Rangers, Fast agree to three year contract extension

July 5, 2017, by
jesper fast

(Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke)

The Rangers and RFA Jesper Fast have agreed to terms on a three year contract extension worth $1.85 million per season. Fast has been one of the most versatile Rangers in recent memory, sliding up and down the lineup with relative ease.

The former 6th round pick will remain a Ranger through his age-28 season. The deal is certainly a little more than I had expected, but it’s worth it to keep Fast here. He’s one of those guys that does the little things very well.

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  1. MBN says:

    A bit more than I would have given him, but I do like the fact they were able to go 3 years.

    By that time, there should be a younger replacement for him in the system. Unless, of course, Jesper develops some more offensive ability. He’s fine defensively.

    • tanto says:

      Lucky Vegas didn’t take him. Would have actually preferred an even longer term contract because with the way he plays, he’ll be effective into his early 30’s … but great value to get him at $1.85 m per for 3 years.

    • Reenavipul says:

      Fast is fine on the forecheck, can get lost in his own end at 5v5.

      He has never produced when bumped up the depth chart, now a 4th liner getting paid like a 3rd. It’s an overpay, but not a crippling one unless you’re making a run at a Tavares and you have a replacement down on the farm.

  2. Pas44 says:


    This cat works like a champ and ups it in the playoffs baby….

    He’s my kinda fella….

    JG needs to make a nice trade now to get the D in order and bring in some sweet middle man bros!

  3. Egelstein says:

    I’m perfectly fine with this deal. They may have given him a bit more than expected to avoid arbitration? This is clearly a player the coaching staff really likes as best I can tell, and I get the impression that arbitration isn’t usually enjoyable for either side.

    I find Fast interesting as a player in relation to how he is valued by the fans, in general. He often gets tabbed as “underrated”, but he’s certainly not underrated by the fans – it’s rare to see a fan ragging on him, at least in the circles of discussion that I observe and/or partake in.

    The most common thing I seem to see is that he is lauded for giving 110%, or something to that general effect. I think there are actually more fans who lean towards overrating, him as a result of appreciating that aspect. He does seem to be going all in on the ice, and there’s nothing bad about that…but he also should not be confused for a top 6 forward. He’s awesome in a fourth line role, and that’s where I want to see him. Drives me bonkers when AV inserts him into the top 6, but it isn’t just because AV has no other choice.


      He’s the anti-hayes IMO… plays over his skill level while also possessing great defensive numbers through sheer effort.

      To be fair to AV, Fast is really loved by GAR models. Per those, he’s infinitely more valuable than the previously mentioned player.

      Although, despite that, I don’t know if I could ever put out a guy on the top 6 who literally has attempted to pass the puck while on a breakaway…

      • Egelstein says:

        I’m not sure which GAR model you refer to, but the one I know of and mess around with sometimes (https://public.tableau.com/profile/sean.tierney#!/vizhome/GARcomponents/Dashboard1 – I usually just filter Dashboard 1 to NYR and put the slider for Overall to the largest range, to capture everyone) has Hayes at 4.40 and Fast at 3.60. Not a huge difference though, and frankly I really want to see Hayes get that number up next season given the raw skills he has to work with. Hayes should be a bigger margin better than Fast here, just looking at pure skill level. That would seem to imply that the 110% factor makes up some ground for Fast, in terms of GAR as an evaluation tool, anyways.

        I’ve been firmly in Kevin’s corner for a while, but my patience is waning. Really want to see him put it all together next season. It’s time.

  4. Rangers Rock says:

    Ya a 1.8 mil for a 4th line player just like Glass!
    Great move!

    • Sully 55 says:

      Except he can play hockey skates well
      Kills penalties


      Glass wishes he had half the talent of Fast

    • Matt R says:

      Don’t. Even. Jesper Fast is a great backchecker who plays well with his stick and does not take penalties. Comparing him to Tanner Glass hurts me personally somehow. Please don’t do that lol.

      • Reenavipul says:

        That’s just wrong. A great forechecker who is routinely picks up the wrong man after the puck crosses center ice.

        • Matt R says:

          I can neither confirm nor deny what you say – however, I find routinely to be a strong word choice. If he routinely made the wrong plays, why would AV have so much trust in him, why would the players say he is the most committed guy on the team, and why would he be constantly given tough minutes over and over again? In short, the evidence presented suggests you are wrong.

      • Rich S says:

        The rangers did get quite a boost when tanner glass was inserted into the lineup this year……..hits a ton and can fight……I will always have a soft spot for those kind of guys! And they will always be necessary!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. supermaz says:

    Great production in the playoffs, outscored more than half the roster. Great signing, would have prefered longer term, he’s earned it.

    • Chris A says:

      The problem with longer term is that as you buy out more of Jesper’s unrestricted FA years, then he is going to, rightfully, ask for much for money.

      Role players like Jesper are usually bad business as they hit their UFA years. Better to replace them with younger players from within the system.


        That’s generally true, but, I could see Fast being a 40 something bottom six type with potential for more (in the event of injuries etc). We know he’s already capable of 30, and IIRC, he had 6 points in 12 playoff games this year.

        And, given the rough ufa/points ratio (~1 million in cap per 10 pts scored), well, this isn’t exactly an awful contract…

        Sure, it could’ve come in a little cheaper, but, overall, it’s a reasonable & good signing.

        • Chris A says:

          I have no problem with this contract. I had Jesper pegged for $1.5M per for 2 years. I think the third year is UFA year #1 for Jesper, so I think this is a good deal for the Rangers.

  6. Reenavipul says:

    It took me a while to get to the $1.85 AAV when league min would’ve been $2mm over 3 years.

    More than double the salary of a quick skating, undersized winger who can’t backcheck?

    These are the deals that cut your nuts off going forward.

  7. Reenavipul says:

    Fast does the little things well except putting the puck in the net. So by all means, sign him well before arbitration and overpay by who knows how much.

  8. Blaine says:

    Actually, Brooks reports he went to arbitration first, which give them another buy-out opportunity sometime this summer.

  9. SalMerc says:

    This was to make AV happy. In other words, “AV, now shut up and coach the rest of the team I give you”.

    I have come to appreciate the game and effort Jesper puts out night after night. Never takes a shift off. Maybe he is a bit over paid, but at least he plays with heart, and we all know the team loves him. He is more of an anti-Stepan.

  10. Jerry says:

    EXCELLENT! I guess I’m in the minority, but I’m fine with the dollars.
    Some other Ranger forwards need to watch Fast’s game in and game out effort. Every night.

    • Matt R says:

      I think most people agree with you actually, maybe not vocally on this site however. Remember, this is the same place where some of the ideas below originated:

      1) Expose Stepan
      2) Make Clendening 1RD and play him 20 mins a night
      3) Gut the team in order to have a shot at signing Connor McDavid
      4) Play Dylan Mcilrath over Marc Staal, Dan Girardi and Nick Holden.

      That is just the tip of the iceberg.

      Any sane, logical consumer of hockey related material would think the above ideas made absolutely no sense but here we are. So take it with a grain of salt if people disagree with you!


        “1) Expose Stepan
        2) Make Clendening 1RD and play him 20 mins a night
        3) Gut the team in order to have a shot at signing Connor McDavid
        4) Play Dylan Mcilrath over Marc Staal, Dan Girardi and Nick Holden.

        That is just the tip of the iceberg”


        Hey now, are you trying to start a riot here or something…?

        • Matt R says:

          No, its just, if you did not follow the Rangers and only read the comments, you would think the Rangers haven’t made the playoffs in years. The Rangers are a great team with a great coach and a great GM. As a Knicks fan also, I appreciate what we have in the Rangers and it irks me when people do not appreciate players like Derek Stepan, Jesper Fast, and Dan Girardi. Just imagine you Dan Girardi for one second – as an undrafted player, you give your life for the team and the fans and even are in the running for a Norris Trophy. Then, father time and injuries catch up to you and half the fanbase curses you out or throws you to the curb. Its just sad to be honest and I feel the need to defend them sometimes. So, no, I do not want to start a riot or a fight, I just wish we wouldn’t personally attack guys as much just because they do not play the way that people think they should.


            Honestly, I wasn’t being serious…

            I was just making a tongue-in-cheek remark about how…. divisive such ideas have been recently.

            Actually, come to think of it, perhaps at least half of the posters here would take issue with at least one of those things.

            But, I don’t agree with what you said.

            Just because the team ‘has made the playoffs for years’ doesn’t necessarily mean they have a ‘great coach & great gm’.

            Quite frankly, in my opinion, the coach and GM have been (until very recently) hindering this organization with head-scratching decisions. That’s not to say that they’re alone in that camp, but your adulation of the staff here is premature until I see another cup banner dangling from the rafters.

            And while I agree Girardi has caught too much flak (he didn’t offer himself that contract), to attempt to argue that he belongs on a top pairing or that the staff has made the appropriate decisions regarding his deployment/signing is just baffling to me. Furthermore, I don’t recall him ever being a serious candidate for a Norris, even back in ’09 at his peak.

            • Matt R says:

              He finished 6th for the Norris in 2011-2012. Can we go over some of the headscratching moves? He was deployed as 1RD last season because, who else? His deployments the last few seasons have been the result of necessity.

              The main headscratcher I have for the Rangers management was letting Strahlman go and signing Dan Boyle. I think its also important to remember hindsight is 20/20 (Strahlman was basically playing for his career when the Rangers picked him up initially) so I do not really fault them for that. But hey, remember, they were somehow able to get McD for Scott Gomez so I can’t be all that mad at their deals.

              • ANGRY WIENER DOG STAMPEDE says:

                Yes, letting Stralman go was pretty bad.

                As for ‘who else’, well, I’d kindly ask you to refer to point #2 from your prior post.

                Clendenning & McD, were I to grab their numbers from last year (cf%, gf%, etc), and if I were to compare said data next to what are generally considered to be the NHL’s top pairings….. well, you might have trouble picking them apart if I omitted the names.

                Mind you, they played almost 20 games together, mainly at the beginning of the season when the rangers couldn’t stop scoring goals.

                Yeah, I know correlation is not causation, but, I don’t think that’s entirely a coincidence, either….

              • Matt R says:

                Forgot to add.. when Marc Staal and Dan Girardi signed those contracts, the Rangers had the best top 6 D in the NHL. Could you imagine the fury that would have been unleashed on blueseatblogs.com if the Rangers moved Dan Girardi at the trade deadline instead of signing him because he wanted more money? The site would have crashed and we would have to go to ESPN for our hockey news. So yes, again, hindsight is 20/20, but to say that it was a bad move at the time to sign Staal or Girardi to those contracts is crazy to me, there was no other option as they were in win-now mode.

  11. Richter1994 says:

    Gorton strikes gold again!! 3 years for this price, perfect.