Atlantic Division Semis, Game 2: Get that coveted 2-0 lead on the road

April 14, 2017, by

mats zuccarello

The Rangers have a rare opportunity tonight. They can go up 2-0 on the Habs, taking both games on the road. All of the pressure is on the Habs.

That said, the rangers are going to need to repeat the performance from Game One. That is for everyone, up and down the lineup. Forechecking, defense, goaltending, forwards. Everyone.

We’ve spent the entire week breaking down this matchup, you can check all those posts here. But for all the analysis, all the breakdowns, it’s execution on the ice that matters most.

Habs Systems

Claude Julien is one of the top coaches in the game. He gets his team to play consistent team defense, and it has worked in Montreal. He starts with an aggressive 2-1-2 forecheck early and then a more conservative 1-4 or 1-1-3 lock later with a lead. In the defensive zone, the he keeps it simple with a low zone collapse, defending in layers depending on puck location. On special teams, it’s again simple with an umbrella power play (perhaps a little 1-3-1 sprinkled in) and a wedge+1/diamond force penalty kill where they pressured for turnovers.

For more on these systems, check out our Hockey Systems page.

Disclaimer: I’m on vacation, this was written on Saturday when I left. These are the lines I assumed started Game One. Guessing there will be modifications for Game Two.

Habs Lines

Max Pacioretty-Philippe Danault-Alex Radulov
Artturi Lehkonen-Alex Galchenyuk-Brendan Gallagher
Paul Byron-Tomas Plekanec-Andrew Shaw
Dwight King-Michael McCarron-Torrey Mitchell

Andrei Markov-Shea Weber
Alexei Emelin-Jeff Petry
Nathan Beaulieu-Jordie Benn

PP1: Galchenyuk-Shaw-Radulov-Markov-Weber
PP2: Pacioretty-Danault-Gallagher-Beaulieu-Petry

Carey Price gets the start

Rangers Lines (presumed)

JT MillerMika ZibanejadRick Nash
Chris KreiderDerek StepanMats Zuccarello
Michael GrabnerKevin HayesJesper Fast
Tanner GlassOscar LindbergJimmy Vesey

Ryan McDonaghDan Girardi
Marc StaalNick Holden
Brady SkjeiBrendan Smith

PP1: Zibanejad-Buchnevich-Nash-Miller-McDonagh
PP2: Stepan-Miller-Kreider-Zuccarello-Holden

Henrik Lundvist gets the start.

Crazy Prediction: A perfect special teams performance.

Game time is 7pm. Gifs are on @blueseatblogs. Be sure to follow our snapchat (blueseatblogs) too!

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  1. HOF 19 says:

    AS I posted earlier………..3 Thoughts #1…..Being persistent every second of the game……….Every ……..Second…..of…….The……..Game !!!!! #2 Have an INSATIABLE need to get to and control the puck…..INSATIABLE !!!! #3 Keep bodies and the puck away from the front of the crease to help Henrik as much as possible……..LETS GO RANGERS !!!!!!!!

  2. Bloomer says:

    De tasse stanley pour les habs…….tabernack.

  3. Fotiu is God says:

    What the eff, David!…Lower case r/usage for The Rangers, second paragraph.

    Is that some kind of code: a barely concealed if ominous foreshadow?

    I really don’t want have to double back here, post game. Finger pointing. But…

    Dude doesn’t abide.

  4. Reenavipul says:

    Hank knows he can play with the paddle if he snaps the shaft off, right?

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      Technically yes, but depends where the break happened. If it was broken too low to the blade to be useable (which is what it looked like to me), it would have been a pee wee size stick and essentially useless.

      Bigger issue, as mentioned by Roenick, totally nuts that no one thought to give Hank their own stick. And why not ice the puck?

      Hank’s teammates let him down on both goals. Bad job by Kreider. There’s lack of effort by Staal.

      And as usual, other than a breakaway, our “dynamic” offense is nowhere to be found.

      • Dan says:

        Really bad job by kreider. Didn’t control the puck out of the zone and didn’t do anything when he got back into the play. I blame that goal more on him than Holden.

      • Reenavipul says:

        You grip the stick where the shaft meets the paddle, just have to grab it al little weird and maybe get your blocker not square to the shot.

  5. paulronty says:

    Love the way the Rangers are hitting. Too bad Hank’s stick was broken in two, must have been some slash.

  6. paulronty says:

    Grabner is BACK!!!!

  7. Chris F says:

    Love the start. Bad luck on the Petry goal, but Rangers kept pressing and whaddya know, the speedster Grabner nets the equalizer.

  8. paulronty says:

    FN Holden, the stooge goes behind the net & it’s a gimme.

  9. HOF 19 says:

    Unwanted phone calls make me leave my den I come back and we are losing again .

  10. roadrider says:

    What’s the rule? Is a skater allowed to fetch a stick from the bench for the goalie?

    Why didn’t they just go offside or ice the puck to get a whistle?

    • paulronty says:

      Was the coach yelling ICE THE PUCK, because he should have been.

      • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

        He should have if he wasn’t but the players have minds too. No excuse. Group fail there.

      • Spozo says:

        Stuck watching the USA feed here. They said “the rangers bench” was yelling to put the puck out of play. Not sure if that means the coaches or players but regardless the players on the ice should have known the situation.

        Not sure if Hank stops that puck either way, it was a perfect shot. And it doesn’t help that 3 defenders are worried about a single Canadian on the left of the crease.

    • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

      Should’ve done either. Just needed a play stoppage.

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      I don’t think so. I think all that can be done is a player on ice giving up his own stick, which should have been done. Team brain fart.

      • roadrider says:

        That’s what I thought. So why was JR ranting about how no one got a stick for Lundqvist during the intermission? The play-by-play guys had it right.

  11. HOF 19 says:

    Ok The game winning plays have yet to happen in this game….SO…….LETS GO RANGERS !!!!!

  12. paulronty says:

    Did you see Zucchie looking up at Hank after that second goal. The air was red on my TV!

  13. Dan says:

    Brendan smith is becoming a favorite of mine. He’s not taking crap from anyone and is hitting everyone who gets close to hank when he’s out there.

  14. paulronty says:

    You know when the playoffs start the refs put their whistles in their pockets. This game is getting ugly. Gotta worry abt injuries.

  15. Spozo says:

    Is it just me or are they targeting Zuke?

  16. paulronty says:

    Don’t want to hear a peep about Nash, got that Orange? He’s a great player, period!

    • Chris F says:

      Yes he is. He needed that goal, early in the series, at a critical point in the game. He always plays the right way, but it’s very helpful to not be frustrated by lack of scoring or at least the burden of such a narrative. Huge goal.

  17. HOF 19 says:

    Nasher !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. HOF 19 says:

    ZUCC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Chris F says:

    Hot damn, Smith made that whole play happen.

  20. paulronty says:

    Zucchie puts us a leg up!

  21. Chris F says:

    Nash is in the zone. Every time he touches the puck he’s a huge threat.

    • HOF 19 says:

      Boy IF…..IF….He gets hot could be a difference maker…..GO NASHER….LETS GO RANGERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rich S says:

      Rangers need to target gallagher—–cant let him keep running Hank–like he did to break his stick!!!!! Couple of well deserved elbows to the chin should do the trick!!!!
      Maybe hank needs to go ‘billy smith’ on him……
      Darn Stepan- missed covering gallagher in slot for goal!!!!!
      Miller, Zucc, Fast, Smith, all BEAST MODE!!!!
      We are so much bigger we need to POUND this team……
      Kreider and Nash need to start HITTING!!!!!!!!!!!! and punishing their defensemen!!!!!
      Anyone besides miller going to answer the bell for Otts hit on Zucc????
      Nash is , what 5 inches bigger??? Glass??? Kreider??? Holden????
      WOW , Smith is a keeper!!!
      I stand by my 5-2 rangers prediction!!!!!

  22. Bloomer says:

    Rangers dynamic offense comes to life. Carey Price making some outstanding saves to keep his Habs in the game.

  23. paulronty says:

    Time to put the second nail in the coffin in period 3. Don’t let up!!!!!

  24. HOF 19 says:

    C’mon Rangers bring this baby home !!!!!…..LETS GO RANGERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. HOF 19 says:

    Can we start possessing the puck a little more please .

  26. HOF 19 says:

    Saw that coming !!!!!!!

  27. paulronty says:

    Hank plays D!!!!!!!

  28. Leatherneck says:

    WTF is Holden doing on the ice with 17 seconds left!!!!!!!

  29. Chris F says:

    Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.

  30. King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

    Why is Holden and Staal on the ice with a minute and half to go !!! WTF

  31. paulronty says:

    Honestly we have the stupidest FN coach in the NHL. FN Holden out there playing statue again. Jeesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      The usual default. All on the coach. But I thought your boy Bueke makes the defensive calls, so maybe his bad? McDonagh and Girardi had been on the shift before . I suppose they could have gone with Skjei and Smith, but unfortunately the Rangers couldn’t get the friggin puck out of the zone to make the last change. The whole unit was on the ice for about 80 seconds. They were gassed. Whomever would have been out there would have been. Holden had the stick chopped out of his hand.

      Who was on the ice was less important than how LONG they were on the ice.

      • John B says:

        Uh Holden’s didn’t have his stick chopped out of his hands. Holden slashed the Canadian player and broke his own stick.

        • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

          Like RR, I too thought he had his stick chopped. But after further review, I clearly was not correct with my observation.

      • paulronty says:

        Sure, the company man always blames the underlings, not the moron who couldn’t manage a one car parade. The focused the camera on him after the loss & I’m yelling a blue streak at the screen. He could have used his TO, which he of course used stupidly earlier in the game. E pazzo!!

        • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

          I thought you understood hockey a little better than that. Do you understand WHY the time out was used when it was? They were gassed. There was no choice at that moment.

          So good to know–the players are absolved, good or bad. So since it’s all on the coach, somehow I missed your post two nights ago that said it was AV who was responsible for the shutout vs the Habs. And I guess it was AV who was responsible for the three goals scored tonight and not the players.

          But no, as usual, all things good with the Rangers–players. All things bad–coach.

          Again, what about your boy Beuke, who you insisted last year would make all the difference? Aren’t the defensive decisions his call? If Ulfie was still here, I’m sure you would have blamed it all on him.

        • Reenavipul says:

          Worse thing was that if you look at the TOI sheet, 18-22 had just been out, then 27-5, then back to 18-22.

          Staal & Holden couldn’t close a deal in a brothel with a fistful of hundreds.

          I just don’t get for the life of me the defensive evaluation/deployments.

          • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

            The Rangers were on their heels the whole third period which resulted in one icing after another. The team was gassed. You deploy whomever has the freshest legs. Holden and Staal were fresher, and they went out with about 75 seconds left. If the Rangers had simply been able to gain possession (Grabner had the chance but didnt), they could have changed up maybe with 35 seconds left and presumably gone with Skjei/Smith or McDonagh/Girardi again.

            This is hockey, not hoop. You cant call timeout and setup what you want there. Ultimately, the strategy is determined by the players’ will to win the battle, clear the zone, and then that allows the coach to get fresh kegs out there. Didn’t happen…we lose.

            • Reenavipul says:

              E3, that’s baloney. 76-42 didn’t play the last 2-1/2, so they had the freshest legs. They were also the best combo all night.

              • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

                You have 75 seconds left. So assuming they were fresh, wouldn’t you expect to make one more change?

                None of us know who was fresh or not.

              • Reenavipul says:

                Again, baloney. Guess which pair had a 1:43 shift in the last 10 minutes of regulation? Guess how many more shifts they took after that? 4

                Guess which pair played 2 shifts during that time span?

                Relative easy to guess who had fresher legs unless you’re on the coaching staff.

            • Reenavipul says:

              And why were they on their heels? That what the coach wanted. Guess what?

              When you shell, you get shelled.

        • Walt says:

          Strunz is what he is!!!!!!!

  32. Bloomer says:

    Tabernack…ot…krieder with the winner

  33. roadrider says:

    At first I thought that Holden’s stick had been slashed in two and there should have been a penalty on Plekanec but it looked like Holden broke it on Pleakanec’s back with a cross-check and then did nothing at all to tie him up. That guy is a complete loser. I’m not one of those who’s been clamoring for Clendening (never saw anything special there) but honestly, how can he be worse than 22?

  34. roadrider says:

    Have to also mention that the Rangers’ failure to add on to their lead while on the PP (pretty limp for the second game in a row) is also a big reason why this one is going to OT.

  35. HOF 19 says:

    We are being outplayed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. HOF 19 says:

    This does not look encouraging.

  37. Chris F says:

    10 minutes of straight Montreal forechecking, winning foot races, keeping the puck in the zone. Total inability to clear the puck or even generate any sort of rush whatsoever. Not sure how Canadiens have this much gas in the tank, but we can’t sustain this level of pressure if they keep it up.

  38. Five Hole says:

    Series over. Choke jobs.

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      My God, you just live for these disappointments don’t you? Any loss is a choke job and it’s over. Makes perfect sense.

      • Five Hole says:

        Eddie – they had 17 seconds to secure that game…I’ve had longer pisses. This team, and you’ve been preaching it all season, is not good enough to cough up games like this, especially against a world class goalie like Price. They choked and now go home where they play like garbage.

        • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

          They didn’t choke. That’s absurd. They couldn’t clear the zone and they ran out of steam. It happens. It’s playoff hockey.

          I agree the Rangers talent is underwhelming. In the end, there are those saying we are the more talented team, but I disagree. Max is the best forward out there and we have no one is his class. Weber is a beast and Kreider has no answer for him. McDonagh plays with heart and skill but he is no Weber. Hank and Price are simply two of the greatest ever. Star power edge goes to the Habs.

          So on that level I agree, blown chance. But this is pretty much par for the course with this group under two different coaches the last eight years. Their talent isn’t high end, so every playoff series is pretty much Armageddon.

          But a blown chance doesnt mean they choked. Toronto vs Boston in 2013…now THAT was a choke.

  39. roadrider says:

    Rangers can’t add to their lead, can’t score on the PP, can’t defend the front of the net, can’t generate any offense in OT. This was only a matter of time. Big blown opportunity to step on the Habs’ neck

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      Agree, agree, agree and agree. And I’m even coming around to your way of thinking on the PP debate. 🙂

  40. Chris F says:

    Arguably worst playoff OT performance I’ve ever seen. What a wasted opportunity. 17 seconds from going back to NY up 2-0. Give up the tieing goal late. OK. Frustrating, but still anyone’s game. You have to come out and try to win in OT. They seemed to be content just chasing around and trying to clear. Emphasis on trying, since they barely cleared it through 15+ minutes of OT.

    Super salty right now.

    • paulronty says:

      Like I said before, they just can’t handle adversity & that was clearly evident in the OT.

      • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

        OMG! Hilarious!

        It had nothing at all to do with fatigue…….or the fact they are playing a team that is their equal or even a little better in terms of star power anyway. Any loss…must mean that they cant handle adversity. Simplistic nonsense explanation.

        Speaking of handling adversity, how Torts doing? I’m guessing the water bottle should be launched oh, maybe 2nd period of Game 3? 🙂

  41. Spozo says:

    You always say that if you start the playoffs on the road and split the first 2 games then you’re fine!

    Of course on this blog there will be endless chatter about how awful this team is. As if the Canadiens are happy they were shutout at home and then taken to OT in the 2nd game to tie the series while having home ice advantage!

    Let’s the negative Nancy’s dominate the next two days worth of posting!

    • Five Hole says:

      Yeah, you tell them! The Rangers are dominant at home! Oh, that’s right…they suck at MSG

    • roadrider says:

      That’s ridiculous. Of course getting a split in the first two road games is not a bad thing but when you blow an opportunity to go up 2-0 with 17 seconds left, especially in the fashion that the Rangers did, not to mention that awful OT performance, that’s quite another thing.

      The playoffs are all about taking advantage of opportunities. The Rangers did not and its mostly because of the problems we’ve seen all season – failing to add on to leads, failing to protect the front of the net, etc. The reasons are actually more important than the loss. If they had gotten a solid whipping it would be easier to dismiss this game . But the way they lost it does not bode well.

      • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

        I agree it hurts to lose like that, but everyone was saying it didnt bode well for the Habs after the Game 1 shutout. Each game is a new opportunity and a new narrative.

        It’s 1-1 back home. Everyone expected a long series if the Rangers were to prevail, And it looks like we will likely get that.

        • roadrider says:

          Actually, I thought the opposite. In Game 1 the Rangers got a fluke goal from Tanner Glass of all people and an empty netter. I don’t think anyone in the Habs’ camp could be worried about that happening 4 times in a series. On the other hand, the Rangers did not really generate much offense 5×5 and were bad on the PP which should not have built a lot of confidence in the Rangers’ camp.

          • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

            Well, reasonable enough. But again, going into this series, most experts had the Habs winning this series. To me, they are the better team. But it doesnt mean we cant beat em.

            And watching the Torts/AV Rangers for 7-8 seasons, when do they EVER do anything the easy way in post season?

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      Spozo, some people revel in the misery. Exactly right. 1-1 back home. They have to be better obviously. Just an unlucky break on the first goal, Kreider blows it with a lazy skate play on the second goal, and the last two the team was totally gassed.

      What Ranger team in the Torts/AV era EVER does anything the easy way in post-season?

      Go home, rest up, and be ready to battle Sunday.

    • Chris F says:


      You know I’m right there with you usually in the optimism department. But I have to disagree with you on this one. While it’s true that a few days ago if you told me wed split in Montreal, I’d be fine with that outcome, letting a 2-0 series lead slip away with 17 seconds left and them come out and get utterly dominated for 15 minutes of OT could very well be a trigger point that turns the series. I hope not, of course, and not saying that I think this signals a collapse, but it was concerning for sure.

      How we come out Sunday at home will be very important.

      • Spozo says:

        Honestly answer this question if the roles were reversed would you be saying “we have them right ought where we want them”?

        Ok we win our division and have home ice for the first round. We get shut out at home then fight through OT to tie the series to go on the road for the next 2 games.

        I’m not saying it’s all roses and rainbows for he rangers but is this the worst scenario you could have pictured? No! And I don’t think it leaves this series with a either team with a clear cut advantage. I guess that’s my point! we are down to a 5 game series with the rangers having 4 games at MSG. It’s far from over!

        • Chris F says:

          It’s a good position to be in, 5 games left, tied series, 4 in NY (assuming the boys can figure out how to play in front of the Garden crowd).

          But, not a good segue to get to that point. Shake it off and move on. Let’s hope they can do that.

        • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

          Actually three games at MSG. 🙂

          And good point by Duguay just now. Now they know they can beat Price.

          Look, of course it stings to lose like this. Isn’t this similar to the Game 1 loss vs the Caps two years ago. Blowing it with seconds left? And that was worse because it was at MSG. Didn’t they rebound the next game and win, and eventually win the Series.

          This team again, booth under Torts and AV, has always been one things for sure–mentally strong. They lack the talent but they have the heart for sure. I have no doubt about their confidence going into Game 3. What I’m not sure of is…are we talented enough to win this series?

          • Chris F says:

            Yeah, 3 games at the Garden.

            Bad finish. That’s all. Unrecoverable? No. Sure sign of impending doom? No. But not a good way to head home.

    • paulronty says:

      Oh God, you are so friggin out to lunch sometimes. Is Pollyanna your sister?

    • Rich S says:

      How about these comments for negativity……..
      Yes, Holden and stall should not have been on the ice…..coaching….what else is new???
      My boy kreider stunk all night, major disappoint….
      Nash, except for the goal…. that horrible give a way….also stunk!!!
      Stepan had the worst game I have seen …since st louis series against tampa…. his shots missed the net and started canadian rushes, many passes were intercepted, and failure to cover gallagher in the slot resulting in a goal…
      Hank, given another 3rd period lead and we lose…..
      What we learned tonight
      1. Miller is a beast!!!!!
      2. Grabner must be kept and stepan jettisoned ASAP
      3. Smith is a keeper!!!!!
      4. Anyone who thought it was smart to keep holden and dump McIlrath needs their head examined!
      5. The canadians will continue to run over hank, we wont retaliate and we wont do anything to price….
      6. This team needs a sean avery type…….
      7. Someone needs to give gallagher a wake up call…..
      Negative enough…..I needed to get it off my chest

      • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:


        It wasn’t coaching. Replay the tape of the defensive shifts in the third period. Icings led to long shifts and gassed players. Holden and Staal were put on the ice with about 75-80 seconds left. That was after a shift with McDonagh and Girardi. If they gain control and get the puck out of the zone, then we get fresh legs on with about 30-40 sections left. That’s on I think it was Grabner who couldn’t get it done.

        If you cant clear the zone, the coach is not in a position to do a thing.

        Kreider I agree. Our so called best player has been invisible thus far.

        Nash, you are too unforgiving. He played a GREAT game until that unfortunate giveaway.

        Stepan wasn’t great, but worst game ever? Huh? Totally disagree, but I’ve never heard you say anything positive about him.

        Hank was AWESOME!

        Miller was a beast? Man, your “beast” standards are pretty low. He was invisible in Game 1 and decent at times in Game 2. For a so called untouchable player who’s had lots of playoff experience against players hes supposed to be better than, hes been pretty ordinary. “Beasts” raise their game when the moment comes. He has yet to do that in his Rangers playoff career. He needs to show up and raise his game.

        Grabner/Stepan? Too early to even think about that. They both may be gone this summer, but if so it will be cause of the expansion draft and NMC issues.

        Smith, I agree, if the price is right and depending on who’s out there.

        Holden has 11 goals to lead Rangers defensemen in scoring. McIlrath is a minor leaguer that no one wants who has no goals and is currently a -4 in 20 games on one of the best teams in the AHL. He was not an option and all 29 other teams concur with that.

        Holden was not the reason we lost tonight. But, would a healthy Klein be a better option, our maybe Kampfer? Quite possibly.

        On physicality, what game were you watching? The Rangers were plenty physical and have been for two games. But the question is, will our skill players show up? Not so sure they are good enough, but we will keep our fingers crossed.

        By the way, where is Hayes, are other untouchable elite star?

        Sean Avery couldn’t play in today’s game. what we need is our stars to play like stars.

        We are tied at 1-1…what probably everyone expected. All good as I see it.

        • 'The Original Rob' says:


          As usual you hit the nail on the head top to bottom.

          Only other thing I’d add was the officiating was a bit tilted to their side.

          Concerned but not worried.


  42. King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

    Think they forgot it was do or die OT , not Lilly gag around for a point and then a skills competition !!! What a shame and a blown coaching call at the end of the 3rd …. McD/G or S/S should have finished the game

  43. Bobby B says:

    Has there ever been a Ranger playoff team in recent history that had a killer instinct?? Lost OPPORTUNITY, put it behind you and get ready for game 3. We need a big body( Kreider/Smith/Miller ) to rock the world of Steve Ott and Gallager. The Habs are targeting Zucc relentlessly, we need to deliver payback in a mean, clean, way.

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      Unreal…total overreaction. How about 2014 and 2015?

      This is a good but not great team playing another good but not great team. You expected them to sweep?

      • Rich S says:

        I expected us to win in 5 games……even smith said at halftime the rangers are bigger and faster, …….
        We are more talented……..kreider and nash and stepan need to play like miller and zucc!!!!

        • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

          If you expected us to win in five games, you are over-rating our players. We are not that good. Not saying it cant happen, but we need some elite performances from players who aren’t really elite.

    • Rich S says:

      I am so sick of watching hank and zucc get blasted by these punks…..and it effects the outcome of the games!!!!!
      Nash, kreider play like their 4 feet tall!!!!!!
      We should have kept , dare I say it ‘ the undertaker’…….but wait holden a better player…..right????????????
      We need a sean avery type to harass price and a stu bickel and mcilrath…..and this crap would stop….
      Is an elbow to the jaw of gallagher or ott clean???it is in my book!!!
      The habs are small and less talented ……I still think we should win in 5……

      • Bobby B says:

        Rich S, Pauly, the Canadians have a game plan, Blast them ever chance you get, even if it means taking a penalty, their power play is nothing to be concerned about. Julien did the same thing to AV in the 2011 CUP finals Vancouver vs Boston, Vancouver had the more talented /finesse team, Bruins relentlessly pounded them until they could no longer take it!! How Nick Holden ever got ahead of Dylan Mcllrtah on the Ranger Depth chart is beyond me??, this is the type of series McIIrath would be living for, and rest assured the Canadians would be keeping their chins up!!

        • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

          He…is…a…minor league player!!!!

          And at least statistically speaking, he’s not even an effective one. But sure, lets keep on imagining a guy no NHL team wants would be making a difference in this series.

          • Bobby B says:

            Eddie, mark my words, he will be a legit NHL D man for years to come. He is going to look awesome in that Vegas Knight Jersey!! ( THEY WILL CLAIM HIM!! ) George Mcphee type of player , not to mention coach Gerard Gallant. The Undertaker will return with a vengeance!!

            • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

              Gallant was his coach in Fla and played him less than AV did. In fact, I remember a quote where said something to the effect that his skating skills are not good enough.

              I can’t predict the future. He may well develop into exactly what you are saying. Or, he might be in Europe next year.

              But the point you are missing is that right NOW, here and now, he is NOT an NHL player and it’s highly improbable he could help the Rangers or anyone else.

              It’s not an AV thing. All 29 other teams are in full agreement on this at the moment.

          • Rich S says:

            Geez 3E….

            What are you watching?

            Holdens play is so god awful he makes mcilrath look like bobby orr!!!!!!!

            McIlrath’s play while he was here was so much better than Holden [ who I actually like because of his size and physicality] …….

            WE NEED TO BE NASTY !!!!!
            We will lose if they keep running hank and our best forward Zucc!!!!!!

            • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

              We’ve been plenty nasty. That hasn’t been the issue. Our strength is supposed to be that we allegedly have better skill players then they do. Too many of them haven’t shown up. That’s why it’s 1-1 as opposed to 2-0.

              Columbus is winning the “nasty” battle in their series and yet trail 2-0. Why? Because the Pens have legit high end skill. Skill trumps size. We have overrated supposed skill that can be easily neutralized.

              I concede we have to play physical, and we are. But if we double down on it and forget to play top our strength, we will have tough time winning this series.

        • Rich S says:

          100% right Bobby B

          GREAT analogy , av and julien !!!
          This pacifist coach will be our downfall.

          Messier or someone with testicles needs to coach this team.

          Team needs to play like miller and zucc—-passion, ferocity, drive!!!!!
          This team in half our size……we should destroy them , we are bigger, faster more talented!!! We lose AV must go!

  44. HOF 19 says:

    Steve Valiquette has yet to say anything negative about Rangers…..So how many time a week during the summer does he wash Dolans car and cut the grass at Dolans house.

  45. Peter says:

    If they don’t get in Price’s face and don’t break out of their zone better they will not win. You can’t play in your own end for the third period and depend on your goalie to stop 50 shots every game and win a series.

    • Five Hole says:

      Maybe they’re playing rope-a-dope and hoping the Habs tire out. Absolutely pitiful the way they were hemmed in all night.

  46. Hockey Sittoo says:

    That was a heartbreaker for Hank. Leather and Sieveqvist, if you diss him tonight Imma gonna challenge you to a duel…

  47. King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

    Hit on Zuk could be the series changer , nobody did sh@& about it but Zuk …. Lundqvist played great … Just needs to stop playing the puck ( every time he touched it it was a turnover , the header almost cost him , should have just let it go over the net … Why was he In the corner , can’t stop pucks there , should have kept paying with the broken stick … AV changed his mind and kinda went back to run and gun instead of clogging up the neutral zone as in game 1 … Face offs I think we won lots of important ones … Need to get in Prices face to win this series !!

    • Hockey Sittoo says:

      Can’t play with a broken stick. It’s a penalty. And I think his puck handling has been much improved these last 2 games. Agree on the header. And definitely agree that he played great with very little help from his friends…

      • King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

        Actually ur wrong on that call , goalie can play with a broken stick (everyone else needs to ditch it )…. and it looked good enough for him to hold it , shaft was broke about 1/4 the way up unless I didn’t see it correctly. It thru him off to.Don’t know why he keeps loosing the stick , its been happening too much and the play where he went way out half to the corner was nuts ….. Now lets see what AV can do with home ice on his line calls … he better match em up other wise we’re done …. need one of these games if not both ! Watch the Oilers !! Loving it

        • King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

          The stick was broke where the shaft meets the paddle , so he would have had to hold it by the paddle …. but hes allowed to play with a broken stick either way

  48. Stevem says:

    McD’s locker is right next to Holden’s.. Mac should take his skates and hide them

  49. Leatherneck says:

    How Montreal scored the winning goals…..is exactly what none of our forwards do…crash the net….and then Zibby stick checking…..WTF….lay him out man….We gave this game away

    • Rich S says:

      Spot on leatherneck……Perfect analysis of the game in a nutshell!!!!!!

      We lost to a slower, smaller, less talented team because nash and kreider and stepan dont play with the ferocity and will to win like zucc and miller!!!

  50. HARLEMBLUES says:

    Terrible way to lose just terrible. Ok, why was Holden on the ice with less than 60 seconds? The Habs are going after the heart of the Rangers Zuccarello. Does anyone else have a pair. But it’s the same old Rangers who can’t close they just can’t. We know what happens when this team plays at the Garden.

    • Bobby B says:

      HARLEM, they go after Zucc like wolves on a wounded deer. Zucc is all heart, no fear, and to me our best all around player. He does not ask anyone to fight his battles, not that any one but Glass/Smith/Miller ( heck JT tangled with that man mountain named Webber) can. Kreider has been non existent??? all the talent in the world, but I question his heart, put Zuccs heart in Kreiders body and you have the ultimate player. Hayes too ( AS SOFT AS THEY COME), have yet to show up???? Rangers need to go after some of the Canadians smaller players just to send a message, you have to show them that they need to keep their chins up too.

      • Rich S says:

        Bobby B
        in case you missed my previous…
        I am so sick of watching hank and zucc get blasted by these punks…..and it effects the outcome of the games!!!!!
        Nash, kreider play like their 4 feet tall!!!!!!
        We should have kept , dare I say it ‘ the undertaker’…….but wait holden a better player…..right????????????
        We need a sean avery type to harass price and a stu bickel and mcilrath…..and this crap would stop….
        Is an elbow to the jaw of gallagher or ott clean???it is in my book!!!
        The habs are smaller, slower and less talented ……I still think we should win in 5……

        • Bobby B says:

          Rich S, spot on, how those punks Gallagher & Ott continue to abuse Zucc & Hank with no retribution is beyond me,?? Send Glass out there to give them what they are dishing out!! The Rangers follow the lead of their coach, turn the other cheek so your opponent can slap the other side. Playoff hockey, Nastiness is part of the game. Unfortunately it is not in our DNA.

    • Richter1994 says:

      Ok, why was Holden on the ice with less than 60 seconds?


  51. Bloomer says:

    As long as Henk stays in the zone the Rangers have a chance to beat the Habs. The goalie at the other end of the rink played pretty darn good too and the Rangers need to get into his face.
    Putting Glass on the fourth line was a smart move by Alain. There is great chemistry playing with the 2 fiesty swedes. Just like Henk turned his season around the Rangers have to find a way to play better at Msg.