Brooks: Antti Raanta remains a Ranger

June 21, 2017, by

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Per Larry Brooks, goalie Antti Raanta remains a Ranger for the time being. Brooks tweeted out that Raanta was not Vegas’ selection off the Rangers roster for expansion. It’s also widely believed that the Rangers did not strike a deal with Vegas either.

I believe the Rangers will lose a forward in the expansion draft, and I also firmly believe it will be Oscar Lindberg. However a thought did occur to me. I wonder if a young prospect goalie like Mackenzie Skapski intrigues Vegas. He can develop and take over for Marc-Andre Fleury. Could be a dark horse

But still, my money is on Lindberg (there are rumblings of this already).

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  1. Pas44 says:

    I say Fluery & Mrázek for the Knights…

    We are gonna lose a forward… maybe we can trade Raanta in a deal?

    this is an exciting time!!!


  2. Catch22 says:

    Kind of a stupid question, but seeing as the rumor mills have been flying around a possible Raanta trade anyway, I thought I’d ask it. Who would’ve brought more value in a trade: Raanta or Lindberg?

    Personally, i’m glad to see Raanta stay and he is an extremely solid backup to rest Hank or fill in for a few weeks in the event of injury.

    • Pas44 says:

      Trade Raanta, develop a youngster, if we need to trade at next years deadline there will be goalies to help a playoff push if need be…

      I think we can either develop or replace what lindberg was to this club, but keeping Fast is more important to me, what he becomes in the playoffs is not easily found… IMO



      • Catch22 says:

        Agreed, a 4th center (albeit a very good one!) is definitely replaceable. I’m curious to see if there’s interest from Arizona in Stepan + Raanta for ????

  3. Chris F says:

    Lindberg, per Brooks.

  4. Reenavipul says:

    So now when they deal Step, now you potentially need a C along with a RD, (making your dance partners smaller), have to pick through the waiver wire in a lean season or grab a UFA like Hanzal on a 1yr deal.

    Not impossible, but now you bring on the danger of introducing too many new faces into the system.

    • Chris F says:

      If they were ever hoping to deal Stepan for a 1 RHD, that window has now closed.

      The way to work that deal would have been to trade Stepan, bring in a 1RHD in return who would be protected, expose Holden, and then protect Lindberg.

      It doesn’t work if you deal Stepan and lose Lindberg.

      • Reenavipul says:

        Or you get Brett Pesce who was exempt. Could’ve done that before roster freeze.

        The issue now is how AZ & Carolina get to the salary floor and if the Rangers can take advantage of it. Both are $10+mm under and need actual NHL bodies in the lineup.

  5. amy says:

    with all that extra cap space Jeff should be creative to fill that spot there are three ways to do it