventually make the jump to be a pro that the wing spot might fit his game more at the NHL llevel. Tough break for the kid and it couldn’t have come at a worse time than right before camp starts but I believe life moves on in the NYR world.

    If anybody was still wondering if Bozak or a top 9 center is on the mind of JG then look no further than that recent article of AV hyping the hell out of Hayes to move up as the 2c on the NHL website.

    • Egelstein says:

      While I agree that it’s definitely too early to have expected him to make the team, he has some stunning skills for his age. Chytil is definitely going to be in their long term plans, presuming of course he isn’t traded for an established player of high value in the meantime. His ceiling could be very high, and top six someday is not at all out of the question based on his skill set and skating.

  3. Bloomer says:

    Chytil is young I am sure he will bounce back. Ryan Gropp is the player that I think will surprise in camp….time will tell.

  4. Richter1994 says:

    No way he was playing with the Rangers this year, healthy or not.

  5. Blue76 says:

    Well friends who share the “blue” with me, my nickname since 1972 has been Blue, and if you know Canadian beers, you know my last name based on that hint. I am leaving your forum … and if you know who just signed with Calgary, you know why. I wish you the best of luck in the coming season, unless of course you are playing the Flames. This was not the first choice for me for the team he would sign with, but at least it is in Western Canada again. Much closer for me to get to a game and sit with his family perhaps. I have been polite when folks bashed my guy, and I hope I will not be seen has a hockey jerk for backing my guy. I played and coached hockey most of life, have NHL friends, and understand the game pretty good I think. I want to thank many of you for your backing of my thoughts, you know who you are. So long farewell, and may we have a Flames/Rangers final to cheer our teams on.

    • Bloomer says:

      Flames signed Tanner Glass to a try out contract…you ditch your Ranger jersy for him

    • AWDS says:

      For what it’s worth, I don’t think any of it was/is personal.

      I’m sure Tanner is a great guy, and hopefully he can go do his thing there. He was good in the MTL series; I’ll give him that.

      There was a particular goal scored (I think by Holden? not sure) that would not have happened had he not skated in front on Price at precisely the right moment. If he did stuff like that more often, he’d be a better player.

      It’s just, in a league where fighting has been generally rendered irrelevant thanks to rule changes & a seismic shift in culture, his overall effectiveness (in lieu of other options) was… questionable.

      What is regrettable about the Glass era is that some “fans” were genuinely rude to him, and that is a total disgrace. Best of luck in CGY.

  6. scrangersfan says:

    I totally agree with you AWDS.