Rangers to retire Jean Rattelle’s #19

February 18, 2017, by

The Rangers are finally going to retire Jean Rattelle’s #19. It took them long enough, as Rattelle is largely regarded as one of the best Rangers to ever put on the sweater. He was also recently placed in the NHL’s Top 100 players. Rattelle will be the 9th player to have his jersey retired by the Rangers.

He currently ranks among the top-three in Rangers history in the major offensive categories: goals (second with 336), assists (third with 481), points (third with 817). The Rangers traded Ratelle, along with Brad Park and Joe Zanussi, to the Boston Bruins in 1975 for Phil Esposito and Carol Vadnais. A trade that most Ranger fans cringe at when it is mentioned.

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  1. paulronty says:

    BRAVO!! BRAVO!! Gentleman Jean was the Ranger’s version of Jean Beliveau. A fantastic player who richly deserves to have his number retired. The epitome of skill & class!

    • Walt says:

      Amen to that………

      I can’t believe the #19 wasn’t retired sooner, seeing that his boyhood buddy, and linemate Gilbert had his number retired as well. Congratulation to Jean, a true gentleman, and a class act !!!!!!!!

  2. Al Dugan says:

    No, the trade we really cringe at is the resulting Ken Hodge for Rick Middleton trade made at the insistence of Espo. Single worst trade in NYR history.

    • Walt says:


      I have to beg to differ. The Ratelle, Park trade was worse than Middleton by far. We gave away two great Rangers, both HOF guys, who bled Ranger blue. Brad Park was the second best defenseman in the NHL for years, second only to Bobby Orr, who played in the same era. In return we got Espo, whom I hated as a Bruin, and he really wasn’t as good for us as he was for them. I’d go along with Middleton being the second worst trade in our history. If you remember, there was a black cloud over MSG for a year after that trade. LOL !!!!!!!!

      • lv says:

        Both very bad. I hated those trades the day they happened!!

      • craig says:

        Don’t forget Al, the Rangers also got defenseman Carol Vadnais in that deal who many believed was the third best defenseman in the league behind Orr and Park. We still got the worst of that deal in the long run.

      • paulronty says:

        Walt, I agree with that entirely. Ratelle was so underrated, he was a way better player than Espo & the trade proved it.

  3. Bobby B says:

    A true gentleman of the sport. A phenomenal under the radar type player. Centered the Famous GAG line, flanked by a Rod Gilbert and Vic Hadfield. Maybe the greatest line in Rangers history. When he was traded to Boston, coach Don Cherry was thrilled, he use to say having Jean Rattelle on the bench you had to be careful with your language, it was like having a priest on your team. Classic.

    • paulronty says:

      Hey Bobby, go the Pack thread, I left something there for you!

      • Bobby B says:

        paulronty, Appreciate the invite, but I am a technically challenged Blogger, what is ?? and how do I get to a Pack thread ?? 🙂

  4. Peter says:

    As a kid my dad told me to watch the way Ratelle plays and learn. Great player; I am glad he is going to be recognized.

  5. craig says:

    Ratelle didn’t really get as much as the credit he so deserved in my opinion. When he was traded with Brad Park it was really hard to believe and was such a disappointment to myself and many Ranger fans. As great as Rod Gilbert and Vic Hatfeild were, it was Ratelle’s consistency and skill that was the life blood of that GAG line for years, He was a great player.

  6. Ranger 11 says:

    I just got done writing on here about a week ago how Ratelle was my favorite Ranger when I was a kid and how I can’t believe his number wasn’t retired. That’s awesome man. Finally.

  7. Leatherneck says:

    A very good number to retire, and yes this trade in which he was in was 1 A which led to 1 B Rick Middleton as one of the worst 5 trades in Ranger history.
    Welcome back Jean
    They need to add Brad Park and Vic Hatfield up there along those numbers retired….a 2nd number 2 and a 2nd number 11 would be awesome….shoes the long history of this team

  8. RangerFan says:

    Ratelle was great. Our GM needs to look back at the history of Ranger trades to avoid disasters like that and Middleton. Its time to acquire some good young assets so that we can stay competitive for years. Hartford is depleted with no NHL worthy young defenseman (maybe Graves but not convinced). Gorton needs to be smart here and be creative/persuasive with our no trade contract guys, the need for quality defenseman and the tricky expansion draft. In a couple of weeks we may not see Nash or one of Stepan,Pirri,Grabner. I would like to see us come out of it with prospects, a ‘D’ and high draft picks. I would be surprised if we could get to the finals with this current team.