Mika Zibanejad puts Habs on the brink with overtime winner

April 21, 2017, by

The New York Rangers are one weird team. In one day, they make us think they can’t do anything right. Then they rebound and look like the best team in the East. Then they follow that up by giving everyone heart attacks, playing simultaneously the best and the worst hockey we’ve seen. But in the end, it was a deflected Chris Kreider shot that went right to Mika Zibanejad that made us all get noise complaints in our neighborhoods. With one deflection, the Rangers are one win away from the Atlantic Division Final.

This was an odd game. The Rangers were downright bad in the first two periods. They were dominated at both ends of the ice and simply couldn’t get the puck out of their zone. Then they tied it late in the second.ย They killed two huge penalties before that. And then it was all Rangers. They poured it on while the Habs struggled to deal with their speed. The pressure paid off, as it always does. Proper process breeds success, especially with this level of skill.

On to the goals:

Habs 1, Rangers 0

Marc Staal turned the puck over behind the net to Arturri Lehkonen. That gave the Habs time with the puck. Staal was then beat to the puck behind the net by Lehkonen, whose wrap around beat Hank.

Rangers 1, Habs 1

Mika Zibanejad made a great play in the defensive zone, quickly transitioning to a PK rush with Jesper Fast. Fast cut to the net from the inside while Zibanejad crossed behind him. Zibanejad flipped a great pass to Fast, who finsihed.

Habs 2, Rangers 1

For some reason, Brendan Gallagher had all day to shoot from the high slot. Don’t quite know why he was this open and had this much time from there.

Rangers 2, Habs 2

Jimmy Vesey was strong along the boards, buying time for Rick Nash to get open down low. Vesey fed Nash, who drove to the net for the shot. The rebound went right to Brady Skjei, who buried it.

Rangers 3, Habs 2

Mika. Zibanejad.

Score Adjusted Even Strength Corsi

The first two periods left us all wondering. Then the third happened. The Rangers poured it on. The Habs defense backed up, unable to deal with their speed. The chances and shot attempts piled up. This continued in overtime. It was just like Game Four. Speed kills.

Scoring Chances

What a difference a period makes. The first two periods were not pretty, with the Rangers giving up chances and struggling to get their own. And then, as said above, the third happened. If not for Carey Price, this game would have been over before overtime. But then again, if not for Henrik Lundqvist, the Rangers would have been out of it by the third. Yet again, Hank outdueled Price.

Many, and I need to include myself in this, didn’t think the Rangers would last six after seeing Game Three. Now they have a chance to win it on home ice, a place where the most recent game was pure domination up and down the ice. Ride the momentum. Play the speed game. Move on to the next round. Prove me wrong. I %$&^ing dare you!

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  1. Richter1994 says:

    This is the difference to me, bad vs. lack of effort. Game 3 was a total lack of effort and I and we didn’t like it. Last night, as bad as they were at times in the first 2 periods, I could see the effort given, they just didn’t play well.

    That effort was rewarded in the 3rd period and the overtime. Huge efn save by the King on Pac. What a series he’s had. Guess the “rest” he got paid off.

    Kreider, Zib, Hayes, and Miller sightings!! Call off the search parties.

    Staal/Holden…. Though Holden was better later in the game while Staal saw pine, and rightfully so. Wow he looks really bad sometimes.

    Please AV, just put Buch in and leave the kid alone. He will reward your confidence.

    Very gutty win and the Rangers had to play against the refs as well as the Habs: Oscar bloodied, no call with the ref right there, McD hit high, no call with the ref right there, Nash ridden like a horse down to the ice, no call with the ref right there, Ott plowing into Henrik, no call with the ref right there. The Rangers got away with some too but these non-calls could have resulted in injuries. That’s Montreal playoff officiating for you.

    • Pony says:


    • pas44 says:

      Well said! “bad vs. lack of effort”

    • Walt says:

      kudos my friend!!!!!

    • Jacky Lee says:

      Agreed! I don’t know were you stand with the with the whole Glass thing but it sounds like you’re the type that wants a speedy defensive skilled 4th lihe. No need for Glass from here on out and if even the universe works it’s way for this team to reach the conference finals and against the Leafs then I still say no need for Glass.

      I still rather take out Holden in replace for Clendening, I want to add as many puck movers who bring offense at the blueline.

      • Richter1994 says:

        If it were me? Vesey-Lindberg-Fast as your 4th line. And Buch in the top 6. Buch needs to play with skilled players. And Vesey’s game would work well with Fast and Lindberg, IMO.

        Holden is a dumpster fire. AV thinks he’s the bomb but Holden is a bomb. Put in Kampfer or Clendening. Because wait until the Rangers play an actually skilled offensive team. Habs’ offense sucks.

        • Rhodork says:

          Grabber Lindberg Fast was great last night and Vesey is playing well with Nash. Leave the lines as is and fix the D. So close.

          • Richter1994 says:

            I’m ok with it. But if you look at Vesey’s game lately it is more of a grinding game which would work well with the 4th line.

            Putting Grabner on the 4th line limits his speed IMO which is why I think he should be with Hayes and Miller, guys who can make the long pass and get the puck to him. It’s like putting a governor on a moped.

        • Nefarious says:

          I am not sure if Holden is as bad as he sometimes looks, or is just bad because they keep sticking him with Stahl or Girardi who make everyone they play with look bad.

          • Richter1994 says:

            That’s always a factor, meaning your playing partner. But I went to both home games and trust me he was totally lost. He didn’t know where to go at any given time. He looked like a player that has totally lost confidence.

            That being said, Holden looked “better” towards the end of last night’s game but certainly not to the extent that the coach depends on him and Staal.

            I would give McD 30+ minutes per game and ride the Skjei/Smith pairing much more.

        • Rich S says:

          On fire with your analysis!!!
          Great line–kreider, Zib, Hayes, and Miller sightings!! Call off the search parties.
          I am on board with vesey to the 4th line……lindberg and fast are talented 4 th liners……its not like vesey would be playing with glass and stu bickel!
          Still think we are way too talented for this habs team and its beginning to show…..
          What took av so long to reunite the zib-buch-kreider line? He needs to read this blog more often!
          Kreider and hayes can still play much better…..Miller I cant fault, he is trying to be a one man gang every time he has the puck….I love his determination!!!!

          • Richter1994 says:

            Right Rich, I think Vesey with Fast and Lindberg would be an excellent mix. Lindberg is a lot more talented than fans give him credit for. Vesey wold give that line a possible finisher so they can actually, you know, score goals.

            Miller, Hayes, and Kreider have to produce, not just give effort. They are core players that are relied upon.

            • Rich S says:

              I have never seen such a talented group of young forwards on the rangers , ever! We may lack a crosby or mcdavid but we can dress 10 potential 30 goal scorers not including fast and stepan…..
              Gorton needs to figure out how to keep everyone at forward [except stepan] and keep smith also!!!!
              We could use a dubinsky type center and solid right defenseman and with buch and vesey and hayes and miller growth great team to watch for years to come!!!!

              • Richter1994 says:

                I frget his name but another Hobey winner is not signing with the Avs. An offensive defenseman. Rangers maybe?

              • Walt says:


                Are you talking about the kid from Union College, who signed with the Flyers a few weeks ago? I’m not sure who your talking about????????

              • Richter1994 says:

                The kid from Union is a forward I think Walt. Supposedly there is a D man that was drafted by the Avs who is not signing with them and the Rangers may have a shot at.

              • Richter1994 says:

                Walt, it’s Will Butcher that I am talking about who actually beat out the kid from Union (Vecchione) for this year’s Hobey Baker award. Butcher is from the Univ of Denver who also won the college championship.

    • Dan says:

      Agree with everything! I didn’t think the first period was as bad as most though (aside from the blunder from Staal). You could see they were skating and playing hard, which is all we’re asking for on a consistent basis.

      • Richter1994 says:

        They competed Dan, and that’s what you want to see from your team. They didn’t play great but they battled. I was happy to see that. King kept them in and then the Rangers took over.

    • Mark says:

      So true on the no calls!! But they didnt miss that Hayes little stick hold for 3 seconds.

      • Richter1994 says:

        Totally embarrassing. Lindberg gets clocked and bloodied and McD gets clocked and dazed but no calls. Then Ott tries to drive Henrik into the ice and nothing. Disgusting.

        Rangers got away with stuff too but I favor penalty calls when warranted, even against our own team.

        • Chris F says:

          Zuke got away with a slash to Gallager’s ribs, Girardi got away with boarding Radulov, and numerous trips were missed. We’ve had our fair share of favorable missed calls. I don’t think we’ve been nearly as dirty as the Habs, but refs are certainly letting lots of nonsense slide.

          • Richter1994 says:

            100% Chris, I acknowledge that the Rangers got away with a few, no question. But I cited actions that could have caused serious injury with nary a call.

            The Zuc slash does qualify as one of those bad non-calls. But I’m not sure that G should have gotten boarding for that. He was right behind Radulov so there wasn’t a lot of space between them to warrant boarding but I do agree that it could have been called.

            • Chris F says:

              Yeah, I go back and forth on that Girardi hit. The way they were positioned, and Girardi just sort of shoved him down, wouldn’t normally think of that as a problem. Maybe the optics of the way Radulov ended up going into the boards. Definitely could have been called, whether or not it should have.

              • Richter1994 says:

                Admittedly when it first happened? I expected a penalty. It looked bad and typical boarding, so I can see why you point that one out, yes.

                But evidently the serious hits were not called, only the stick holding calls were.

              • Chris F says:

                Yeah, schizophrenic refereeing for sure.

        • Rich S says:

          THATS why we needed to keep McIlrath!!!!!!!!
          Lindbergs hit was a blindsided interference dangerous [ he did not have puck] obvious penalty!!!!!! Disgusting and if I were coaching I go crazy on the referees and send the tapes to league office asking for suspension……next time shaw hits the ice ……….he gets payback in spades!!!!!!!
          Just like last year when letang knocks out stallbergs teeth with stick to the mouth and nothing called……NHL refereeing and mngt is an absolute joke ….care nothing about the players……
          That is the only thing AV should have talked about in press conference!!!!!1

          • Richter1994 says:

            Brendan Smith needs to be re-signed. Loved what he did to Shaw and gave him a good ass kicking after Shaw tried to bully him.

            Plus Smith can actually play defense and the game of hockey.

            • Rich S says:

              100 % correct!!!!
              Brady sjkel also very impressive and after he and mcdonagh got hit last game they both started playing ‘Nasty’ and its about time!
              Based on this playoffs I would give girardi another year but stall and probably holden must go….
              I am afraid we have to leave smith unprotected in the draft unless we buy out stall first.

              • Richter1994 says:

                The Skjei-Smith pairing has been very good and of course the coach keeps breaking them up, lol.

          • JoeS. says:

            McIlrath?! LOL…you must stop with this nonsense, it completely destroys your credibility.

    • paulronty says:

      I’ve been saying for years “when the playoffs start, the officiating stops.'” AV finally did the right thing reuniting the Z-line & it may have saved his job. Even if the Rangers beat Montreal, they will have to play much,much better against Ottawa. Ottawa is playing lock down defence which means goals are few & far between & defence is paramount.

      • Richter1994 says:

        I don;t mind “letting the boys play” but someone is going to get seriously hurt. I mean Zuc, Lindberg, and McD took blows to the head and nothing called. That’s bad officiating, not tolerant officiating.

    • Ray says:

      Let’s be fair. Girardi made a gorgeous pass for an assist – except Buchnevich passed up the easy goal and sent the puck toward a teammate who had a lesser shot EVEN IF the play worked.

      • Richter1994 says:

        G has played ok, but also point out that he had 8 giveaways last night as well. And those are the ones that made the scoresheet.

        So let’s just say that G has brought good and bad to the series so far.

        But again, don’t get too excited, the Rangers are playing probably the worst offensive team in the conference, maybe the whole league right now. So don’t think for a second that this D is good enough to get them to the conference finals. If anything, Henrik is good enough for that.

        If Henrik doesn’t do what he did in Games 1, 2, and 5 then the Rangers could be easily down big in this series.

        • Ray says:

          Actually, my praise of G was secondary. I was mainly pointing out that Buch screwed up on his most critical play of the game.

  2. Pony says:

    A lot of the stink last night was the result of back to back pks.

    • Richter1994 says:

      The refs just call things randomly, don’t they?

      I loved it when Gallagher whined about slashing the stick out of the Ranger’s hands (I forget who it was).

      Brendan Smit has some moxie to him, huh?

    • pas44 says:

      it looked like the Rangers let their emotions get the better of their play last night at times…

      Who can blame them, I mean who doesn’t hate those F-ing HABS!

  3. pas44 says:

    OTT needs to be smacked.

    I am a Mika Zibanejad fan.

    Nash, even in the second period, was in beast mode. He is at his best when he is a little pissed off, I hope the Habs keep getting him hot.

    Krieder is on the brink of having things go right for him… I hope!

    Henrik’s stop on Pacioretty – ALL WORLD BABY

    unreal how Henrik just does it, I am so happy to be watching the best Ranger goalie ever and one of the best all time!


    • Richter1994 says:

      Maybe Nash has not become what we all thought he would be as a scoring playoff performer, but no one can say that he doesn’t give the effort. He’s been a beast this series.

      I think Kreider needs to put Ott into the stands for a lot of reasons. How Ott didn’t get a penalty on plowing into Henrik was just criminal.

      • Jacky Lee says:

        I like him still but the cold truth about Kreider is that he’s not going to do squat and especially to Ott. I wish he played a north/south game like Ryan Reeves does for the Blues. Someone like him or Hartnell will line you up and there’s nothing anybody could do to stop it but that’s out of character in Kreids world. His man child persona has always been lame to me. When will he just be a man?

        Imo he had a Stepan like game in other words he was out of sync for most of the game but somehow gets by with a point.

        • Richter1994 says:

          The fact of the matter is that what you saw from Kreider in the OT is what he should be doing to the Habs’ D all series long. The Habs’ D, outside of Weber, is not good at all. Kreider should be shredding them consistently.

          Stepan is making a big case to be traded by July 1. That’s not a good case to make.

          • jerry maley says:


            • Richter1994 says:

              On CK hopefully now jerry. It can’t be all about Nash and Zuc doing all the forward work though Zib, Miller, and Hayes are starting to play.

              I don’t know what’s with Stepan but he’s nonexistent so far.

      • Egelstein says:

        I believe Nash has 14 points in his last 14 playoff games. If that isn’t leading by example, not sure what is!

        Regarding Kreider…I have definitely noticed several times over the past few years it looks like he wants to tussle, but thinks better of it. Just my theory, but pretty much since his hand injury a few years back, he’s curbed the fighting – that could be his own personal restriction, or perhaps AV instructed him to only fight – or put himself in the position to trigger a fight i.e. putting someone over the boards – when absolutely necessary.

        • Richter1994 says:

          I wish we had this Nash in 2014 then we would have a Cup. He’s always put in effort for sure, the results weren’t always there though.

          I’m not looking for Kreider to fight, I want him to blow by that horrible Habs’ D like he should. See what he did in the OT? That’s what he should be doing to them on a regular basis.

          But yes, I would like to see him also knock Ott into next week.

    • sherrane says:

      You are right about Nash. Look at the Skjei goal for evidence. There were 3 Canadiens around the net and were all focused on Nash, which gave Skjei open ice to convert the rebound to a goal.

      • pas44 says:

        How about him face washing Webber too, he is in the game and playing hard.

        I remember his return game to CBJ – he got booed, smashed the goalie and scored 2 I think.

        My wife calls him Charlie Brown due to his demeanor, but he has the switch… I hope the Habs keep pushing his buttons…

    • rglv says:

      he should have stopped the first one though

  4. SalMerc says:

    Can you say enough about Jesper Fast? I like the guy, but damn does he do something great every game.

    That AV could win coach of the year! I thought McD and Girardi played well. Smith and Skjei need to be a pair for a few years to come.

    Ott is just dirty. The refs allow you to get mugged and pummeled, but don’t tap my stick or you get a penalty.

    Hank and the crossbar, a great combo.

    • pas44 says:

      Depth, its a nice thing…

      you can put Lindberg, Buch and even Glass into that category…

      the top lines cancel out a little and out depth is making the scales tip baby!

      • Jacky Lee says:

        Nah Glass does not go into that category if we’re talking about actual NHLlevel of depth. If I’m a Nucs fan then I’m sending death threats to him after seeing him score a goal like Getzlaf/Crosby on the backhand like in game 1. His past never showed at any point that he’s a depth player let alone a good role player.

        2 points in like 61 playoff games? That’s just as bad as having Stepan’s production in over 70+ playoff games. We better call Step a big time scorer for our top 6 while we are at it.

        • pas44 says:

          your right about his skill, true, but his example of energy and his never give up play have at the least shown this team how they need to compete.

          You have to give him that, no?

          • Jacky Lee says:

            No not at all since you asked but I thought I made that clear in my original comment about him.

            I’m thinking the pro Glass fans don’t watch enough hockey since they want to clump his never die attitude with quality 4th liners. I just cannot admit to this when I’ve seen Avery do what he use to do even with all his baggage. Maybe that’s a unfair comparison due to the raw skills that he had but the guy did not only try hard but he stuck his neck out for the quality players in more fashions.

            If not that then someone like Carcillo and Dorsett are just too hard to forget and Glass brought less between either of those two. Glass is here and in the NHL strictly because of AV. I’m not sure if this is striking up old nerves of my peewee days because I was on a team with a coach who had his son who btw sucked but this talk reminds me more of that. Glass is our Thorburn who is less willing to make a statement. He doesn’t knock down any of the silly stuff or star names. I rather see Hrivic unite with his AHL buddies on the 4th to play the “never give up role. 1.5 mill for him is a crime in my world… MSG should have had a lottery for it’s fans with that.

            • pas44 says:

              Amen on the Carcillo and Dorsett duo, both made things happen every shift…

              I still giggle seeing Carrillo giver the flyers fans the bird!

        • Chris A says:

          Stepan posts a point every other playoff game. That’s very productive. It’s not elite level production, but it’s certainly top line production. But Stepan isn’t being paid like an elite player, so 44 points in 90 career playoff games is totally fine.

          • Rich S says:

            But only a paultry 11 —-thats eleven goals in 90 playoff games….While getting the most ice time of any other forward including being on # 1 power play line…..
            Lindberg would produce probably twice as many goals given the same opportunity!!!!!!
            So would Zib and so would hayes and hopefully so would stepan replacement next year……he played very wel, this past 2 games but all in all 6-7 years of unspectacular play!!!!

            • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

              Ummmm…your untouchable beast Miller has 1 goal in 33 playoff games. So Stepan might as well be Messier if we are comparing him to our so-called star.

              • Rich S says:

                I may have to eat some crow on this one!
                Even playing limited minutes on the 3rd and 4th lines up until last season playoffs, that is a horrible amount of Goals scored in 33 games!!!!!
                I got no answer for this one!

  5. amy says:

    first Nash got the hat on Tuesday now Mika last night let’s finish this team tomorrow night at the garden and get some rest before we face brass and the senators which will be a great series but you know what they will be talking about the trade that sent brass to Ottawa and Mika here

    • pas44 says:

      ” letโ€™s finish this team tomorrow night at the garden ”

      from your lips to God’s ears!


  6. pas44 says:

    Game 6 prediction…

    I could use a little Grabner break away baby!!!

  7. Richter1994 says:

    You go to Montreal and you know that you’re going to get the short end of the stick officiating wise, so why doesn’t AV work the officials after that blatantly criminal non-calls on Ott for the Henrik mugging and the bloodied hit by Shaw on Lindberg?

    They asked AV about the Lindberg hit after the game and he said that he didn’t see it because he was focusing on his lines. Great. Does this guy ever know what goes on during games? That was the perfect opportunity to open your mouth to the refs, so, you know, maybe you get a call soon to make up for it? Maybe?

    • Jacky Lee says:

      Who cares? He opened up his mout by giving it to the ref on that goal that had 2 few many Habs on the ice and that was on the video record. What did that get him and the NYR’s? Working the officials gets you in a bigger jam during the next game or it gets you sent to the dressing room before the game ends.

      • Richter1994 says:

        You have to try, that’s the coach’s job, to stick up for his players. You can’t have your player skate off, bloodied, and concussion protocol, and then say after the game I still haven’t seen the hit. That’s an embarrassing response.

  8. Walt says:

    I liked the way we started the game last night, they looked like they wanted the game. The second took it’s tole on me, I thought here we go again. The third we come back to tie the game. The OT was game two, in reverse, and I felt sooooooo good for Z, after all, people were down on the kid, nice finish there Mika.

    I must eat a bit of crow, the pylon twins were at it again, one positive, the other a disaster. Staal’s hot potato act, leading to the first Habs goal, holy crap is he a mess. Danny boy is showing he isn’t dead yet, he has been playing decent, and I’ll commend him for it.

    All season long the Canadians were a bunch of twats, now in the PO’s they are tough guys, and dirty at that. Smith had enough of it, dropped the gloves for his team. This guy must be resigned, he plays with heart. Rudalov is a dirt bag, would love to see the rest of his teeth kicked out of his mouth, along with that other dirt bag Shaw. Oscar took that cheap shot, I thought he got knocked out, thank goodness he was OK.

    Now it’s homeward bound, let’s see if we can start a two game winning home streak!!!!!!!!

    • Richter1994 says:

      Though the Habs carried the play early the Rangers competed, which is what you want to see. Basically the King kept them in until they started rolling. The earned the luck they got at the end and it was the right result.

      G may not be the D man he was but boy has he been a force physically. He still gives away the puck like it’s a hot potato though. 8 giveaways last night and that’s the amount they saw.

      • Walt says:

        true on all counts, but I’ve been down on Girardi all season, and if he is playing reasonably well, I have to acknowledge it in order to maintain any credibility !!!!!!!!!

        • Richter1994 says:

          But don’t be fooled, the Habs are not a good offensive team and if the Rangers move on like we hope they do then the next round might feature better offensive players.

          Basically McD, Skjei, and Smith are keepers and the rest are not. That’s Jeff’s task this offseason, revamp the D.

          • Walt says:

            no argument there my friend !!!!!!

          • Jacky Lee says:

            That’s a impossible task without placing Stepan or Zucc to soften the deal while taking back some money. All in all Zucc will probably stick around for his next contract and be apart of the new leadership group.

            Stepan on the other hand will be dealt for a top 4 D man this summer and to open up bank for Shatty. I’m thinking the Flames who might want to push Backlund down to strengthen at center. Maybe for D Hamilton? Then the other team might be Winnipeg for Trouba. I think Gorton will get it done somehow and revamp it quite nicely.

            • Richter1994 says:

              Here’s my thinking. I love Trouba but that is not going to happen. So what next?

              Buy out G saves $3M next year. Nash comes off the books the following year and could be re-signed for less.

              Sign Shatty. That appears to be a done deal.

              Trade Stepan to Minny for Scandela or Dumba, probably Scandela since the cap hits or in the same ballpark.

              Trade a 3rd round pick to Las Vegas not to pick Lindberg so then you have Zib, Hayes, and Lindberg as your centers.

              Re-sign Smith for $3.5M per.

              Send Staal to Buffalo as they are looking for veteran leadership.


              • Jerry says:

                Wow, wouldn’t that be fantastic if that all worked out.

                No matter what:
                NOTE TO JEFF: do what you must to protect Lindberg and Fast…………

              • Peter says:

                Glad to see that Oscar and Quickie have some fans. They come to okay every night and are coming into their own.

              • Peter says:

                *come to play that is

              • Richter1994 says:

                Hi Guys, Lindberg should be the #3 C. If Stepan is traded other thins wold have to shake out for the Vegas draft. But yeah, I think it’s possible to get this D corps and keep both Fast and Lindberg.

              • Ray says:

                There are two considerations on cap hits – total cap hit and in what year the cap hit occurs. Buying out Girardi certainly moves the money around, creates cap space in the short term while giving up future cap space.

                On the other hand, in total cap hit, the buyout saves less than three million dollars. Ironically, you could save more money burying him in Hartford – or you just keep him around for the typical cost of a 7 dman.

                And this even ignores the fact that he really can still play hockey.

              • Richter1994 says:

                Ray, can G be sent down at all? But I assume that saving $3M is better than nothing. Unless a miracle trade comes about.

              • Dave says:

                Ray – Girardi can’t be buried without his approval (NMC). Burying him saves $950k, not $3m.

                No matter what, buying out Girardi is cheaper.

              • paulronty says:

                Instead of Shatty, sign Alzner.

              • Ray says:

                Dave, thanks for the clarification. I knew the NTC was semi-expiring, didn’t know about the NMC.

                However, burying him for three years would have saved $2.85 million, which is actually more than the buyout saves.

                And, if you concede he has value as reserve dman, buying him out leaves you spending nearly all the savings on a replacement.

              • Ray says:

                slight correction, the actual cap savings are $3-1/3 million, not less than $3 million as I said earlier.

      • paulronty says:

        Thrown some terrific hits. I like that the Rangers are hitting back & playing rough too, it shows spirit & will & that is what will take them to victory.

    • Walt says:

      we tied in the second, with about a minute, while posting I lost track of time, and period……..

    • Jacky Lee says:

      That means Girardi will most definitely for Staal and one of the big contracts like Stepan or Nash out after the playoffs get finished. Gorton will want to milk this into next season with no buyout or trade up scenario to make less problems for himself in the offseason and to preserve Sather’s legacy. There’s way to much money that has to go into the team within the next two summers unless someone like Zucc would get traded soon.

    • Rich S says:

      That hit on linberg when he did not have the puck reminds me of letangs stick to victor stallbergs mouth last years playoffs…….Refs do nothing!!!
      Players get away with dangerous dirty hits which is why we really need some tougher players willing to take care of business!!!!
      We got rid of mcilrath because he ‘couldn’t play’ yet he was/ is better that holden and stall by a country mile……

  9. Rangers Rock says:

    E3 is a different person during the game. A human with faults. At this time I am happy to be a Rangers fan.

  10. Leatherneck says:

    Talk about a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde last night….The whole team needs to show up on Saturday and close this deal….Let’s Go Rangers!!!!

  11. orangemike says:

    You all know me; I’ve been down on “playoff Nash” since he got here. He’s having a great series, so I’ll give credit where credit is due. If he keeps it up, I’ll continue to be happy. I’ll admit it; he’s been a beast. Now how about some of you guys admitting that AV is not the worst coach in the history of North American sports?

    Whever it was who said AV should complain about the officiating in the presser after the game, you have got to be kidding. I think he probably likes to keep most of his paycheck. Everybody knows Montreal gets every single call; it’s common knowledge. And the Canadiens have two or three guys who should be arrested; but the best revenge is a nice smooth 4-1 win tomorrow night. Fore!!!

    Buchnevich should play every night, unfortunately for Tanner Glass.

    Have a goo dFriday, everyone. Regards – orange

  12. Hatrick Swayze says:

    Big Game Zib means Biz!

    That shorty was all him and he nets himself an OT winner.

    Additionally, Buchnevich is making sure he doesn’t get taken off that line. He’s been looking dangerous.

    • Jacky Lee says:

      It’s like during all those times when Sam and Joe who have tried to sell the idea that the roster wants Glass in is sure looking like major BS to me. I know someone like JT has hyped Glass bench presence before. In though it must bethe polar opposite that the top 9 really wants Buch instead of Glass and meanwhile Fast and Oscar don’t want less ice time with a anchor on their line.

      • SalMerc says:

        All this proves is that the Fans and Bloggers (me included) know and say is crap. What happens on the bench and in the clubhouse is known by about 30 men, of which we are not privy to.

        Let’s hope they all stay a cohesive bunch of beard growing guys who continue to play hockey until mid-June.

        • Jacky Lee says:

          Yeah but the hype that guys like Hayes, Mika, Vesey and Nash say makes me think a little more critically that they don’t want Glass. Just going by the obvious unless they wanted to replace Fast, Vesey or Grabner with him which should be be a rare thought to think of. It’s been all about the MSG network propaganda that has gas up Glass to play imo. I think this world is a easy puzzle to figure at times but logic about a sports team should have set in for anyone who was pro choice for Glass. The boys must cringe and lose sleep at the thought of who will he replace this time.

        • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

          Exactly right Sal. And even when you are on the beat, you still have limited access to what REALLY is going on behind closed doors.

  13. Randy says:

    Feel the need to mention Mac’s play last night as I have not seen much about it on here yet. I think we are starting to take how good he is for granted.

    He gets rocked in the head on a sandwich hit, and come back out and absolutely destroys Shaw and then Gallagher. Those hits fired up the boys and that’s what you need to see from your captain.

    • SalMerc says:

      You are 100% correct. He played like the Captain!

      • Jacky Lee says:

        He always does just like when Cally did were the fans would jump down his throat for not being captain “material” due to not being vocal enough. Didn’t he play a year in the playoffs with s broken foot? In 13 he played with a concussion but last night was just typical vintage Mcd style, nothing really new to his game. He’s a spot picker when it comes to physical play and blasting pucks from the blueline for goals

        I don’t get this narrative that some of you Ranger fans have made up.

  14. Bloomer says:

    Tinkering with the lineup after a playoff win can backfire. However if the Ranges do make it through it the next round, I wonder in the AV should consider inserting KK back in the lineup and sitting Staal.

    • Jacky Lee says:

      It won’t happen but at best Holden might be skating on eggshells to see him get replace by Klein soon. Brady Richards was the last big contract that had to sit in the pressbox but that was because the GM obviously had plans to buy him out down the road. What we learn here is that Staal won’t be bought out so he’s going to play and especially for a guy with a price tag like what he makes.

      • stevesse says:

        I thought Girardi was the anchor,but at least he cas provide physicality. Staal skates with cement shoes and has no physicality, I also think he is blind in one eye. watch him on that goal which was all his fault.

      • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

        Richards sitting in 2013 had nothing to do with his impending buy out. No way Torts or any coach would allow the GM to dictate a playoff lineup. He sat because Torts felt that he was out of shape and not playing well, and Torts wanted to jump start the team vs Boston. Move backfired big time and I suspect was a contributing factor as to why Torts may have lost a portion of the room and got canned.

        • Ray says:

          I mostly agree with you here. Tortorella absolutely benched Richards because HE wanted to. OTOH, if Tortorella expected to come back the following season and if he expected Richards to be back, he might not have done it. Ill will has a cost.

          And as you point out, in this case, a bigger cost than Torts foresaw.

  15. Joe Cafardo says:

    I am super proud of the Rangers. They showed up. Yeah…the first 2 were contentious but man that 3rd. Speed DOES kill.
    We have a good sense as does the league for the Habs and the way they get away with it. Before…with Emelin and Gallagher they were just pests who never ever dropped em…but would certainly do the dirty stuff and skate to hide away. Now add Ott, Shaw..the hacking…..and you have a toxicity that makes skating fast, breaking the forecheck and equally back checking up a storm on their end sweet revenge. Let them get away with it…..and let them think about it until next October. That said. It would be nice to have a Byfuglien, McIIrath, or even Lucic to ensure peace and love.

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      Except that those players DON’T insure peace and love. GThere are no such things as deterrents in modern hockey.

      I thought the Rangers were this soft team that everyone would push around. Remember the narrative after Hank was run into in Dallas…”the word is out” everyone said. We are weak and can be pushed around. Total bunch of nonsense. While yes they should have responded that day, that incident had NO lasting effect one way or another.

      Meanwhile they’ve played the most physical series I can remember. Series isn’t over yet, but did Montreal possibly OVERPLAY their hand on physicality with their moves at the deadline?

      BTW, in the end, Columbus’s physicality was no match for Penguins high end skill–even high end skill that was badly compromised due to injury.

      “Torts is back baby…you’re going to eat your words” is what I remember reading back in mid-season. And yet, he’s out in 5 to the Pens, just like the Rangers were last year. But last year, it was all AV’s fault. This year, I’m sure the narrative is, look at how Torts defied the odds and got them to a 5th game (even though half the hockey planet had the Jackets winning this series).

      Just sayin….

      • Ray says:

        I clearly have been missing something. I don’t know how many people comment here, but I honestly can’t remember any significant support for Tortorella after his firing ceased to be a hot topic. Sure, lots of people criticize AV and want him gone, but I don’t think there is any kind of consensus as to who the new coach should be and I see zero sentiment for bringing Torts back.

        For the record, should NYR lose to Montreal – or win and then lose to Ottawa or Boston — and have that loss followed by an AV firing, I would rate AV’s tenure as less successful than Tortorella’s (and I’ll explain why later). OTOH, if AV continues on (and we both think he will), the story will remain incomplete and there is nothing preventing AV from coming out ahead in the end.

        Bill James, who was the guru that applied stats to baseball, discussed managerial changes. This was thirty years ago and, while I have the basic point right, my example may not be. Anyway, the idea was that if you say fired Billy Martin and hired Bob Lemon, the team got better results in the short term. The lower key approach just buoyed the team; stats backed this up.

        What this means is that if you fire Tortorella and hire Vigneault, immediately going to the SCF is just not that surprising. The team was tired of Torts and ready to put everything into it.

        Whether you like him or not, Tortorella presided over the Rangers during a period in which the team got noticeably better. yes, he wore out his welcome and needed to go, but he helped put the team in a better position. One could praise Sather for recognizing that he was both the right coach for his time and the wrong coach for 2013 going forward.

        Vigneault admittedly has a tougher assignment – taking a good team to the promised land, or at least preserving a high level of competitiveness for a long time. One can’t really say he has failed, but so far he started out riding the emotional boost and has gradually slid downhill, going SCF, conference finals, first round exit.

        • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

          Good astute analysis.

          No one is advocating for Torts’ return that I am aware of. I didnt mean to imply that. There have been many comments out here saying what I said–that Torts is back, we will all be eating crow for “dissing him”, etc. And I can pretty much guarantee if Torts had even won one more game in this series, that would have been fodder for the anti-AV crowd to show that Torts is a better coach.

          It really is not true that the team got noticeably better under Torts, as you claim. There tends to be this somewhat disTORTed (i kind of like that!) revisionist history of what Torts did while here. I posted this the other day, but can find the supporting material again if you wish, but as I recall, of the three NYR coaches post-lockout, Torts had the worst record of the three. Not counting the ’08-’09 regular season (shared between Renney and Torts) and taking the point total of the shortened ’12-’13 season and calculating out what that would be in an 82 game season, Torts’s record is slightly WORSE than Renney’s was both in terms of regular season and post-season success. And AV has thus far been way ahead of both. That’s just fact.

          I have nothing against Torts. I actually, believe it or not, defended him when he was Rangers coach as much as I defend AV today. What I object to is that some out here make the Torts Era out to be some Golden Era of Rangers hockey, while somehow the AV Era is the dark, disappointing era. It’s just bogus.

          Truth is, BOTH coaches have made contributions here, and both (actually all three including Renney) should be celebrated for what they’ve done to bring Rangers hockey back from the dismal place it was pre-lockout.

          Just trying to set the record straight.

          • JoeS. says:

            …and so you have, nice job!

          • Ray says:

            I was comparing trajectories, not overall records. Renney’s teams were fairly consistent and never finished above third and never won two playoff rounds in the same year. These were teams that you have described as a lottery team if not for Lundqvist. Yes, the first Tortorella year was awful and the second a typical Renney year, but the last two years, the team finished first and second in the division and even made it to the Conference Finals, in truth losing to a lesser team.

            During the Tortorella years (and there is certainly no proof that Torts is responsible for this), the Rangers went from an also-ran to a team that could legitimately envision winning the Cup.

            [Some might argue that all that happened was that Sather finally figured out what he was doing, but the bottom line is that AV walked into a much better situation than Torts encountered four years earlier.]

            • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

              Btw, even though we often vehemently disagree, these are PHEMONENAL points you are making and I am thoroughly enjoying these various discussions we are having. You reall know your stuff…that is evident, and therefore make an already great blog that much better!

              And hey, you were totally right on Murray last year and I was dead wrong, so there’s that! ๐Ÿ™‚

              Anyway, I do have some further points on this but it will have to wait until tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

            • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

              Ok, briefly to this point.

              I really don’t agree that the Rangers went from also-ran to a legit contender during the transition from Renney to Torts, or that AV walked into a better situation than Torts did. That’s part of my frustration with the “Torts Talk”. His contribution has been significantly overblown.

              The three full years that Renney coached the team averaged 97 points and finishes of 6th, 6th and 5th in the East (I’m skipping the divisional analysis because of the change of format that took place). Torts took about 2/3rds of the way into the ’08-’09 season, and no question he turned around a slumping team. In the end, this team was a team finished with 95 points.

              Then the regression began with an epic collapse which was caused in part because of his juvenile. behavior. The Rangers have the worst playoff meltdown in their history.

              The next season, as you mentioned, the team regressed even more. They got better the next season, but as you said, hardly impressive. 2011-12 was a terrific season but in the end featured the most unacceptable Rangers playoff loss of the past decade. They then back slid again to a team that had 56 points that, if projected out to 82 games, would be a 96 point season.

              Torts inherited a very good team that had won a playoff series in each of the previous two seasons. His first playoff, they lose. Regression. His first full season the team becomes a non playoff team. Regression.

              Torts inherited a 97 point team. AV inherited an adjusted 96 point team. In the playoffs, Torts went backwards relative to Renney, while AV in his first season went significantly forward relative to Torts.

              Seems to me that talent wise at least, both AV and Torts walked into pretty much the same level of talent…at least based on record.

  16. Peter says:

    The dominance of the Rangers over the Habs in OT last night still has me shaking my head. Montreal barely had the puck. A great team effort and by Zibanejad and Kreider on the winner.

  17. Sully 55 says:

    The stick work in this series is brutal.

    • Richter1994 says:

      Blame the refs.

      • Ray says:

        Agreed. I don’t agree that the refs have favored Montreal. So much has gone uncalled. But the longer that happens, the worse it gets for everyone and somebody really is going to get hurt.

        • Richter1994 says:

          The Rangers have gotten away with stuff too, no question. You just don’t want to see anyone hurt because of the non-calls.

  18. upstatetom says:

    gotta leave buch in !!!! he does things that no else does and so effortlessly that you don’t even know he’s doing it. his rink and puck awareness are just unbelievable. loosen the leash and let the animal do his thing !!!!

    • Blue 76 says:

      “… he does things that no else does and so effortlessly that you don’t even know he’s doing it.” Well my reply to that would be because he played 14.29 minutes and had how many points, he is amazing, oh wait, he had no points, but points is why is dressed is it not ??? LOL this is a joke. It was effortless because he didn’t do much, and you didn’t know he was doing it because he didn’t … you and Jacky Lee need to revisit Hockey 101 together.

      • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

        Yeah, I tend to agree.

        I understand the “Buch love” and the overreaction to Glass. I totally get it. But it’s way overblown. We don’t win Game 1 without Glass. We didn’t lose Games 2 and 3 because of Glass. I suspect we would have won Games 4 and 5 if Glass has played.

        These are two different players that bring different attributes to the table. Didn’t Julien, who many of you tend to say has been outcoaching AV, decide to double down on physicality at the deadline at the expense of some skill? Hasn’t the narrative been hat in 2011, the physicality is what beat the Canucks and AV?

        That being said, as I’ve said before, I think Buch is the better option IF he is healthy and the moment doesn’t seem to big for him. It appears he is more than ready for this, so I’d stay with him for now.

  19. pas44 says:

    If Washington misses the cup I would expect Shatt to be a Ranger next season.

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      I think winning the Cup or not will be irrelevant to the decision.

      • pas44 says:

        I was thinking if he won the cup and bonded with the team he may want to stick around… he isn’t having the best playoffs either…

  20. upstatetom says:

    by the way, how about skjei, lindberg , fast and the zucc ? where would they be without them ?????

  21. Chris F says:

    Interestingly, while the Rangers have had spells of putrid possession play this series, all in all, they’ve outmatched Habs on controlled zone exits and controlled zone entries.

    Habs have a much worse ratio of failed exits to controlled exits, and dumps to controlled entries. Rangers transition and neutral zone play has actually been pretty solid.

  22. Chris F says:

    So, when is Julien gonna start thoroughly out coaching the clown, AV?

    I mean, AV has made adjustments all series, and much of it has paid off. He led with Glass, who was effective, and then injected the talented Buchnevich once we needed to increase our skill level.

    Julien has relied on King on the 4th line all series. He’s been absolutely invisible. Hasn’t done a thing to warrant being in the lineup, but he’s a “hard-nosed Cup winner,” so he plays, while the much faster Flynn and much more talented McCarron sit.

    Still waiting on genius Julien to outwit AV.

    Still waiting…

    • Ray says:

      All irrelevant so far. Look, after the Rangers won game 1, Julien made adjustments and won two straight and he was the genius. Two games later, AV is the genius. If you want to know who the real genius is, wait a game or two. The hockey world will nearly unanimously proclaim the true genius, who just so happens to be the winning coach.

    • Rich S says:

      Totally disagree…..
      I picked the rangers in 5 because we have 10 guys on this roster who can score 25 -30 goals …..canadians? radulov, pacioretty, gallagher?thats it!
      Talent level between the teams IMHO is not close, I expected the rangers to dominate like they did the last half of yesterdays game and the OT the entire series.
      Why did it take so long for AV to reunite the zib-buch-kreider line?
      Why is stepan still taking faceoffs in defensive zone at end of game and OT , which led directly to goal?
      Why is holden playing? Why is Stall playing?
      Why were they on ice for last minute of game 2 ??????????????????
      Why does our PP still stink???? Adjustments??? where ?????

    • paulronty says:

      You and your AV love. It’s ridiculous.

  23. pas44 says:


    did anyone notice that irate has fan in the background of the first .gif


  24. Ray says:

    Please note that the scoring chance chart shows scoring chances even through two periods. So the notion that the Habs skated rings around the Rangers for the first two periods is just bogus. On balance, the Rangers slightly outskated the Habs.

    Lundqvist has played well in the series, but games are not over after two periods and Hank is not the only reason the Rangers still had a chance.

    The hockey I see is quite different than the one that Hank-lovers see. Hank is good at blocking shots, just maybe, when he is on, the best there is, even plausibly the best there ever has been, though that may be a stretch. He does not have the economy of motion of a Price and so I think looks a little better than he actually is – but he is still damn good. I used to enjoy watching him before the cacophany of how he is elevating a bad team made it not fun anymore.

    However, Hank isn’t quite as good as others at spoiling chances pre-shot and is quite poor at puck handling. When the puck comes onto his stick and there are other players around, he passes it to a teammate, much like a Price or a Murray or a Talbot. However, on the other teams, the teammate catches the pass. Hank’s teammate usually ends up in a scrum. Of course, the impression the unobservant fan comes away with is that the Ranger defenders are bad at clearing the zone. And this kind of play limits the defensive options that AV has. Julien’s technique for breaking the Ranger power play would not work with Hank in place of Price.


    A bit of statistics:

    Over the last four years, Hank has a regular season W-L record of 129-97. The combined Ranger record of Talbot and Raanta is 60-38. The backups have a better record, but it is not statistically significant. It does not prove the Rangers are better without Hank.

    HOWEVER, let’s make the null hypothesis be that Hank is worth four wins a year over a somewhat average NHL starting goaltender and that Talbot and Raanta are at that level. In other word, the Rangers get about 8 extra points in the standings because of Hank. If you think that’s too much, that he is only worth about three points, why in the world does he deserve $3 million more a year than Girardi in salary.

    That hypothesis says that the Rangers would have won 16 fewer games with Hank not in net — that the Rangers would have had a record of 113-113 in those games (probably around 90 points a year). But then the 60-38 record posted by Talbot and Raanta is suddenly awesome. yes, it could happen by luck, but less than 2% of the time. In comparison, if one flipped a coin to decide game 7, one could get heads six or more times 6-7% of the time. In other words, it is far less likely that Talbot and Raanta have been lucky than that Hank is lucky in Game 7s.

    This isn’t to say that Hank isn’t good. He may even be the most important player on the team, because goalies are just so important. But he is far from the most valuable. The best Ranger in this series is the guy who has failed to be the best player for so long that we have forgotten that he was supposed to be our best player all along.


    One final point. Goalies stop pucks and they do other things. What are the relative importances? Well, I think virtually each one of us here has an opinion and that opinion is subjective and based on almost nothing. We just have a sense. To take an extreme case, Brodeur just gives you so many more options than Hank does. And just how does that effect the chances on winning a game? Well, that is something that should be assessed with numbers and not the seat of one’s pants.

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      Just come out and say it….you want Raanta in Game 6 to close it out don’t you?! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ray says:

        It doesn’t matter whether I do or don’t. It isn’t going to happen. At that moment, I just wish people here would acknowledge that Henrik is not a miracle worker and that a goalie change likely wouldn’t hurt much. For Game 6, I don’t fix things that aren’t broken.

        Raanta gives AV more options in exchange for slightly less reliability. Game 3 left the impression that AV needed more options to get the team functioning well. Games 4 and 5 seemed to indicate that the Rangers could do well enough with the weapons on hand.

        Ironically, AV sort of did what I wanted in Game 4. He removed a player from the lineup who had played well enough in the first three games to earn the right to play — a wake up call to the whole team. I was thinking Lundqvist; he picked Glass. [And if I’m right that Glass is the more popular of the two, he really got it right.]

        • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

          Well, I think you are seriously underestimating what Hank has brought to this series thus far. I like Raanta, but I think we are already playing golf if Hank was clicking like he is now.

          • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

            Meant to say “if Hank wasn’t clicking like he is now.”

            • Ray says:

              I edited it.

              Curiosity, Eddie, do you think anyone else here thinks like you do? As far as i can tell, almost all of us fall in love with the next big thing. For example, Buchnevich is the savior. Who cares about yesterday’s players? We differ in who we fall in love with, so the views are all over the map. Some loved McIlrath; others didn’t care.
              Years ago it was Kreider, now he’s old hat.

              But you seem to remain faithful to the proven players.

              • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

                Well, good point on that. I have a very healthy skepticism when it comes to prospects. I’ve been hearing for years about the next great player on whatever team I’m following…and usually it’s all a bunch of hype that doesnt come to fruition. What and if it does…great.

                I am very, very loyal by nature. Once a player earns my “trust” as a fan, I tend to stick with said player until they (or the replacement) prove otherwise.

                So I get where you are coming from, but Raanta? I doubt seriously he will ever be the “next big thing”. He’s a backup goalie that will one day become a nice starting goalie for someone. Not likely to become the next big anything. ๐Ÿ™‚

              • Ray says:

                Many of us agree with your skepticism. However, concerning the subject, it tends to be different people (while others argue with you). Almost everyone falls for somebody. I won’t claim to be entirely rational myself. [Few would argue with that, I suspect.] Unlike many others, I always had great confidence in Zuccarello, but admittedly, I did compare him to Gretzky (not as an equal but still).

                However, I really am not that enamored with Raanta. I think he can probably start for some teams, but I don’t see him as a star and I don’t even pretend to believe that putting him in makes the Rangers a lock to win the Cup.

                My point – and it is a sad one – is that if Hank isn’t getting better results than Raanta, maybe Hank isn’t all that great either. Still, if someone told me the reincarnation of 2003 JS Giguere won the Cup for the 2017 Rangers, I’d bet on Hank and not Raanta.

          • Ray says:

            Actually, you get me wrong. I am not a huge Raanta fan. Admittedly, I am a huge Cam Talbot fan although, like Ranger management, two years ago I would have kept Lundqvist and traded Talbot.

            Anyway, the Lundqvist-Talbot comparison is actually very interesting. The way we (and i think we are alike here) are conditioned to view goaltenders, the eye test screamed that Hank was the better tender. He was both more spectacular and more consistent. And yet, especially the first year, Talbot got better results. Better W-L, GAA, save percentage. You name it.

            Now, if you choose to believe that Hank is the greatest tender of all time, you just consider pro-Talbot data as statistical noise, but if you are rooting for Talbot [and make no mistake, this did not start out as rooting against Hank], you go deeper.

            Well, goalies do a number of things. They stop the shots they can see. They fight through screens. They prevent rebounds (or don’t). They do other stuff.

            Well, we think of that other stuff as a bonus that makes a good tender even better, but really it is just another part of the job. The other stuff makes it easier for the five skaters on the ice. I marveled last year during one period when the Pens dominated somebody and Matt Murray made five easy saves tops. But it seemed that whenever the opponents played the puck into the Pens zone to relieve the pressure, Murray jumped on it and the Pens were instantly attacking again. To the traditional observer, Murray did almost nothing. But, to a certain extent, he had to do nothing because he did so much.

            Now, how much traditional excellence should you sacrifice for a more well-rounded hockey player? I don’t know. A lot of study is needed and, AFAIK, no one is even considering the question.

            You say the Ranger skaters aren’t good enough. But think about this, Eddie. Why can’t Washington win the Cup? Goodness knows, they do have star skaters. But they also have Braden Holtby, a guy who is much like Hank, someone whose goaltending skills basically consist of keeping the puck out of the net.

            • Walt says:


              I was watching the NHL channel toady, and they showed where Pekka Renni ( spelling?????), Nashville goalie, took a shot, then passed it off to his defense man, quick pass to a forward, and they scored a goal. That was such a bang, bang play, and took some 3 seconds or so off of the clock. That was some display of stick handling by a goaltender!!!!!! I think I understand where your coming from……..

    • Hockey Sittoo says:


  25. DAVID k says:

    Has anyone seen Staal win a battle in the corner he never comes away with the puck both Holden and Staal should not be playing.

    • pas44 says:

      yea but the topic is so over spoken… i hear ya, but its almost hard to type anything else on this subject…


  26. Chris F says:

    Brendan Smith press conference should be required viewing for everyone here. He astutely dissected the chippy play and spoke about the fine line of retaliation.

  27. Walt says:

    The Rangers have signed 23-year old Russian defenseman Alexei Bereglazov to a contract.

    This is the kid that Josh spoke about earlier in the week. He is a big kid, 6’4″ and over 205 lbs, which means he can still fill out that frame. he played with Buch, and our goalie prospect back in Russia. Let’s hope this kid develops into something nice down the road!!!!!!!

    • Richter1994 says:

      My friend texted me that Ranger management is hoping that he is in the big club’s line up by December.

      • Walt says:

        Really, that’s interesting, and is he really that good???? We may have gotten lucky again, and in the process got Buch a friend to play alongside him!!!!!!