Kevin Klein officially retires

July 7, 2017, by

kevin klein

As broken last week, Kevin Klein was set to retire. His official retirement announcement came this morning. Klein retires after 12 seasons, three with the Rangers.

The Rangers acquired Klein in 2014 for Michael Del Zotto to help solidify the right side of the defense. Klein was somewhat of a marvel on Broadway, setting career highs in goals, assists, and points. Back injuries derailed Klein the last few seasons, which only exacerbated his skating issues.

Klein retires with a line of 38-116-154 in 627 games.

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  1. genetics73 says:

    Be well, and thank you, Kevin Klein.

  2. jerry maley says:

    A gutsy player who gave 100 percent on every shift….including half of his ear…
    Good luck to him in the future

  3. Peter says:

    Kevin was quite good with the Rangers until his back slowed him down. His effort was unquestionable. Good luck to him.

  4. lv says:

    Klein was good for us but we have lots of ‘D’ options for 3rd pairing. Would love to see James Van Riemsdyk traded to the Rangers for Holden or Graves + a pick. I’m okay with JT Miller move to C.

  5. Larry says:

    Why can’t Marc Staal do the same? How many concussions did he have? 3 or 4? Time for Staal to go too.

    • Al Dugan says:

      Ok, Larry, let’s see you leave 20 million on the table by retiring.

      • lv says:

        yup…he can collect his money while he sits in the press box scratched

      • Sully 55 says:

        What good is twenty million if you
        Can’t remember your kids names

      • Larry says:

        OK, a buyout then.

      • Walt says:


        With one more good concussion, and almost blind in one eye, he can veg out for the rest of his life, and not see a damn thing in the process!!!!!!!! He can go long term LTIR, collect all the money, live out his life with some quality, and give his team some cap relief, but no, his ego won’t permit it. So be it!!!!!!!

  6. Reenavipul says:

    AV’s misuse aggregated Klein’s back issues.

    To be fair, if AV hadn’t driven that whip hand so hard, maybe Klein could’ve finished his contract or at least the Rangers would’ve gotten better value out of it.

    • Spozo says:

      Lol the blame it on AV crowd never stays quiet too long.

      • Reenavipul says:

        If the truth hurts, go play hearts.

        Klein missed the 1st week or so of the season due to back issues, barely had a day off afterward until he went on to IR

        I saw Klein his 1st game back after that and saw he had no power in his stride(and wrote as much on this site)

        The current coach couldn’t manage the 72 Canada Cup or a 93 Memorial Cup team. I wouldn’t have the current coach of the Rangers walk my dog.

        • Spozo says:

          First off the team has a medical staff that is headlined by Jim Ramsay. He’s one of the most respected trainers in the league. So your assumption that AVs use of Klein made his injury worse implies 1 of 2 things.

          Either Ramsay agrees with your expert medical opinion and opposed AVs usage of Klein and therefore AV overruled Ramsey in order to play the guy.

          Or Ramsay also agreed that however AV used the guy would not injure him more.

          The first option implies that Ramsay has no say whatsoever about the health of the players and even though he has 2000 NhL games under his belt he was fine with being over ruled at the detriment of a players health. The second option implies that Ramsay is so incompetent at his job that he couldn’t see something Mr Reenavipul could see.

          So which option is it?

          • Reenavipul says:

            Proof is in the pudding and Klein is not the 1st occasion where a player has had an issue misdiagnosed (which I doubt) or a trainer wrongly deferred to the player(which in their chart would be labeled AMA or against medical advice)

          • John B says:

            You forgot that would make the Team Doctor and/or Medical Director incompetent too either way.

            • Spozo says:

              And if that were true then why isn’t Klein suing the crap out of the organization instead of walking away from a couple millions dollars? Oh yea, because this clown’s statement is a joke.

      • sherrane says:

        I heard AV is helping Kim Jong-Il develop ICBMs.

        • Reenavipul says:

          For the best that the current coach is doing missle development for North Korea: at best they’ll go straight up for the 1st half of launch, then return straight to earth.


            “no you guys are doing it wrong – you need more Glass”.

          • Rich S says:

            You are on FIRE today, my friend!
            ‘If the truth hurts, go play hearts.’ AND the’ AV return
            straight to earth’ lines……keep em coming!!!

      • ides of says:

        Where there is smoke, there is generally a fire. AV reminds me of the Al Capp character in Lil Abner…I think he was called the Schmoo. Always with a dark cloud, raining above his head.

    • Richter1994 says:

      Holy crap, I am not an AV supporter but this is lunacy my friend. Blaming the coach for injuries?

      You really think that AV had something to do with Ovi shooting the puck into KK’s hand?

      And how many minutes per game did KK play? Did he play 30 minutes per game and I missed that?

      • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

        Reena has great insights most of the time, but his hatred for AV goes to such a level that he will literally blame anything and everything on the coach.

        Rammer is one of the most respected trainers in the game. Has there ever been even a hint of the Rangers improperly using their players and putting their careers at risk? Not that I know of. If this were true, and AV/Rammer were involved in such behavior, players would NOT be signing here. And as mentioned, there would be lawsuits.

        The one downside to a blog like this is that some people can impugn the character and integrity of good people by making stuff up when there is NO evidence to support such claims. Sad.

        Reena, you are better than that.

        • Walt says:


          Now I have to defend Reen, did AV play both Mac Truck, and Girardi in the PO’s with broken bones a few year back?? Enough said my friend!!

          • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

            Did Boucher play Karlsson with two broken bones? This is hockey. Guys play hurt. That’s a far cry from what Reena is accusing AV and the Rangers training staff from being a part of.

            If the Rangers were doing something inappropriate, NO FAs would be signing, and lawsuits would be happening.

            Sorry, there is no evidence or even rumor of any wrong doing here.

            • Walt says:


              The difference is a hurt Karlsson still is effective, while a healthy Girardi is not worth a crap!!!!!

              You have defended Dan, great, your loyal, to a fault, and now must admit even trying like hell to do so,he stunk up the place, and deserved to be bought out. If you won’t admit it, or recognize it, then you loose all credibility with me my man!!!!

              Dan Girardi was a warrior, but the last three years he just was terrible, and never should have played over even a pee wee player, let alone an NHLer!!!!!!!!

              • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:


                This is an old thread so won’t waste a lot of time on it. It seems to me we are drifting into another area altogether. My issue was with Reena, who essentially accused the Rangers of medical malpractice. That’s what I was responding to. This isn’t about loyalty to Girardi. I have none. I was hopeful he could bounce back from his injuries but he was unable to do so. I dont think he “stunk up the place”. But clearly he wasn’t the same player he was when he was signed. So buying him out was the right call. No argument there.

                My points on this were pretty simple–

                1) There is no evidence whatsoever that AV and the Rangers medical staff (and the organization as a whole) acted in a manner that damaged Klein or Girardi.

                2) I have maintained that while both were compromised, the Rangers didn’t have legitimately better options.

                3) If you base it on what just happened in NHL FA, it seems that the whole league is pretty much in agreement that Girardi is a far more valuable asset at the moment than either Clendening or McIlrath (let alone a pee wee player).

                The only thing AV can be accused of here is not thinking differently from the rest of the league. The evidence is pretty clear–if another coach or GM were running the Rangers, if it’s from the current crop running other teams, likely the same decisions would have been made. That’s been my only point.

            • Walt says:


              By the way, I’m not accusing the team of wrong doing by the medical staff, I’m only commenting on the coach’s deployment of a half ass player who was terrible, but am questioning his sanity for doing so………

  7. amy says:

    Kevin good luck in your retirement take care of yourself

  8. supermaz says:

    MDZ for Klein turned out to be a fantastic trade. Optimus Klein scored many clutch goals for our Rangers. A career cut short due to injury….you’ll be missed Kleiner.

    • Hatrick Swayze says:

      Agree in full. Should’ve been one of those moves that put us over the top. Unfortunately, we fell just short.

    • Richter1994 says:

      Who are the thumbs down on this post? MDZ and Poile?

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      Optimus Klein! Well done! 🙂

      That was one of the great steals of Sather’s tenure as GM.

  9. scrangersfan says:

    Good luck Kevin, it was a pleasure watching you on the ice for the Rangers. You’d given 100% day in and day out. Enjoy your retirement and have a great time with your family. You deserve it. You will be missed.

  10. Chris F says:

    Greatest photo of his career.

    Good luck, Kleiner.

  11. Walt says:

    Kevin was a hard nosed player, never took a shift off, and always gave his all. Here’s to a wonderful retirement, well deserved, and the best of luck, along with health Kevin. Your the man!!!!

    • Rich S says:

      Hey Walt,
      What do you think……we play out the year with miller etc at center….
      next off season, we dump stall, dont resign nash , get hank to renegotiate longer term, less money and sign John Taveras??????
      Unless Miller becomes Mike Ridley at center with more speed and points…

      • Walt says:

        Miller at center, I advocate for sure. AV will find fault with him there, but I suspect he can do the job, unless the Andersson kid earns a slot.

        I was for dumping Staal two years ago, so that’s a given, get rid of him yesterday.

        Nash for a reduced rate, I’d do that, he still has maybe two good years left in him after this season.

        I’m not certain if we can ask to renegotiate a new agreement, maybe the union won’t permit that to happen. If so, make a gentlemen s agreement to hire him at XXX dollars upon retirement if he would be willing to play for less money.

        Do you really see John Taveras wanting to play for us, and not go home to Toronto? I suspect if he leaves the fishsticks, he’s headed to Canada!!!!!!!!!

        • Rich S says:

          Yup, Toronto is building a nice team……
          A #7 pick should get a spot on the roster….
          I wonder if peumpel is still in the mix, he has some talent ….
          What do you think of holden on left side with instructions to not get caught up ice……and deangelo on the right……as third pair….sheltered minutes of course…

          • Walt says:


            I posted earlier on another thread that if push turns to shove, move Holden to his natural left side, with D’Angelo as the third pair, and if we still have Staal, nail him to the press box!!!!!!!

            Addressing Andersson, I suspect that JG, and Gordy see something in this kid, and may expect him to earn a job at the beginning of the season!!!!!!!!

            • Peter says:

              Walt!!!!!!!! I concur!!!!!!!!

              However, if they can land someone to fill a hole on the wing or a prospect for Holden, then Staal on the 3rd pair with DeAngelo for a year is less troublesome than Staal on the 2nd pair. I don’t think they’d get anyone of value for Staal and a buyout would be expensive.

              Toronto is going to be a beast of a team.

              • Walt says:


                With the signings of the FA’s, and the kids in the system, Day in particular, Staal has got to sit if we cant’ rid ourselves of him. We have to make room for the youth, time to clean out the garage!!!!!!

                As for the Leafs, they are scary good, and will be for a long time……………

      • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:


        I’m fairly certain that unlike the NFL, renegiotaiting a deal is not possible. The Hank deal is what it is.

  12. ides of says:

    Hey Kevin……get your back better, enjoy the balance of your life and your family. Thanks for being a leave it on the ice kinda guy!

  13. lv says:

    Great centers are tough to get and we have no AHL prospects except Graves but we should trade extra ‘D’ and picks for a great LW since Nash will probably be traded at the deadline next year. Perhaps JT or Anderson could be the 3rd line center. I think a bigger worry is if Lundquist can still play like a king. If he can and we can get a scoring LW, we can compete for the cup.

  14. Richter1994 says:

    Thanks KK for your guts when you played and for doing the right thing. You were very effective when you were healthy. Good luck to a good guy.

    That’s 2, one more to go.