Turris’ OT winner puts Rangers on the brink

May 7, 2017, by
henrik lundqvist

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The Rangers tried to cling to a late lead in the third period, having taken a 4-3 lead with 10 minutes remaining. However Alain Vigneault continues to bench Brady Skjei and lean on guys who have cost him games in the past, and it burned him yet again. The tying goal in the third was very flukey (off three Rangers), but at some point someone needs to legitimately question why Skjei rides the pine with a late lead. It may not be a direct cause of this outcome, but it’s certainly something that needs to be looked at, especially with the awful game Marc Staal had.

That said, Henrik Lundqvist wasn’t god-like in this game. He made a bad turnover that wound up in the net, and then the OT winner looked a little soft. But then again, the Senators had a pair of flukey goals. One off a post and one off three Rangers. So, I don’t really know. The Rangers aren’t getting any bounces this series. JT Miller also hit the crossbar in overtime. Regardless, there is no reason to be benching one of the top three defensemen with a lead to protect.

On to the goals:

Rangers 1, Sens 0

Kevin Hayes forced the neutral zone turnover and got the puck to Brendan Smith for a 3-on-1 with a back checker coming. Michael Grabner cut to the net, and Jesper Fast had two steps on the back checker. Smith’s pass to Fast was beautiful, and Fast had an empty net.

Rangers 2, Sens 0

Jimmy Vesey forced a neutral zone turnover, and got the puck to Nick Holden. What a shot.

Rangers 2, Sens 1

Henrik Lundqvist made a bad turnover behind the net, which led to a point shot by Chris Wideman. Mark Stone had body position on Oscar Lindberg in front, and got two whacks at it. Even then, needed a fortunate bounce off the post.

Sens 2, Rangers 2

Rick Nash turned the puck over in the offensive zone, which led to Erik Karlsson starting the breakout. Karlsson drew a lot of attention before dropping the puck to Clarke MacArthur. MaArthur found Mike Hoffman all alone at the back door. Jimmy Vesey should have picked up Hoffman, not MacArthur.

Sens 3, Rangers 2

Zack Smith threw the puck in front, where Tom Pyatt got a stick on it and deflected the puck through Hank’s legs. It looked like Hank couldn’t see it based on his right pad kicking out. Brady Skjei may have screened him.

Rangers 3, Sens 3

The Rangers had a very long shift in the offensive zone with good sustained pressure. Eventually Dan Girardi’s shot from the point would hit a body. Michael Grabner found the puck and threw it at the net, where Ryan McDonagh got a piece to tie it. A lot of credit to Kevin Hayes for his puck control this shift.

Rangers 4, Sens 3

Anderson left a rebound on a bad angle shot by Brady Skjei. Jimmy Vesey, who had a hell of a game, dove in front and whacked at it. Anderson looked like he made the stop, but the puck crossed the goal line first.

Sens 4, Rangers 4

With the Sens on a 6-on-5, Hank made the initial stop on MacArthur. The rebound was in the air and whacked at by Derick Brassard. The puck went off Staal, Glass, and Brendan Smith before barely crossing the line.

Sens 5, Rangers 4

Kyle Turris’ first shot was blocked by Girardi, and he then skated right around him to get the loose puck and tuck it five-hold on Lundqvist.

Score Adjusted Even Strength Corsi

The Rangers started slow, but really picked it up in the final half. Then overtime happened, and the Blueshirts forgot how to hockey.

Scoring Chances

Remember when the defense limited scoring chances in the last two games? Those were fun times.

Back to MSG for Game 6. Need to hold serve.

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  1. Richter1994 says:

    The 2 obvious and widely discussed flaws in the Rangers may cost the a series that they should win with ease: The D and the coach.

    2015-2017: Same coach, same mistakes. Hope Gorton is paying attention.

    • Mintgecko says:

      AV will be here for next season because obviously Gorton and Sather likes the system too much. He’ll be on the hot seat next year and that could take until the summer months when it’s all over if they ever fire him.

      • Johnny Red says:

        You are right, I always tried to give A.V. some lea way but how can he replace Nash with Glass in the last 2 min. when Nash is one of our best defensive forwards? How can he bench Skjei for last 5 min of regulation time when he’s been one of our best D-men this series? Totally UNACCEPTABLE!

  2. avsucks says:

    Same old,same old.

  3. James says:

    At what point does Henrik Lundqvist catch some heat for letting in 11 goals in the last two losses.

    In this game, the first goal he turns it over and then can’t control the rebound, the 3rd goes right thru his legs, the 4th he’s lying on his back and puts it in his own net and the 5th it goes right thru his legs again.

    Instead of pushing this tired agenda of the coach, can we focus on the lack of execution by players, starting with the highest paid player on the ice.

    • Richter1994 says:


      Typical unappreciative Ranger fan.

      You’re not wrong about the players, but start with the top 2 lines and half the defense if you want to call out players.

      And yes, the coach is directly responsible for losses in this series. Tired of the narrative? Then tell your coach to stop making the same tired mistakes that cost the team playoff games. Starting with the 2015 TB series.


        Thank you. Very well said.

        You know, under this coach, this team has had the following 2 goal leads (coupled with an OT loss, of course) in the following games;

        Stanley Cup Final 2014 game 1 (led 2-0 in first; lost 3-2 OT)
        Stanley Cup FInal 2014 game 2 (led 2-0, 3-1, 4-2; lost 5-4 double OT)

        Eastern Conference FInals 2015 game 3 (led 2-0 in first; lost 6-5 OT)

        And now….

        Round 2 2017 game 2 (led 2-0, 3-1, 4-2; lost 6-5 OT)
        Round 2 2017 game 5 (led 2-0; lost 5-4 OT)

        For some insane reason, the rangers keep making the same mistake; get a ‘comfy’ lead, sit back & turtle, lose.

        Please note this only includes blown TWO goal leads……

        But yeah, totally awesome coach, great group of players…. IF ONLY WE COULD FIND OURSELVES, INSTEAD OF A GENERATIONAL TALENT IN NET, THE BESSST THERESSS EVAAAR BEEN!?!?…..

        Because that’s how, to me, some of you sound.

    • Mintgecko says:

      Could you imagine if Girardi, Staal and Stepan played their position to the top of their ability’s like Hank does every year. Instead we have a goalie who does that but can’t score. Those three other names should have been leading the way in points all this time instead of their little here and there plays in every other game.

    • Hockey Sittoo says:

      “At what point does HL catch some heat”? How about all the time. Read the papers, listen to the commentators, read the blogs – Hank, like all goalies, shoulders the blame for losses like this and he certainly deserves some of it last night. What bugs me is how the final score drives a “he sucks” narrative that doesn’t fit the circumstances of the 2 games you mentioned or the playoffs as a whole.


        Honestly, until the rangers address the fact that they throw sub replacement-level players out on the ice (to ‘close things out’), well, how should I put this.

        When Hank is ‘bad’, statistically, he reverts from being on his own plateau to just being an ‘average’ goalie. Bad for him is great for most, and average for many.

        He’s also the O N L Y guy who plays with everything he has, night in & night out, basically without equal or exception. A few guys come close to this level of dedication, but what they do pales in comparison to him.

        When’s the last time Stepoff (or anyone really) stood there and blamed themselves for anything in that room? Not only does Lundqvist do that, but he takes the blame for things that no goalie should ever have to stop. When’s the last time someone else did that? Unless you, truly think, that the goalie who faces the most difficulty body of work* in the NHL, and has had to over the past decade, is to blame here ? (*Yost on TSN; I’ve linked to it more than once).

        If you watch our skaters for long enough, you’ll notice something – they aren’t all going at their maximum (relative to what you’ll see them do sporadically during the regular season), and rarely do you see the desperation other teams have.

        There’s no Ryan Getzlaf here; hell, if it wasn’t for Lundqvist and some of the statistically worst hockey players in the NHL, I’d say our guys collectively give the least of a crap of probably every team in the league not in Las Vegas.

        Kreider is the easiest to notice of these; he drives to the net & makes the correct (but more difficult, physically) move less than half the time he has the puck….. at least that’s how it seems, anyway.

    • King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

      How dare you call out the 8.5 million $$ goalie James , off with ur head ! … lmao … gotta call it like you see it


        I don’t know how the hell you can watch a game, where, a squad featuring DERRICK F&%^#ING BRASSARD as its best forward, utterly outplays the entire ‘team’ we had…

        and then…. your response to that is….

        you blame the goalie (!!!) because he didn’t pull (another) rabbit out of his ass…

        What the hell is wrong with you people?

        • Chris F says:

          I’d hardly say that Ottaw “utterly outplayed” the Rangers.

          Really they’ve only outplayed the Rangers for Game 1, and a few –albeit critical– stretches throughout the rest of the series.

          I’d say Games 2-5, the Rangers have been by far the superior team.


            I’d say no way, jose, and the charts Dave was so kind to post don’t disagree either!

            Listen, this team, were they to simultaneously give a damn, should walk all over OTT, pivotal game or not.
            The NYR forwards are far superior to the squad OTT is trotting out.

            In other words, Derrick Brassard didn’t suddenly become a superstar. Their (the rangers) best players, in the entire playoffs so far, are featured on the fourth (and third) lines. They, as a team, are a joke, whereas OTT is greater than the sum of its parts.

            Just another thing we can’t blame AV for, I suppose…

            • Johnny Red says:

              I agree with you. I have been saying for years this group of players is not mentally tough! The proof is their history. They play when they feel like, they are consistently inconsistent, and they can’t play 60 mins. of hockey for more then a few games. If we could put Zucc’s brain in Kreider’s body we’d have a SUPERSTAR! He’s the biggest head case of all

  4. Mintgecko says:

    I cannot wait untill Girardi is bought out, waste of a good pick and prospect while retaining 50% in order to trade Staal and Stepan to finally be gone. It’s all coming into reality very soon folks, what a waste of money to give to that core. If Girardi was to be kept for Sather’s value then at least the rest of that money could have gone to actual worthy names for the other two’s pay bracket.

  5. Walt says:

    How about calling it what it is, a piss-poor game, played by plenty of men who just didn’t want to win bad enough, and showed zero emotion again………..I can question the coach, the defense, the offense, Hank in net, individual players, with what was just a combination of all, your basic cluster f**k !!!!!!

    I have to point out one thing though, who the hell does Daisy Stepan think he is calling out Hank? That fruit cake, who never shows up, putting on that display was a joke. Now had he played his heart out, and scored a few goals along the way, well maybe, but the dude is a no show all PO long, and has the gall to put on that display!!!

    I’ll stop there, this is a family site, and it is Sunday!!!!

    • Mintgecko says:

      You best believe that Hank told him tp STFU during that and after the game he most likely put him in his place which is technically nowhere. CBC even brought up the comparison when Seabrook did that to Toews but how everyone knew that they’re brothers off the ice. That was Stepan getting his 1 minute of relevant air time, I would love to see what was said after they blew the game. I think it’s always been a obvious mystery that after all the veteranplayers that have come and gone when Stepan was around especially in his full set of hair days that none of them have ever took him under their wing. Drury, Gomez, MSL, Cally, Richie and Nash have never made a peep about his potential or game. I’ve seen more talk of Hank giving credit to Hayes and Brass in the recent years The younger crowd never mentions how they look up to him or how he preps. The club basically gave out the assistant captains for free to the remaining core by default, bad move imo.

      • wwwc says:

        Why is glass out the last 1.5 minute? He lost his coverage which led to the shot. Why not double shift grabner and fast? Why Brady is benched, who knows. Time for everyone to bring in, including Stephen, kreids,.

        • Mark Parisi says:

          Thank you!!

          Glass and Zucc??? Where are the defensive forwards for the last 2 minutes. That’s coaching!! Shorten your bench for the last few minutes and only play guys like Nash Stepan Fast Lindbergh Vesey even Z Bad has bee strong defensively. Not your emotion guy in Glass and your PP guy in Zucc!!!

      • Walt says:

        Can’t argue with anything you said, and what I don’t understand is why he is always in these pressure situations, fails time, and again, but is out there again??? He can’t skate, soft easy shot, if you want to call it that, won’t battle on the boards, won’t carry the puck into the offensive zone, avoids contact at all costs, never throw a body check without apologizing for it. Gees, other than that he’s great!! Yet there are plenty who come out of the wood work to proclaim his wonderfulness, and greatness, and contribution to this team, blah, blah, blah!!! He is a gutless worm, end of discussion, please let him go, like right now, if there is any trade value for this sweet Minnesota country boy!!!!!!

        • Mintgecko says:

          It’s like last summer when everyone including the coach along with Backes and Kesler are at fault that the team USA looked liked a bunch of scrubs. Stepan always getting to see top line minutes with the better players seems to go over some of the NYR fans. He gets padded stats, just like in the past two games with his assists. One came on the PP by him just standing there and passing it to Mcd at the point for a easy goal by Kreider. The game last night he finally won a draw that happened to let Skjei flex his legs by setting up the goal where Vesey got to show some decent athletic ability to finish from.

        • Rich S. says:

          Did you copy and paste my last comments on stepan!!! I have been saying this about him since dubinsky was traded instead of him.
          Vintage stepan yesterday–during 2nd period…he goes to cover his man in the slot….the player shoves him away with his stick….so stepan just skates away ….leaving his man uncovered in front of Hank…..

          Worst of all WHY the F!@#$%^K is AV playing him most minutes of any center??? and Why is he out there last 2 minutes??
          Actually why were girardi, stall out there as well……
          The Imbecile coach puts his slowest players on ice while sitting his quicker one…..causing three last second goals by ottowa and montreal and 3 OT losses!!!!

          • Walt says:


            Maybe Daisy Step gives good head, that’s the only explanation I could come up with???? Or he has some compromising photos of the coach, who knows why these decisions are made???????????????

            • Rich S. says:

              Walt……wow…I almost put in a comment about photos like we use to say glass had on AV!!!

              In a serious thought I cannot come up with any Logical, Rational reason why stepan gets all this ice time when any Buffoon can clearly see how bad, how soft, how slow…etc etc he is and HAS BEEN for years now!!!!
              Oscar is a way better center in all aspects of his game especially he shows intensity, drive and passion when he plays!!!

              • ANGRY WIENER DOG STAMPEDE says:

                You know, i used to defend Stepan but, after that first period….. if he truly thinks that their performance in those 20 minutes was ANYTHING but gutless & totally lacking….. then well…

                Hopefully a good deal is still on the table somewhere.

    • scrangersfan says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more Walt, I also like to point out that the Rangers should consider protecting Lindbergh instead of Stepan in the upcoming expansion draft. IMO. Lindbergh will be a solid NHL. center if he isn’t already.

      • Walt says:

        Oscar is good, and I said from the beginning I liked this kid. Step can be traded, for who I don’t know, but I can bet my bottom dollar, he won’t be missed, especially with his fly by checks, waiving at the opposition!!!!!!!! He is a twat at best, maybe we can call him taco boy!!!

  6. DAVID k says:

    Someone on the coaching staff needs to be fired for putting out Stepan, Holden & Staal in the last 5 miknutes of game with a one goal lead. Not sure if it is Arniel (worst pp in playoffs) beuk or A.V. so if they don’t fire A.V. both of his bench coaches should be gone. Both of these last minute loses are on the coaching staff for putting out wrong players.

    • Rich S. says:

      Well Said David K……
      This is the THIRD time in the playoffs we had a lead with couple minutes left and Coach Imbecile puts out slow, slower and slowest- stepan, stall, girardi…..WHILE…
      His quickest, fastest players sit and watch from the bench!!!!!
      I dont care if they pick an assistant or a fan from the stands to make the same asinine mistakes over and over is mind boggling!!!!
      This series should have been over and we should have beat montreal in 5!!!!

  7. Spozo says:

    Was their any Ranger (coaching staff included) that played well enough to win?

    • scrangersfan says:

      The coaching staff did not play on the ice but had contributed to the outcome with their questionable decisions.

    • Walt says:


      Who determines which players should be out there at the end of the game. I believe that is what many who are complaining about AV are talking about. I didn’t contribute, because I said enough on this subject!!!!!!

      • Spozo says:

        I’m not disagreeing with you. But honestly was that goal the result of a poor job done by the players, who may or may not have been the best players to be on the ice, or just a crappy goal that bounced off of several players. Yes Staal and Glass shouldn’t have been on the ice but sometimes hockey happens. That AV put himself in the position to be questioned is what I think the issue is here. If Mac and Nash replace Staal and Glass I don’t think you can say “no way that goal goes in” but that’s something we will never know.

        The whole point of my post was that who really showed up and put in a consistent effort last night? Vesey, Fast, Holden (played his best playoff game IMO), Grabner. Everyone else was just OK which won’t cut it. And yes that includes the entire coaching staff.

        • Rich S. says:

          Its true whoever is on the ice must get the job done…but that being said WHY were the slowest players [stepan, stall, girardi] on the ice the last couple of minutes while the faster ones [sjkel,grabner, fast, lindberg, miller zucc] were on the bench!!!!!!!????????
          Will this coach ever learn?
          What sane coach puts out the same players over and over again, gets the same losing results and repeats, repeats , repeats……
          The BEST, Quickest, fastest defensive players need to be out there at that time!!!!

          • Spozo says:

            If you want to focus on one aspect of the train wreck then go for it.

            And if you want to define how well a player can defend based solely on their skating speed then go for it as well.

            • ANGRY WIENER DOG STAMPEDE says:

              Spozo, you have to admit, this isn’t exactly a new phenomenon. This team is renowned for coughing up leads (see prior post I made in this thread if you need proof).

              Girardi, Staal, Glass….. these guys have consistently, for years now, sat in the bottom portion of the league in all available metrics, save +/- for the first two. The Rangers inability to close games out is also well documented.

              At a certain point, you’ve got to ask yourself – when can you no longer chalk up these results to say, random variance (or simply bad luck, put bluntly)?

              I think we are LOOOOONG past that point. Hopefully Gorton sees this too.

        • Walt says:

          no arguments from me with that post!!!!!!

      • Spozo says:

        Doesn’t a great coach deflect the blame off of his players and on to himself? Take the focus off of some lackluster performances? Maybe he’s a genius after all 😀

  8. Chris F says:

    I really wanted to just mentally check out today and ignore all the buzz. It gets exhausting reading the same reactions over and over again after a loss. It wouldn’t be so infuriating if there were an equal amount of praise after a win, but I guess no one deserves credit when they get the job done, just condemnation when they don’t.

    The Rangers played two of their most complete games of the season back-to-back to climb out of a 0-2 series hole. But this team has no heart.

    Nick Holden scores big goals in back-to-back games. But he made a bad pinch in game 2, so…

    And so it goes.

    On the tying goal:

    AV has taken a lot of heat for apparently going to the well with Staal/Holden in the final minutes of a game. He did this in game 2 against Montreal, and Holden breaks his stick and can’t tie up Plekanec on the game tying goal. Since that sequence, AV’s been under a magnifying glass for every late game deployment decision he makes.

    In game 2 against Ottawa, he doesn’t ice Skjei/Smith in the final few minutes of regulation and the Rangers blow a 2 goal lead, and then Staal/Holden are the pair that gives up the game winner in OT after Holden makes a bad pinch decision yielding a 2-on-1.

    The narrative inevitably becomes one in which AV just keeps doing the same thing over and over again and Staal/Holden (but specifically Holden) keep costing us games.

    The problem with this narrative is that it’s isolating a very narrow couple of events and transforming that into a trend that in reality doesn’t exist.

    In game 2 against Ottawa, it was McDonagh and Girardi out there for both of the late goals that erased the 5-3 lead we had.

    Yesterday, it was Staal and Smith out there when the tying goal was scored, and it went in off of Smith’s skate. And it was McDonagh and Girardi out there when the OT winner was scored.

    Honestly, for the most part, it really shouldn’t matter who you put on the ice in these situations. The players need to find a way to shut it down, clear the puck, kill the clock, stop icing the puck, and skate away with a win. McDonagh and Girardi haven’t been able to do it. Staal/Holden haven’t been able to do it. Staal/Smith haven’t been able to do it.

    The only guy who hasn’t been out there in these types of situations very often is Skjei. He’s been a phenomenal player out there for us, but he is still developing his game, and so far has been known more for his skating and playmaking ability than as a shutdown defenseman. If you believe that the key to Rangers success is all wrapped up neatly in Brady Skjei, you’re just looking for easy answers. The point is, there is no combination of players you can point to right now and say, “Those guys close out games. Those guys need to be out there.” AV needs more from his players in these situations. That’s the complicated reality.

    Yesterday, the Rangers iced the puck, again, with about 2 minutes left. At that point, it’s Glass-Stepan-Zuccarello, and Staal/Smith on the ice. I don’t think that’s an intentional deployment, I think that’s just who was on the ice (due to some partial changes) prior to the icing. But it’s not a bad group of players, either. Stepan and Zuke are very good defensively, and Glass has really made no mistakes to speak of this postseason, plays hard, battles along the boards, and could be very effective at disrupting Ottawa’s cycle and clearing the puck. Smith, no complaints. And Staal, while prone to the occasional buffoonery, actually has been one of our better shot suppression defensemen this postseason. In any case, the puck is iced. That’s who you have, and there’s nothing AV can do about that.

    10 seconds after the faceoff, Anderson races to the bench, and before the 6th skater even enters the play, Karlsson flings the puck from the blueline over to MacArthur at the far circle, he puts it on net, it pops in the air, where Brassard kicks it on goal. Rangers have 4 players boxing the crease, Zuccarello, Glass, Staal, and Smith. There’s a scrum, and the puck deflects off of 3 players and trickles into the net. That’s just an unfortunate sequence of events, where yet again, Ottawa gets the bounce.

    There’s no one to blame here. Just hockey.

    • waitsfan says:

      Perfect post. I would add that the futility on faceoffs magnifies both the icings and Hank needing to play safe and cover up when puck handling isn’t his forte. The unforced icings (McD had a few in addition to, I think, Staal before the tying goal) are killers. Obviously if you don’t send the puck around the boards hard, it winds up at the point for a chance for Karlsson or Phaneuf, but when truly unforced, the icings are painful.

      In the overall, players with less obvious offensive upsides (Glass, G, Staal) have no margin for error, and the reluctant praise (if it ever comes) gives way to an avalanche of anger and told-you-so’s in a second. People who watched the whole game and (I assume) saw that Stepan and Nash left the ice after an offensive chance (period of the long change, have to do it) still look at the stat line and find blame for the newer players when the rush back down finds the net.

      Agree I wanted to mentally check out today. Yet here we are (or were, I hope). LGR in G6 and take it from there.

    • Leatherneck says:

      I agree with your post…Chris….well written


      It’s not a narrative when it becomes a woefully predictable repetition.

      Like I said before, these guys have a serious knack for choking on two goal leads.

      At a certain point, you have to ask a very simple question – WHY THE HELL DO THEY KEEP DOING THE SAME THING AT THE END OF EVERY GAME!?!?!?!??!

      Other teams come barreling back in highlight reel moments to tie the game. WE’RE THE GUYS THEY’RE DOING IT AGAINST! And it’s not just us – Edmonton just got BURNED with a stellar TurtleTime performance (good time for a Talbot shout-out?) !

      • Chris F says:

        The narrative was that it’s all AV’s fault every time.

        I agree this team can’t seam to close it out, but that seems to be the case whoever is on the ice, so the “deployment” narrative seems to be holding less and less water.


          I will absolve AV if, and only if, you can prove to me that the man dances on the tippity top of that bench each game BLEATING at the top of his lungs for them to cease their wanton contempt for putting forth even the slightest modicum of effort.

          This, of course, makes no mention of why sub-replacement level players (Staal, and sadly, as well as he’s played…. Glass) were out there, yet again, in crunch time. I figure it’s better to let that particular dead horse rest in peace, rather than in pieces.

    • Peter says:

      Very well said Chris.

      There are a few players on the team that have had a very good playoff run. Fast, Lindbergh and Grabner have been great in their roles. Zibanejad has been less consistent but his skills have been evident. Skjei is showing that he will eventually be an excellent defender for this team.

      But, the team is not a perfect team. They also have gotten some bad bounces. But, if they were capable of scoring more or defending better they’d survive those bounces.

      If they lose in 6 or 7 I will be unhappy, but I will not be one to think that if the coach just had Brady on the ice at a certain point they’d be on their way to the finals. They are a good team, but good teams can also beat them. If things go right, they can still win this series. It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

      • Peter says:

        Forgot to mention Glass, who while not perfect either has been an impact player when he has been in there. No, he is not the most skilled, but he has been quite good in his role.

    • Sammy says:

      Chris thank you so much for saving me from all the typing. You said exactly what I feel. The deal here is these guys just don’t like the coach and it starts with Dave. I wouldn’t mind if when we win we heard anything positive. When you don’t like a person you can find something to criticize. And it’s over and over and over again. But never when we see a good move made do we here ” hey, good move “. Top that off with the baby names like flash and clown etc and it’s why I don’t take them serious. I’m sure that crew knows more about coaching than AV. They sound so ridiculous. Sometimes you just lose and that’s it. And nobody is saying he’s perfect but please. Ottawa has gotten plenty of good bounces. We’re gonna win this series but let’s make sure we don’t give him any credit


        Do you mean to imply that Girardi, Staal, and Glass being on the ice in crunch time are all genuinely good decisions?

        Because, um, that’s kinda on the coach. 5 times in three years we’ve choked a 2 goal lead in a playoff game only to lose in OT. That’s ridiculous. (Not even gonna try & count the one goal games).

        Does he play? No.

        Does he decide who does? Yes.

        Does he tell them to play conservatively (TurtleTime) when they acquire the lead? Yes!

        Or, conversely (even if he doesn’t do the aforementioned), does he tell them to stop sitting back & play normally? No.

        So, if he hasn’t noticed, by now, what has been plainly obvious to anyone with a pulse for the last three years…. I gotta ask…. how can you still defend him?

        By the way, this has nothing to do with the system he runs! THAT’S WHAT HE DOES CORRECTLY! But this TurtleTime nonsense, along with the terrible deployments? It’s our undoing.

        • Chris F says:

          “Turtling” is one of the most disingenuous phrases in all of hockey. No coach in the game is actually instructing his players to get hemmed in their zone and hold on for dear life when protecting a lead. This isn’t a strategy, it’s just what tends to happen when:

          1) The other team finds a little more desperation down a goal or two late in a game;

          2) The other team has the extra attacker with the goalie pulled;

          3) And you’re not taking a lot of chances because you don’t want to make a risky play trying to force a play that isn’t there while protecting a lead. Nothing worse than giving up an odd man rush when you have a 1 goal lead to protect.

          Even John “Safe is Death” Tortorella routinely coaches teams that are scrambling for their life when leading late in a game. It’s just how the game plays out more often then not.


            Even so, as I said before, his failure to stand on the bench and call them out on TurtleTime is on him.

            Dressing Tanner because he leaves everything out there is not the same thing.

            Furthermore, I think, if anything, the style the rangers play would MURDER teams playing ultra-aggressive catch-up hockey because they excel at exploiting players being trapped up the ice in the offensive zone.

            If he can’t get the players to give their all, it leaves us with two options; either trade all of the players who refuse to show up when it matters (an excellent plan, in my opinion) or….. fire the coach.

            Despite what I say, I don’t think firing AV is the right way to go, but, on the flip side, he needs to show some damned improvement on the end game deployments (it’s probably too much to ask for him to learn how to evaluate a defenseman…. oh well, there’s always another day for that I guess)

            • Rich S. says:

              Couldn’t agree more with your comments “Dog”..
              Would have also added that Derek Stepan who is slow as crap, non physical, poor defender [ cost us 3 goals in playoffs so far by NOT covering his man in slot] with tendency to lose faceoffs in own zone at end of games must NEVER be on the ice at key times!!!! NEVER!!!!
              AV continues to put his slowest defenders in at end of games and keeps getting burned!
              I want to see fast, lindberg, mcdonagh, sjkel, smith , zucc, miller ….the quickest guys in there at the end!!!!!

              • ANGRY WIENER DOG STAMPEDE says:

                Stepoff has, unfortunately, exceeded his shelf life. The good (or potential thereof, given his age) no longer exceeds the bad (everything you said).

                The Hank thing was not only the last straw for me, rather, it was half of the weight on that poor camel’s back.

    • Walt says:

      Fair enough Chris, but with the time left on the clock, and the team consistently icing the puck, why not call a frigging time out to give the guys an idea of what you want them to execute. No, the coach would rather trade the time outs for S&H green stamps!!!!!! By the way, I was reluctant to blame AV, and so stated, and when they won, I said good game!!!!!

      • Chris F says:

        I think it’s fair to criticize AV for not using a TO late in the game, and I also agree it’s beyond time for him to give Skjei a chance to close out a game.

        I just don’t think either of those decisions are directly related to the losses. Especially, yesterday, where the goal came almost immediately after Anderson was pulled and just took a bunch of wacky bounces.


          So, you think Marc Staal, with his back turned to the play & while standing in the crease (preventing 30 from moving), that he was playing well?

          Or, Tanner just standing there, pretty much doing the same thing, was also an excellent idea?

          Why do you think playing sub replacement level guys (and getting sub replacement level results) at the end of a playoff game on a regular basis isn’t on the coach? I don’t get it.

          Unless you disagree that 5, 15, and 18 are not sub replacement level in terms of quality (this post season at the very least)?

          • Chris F says:

            Or Zuke casually skating in behind Brassard failing to tie him up, or Smith just posting up in the crease oblivious to the location of the puck and letting it just slide off his skate into the net?

            Seems to me, no one out there really got the job done, but only a select couple of guys continue to catch the blame.

            Plus the fact that Staal and Glass were on the ice is because of the 2 minute mark icing which prevented a change. Pretty sure we’d have seen McDonagh out there at least, and maybe Zibanejad or Grabner or Nash if there were an opportunity to change up personnel. Let’s remember, the goal came at about the 1 minute 30 second mark. There was still time to make a change if the guys put there could get themselves a non-icing whistle or clear the zone long enough for a change.

            • ANGRY WIENER DOG STAMPEDE says:

              True, but the ones I mentioned have a quantifiable track record of doing just that.

              The ones you did? Not so much

    • Richter1994 says:

      Yo know Chris then don’t efn read it the same narrative. Then tell your efn coach to stop making the same efn mistakes that cost them games.

      And stop with the bullshit that no one praises the team after wins. I predicted the Rangers in 5 to start the series and said they would win 4 straight after Game 3.

      So stop being the “Ranger fan police” and worry about your own opinions.

      Fan since 1965 and I pay $10,000 a year for tickets. Don’t tell me what I can or cannot say.

      • Richter1994 says:

        I thought this blog was different, guess not.

        • Chris F says:

          Oh, the sweet, sweet irony.

          • Chris F says:

            I’d love for you to point out where I’m telling anyone how “to fan correctly.”

            Worry about my own opinions? Yeah, that’s kinda what I did when I posted my opinion above.

            What you’re really saying is if I disagree with you, I need to shut the hell up and keep it to myself.

            That’s what you’re saying, right?

            Don’t you have a Blueshirt Banter circle jerk to attend?

            • Richter1994 says:

              Not at all Chris, I’ve said to you that I always respected your opinion and you’ve called me out on things, and fair enough.

              But why is it that half your posts are about other posters?

              If you we disagree then let’s at least discuss why we disagree. I try to do that and maybe I do not communicate it in the right way.

              Our biggest disagreement is about the coach. I tell you why I feel the way I do and getting a response like “the same old tired argument” or something to that effect does not really make for a reasonable discussion.

              And BTW, I gave credit to the coach for games 3 and 4, not because they won the game but because the Staal/Holden pairing played the least amount of minutes, as they should.

              I would rather be able to continue to have those discussions with you.

            • Chris F says:

              Perhaps that last line was a bit harsh. I dislike getting personal, and I apologize, but seriously Richter you just came at me awfully hard for me simply expressing my opinion like everyone else.

              I didn’t call anyone out, I didn’t tell you what you can or cannot say, I just shared my view on things. That shouldn’t be grounds for you to slam me and start rattling off your fan credentials as if I ever questioned them to begin with.

              Take a breath before responding.

              • Richter1994 says:

                I apologize too Chris, stressful times and we’re all strung up.

                My fault, I started it and shouldn’t have. When I said “call me out on some things” I was speaking in a discussion way, so I wasn’t saying it that it was bad, I like when yo do that. Gets me thinking about my position or opinions on things and that’s we are here, to trade opinions and sometimes convince each other to think in ways that maybe we normally wouldn’t.

                You’re very knowledgeable and a great contributor to the blog. My apologies to you and all here. I was out of line.

              • ANGRY WIENER DOG STAMPEDE says:

                Chris, with all due respect, you (among others) have, against all reason, assumed utterly indefensible & irrational positions.

                With some, it’s AV. I understand that, in some ways, firing the guy would be throwing out the baby with the bathwater. On the other hand, a trained monkey could do in-game management better than him, yet you guys continue to defend that aspect of his tenure. Why can’t we have our cake and eat it too? ‘Promote’ him to, like, IDK, Vice Admiral of Cheese’ or something, continue to use his system, BUT THEN, FIND AN ACTUAL (!!!) COACH!!!!!

                With others, it’s this unbridled idiocy & purely fictional narrative that somehow Lundqvist is responsible for this madness. They are far too spoiled from watching such an excellent goaltender over the years that they’ve ACTUALLY begun to believe the BS that MSG spews in regards to the rangers being ‘an excellent defensive team’. Ugh.

                As such, I can see where he’s coming from when flipping out at you guys.

              • Chris F says:

                But that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

              • ANGRY WIENER DOG STAMPEDE says:

                Lol Chris, it stopped being an opinion with some of these players years ago.

                You could find a dead moose that is more mobile than Girardi. Hell, it might even pass better too!

              • Richter1994 says:

                No excuse for my outburst. Like Chris said, I should have waited a bit before responding.

                You are not wrong though. Saying something that is contrary without support is frustrating in general.

                The example of blaming the goalie just because there were 5 or 6 goals against without any narrative as to why those goals were scored is a classic example. Yes.

                I posted below a link that was put out showing how many playoff games the King has “stolen” from 2007-2017. He is by far and away the leader based on what this chart is reporting. And it should be a surprise to no one.

              • Chris F says:

                Just to clarify the record, I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the Blame Lundqvist Party.

              • Richter1994 says:

                I wasn’t saying that about you Chris, but that is a typical example of making off the cuff and simplistic comments.

              • Chris F says:

                Oh, I know, I just want the record noted in case of confusion.

                Further, I’m pretty sure my dissertation above couldn’t be considered an “off the cuff and simplistic” remark.

                I’m getting the feeling that I’m taking the brunt of heat for critiques and issues you have with other posters.

                I’m nothing if not long-winded and thorough.

              • Richter1994 says:

                Chris, why do you focus on the negative? I clearly mentioned that you are knowledgeable and one of the most important posters on the blog.

                I was “in a mood” after Saturday’s game and if nothing else I wrongly took it out on you. That’s my fault, not your fault.

                I’m sorry it happened, that’s all.

      • paulronty says:


  9. Leatherneck says:

    Everyone is complaining about Glass, during the game Glass was one the best forwards out there…he prevented two grade A chances by hustling back. On the two goals he was on ice for, he had 0 contribution to allow those goals in, they were both solidly Leakys fault.
    Yes Leaky fans, Your king was one of the major factors why we lost. You folks are so blind that you pick on the easy target named Glass, Again I point to the bias.
    I didn’t notice what transpired between Leaky and Skeij or Stepan, what it does tell me is, that if the finger pointing among themselves has started, we will lose game 6.
    Final note to you Leaky fans, I never ever want to see him fail, ever. I am a Ranger fan and I want the Cup. Just stop with the bias and protection of an above average goalie that he has fallen to. I have stated this numerous times, his hockey IQ is low, his positioning brutal, his rebound control non existent and his puck handling way below average.
    All those acrobatic saves earlier in his career was a facade. Those saves indicated he was out of position, or left a juicy rebound. You all were fooled to think he was brilliant. Well now age has slowed him down some and it is noticeable.
    So just as you bash Staal, Holden, Stepan, Glass and whomever name you want to insert here, realize Leaky is part of that group.
    With AV there is no moving forward, as the coach he shoulders the leadership and blame. It is simple he is not a playoff coach and this team has never truly responded with him as coach. 99 yards they go and fall. Powerplay has never improved under his coaching and our once stellar penalty killing has regressed every year to the worse. At times you have to stir up stuff in the locker room to hold players accountable and do that publicly if it doesn’t get into their heads. There is a serious problem in my opinion when your high paid players have no consistency, yet your lowest paid players are the ones who play consistently. There is something to that, can’t truly call it but my opinion is that of the fat and happy or mercenary attitude of I will get my next contract somewhere else.


      I’ll ignore the HL thing; you have no idea what the hell you’re talking about there, please stop.

      On to Tanner, you’re missing the point. My complaint (and I’m sure many others would agree) is this – if you took Kreider, Hayes (among a few others), and gave Tanner their skillset, do you know what we’d have?

      A superstar with an expiring contract.


      The problem isn’t Tanner, He’s been Glasstastic. The problem is that, by sheer effort, he has practically forced AV’s hand.

      How’s about we get that effort from some of these other bums?

  10. waitsfan says:

    Ah, the slight change from the “Skjei and Smith were not out there!!!” narrative to Skjei was not out there, since the tying goal went in off Smith’s skate. I like Smith and not blaming him. Just like I love Hank, but he wasn’t great, and McD had his worst game in months. Girardi blocked a shot (as he has 12 times in 2 games to the appreciation of ____”), but as Valliquette said, going down might not be the play there. Glass had a -3, etc. Zuc and Kreider were invisible for much and Nash showed effort, but got little done. AV has been to 2 SCF and has won so many rounds with this team that we now feel entitled and can say he sucks because blogger Dave (and many others) obviously know Skjei is the play in the final minutes while ahead (waits for the “look what’s happened anyway”, etc.), and AV’s knowledge of his team through practices and film is far inferior.

    Very tough loss, frustrations for all of us, but the coaches and the players in the room have to fix it. And if they don’t, it’s over. If an ounce of positivity and appreciation for the team that has been in the thick of it for years (including a HOF goalie and borderline HOF coach) is too much to ask, what are you gaining in life from watching?

  11. 'The Original Rob' says:

    It absolutely blows my mind how some of you are still blaming the same people over n over again (Stepan, Hank, Glass, Staal, G and my favorite, the coach), but yet talk about our two studs, woops I meant D U D S like they were handed to us by the Hockey Gods and they get prefferential treatment regardless if they’ve been no shows for every playoffs.

    Chris Kreider and JT. Miller can do no wrong around here regardless if the two of them combined, have had a total of 6 points in these playoffs so far!

    JT. Miller 1 goal in 39 playoff games…
    Chris Kreider 11 games 1 goal 2 assists…

    Good grief.


      Kreider has been a no-show…. I posted something about him in the prior thread.

      As for Miller, I also agree, if he’s not playing with broken bones, I’d say he’s waltzed himself right off of the untouchable list. To be fair, I’m not sure how he ever got on it in the first place. He strikes me as being a more talented version of Callahan; excellent player, should be kept, but he’s certainly not untradeable. He’s a bit too small for the style he plays to be that.

      As for Staal and G…. sorry, you’re dead wrong here. While they’ve been better than they have been, relatively speaking anyways, they certainly haven’t been great. To be fair, I hold it against AV that they’re still being trotted out there like it’s 2009.

      Why can’t people separate the fact that AV’s system, while being good and the right fit for the team, has nothing to do with the fact that his player deployments, among other things (TurtleTime, for example) are not only beyond indefensible; they’re borderline criminal when you consider the lineup we have.

      • Walt says:


        Like you, I just hate the prevent, Turtle-defense, and have expressed this on many occasions during the regular season. The only thing that it does is prevent us from winning.

        During these PO’s, when the team let’s up, and resorts to the prevent, why doesn’t the coach call a time out, and chew some asses, light a fire under some seats, and demand that they attack????? It’s no surprise that I don’t care for this coach, and have expressed it tooooooo many times, but that is an example of the little things he continues to do, repeatedly, and expects different results. Sorry AV defenders, he is a mental midget!!!!!!!


          Aye, a point that evades many of his supporters… it doesn’t matter where the TurtleTime comes from – it matters that it is immediately sent back directly to hell, not passing Go (nor collecting $200).

        • paulronty says:

          Unfortunately, the man is not very bright, a coach should demonstrate some intelligence.

    • Walt says:


      If we got half the performance out of Daisy Step, vs what we get out of Miller, then we would be solid. As for trading either Kreider, and or Miller, if the return is right, AMF, they’re gone……….I root for the jersey, not the player, so I have zero loyalty to Daisy, Dan, Staal, or just about anyone else, for the right return!!!!!!!!!

      • Rich S. says:

        Despite the fact that he is not scoring, I love the rest of Millers game…..his hit on Karlsson has made a big impact on this series!
        Before I would trade him I think we need to look at his regular season….
        1. 22 goals
        2. Plus +17
        3. 20 full strength goals
        4. 6 game winning goals
        5. A ton of hits!
        And remember he is only 24 years old and this was only his 2nd full season!
        Give him stepans power play time, I would bet he would be close to a 30 goals scorer!!
        IMHO way too early to trade him, look at nash performance in playoffs…..hopefully he gets it going…but he gives great effort and is constantly on the puck!

        • Walt says:


          I’m not advocating a Miller trade, just responding to Rob’s post. I like the kid, but I’m not married to him, or any other player, if, the key word if, the return is a deal we can’t refuse, then I’d move him, or any other player for the right return!!!!!!

  12. joe cafardo says:

    I am sick. Sick of one thing everyone is missing: this team has no on ice leadership. Plane and simple….there is no one who slaps people up and gets their attention. We have no Ryans ( Kessler, Getzlaf) or Karllson playing like a warrior with 33minutes and fractured feet..are you kidding me….or Josi or anyone with heart. Good enough is what we are. To get in. And lose.


      This is very true.

    • waitsfan says:

      Joe, I respect your passion on the need for leadership, and I’m sure we all miss Messier type leading by example and fire, or Leetch (by example). But here are a few things from the past 2 years, starting with the most recent.

      Stepan is an assistant captain, and tried to calm Hank down after (from what I’ve read) Hank was mad at Skjei. He was ripped by Roenick for that because Hank had a better period than Step. And the fans out here and the other site ripped him as wanting air time and being a selfish player. If there’s anyone who’s ever heard this guy speak and thinks he’s a hothead or a selfish player, they’re insane. He was trying to do his job, and like every other player on the team, talks about Hank glowingly after every game.

      GIrardi played through the 2015 ECF with a grade-1 MCL sprain and had a bursa sac the size of a golf ball removed after the season. Next season he had a cracked knee cap, and this season, he was leaving bloody footprints in the locker room after finishing a game with a gash. And 2 things you know: 1) he went down to give up his body in front of the next slap shot even if it was Weber or Ovechkin; 2) somewhere someone was writing that blocking shots is screening the goalie. No question his game is on the downside and he may be playing his last game with the team Tuesday if they lose. All of that is fair, and it’s a business, but the lack of appreciation is mind-boggling (and AV’s appreciation for the things he still does is derided every day).

      On the subject of trades people have brought up, I think it’s much harder to trade in a salary cap league than people think. Step is a very good passer and a good 2-way center, and he puts up decent numbers, but he’s a low percentage face off guy who won’t score 30, and he’s paid as a #1 center when the Rangers are a 1a/1b (Brass, now Zib)/2 (Hayes) type depth team. The picks people talk about trading every year (so LV will take someone with a pick, like Staal or G) are almost always gone in trades for guys like Yandle, St. Louis, Eric Staal, etc., when we’re close but need a piece. I love Brass, but Gorton made a great deal to get a younger and cheaper Zib (and 1 of the picks we used to get Smith), and Zib has more upside. Those deals are rare, and needing to get cheaper to sign guys like Kreider and Zuc more often results in trades like Hagelin, which don’t work out, and people act as if they wanted to get rid of Hagelin and didn’t need to.


        Honestly, no one ever accused G of having no heart; just the opposite, he’s all heart inside the empty shell of what was once a serviceable defenseman. We do, however, blame AV for icing him while there were/are clearly better options.

        Also, I disagree about Stepoff. We could probably get an excellent return on him, especially if we were willing to withhold salary.

      • Chris F says:

        Spot on.

        I actually commend Stepan for going out there and facing the wrath of Hank. I love Lundqvist, but he’s prone to blowing a gasket mid-game on occasion.

        I don’t think anyone seriously believes Stepan was out their criticizing Hank’s game, or trying to get attention (I mean, seriously?). He went out there to get Hank to calm down because he was unloading on Skjei mid-game and it probably wasn’t helping anybody. As an assistant captain, that’s Stepan’s role to try to nip that in the bud if there is tension building among teammates.

        Further, I find something really curious about this whole affair. I don’t want to paint with too broad a brush, but from what I’ve seen the majority of the people skewering Stepan over this are the same people who get really defensive if you ever criticize Hank, and these are largely the same people who are demanding Skei gets put out there to protect the lead. It’s curious to me because all season long, the single player I’ve seen Hank go off on routinely has been Brady Skjei. There’s obviously something about his zone game that Hank isn’t particularly fond of.

        I don’t want to get too speculative, but it’s entirely possible that Hank has spoke to AV regarding whatever it is about Skjei’s game he doesn’t like and maybe he doesn’t want Skjei out there in these situations. Or maybe it’s not even as direct as that, and AV has simply noticed that tension, and doesn’t want to create a situation where perhaps Skjei makes a mistake in a critical moment at the end of a game and Hank holds him to account for it in an even more disparaging manner than he’s done so far this year.

        The point is, there’s so much complexity to the dynamic of any team that we aren’t privy to as fans. We can continue to call the coach an idiot for not playing Skjei more, but maybe there’s a good reason for it –a team cohesion reason that doesn’t show up in advanced metrics– that we’ll only know about in 5 years after some special behind the scenes documentary airs it.

        • Bloomer says:

          The ironic thing is because of Skjei’s skating ability he is the only Ranger blue liner capable of rushing the puck up the ice and breaking through Ottawa’s trap. I don’t see any Ranger on the ice giving Lundqvist the gears when he lets in a softie so he needs to lighten up on the young blueliner. Henk should focus on his game, as while he was lights out against Montreal he hasn’t been good against Ottawa.

    • paulronty says:

      There is no off ice leadership either. Have sais the same as you before.

    • James says:

      You are confusing historical performance with game performance. We all know and agree Hank is the best goalie in NYR history…but in this series, he’s had two games which cost the Rangers wins. It doesn’t mean I want a different goalie, it’s just the reality. The goalies purpose is to erase mistakes and he hasn’t done that this series


        So, you blame the goalie for ‘not erasing enough mistakes’ when, in reality, to do such a thing, we would need an actual brick wall to be constructed on the goal line.


        Not the players fault, at all, whatsoever. Noope!

        Ottawa, for sure, has a vastly superior offense!

        You’re kidding me, right?

      • Richter1994 says:

        James, I think there is a difference between being bad and Hank “not being himself.”

        We are used to the guy playing out of his mind. He basically won the Habs’ series by himself, you have to acknowledge that.

        Yesterday, he gave up 5 goals, some were extremely unlucky goals against. But what about the 5+ highlight reel saves he made that should have been goals? Why no mention about those saves? His “side to side” diving save was a guaranteed goal. Only he makes that save.

        You can’t call him out without calling out the rest of the team. I love Miller and he’s playing better but where’s he and Hayes been, goal wise? Stepan? Invisible. Kreider? Very inconsistent contributions. And the D issues are beaten to death.

        • James says:

          You are right. And in prev. Years when rangers werent scoring, blaming the goalie would be risiculous. But right now, they are scoring, so he has to get them victories when they score 4 goals.

          Unfortunately, the Rangers don’t have a superstar skater like most teams, mostly bc the Rangers never bottomed out post lockout… but what they do have is a world class goalie. So he is held to the higher standard than JT Miller and the likes.

          Henrik is held to the same standard as Crosby and other superstars, he just plays goal where most others are skaters.

        • James says:

          And to your point about hank winning the Habs series, he’s won not than his fair share…

          But this is the first series since he’s been this teams goalie where I think his level of play has cost the team, mostly bc they lost games in which they scored 5 and 4 goals.

          • James says:

            More than*


            No, you have no idea what you’re talking about. OTT’s forwards are, by all measurable standards, worse than the ranger’s (and for that matter, they are the worst of all sixteen playoff teams).

            Want to see ‘goaltending costing a team’? Watch this EDM-ANA game six insanity.

            You know, your point about his cap hit would be valid if, anything, he didn’t deserve a RAISE from the meager 8.5 they give him!!!

            Speaking of superstar skaters, check out Buchnevich’s numbers; he put up eerily similar numbers to tarasenko (40+ goal scorer) & kuznetsov (50+ assists, 70 pt player) in the KHL at the same age they did. Yet, he’s rotting in the pressbox. Brilliant.

            • King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

              Can’t blame the goalie in the ,Edm/Ana game ,what about all the other guys on the ice ?????

              • ANGRY WIENER DOG STAMPEDE says:

                Oh please. If 30 let in ANY of those first period goals, you would have a stroke out of sheer excitement long before your hot take hit the internet.

                Anyways, someone (not 100% sure who) said this before somewhere else. It’s pretty spot on.

                “If Henrik Lundqvist wants the cup, he needs to stand on his head seven out of seven nights, not five out of seven.
                If he wants that Cup, he needs to be legendary on a consistent basis. From what we’ve seen, he’s just not [quite] “legendary” material.”

              • King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

                You see the light !

              • ANGRY WIENER DOG STAMPEDE says:

                ….. How can you rationally begrudge one man for not being “legendary”, while failing to consider the fact he’s only player on the team who is a shoo-in Hall of Famer?

                I mean, I could understand (maybe…. hard to blame the only man trying) if he had, say, a $27.5 million cap hit…. but the nonsense and vitriol you spew at his performance as a whole is, honestly, borderline insane.

            • Richter1994 says:

              Ottawa is playing their little hearts out so kudos to them, but they are not a good team at all.

              Kreider, Miller, and Hayes should be shredding that D apart.

          • Richter1994 says:

            James, they scored 12 goals in a 6 game series against the Habs, how was that “helping” Lundqvist? Henrik had to hold the Habs to under 2 goals per game all series.

            You’re thinking of Oct/Nov when scoring 4-5 goals per game doesn’t matter.

            As far as losing games after they score 4-5 goals, which a lot of it you can pin on a 50% D corps, how about the games the Rangers have won when they’re scored 2 goals?

  13. Richter1994 says:

    Kessler is holding Cam’s right leg so Cam cannot squeeze his pads to block the shot, wow.

    • King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

      That goal was unreal , shows the NHL is a joke ….. But Cam has another win in the books ,not a bad showing for his first Playoff appearance