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Caps blank shorthanded Rangers

April 6, 2017, by

Photo: Nick Wass/AP

In a game where we all expected the Caps to score 50 goals and take 400 shots (given the defense pairs the Rangers dressed), the Rangers actually played pretty well. The Caps dressed their full roster, and the shorthanded Rangers weren’t the disaster that everyone expected. That said, they couldn’t get anything going offensively  –expected with the forward lines– and the Caps eventually wore them down.

Honestly, there’s not much to really take away from this game. The Rangers sat most of their roster to give them five days off. Henrik Lundqvist looked really strong, which is the only thing I care about right now.

On to the goals:

Caps 1, Rangers 0

Alex Ovechkin got the pass in his wheel house. Kevin Klein stumbled and was caught in an awkward spot. He screened Hank, and Ovechkin had the goal. The shot deflected off Klein’s hands between his legs, which impacted the route of the puck just enough to elude Hank. Figure if Klein doesn’t lose his footing, he challenges the shot better.

Caps 2, Rangers 0

Girardi trailed the offensive rush, and then got caught deep after the Caps turned the play. Oscar Lindberg and JT Miller were back, but Evgeny Kuznetsov got through them. Brenden Smith expected help, but Lindberg had lost his stick. Kuznetsov had the partial break for the goal.

Even Strength Corsi (Score Adjusted)

This was a much better performance than we all expected. But this forward group, despite the decent number of shot attempts, wasn’t getting much quality on Braden Holtby.

Scoring Chances

The Rangers had large pockets of time where they flat lined on scoring chances. Again, expected with the group they dressed. This was basically a preseason roster.

Two games left, both meaningless. Expect the Rangers to rest some guys both nights. Enjoy the stress free hockey for now.

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  1. flatbush says:

    Excuses. The rangers wouldn’t have done much better with them playing. As usual Hank kept it close. So now they get Montreal which is probably not a bad thing. For entertainment purposes would have loved them to play Torts or Sully but think Montreal may be a better fit. Who knows? Maybe they can play super fast and dazzle us like they did at the start of the season. Hope no starts get hurt that would give us another excuse. I will root , agonize and hopeful don’t curse much at the TV. I should listen to the radio broadcast which will lessen the curses. A true blue long time ranger fan. A know what I’m getting into.

  2. amy says:

    this game last night was a good game if you were a caps fan consider this the rangers rest six of their regulars is this what we are going to see saturday up in Ottawa where they hope to have a spot clinched also this is Mika’s return to Ottawa also you know Brass will have incentive to prove to his former team that it was a mistake to trade him.

    • Pas44 says:

      good points…


    • Jack says:

      Nobody saw the Brass trade coming, it was obvious that they were keeping both him and Hayes while trading Stepan for a top 4. Then they’re were suppose to have Stamkos one timer lined up on the PP but things went south and Gorton acted quickly on plan B or C. The way he was talking on the locker cleanout hurts the soul, he thought he would get to play with the Russian kid and have more time with Zucc and Hayes off the ice.

  3. Al Dugan says:

    Couple of things from last night….Buchnevich did nothing in a big opportunity to prove to the coaching staff that he doesn’t deserve to be eating press box popcorn for the duration of the playoffs. Once again, another game with NO shots. I wish I knew what people see in him. Yes, he had a great start, but that was 6 months ago. In his last 25 games, he has 2..TWO…goals and 4 assists. He’s adverse to contact, cannot get the puck out from along the boards, and doesn’t shoot.

    Girardi…as soon as he was praised on the broadcast he got caught up and bang, puck was in the net.

    Can someone tell JT Miller it’s okay if he shoots the puck!? Another game, no shots.

    • Pas44 says:

      I didn’t watch the entire game, but I saw Girardi hustle back and dive (full out) and ruin a golden chance in the first … he looked fantastic on that play!

      lets hope he has the gas to kill it in the playoffs!


    • roadrider says:

      I was at the game and have to agree with what you said abut Buch. He has some serious talent but plays on the periphery too much. When I watched some of the KHL playoffs last year I observed that Buch might have some transition issues since he appeared to be doing pretty much the same thing (and on the bigger ice surface). If not for his contract, I would say he needed some AHL time to get used to the North American game.

      Also agree on Miller not shooting enough.

    • Jack says:

      More like Zucc has to hold Stepan’s and Kreids hands, the success from that line falls on them. If Zucc gets injured then besides that screwing over our team, those two won’t be able to get it done. I think It’s safe to say that neither of those two are the next Bergeron and Marchand, not in their primes st least.

    • Walt says:


      You could have substituted Stepan’s name for Buch, up until a week ago!!!!!!!

    • Reenavipul says:

      The thing Girardi was praised for(hustling back because out of position by jumping in too deep) was why they gave up the goal.

      Bad process in both cases.

      It’s one thing for Skjei to jump in like that because he has the wheels to get back in time. G? not so much. He shouldn’t go deeper than the top of the circle.

  4. wwpd says:

    Miller and hayes need to shoot the puck more. We all love Miller but he ain’t going to score at 18% pace for long. Hopefully a lesson he takes into next year.

    • Al Dugan says:

      Actually this is the second consecutive year that Miller has shot above 16%, but for those players over 1000 minutes he’s in the bottom third in shots taken long with Hayes and Vesey. Miller had a typical Miller year. Some good patches interrupted by long periods of nothingness.

      • Jack says:

        They’re literally in the 2nd and 3rd years as NHL’ers and on the freaking 3rd line going against top lines with tougher zone starts. What kind of 3rd liners supply that? Someone like Stepan had his typical underwhelming season, NOT JT. There was hype that in a full season that he could touch 65+ points while it looks like he won’t even touch 59 points which would still be a career high this year. JT on the other hand is leading in points compared to some top 6 names and Hayes is 5 points away from our 6.5 top line center. JT will have his chance to turn it around for the better while playing in the top 6 next season, you can count on that.

  5. flatbush says:

    Doesn’t the sens have 3 regular d out? Guess thats like having a couple of stars resting? Agree on Miller and Hayes. They should rest Hayes or bench he has fallen off the energy level such a big body and does not use it for offense nor for a bang. Grabner to me is trade bait has disappeared and does nothing for his line mates except look for breakaways.

  6. Rangers_Underscore says:

    I see this year the Rangers management are aware that people get hurt in the playoff and have plenty of back ups. Remember when the Rangers were going deep into the playoffs and the minor leagues were going to the playoffs so they did not call anyone up. That was a big mistake. Good to see they learned a lesson on one thing.

    • Spozo says:

      Who was injured and who was in Hartford that was a better replacement than who they already had?

  7. Craig says:

    Kevin Hayes ditsy doodles and holds on to the puck to long. That is why when fast paced playoff style comes around, he will be neutralized. In the past, at times, Nash has done the same thing. Miller looks tired or injured and is not the same player, AV should rest him. Zib., though young and fast is definitely no Brassard, skill wise. Buchnevich gets banged around to much, disappears, plays timid and ineffective. If he doesn’t get it together, he will get eaten up in the playoffs, especially if they play Washington, who I don’t think they will see. Montreal has been hot and the Rangers have been inconsistent and not good overall in that last few weeks. Unless the Rangers get their act together, big time, it will be an early first round exit.

    • Jack says:

      This won’t save Stepan while Hayes plays what 3c with 5 less points than Stepan? Some of you will be in a rude awakening once July comes around. It’s going to feel like the summer of 16 but .2.0 with Gorton trading guys who don’t perform to their cpntract aka Stepan, same garbage of never taking advantage.

  8. y81 says:

    Another good thing about this game was that they were exiting the zone really easily. I’m not sure what they are doing differently. Admittedly, it could be that the Caps didn’t want to grind in a meaningless game.