Atlantic Division Semis, Game 3: Learning to win at home

April 16, 2017, by
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Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press via AP

The Rangers blew a chance to take a commanding 2-0 series lead the other night, and are now at home to try to take a pivotal Game Three. Alain Vigneault, who made the single most boneheaded coaching move in recent Rangers’ history is going to have to be better. He’s going to have to adjust.

Part of that adjustment is putting his loyalties aside and playing his best defense pairings. No more loyalty to players playing like crap. If not, then this will be a short series. We all know what the team is, but does the coach?

Habs Lines

Max Pacioretty-Philippe Danault-Alex Radulov
Artturi Lehkonen-Alex Galchenyuk-Brendan Gallagher
Paul Byron-Tomas Plekanec-Andrew Shaw
Dwight King-Michael McCarron-Torrey Mitchell

Andrei Markov-Shea Weber
Alexei Emelin-Jeff Petry
Nathan Beaulieu-Jordie Benn

PP1: Galchenyuk-Shaw-Radulov-Markov-Weber
PP2: Pacioretty-Danault-Gallagher-Beaulieu-Petry

Carey Price gets the start

Rangers Lines (presumed)

JT MillerMika ZibanejadRick Nash
Chris KreiderDerek StepanMats Zuccarello
Michael GrabnerKevin HayesJesper Fast
Tanner GlassOscar LindbergJimmy Vesey

Ryan McDonaghDan Girardi
Marc StaalNick Holden
Brady SkjeiBrendan Smith

PP1: Zibanejad-Buchnevich-Nash-Miller-McDonagh
PP2: Stepan-Miller-Kreider-Zuccarello-Holden

Henrik Lundvist gets the start.

Crazy Prediction: A home win?

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  1. HOF 19 says:

    Ill just repost this…………….This has the potential to be a series changing game. Would be nice to win a game by showing the Hockey world that this Rangers team will win games and it just does not matter at all who the opponent is……..CAN WE BE THAT GOOD !!!!!!! would be nice ……for once !………LETS GO RANGERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sammy says:

    I’m sure your trying to stir up controversy here Dave and I understand why. But I also know that you realize that Holden and Staal were stuck on the ice and were going to be changed. Of course we couldn’t just clear the puck and then everyone would be talking about the 2-0 we got. If I know for a fact what he planned on doing I figure you did too. But again, you did the right thing so we can get 100 comments on how terrible the coach is. He’s a bad man and he does bad things to kids. Because he has a team of all stars here and should win it all. And he’s loyal to Tanner Glass even though he loves soft players. He tells the players please take it easy guys and don’t hurt anyone

  3. Sammy says:

    We win the series because we’re the better team. Period

  4. Chris F says:

    Well, that was disheartening opening “ceremony.” I can’t recall, does the lower ranked team not get to have a ceremony when the series comes back home?

  5. Chris F says:

    Klein in for Holden. Can you all now please stop with the madness? AV recognized and made the adjustment.

  6. Chris F says:

    Brass with a clutch, third period game tieing goal.

  7. Chris F says:

    So, it seems that the Rangers fatal flaw is not the defense or the goaltending, but surprisingly the wingers. These guys have been turning the puck over all series.

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      Actually not surprising. I’ve been saying this for weeks. Our forwards are THE most overrated group in the league.

    • Bloomer says:

      Wingers are too cute with the puck take the shot get some traffic in front. Price can be beaten…Lindberg coming close to burying one past the Habs keeper.

  8. Leatherneck says:

    Atrocious 1st period…what is it about this team and playing at home? Embarrassing

  9. Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

    Two games in a row now that Miller makes a careless centering pass in the defensive zone. Totally unacceptable. Just a matter of time until he costs us big time. Very talented player who certainly is giving a strong effort. But man his hockey sense at times is sorely lacking. And he’s not a rookie anymore so this is unacceptable.

    Kreider….AWFUL! My patience is running out.

    I’m not saying it’s all on the two of them. A lot of other guys need to raise their game and now. But for our supposed two best players, sorry, this isn’t anywhere near good enough, and we will be out in 5 if those two don’t get it going.

    Anyone still doubting the wisdom of starting Hank? Brilliant again. He must wonder what it would be like to play on a team with legitimate star power at forward as opposed to the “faux” stars we have. I feel sorry for the guy. As usual, it will be mostly up to him in order to advance.

    Love Vesey…he is going to be terrific in the years to come!!!!!

    Glass playing with heart again. Anyone still thinking AV is crazy for playing him?

    • Chris F says:

      I wanted to see Buchnevich today –he’ll be hungry–, but can’t complain about Glass so far. Playing hard, hitting hard, and drawing penalties. That’s what he’s playing for.

      • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

        Yeah, I get it. The reactionary fan in me wants AV to send a message and have Buch go in for Kreider next game, but the playoffs isn’t the time for that. Also, I just have a feeling he is not 100% and we will learn that at some point this summer. He’s only 21 and probably still a year or two away.

        But Glass has more than earned staying in.

        • Chris F says:

          Yeah he really has. He’ll never be a great hockey player, but damn if he doesn’t play his heart out every single shift. I feel calm when he’s on the ice. He just so rarely makes mistakes, despite playing at 100mph.

  10. HOF 19 says:

    Duguay….”They gotta make plays”…….YA THINK ???…………………LETS GO RANGERS !!!!!

  11. Leatherneck says:

    Only 5 people have showed up to play, Lundqvist, Smith, Glass, Lindberg and Fast

  12. HOF 19 says:

    We get tight every time we have a shot at an open net…We either miss the net….or completely miss the puck…..or shoot 6 feet in the air……DANG IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      It’s because we have few if any who can truly finish scoring chances. Our flaw in the playoffs for years. We have no HOF 19 types.

  13. HOF 19 says:

    MISTAKE………….J T Miller.

  14. Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

    Miller….another dumb, dumb play. No wonder AV has to constantly do the tough love thing with him.

  15. HOF 19 says:

    THANK…….YOU…………HENRIK……So very very much !!!

  16. Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

    Sooner or later, Miller was going to kill us with one of his brainless plays,,, and there it is.

  17. HOF 19 says:

    #62 Standing all alone…..DANG IT.

  18. Leatherneck says:

    Tell me again. winning faceoffs being overrated….Yeah

  19. HOF 19 says:

    But we are just an absolute ZERO as an team having ANY offensive threat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      Most overrated and easy to defend “high scoring team” I’ve ever seen. It’s not about lack of physicality. We dont finish on chances. They are a think pass team with no one to pass to.

      Four lines of depth swarming the opposition I kept hearing. Nope. Not even close.

  20. Leatherneck says:

    Let’s also not forget the officiating….splendid

  21. Bloomer says:

    The rangers should have lots of energy in the 3rd period tonight they been coasting all game.

  22. HOF 19 says:

    And I do not want to hear Steve Valiquette say ” I like what I see” .

  23. Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

    Would anyone be surprised if this game ends 1-0 or 2-0 (EN)? And of course, it will all be blamed on the coach, even though its the overrated forwards who are to blame.

    Just making me sick to my stomach. I feel bad for Hank and all the fans who pay so much to see these hom playoff embarrassments!

    (Ok, I’m done venting. We are only down 1…let’s flip the script here in the third. We can surely score maybe one goal in regulation and maybe win in 4 OTs with a second goal?) 🙂

    • roadrider says:

      Yeah this is a real stinko performance (except tor Lundqvist and 2-3 other guys). And the idea that all we need to do is insert Clendening or Kampfer into the lineup and everything would be fixed is just daft. None of the top 3 lines are getting it done and that hasn’t changed throughout the series. Rangers constantly getting beat to loose pucks, not establishing any forecheck pressure, not getting in Price’s grille and, of course, the traditional limp PP.

      The real adjustment AV must make is not the defensive pairings but forgetting about this silly “our identity is the fast break offense” and playing a simpler game, The fact is that the ability of the better teams to defend against the Rangers’ speed exceeds the ability of the Rangers to execute the home run passes and convert them to goals.

      • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

        I largely agree. I’m just not sure this team can actually succeed that way. Still, something will have to change.

    • JoeS. says:

      There’s you goal! Brady!

  24. Chris F says:

    Building has been dead all night. Fans didn’t even get amped at the opening faceoff. No wonder the Rangers can’t play at home. It’s embarrassing. Shitty fans.

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      I dont blame the fans at all. The Rangers haven’t given them any reason to believe with their play at home this season and the last five home playoff games.

      Simply put, once Marty went cold two years ago, we have not recovered. We have no true finishers since he retired. Must be addressed this off-season if we are to be taken seriously.

    • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

      It hasnt been great, agreed. But the Rangers need to give the fans something to cheer for. It’s a vanilla team playing for vanilla fans.

      • Chris F says:

        The Rangers went to the Bell Centre and came back with an evened up series. Yea, it was a sapping way to lose game 2, but they were still in a great position coming back to MSG.

        The Garden should have been jumping. All the at-home woes should have been forgotten, and fans needed to do their part to up the energy level from the pre-game through the opening faceoff and let the Canadiens know this was not going to be an easy place to come play.

        It sounded like a preseason game in there, and half the seats were empty at the opening draw. Sorry, RFIB, I love you dude, but there is no excuse for how quiet the Garden was. Maybe a little boisterous pride in one’s team could have gotten the boys’ juice flowing right out the gate. It’s got to be demoralizing to play for Rangers fans. We are the absolute worst. We tear our players and coaches apart constantly, create false controversies, and can’t even generate a playoff atmosphere in our own goddamned building.

  25. Leatherneck says:

    Montreal has completely taken the Rangers speed game away. Speed is for the regular season, different kinda hockey in the playoffs

    • King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

      although boring go back to game one … clog up the neutral zone

  26. Rich S says:

    Why does AV have stepan take a defensive draw during penalty kill??????
    He is one of the worst faceoff percentages in the league??????
    All three of our other centers are better!!!!!!

    Can someone tell the players its OK to stand in front of carey price and screen him! So far only glass has!

    Why are the canadians able to come out of their zone so quickly and without any resistance?
    What kind of offense are we running? Maybe its time to change things up?

    Bonehead play jt miller…..where are kevin hayes and kreider???
    Time for mcdonagh to step up also!

    What will be our strategy for the 3rd? Start running the defensemen, different forecheck, no more long passes, not working……

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      I feel bad for AV actually. He probably is wondering why he agreed to stay. Is it any wonder he has to keep juggling lines? NOTHING works because these guys are SO overrated as true offensive talents, which is what I’ve been saying since the trade deadline. The defense is adequate. Hank is brilliant. Offense totally overrated.

  27. roadrider says:

    If we want to talk about accountability then I would bench Kreider or MIller for Buchnevich in Game 4.

    • Fotiu is God says:

      Dude, that should’ve been the narrative 48 or 72-hours ago.

      Braintrust is brain-dead. AV and his subordinates are so behind the play, the Big Fade, they can’t even react.

      Krieder and Helen Hayes should’ve been in the press box. Reliving their Boston prep school days. How much their respective Back Bay hedge funder, or investment banker has done for them. What kinda rims they bought for the Lambo.

      Clearly neither one gives f++k-all for what they’re paid to do.

      Yea, Rider: dress Buch. Dress Puempel. Nieves. Gettinger.

  28. Bloomer says:

    This is where you need a coach yelling profanities and firing up his team in the dressing room. If the Rangers dont come out hard in the 3rd then it is on the coach. Screw what eddie 3 says.

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      That stuff is a bunch of nonsense.

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      Players are absolved…as usual!

      • Bloomer says:

        Claude putting on a coaching clinic for Av just like he did to him in the Boston Canuck stanley cup final.

        • Chris F says:

          How? What specifically has he done that’s so genius? Canadiens are executing. Simple as that.

          • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

            Because it’s the most simplistic answer possible. Always easier to blame the coach.

          • Bloomer says:

            The canadians are playing to win….beating the rangers to the puck…winning the battles along the boards..supporting the puck carrier. The rangers didnt come out hard in the first and set the tone. If the coach cant inspire and motivate his team then he is a lame duck. Thats why habs and bruins canned their coach. Thats why last year the penquins fired theirs. If Av can get his club going he is fish bait.

            • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

              Depends on the expectations.

              Look, this is on everyone. Players, coaches, everyone. It’s unacceptable. But, this is a team that traded arguably their best big-game center for an unproven up and comer. It’s a team that chose to let a weapon in Yandle go. It’s a team that made no move of significance at the deadline. And it’s a team that just gave their coach a massive pay raise and extension.

              Add that all up and I think that all says that management has faith in this coach and knows that this is a transitional period for this team.

              And, this is also I think an “audition” for certain guys to see if they really, truly are a core group worth building around.

              This team has looked awful in playoff games before. They are only down 2-1. They can easily win the next one and it’s a new series.

              But if not, then if your were to say at the beginning of the season, for a team many thought wouldn’t make the playoffs, that they get 100+ points and make the playoffs, that would be considered a success and anything they do beyond that is gravy.

              It’s highly improbable the coach is on the hot seat at the moment.

            • Chris F says:

              So you first claim that Julien is putting on a “coaching clinic” display against AV, but offer no evidence.

              I then suggest maybe it’s his players executing better, and ask for specific coaching tactics or adjustments that he’s made to support your assertion of a “coaching clinic.”

              You respond with a laundry list of player executions, and then attribute all that broadly to the coach getting them properly motivated.

              So, you don’t have anything really to point to in terms of him putting on a coaching clinic?

              He just is fortunate enough to have a team that came hungry to win tonight. AV, somehow, for some cursed reason, got a bunch of alleged NHL players who took a night off. He tried a lot of adjustments. They didn’t respond. I guarantee they’re getting an earful right now, but I guess that wouldn’t really fit with the caricature so many have painted of AV.

              I don’t think I’ve read one salient critique of AV on this blog in all the years he’s coached. So many critics, so little material. It boggles the mind.

              Anyway, no disrespect intended Bloomer. I just don’t understand how badly so many people misunderstand what a coach actually does for a professional level team. They typically don’t give Hollywood speeches, they don’t teach fundamentals really, and they don’t micromanage their players preparation to ensure they are mentally ready for each game. They make personnel, deployment, and substitution decisions. They decide who plays, and when. They adjust matchups based on opposition. They set broad strategies and tactics to be rehearsed and hopefully executed in game. They make the ultimate call on lots of in-game decisions.

              But, you know what, at the end of the day, players have to execute at the level their expected to. They need to show up ready to play. They need understand what’s on the line, and rise to the occasion. If they need AV to give a rousing speech to appreciate what’s at stake, then they’re in the wrong profession.

              • Bloomer says:

                Ok Chris lets get down to the coaching basics
                Rangers on faceoffs…el stinko. Ranger Pp el sucko. How about the pk grande el stinko

              • Chris F says:

                Yeah, they sucked. That’s a player execution problem.

                AV can’t win faceoff.

                AV can’t score PP goals.

                AV can’t kill off penalties.

                Are you suggesting that he had the wrong personnel out there for these situations and that’s why it failed, or did the right players shit the bed?

          • Rich S says:

            The canadians are prepared, organized, focused…and strategically and fundamentally sound!!!!!

            Their breakouts are sharp and crisp, no one gets close to price, their forecheck is effective and efficient….

            The Rangers, coached by AV look lost and clueless and frustrated and certainly UNPREPARED!!!!!

            Julien has brought confidence and stability to the team….rangers have been getting worse all year!!!

            Hope that answers your question….

        • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

          Right. It’s all about the coaching.

          Imagine if we had a more animated coach like Torts…oh I forgot, he just coughed up a 3-1 lead at home, and is now down 3-0 in a series many thought they would win against an injured team. Guess he isn’t yelling enough profanities!

          So I’m assuming you also believe the Jackets being down 3-0 is also on their coach as much as being down 2-1 is on AV? Or does this standard only apply to AV?

  29. HOF 19 says:

    Not even the MSG staff has much confidence…..Which is rare !

  30. HOF 19 says:

    Nobody may have overrated this team more than Madison SQ Gardens own TV staff ! and it is beginning to sound like they are just realizing it !

  31. HOF 19 says:

    At least now it just a regular penalty kill timewise.

  32. Five Hole says:

    Goodnight Blueshirts. Looking forward to the offseason.

  33. Reenavipul says:

    At leastKlein’s skating looked better than it has in a while

    • Bloomer says:

      I liked Kk play tonight he dished out some stiff hits and jumped up in the play when required
      Sure the long hail mary stretch pass backfired on him late in the 3rd period. But in all reality Zubov in his prime couldn’t thread that needle.

  34. Chris F says:

    Yes! Radulov! Perfect. Keep it coming Habs, the Rangers need an embarrassment.

  35. HARLEMBLUES says:

    This team is so soft. Charmin like. 12 shots after two periods laughable. You don’t win a CUP if you can’t win at home. Season is over. Done.

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      Soft? Not really. Not as talented as we were led to believe? Definitely.

      • HARLEMBLUES says:

        I see what’s there and not on a talent level E3. AV is being out coached and the players are being out worked. How does this team continue (for three years now) not play with any passion in the playoffs at home?

    • Stevem says:

      Mr. Whipple agrees

  36. HOF 19 says:

    I do not think Rangers fans will be as shocked by this as the MSG staff seems to be…..We seem to know to keep our expectations in check .

  37. HOF 19 says:

    A lot of empty seats.

    • Fotiu is God says:

      Yea. Why does that surprise you?

      All the real fans are here. Those of us who bleed f++king blue. Year after year after year.

      Not the corporate douchebaggery; the hipster-sh+theads. Who simply fill seats, something to do. Oblivious to history. Context. Heartache.

      Those of us who care enough to vent, get angry, return here to hopefully gain a scintilla of insight that might ease the pain. And respect those who offer it.

  38. Leatherneck says:

    Just a stinker….been saying….no killer instinct,,,,too soft….no passion…too vanilla is right

  39. lv says:

    Softy Rangers will be playing golf soon

  40. JoeS. says:

    Still only game 3, I fully admit, not many Rangers showed up for this game, pretty pathetic game all around, excepting of course, Hank. However, just game 3, E3 may be right, this team s just good, but a good team can beat Montreal. LGR!

  41. Chris F says:

    Maybe, just maybe, this is a wake up call, an unpleasant reminder of what sort of effort you need to bring to be successful in the playoffs.

    Unfortunately, basically the last 80 minutes of play have been embarrassing. I don’t know how to fix that.

  42. HOF 19 says:

    Imagine if game 4 has empty seats all game long !

  43. Peter says:

    It wasn’t the coach’s fault. It wasn’t deployment or lineup or strategy. Simply put: the Rangers were outworked by the Habs all game long. If you don’t show desperation to win until the final minutes of the third period, then you are not desperate to win.

  44. HOF 19 says:

    The doubt in the Ranger fan base right now is 1000 miles deep ….Well try and enjoy the rest of this night (any way you can) all.

  45. Peter says:

    I am going to watch the Oilers. Win or lose, they will show up.

  46. Rich S says:

    The canadians look so prepared, so organized, so focused…and so strategically and fundamentally sound!!!!!

    The rangers dont look like any of those things and that is COACHING!!!!!!

    Julien is abusing AV again, and AV has no clue on what to do!!!

    They came out of their end untouched every time….we had no answer????

    We had no offensive pressure , at all!!! We Never attempted to screen price…why not???

    Our power play????/ Wow???? Players look lost!!!!!

    AND how many key defensive draws leading to goals will AV allow stepan to lose before he uses zib or lindberg or hayes????????

  47. Chris F says:

    I’ve been watching a lot of player interviews the last couple days. To a man, they all spoke of the need to battle for loose pucks, get pucks on net, screen Price, get in his space, and make life difficult. Nash mentioned the need for wingers to be better on the boards and stop coughing up the puck.

    You all seem to think you’re so smart, having figured out the keys to success, if only AV were smart enough to recognize and tell his players what to do.

    AV and the players all know exactly what needs to be done, probably a lot better than any of us. It’s up to the players to do it. Tonight they absolutely didn’t. That should upset you, but instead let’s run with an entrenched narrative that it’s all just a coaching failure. That’s an easier fix, and makes for a clean and discernable target for your outrage. It’s misplaced. The fault lies up and down the lineup, it lies with a group of solid players who say all the right things, but don’t execute.

    • Five Hole says:

      I’m partially in agreement with Chris, although I still think AV’s use of Smith and Skjei last game was totally unacceptable and the loss of that game falls squarely on his shoulders.

      Who gets the wake up call with a trade this time? Trading away Hags and Brassard sure hasn’t done that yet. I’m thinking either Miller or Hayes…

    • Bloomer says:

      Can’t fire the team..but can fire the coach. Someone has to be held to account, in the workday world its a supervisor or manager…in hockey its the coach. It not personal just the way it is.

  48. Chris F says:

    McDonagh post-game (paraphrasing):

    “Montreal didn’t make any adjustments or do anything different. Their top players were just better. Their bottom players were better. Their special teams were better.”

    As I keep saying, this is a player execution problem.

    • Five Hole says:

      Or AV can’t make adjustments, and he is not very good at making adjustments between periods, either.

    • Fotiu is God says:

      Respectfully, Chris, that’s akin to saying that the crew tasked with stoking the engines, and overseeing the turbines of the luxury liner that’s just impacted that iceberg bear the blame.

      You pour a great deal of perspective into your posts. Moreover, you mad dog those who simply flail away. The cheap shot artists.

      As a journalist/editor/documentarian with 30-years on the job, slugging away, oftentimes for naught, I respect the time, discernible energy and effort you show here. Your intellectual endeavoring.

      But man, it ain’t just the players. Line changes. Adjustments. Benchings. Call-ups should’ve been made.

      But my callout isn’t just a drive by at AV and Beuk. But Jeff Gorton, et al. There’s that great old Texas maxim, I’m sure my paisan Walt knows it: ‘Dance with what ‘brung you’.

      From the lineup to the bench bosses to those on high: they didn’t bring it.

      • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

        “Victory has a thousand fathers but defeat is an orphan”.

        Fotiu, you are not wrong. What I believe Chris (and certainly speaking for myself) are saying is that the whole issue here is not solely (or even mostly) about the coach. These players are overrated. This team wa snot even supposed to be a playoff team, or if they were, just marginally. They haven’t been even close to a strong hockey team since mid-February.

        They are now exactly what many thought they would be….a good team that’s far from great that right now isn’t even good.

        There is plenty of blame to spread around, but in the end of the day, the real issue is, these supposed “high end” players are nowhere close to being that.

    • Chris F says:


      I appreciate your post. There’s certainly a great deal more substance and foundation to your perspective than the wild claims absolving players of any accountability and laying this all at the feet of AV. You’re right, the problem is organization wide at this point. Something isn’t clicking.

      I’d still like to see a little more specificity in your critique of AV, as he juggled lines, he benched Holden etc so it’s not as if he’s just stubbornly sticking to a one-dimensional game plan, but I’m not looking to absolve him either. Someone, AV included, has to figure this out.

      On an aside, I spent awhile in the journalism trenches as well. Sadly, I had to move on.

      • Fotiu is God says:

        You’re class, Chris. Straight-up. Stick tap.

        I’ve had but one pour over espresso this morning. So I’m not nearly caffeinated enough to lend the broad sweep of specifics you’ve asked for.

        In brief, I would’ve benched no less than three or four regulars. Yes; cycle in Buch. Maybe suit up Tim Gettinger, or any kid on the farm with size and heart.

        The team’s flatlined. The decisive moment to defibrillate came and went.

        To closing out, I’ll reach for a quote, if not the appropriate framing of Dr Timothy Leary, an old friend and colleague: “To use your head, you have to go out of your mind.”

        Captain Queeg/Keenan would’ve done so. Torts, as well. These bench bosses? It’s not in them.

  49. Bloomer says:

    Cam (it way different being a #1 goalie) Talbot gets a second straight playoff shut out for Edmonton. Stick tap for Cam.

    • King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

      not too bad for never seeing the Playoffs !

      • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

        And good for him, but let’s see what happens going forward. Also, it sure helps when you play with a certain McDavid guy who may one day prove to be the greatest player ever. Talbot doesnt have to be THE guy. McD is. With the Rangers, it’s Hank and then his mediocre supporting cast.

        Hank has been brilliant, which he usually is in the playoffs. Talbot wouldn’t be doing any better and probably would be worse if he were the Rangers goalie in this situation right now.

  50. amy says:

    the rangers had a chance to play well in front of the garden faithful but didn’t answer the bell it seems the passion just wasn’t there where is it? and guys like Kreider, Miller, z-bad have to be accountable I know z-bad is not brass but play with some passion please

  51. Chas says:

    Well the Rangers laid an egg (again) on Easter Sunday. The boys had better wake up or this series will be a repeat of the Pittsburgh disaster last year.

    I agree with some of the comments above about the Rangers being a soft team. How do you lose the puck in the corner when you outnumber the opposition 3-1? They are a soft team that avoids contact at all cost. They are outmuscled off the puck consistently and are beaten to almost every loose puck. Their tape to tape passing has disappeared. They are lucky to complete a pass. Totally frustrating watching.

    Is Kreider and Hayes playing this series? I haven’t seen them doing anything. Once again it appears we will be able to tack about a somewhat successful regular season and a total washout in the playoffs.

    I understand you can only go as far as the talent you have available, but the game plan here is missing. AV has not changed anything in the attack plan. If he doesn’t adjust to what Montreal is doing, he should be replaced. If I was Montreal, I would constantly take a penalty because the Rangers’ ‘power play’ is a joke.

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      I agree with everything you are saying except the physicality part. This is the most physical series I’ve seen the Rangers play. They are hardly “avoiding contact at all cost”. That’s just flat out inaccurate.

      The execution is pitiful and frankly, our “high end” guys are overrated. That’s the problem.