Mika ZIbanejad files for arbitration

July 5, 2017, by

Mika Zibanejad

Mika Zibanejad has formally filed for salary arbitration, which comes as no surprise. I feel like I write this every year, but this is just a formal step in the process. The Rangers haven’t had a player actually go to arbitration since Nik Zherdev. Sean Avery also went to arbitration in 2007.

Zibanejad and the Rangers will likely hammer out a deal before the arbitration date. With Zibanejad filing for arbitration, the Rangers have a second buyout window open to them in August. They likely won’t use it, but it will be open. This also protects Zibanejad from an offer sheet.

Oddly enough, Jesper Fast also filed for arbitration. I’m assuming he just filed the paper work before the deal was announced. Just a formality.

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  1. Spozo says:

    Cue someone saying Zibanejad is being greedy.

    • Chris F says:

      If he wanted to play here, he’d accept a $500k deal. Shatty left millions on the table.

      Show Zib the door. Trade him for McIlrath. Dylan will give us that grit and physicality we need down the middle.

      LA won the cup with size down the middle. McIlrath has size. Ergo, McIlrath should be our #1 C.

      But stupid AV probably would play him on the 4th line and screw everything up.

      Fire AV!

      • Axel Olsén says:

        Mcillrath is a d man and u want him as first C? Are u high? LA won with Kopitar as number one C and u want too replace him with a d man that has no business in the NHL?

        After all this brilliancy u then want too fire AV?

        Hahahahahahaha its fortunate that u arent anywhere near a coaching job in the NHL.

      • ides of says:

        one of the best! lord forgive me i agree! AV i want to c u in my rear view mirror.

      • King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

        I love the Shitty sarcasm …. I mean Shatty

      • scrangersfan says:

        McIlrath is a defenseman not a center Chris F.

    • HARLEMBLUES says:

      Fasth filed also

  2. Robert Skettini says:

    Wait, you mean they can buy out Staal?

  3. Richter1994 says:

    Now Staal can be bought out. Not having Staal on the roster keeps Coach Numbnutz from playing him. That in itself is worth the buyout.

    Zib, 5 years, $5M-$5.5AM per I wager.

  4. craig says:

    Is Zib trying to pull the old squeeze play because of the Rangers desperate need for center man? Is he really worth 5.5 million a year? Maybe in today’s market, maybe not, but he is only 24 and has scored around 50 points twice in his career. He does miss a really lot of scoring opportunities and open nets. His skill level is decent, but not great so far. He is a very fast skater,and decent defensively. 5 million a year seems reasonable enough to settle on.

    • Mikeyyy says:

      I don’t think so. From my limited understanding of RFA , since he signed a qualifying offer, if they can’t come to an agreement he is stuck with the qualifying offer. Arbitration can be engaged by both team and player with the entity that did not invoke arbitration picking the term of the contract that the arbiter hears.

      This is actually in the best interest of the club and the player. Clubs won’t lose their rights, player gets a fair shake at a reasonable salary.

      The way it looks to work every rfa should file if they don’t have a contract in time.

    • Richter1994 says:

      Not at all, filing for arbitration is just good business. Practically all contracts are agreed to before the hearing actually takes place. The only one that went to a hearing was Zherdev and the Rangers walked away after that one.

      That’s the only one I can think of that actually went to a hearing as far as the Rangers are concerned.

  5. Peter says:

    Zibanejad will be signed and he will get a nice raise. God willing we will see what he can do over the course of an entire season without injuries. I like this guy a lot. He is not a floater. He has got to now live up to expectations.

  6. Reenavipul says:

    Get 2nd buyout window only if arbitration hearing happens.

    • Richter1994 says:

      I think you’re wrong about that. Fast filed as well but signed a contract before the hearing, so I heard that in itself qualified the Rangers for a 2nd buyout period. Maybe that’s wrong but that’s what I read.

      • Chris A says:

        Reena, now that Mika has filed, three days after he signs a contract with the Rangers a 48 hour buyout window opens.

        No hearing is required.

  7. amy says:

    Mika will get a raise he played well in the playoffs and when he came back from his broken leg and then put Mika with Mats and Kreids for a good second line

  8. scrangersfan says:

    I would offer Zib 2.8mils, not a penny more he was downright owe full with the Rangers. Bring back Brassard!!!!!!!!!!