Rangers allow three straight, win streak snapped in Brooklyn

February 17, 2017, by
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Credit: Jim McIsaac

The Rangers were hoping to extend their win streak to seven in Brooklyn, but allowed three straight to the Isles en route to the 4-2 loss. The Rangers and Isles traded chances all game, but it was the Isles who took advantage of bad Rangers defense for those three straight. Win streaks are meant to be snapped, but it stings letting the Isles do it.

Make no mistake, this was not a pretty game. Fun to watch, but not pretty. The Rangers were hemorrhaging chances to the Isles, as they couldn’t get past the tenacious forecheck. New coach Doug Weight had the Isles pressing hard, and forcing the defense to make passes, a horrible weakness for the Rangers. It worked, as it led directly to multiple chances, a goal, and sustained pressure. It was a good game plan.

On to the goals:

Rangers 1, Isles 0

Nick Holden jumped out of the box with four Isles huddled by the blue line. Brady Skjei picked up the puck and fed Mats Zuccarello at the blue line, who was so open because two Isles crashed into each other. With Holden on the odd-man rush, Zucc made the great pass and Holden got it over a sliding Greiss.

Rangers 1, Isles 1

The Rangers iced the puck, which gave Doug Weight a chance to get John Tavares out against a tired Rangers team. Adam Clendening eventually chased Tavares to the corner, and Oscar Lindberg chased behind the net. Brady Skjei went to block a chance by Josh Bailey, drawing him out of position and unable to defend the pass to Anders Lee, who buried it. Not a good defensive shift.

Isles 2, Rangers 1

Stephen Gionta forced Marc Staal into a bad turnover, and fed Andrew Ladd for the easy goal. The forwards were changing on this play.

Isles 3, Rangers 1

Tavares and Nikolay Kulemin outworked five Rangers while short handed to get this one. Terrible goal to give up.

Isles 3, Rangers 2

The Rangers got the shortie back, with Brady Skjei getting a shot through to Greiss, who had trouble with the rebound. Jimmy Vesey poked it home, with Johnny Boychuck pushing Rick Nash into Greiss. Goal was allowed.

Isles 4, Rangers 2

Ladd empty netter

Even Strength Corsi

This was a pretty fast paced game. There were a lot of good chances for both teams, which seems to be the way the Rangers have been playing all year. After a while the Isles starting sitting back and protecting their lead, hence the score effects later in the game. With all the gripes about the defense, at least the Rangers are fun to watch.

Losses happen. Like the lineup changes, no use –at least for me– getting worked up over it. On to the next.

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  1. orangemike says:

    If the Rangers won 40 in a row they would still lose to the Islanders. Fortunately they won’t have to play them in the playoffs. Ready for Sunday at the Garden; should be a good one.

    Regards- orange

  2. SalMerc says:

    Where has the PP gone?

    • Walt says:


      Although Vesey’s goal was on the PP…………..

      • Jon says:

        The Rangers power play has been quiet of late, Unfortunately. However, for the season they’re still over 20% which is 1 for 5 on average. That isn’t bad at all and it’s good for top 15 in the NHL. It was the short handed goal that put the dagger on this game imo. Those happen but the penalty killing team shouldn’t be able to pin you in your end and get shot after shot on your goalie. Chance after chance before scoring a goal.

    • roadrider says:

      It sucks and has for some time now. The Rangers are back to killing the penalty for the other team by wasting time with bad zone entries, over passing, holding on to the puck too much and missing the net so badly that they end up clearing the puck themselves.

      That 4-minute PP was a disgrace (even though they scored on it). They started out well, controlling the puck in the Islander zone and not letting them change but then someone made an ill-advised desperation pass that sent the puck all the way down to the Rangers end. As for the shortie, what a Keystone Cops play that was. Four guys standing around in front of Hank and then all of them chase behind the net and don’t stop the pass out front to the guy uncovered in front of the net.

      I don’t want to be too hard on Zbad because his season was messed up by a bad injury but he needs to start producing, especially on the PP. And that starts with hitting the net, which he wasn’t doing even before his injury.

      • Walt says:

        The PP will get better, Z has to get into his rhythm, or else were in deep dooo dooo !!!!!!!!

        Let’s face it, they played harder, with some determination, and some grit, while we picked our asses standing around observing how the game should be played !!!!!!!!!!

    • Bobby B says:

      SalMerc, and how come we never see Grabner on the power play???

  3. Walt says:

    The play behind our net was terrible, and the Fishsticks wanted the game more than we did. I’ll be glad to see Marc gone as well !!!!!!!!!

  4. amy says:

    again the rangers didn’t answer the bell in the second and third periods they have two big games this week Washington on sunday and Montreal on Tuesday have a great weekend

  5. Bobby B says:

    Hey Walt, did you notice how Staal bit down hard on his mouth piece after getting outworked and simply pushed aside on the Islander 2nd goal. I hate to say it after many years of commendable service, but Staal and Girardi will be a major part of why we will not go very far in the playoffs.

    • Walt says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. They are done, ready for the museum of natural history, as relics!!!!!!!!!!! It’s too bad, both were very good at one time, but father time is a cruel s.o.b……………

      • Ranger17 says:

        Was $tepan in the line up last night . Oh yeah he was the one gaining the red line and shooting it around the boards even when he was not pressured

        • paulronty says:

          Trade bait…….Trade bait…,calling Jeff Gorton….do you copy?

        • Walt says:

          that’s part of his arsenal of weapons he brings to the team, what a joke !!!!!!!

        • Stranger Nation says:

          Step absolutely refuses to carry and create into the zone. Need to get red of this guy before his NTC kicks in (see Girardi/Staal)
          He is 8th on team in Points/60. Nash is 9th!!
          Waste of money; pull the plug and sell this year and build up for the next 2 or 3 getting RD1 and 2!
          This team is softer than a mashed potato sandwich.
          Haze and JT may be the 1/2 centers of the future as Zika is a mixed bag so far.

          • Walt says:


            I think people are starting to see this as fact, it took long enough………..

          • JoeS. says:

            I don’t have an issue with this. Not because Step sucks, he doesn’t, but I hate NMC. They are ruining the game!

    • pas44 says:

      I’m wondering how Sather’s cigars taste watching these contracts wreck an otherwise decent team …

      “Smoke up Johnny”

      • King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

        these guys were done before the contracts were signed !! Too late to bring a kid up or 2 now … horrible,I cant even blame the king on this one 🙂

  6. Hatrick Swayze says:

    To try and lighten the mood after last night, here is a blurb on Skjei from DobberHockey- for my money the best fantasy hockey site out there:

    “Oh boy, here we go with another Brady Skjei hot streak. He has seven assists in the last eight games and 19 SOG in that stretch. He doesn’t provide this type of scoring consistently, after all he is on pace for 39 points. By definition, a 39-point defenseman is going to have plenty of goose eggs. He is one slick puck-mover however and his ability to feed their speedy forwards in stride is a huge reason the Rangers are one of the league’s best counter-attacking teams.

    Skjei skated over 20 minutes for the first time in nearly a month and saw more than a minute of PP time (3:08) for the first time since December 31! If Skjei was used more, he could probably crack permanent fantasy relevance but until that time his value is limited to short bursts.

    The Rangers don’t play again until Sunday but have five games in eight days starting that day. Perhaps you can find room for Skjei on your roster.”

    • paulronty says:

      Brady Skjei needs to learn that to block the puck, one needs to stop with the one knee snow angel and make a serious attempt to stop the puck, without looking away like one is afraid to get hit. Who was it Bloomer who said that his shot wouldn’t break a pane of glass? Another thing he should work on in the off season.

  7. Peter says:

    This is not the end of the world as we know it, but it would have been nice to beat the damn Isles.

    • pas44 says:

      true… but looking at the rest of the season, the majority, especially rest of feb, are against solid teams, and then theres the playoffs.

      maybe last night isn’t the end but it sure looks like its coming watching the defensive struggles the Isles handed us with that forecheck and pressure..

      “Hasta la vista, baby”

  8. sherrane says:

    Off topic: You’ve been hacked. I received the phony “update Firefox download” while on this site.

    • paulronty says:

      A good forechecking team will beat the Rangers consistently because they have a really hard time winning the battles along the boards. That’s why the forwards need to be back supporting the puck & helping the D.

  9. paulronty says:

    Didn’t watch the game, but some observations from highlights I saw. On the first goal, there is Jesper once again watching the play instead of checking his man. On the second goal, Staal is ridden off the puck by a squirt while Holden is behind the net instead of in front of the net where he should be. The shorty– How two guys with more determination trump four. Yuck!!!!!!!

    • Chris A says:

      On the first goal, Lee wasn’t Jesper’s man, he was Lindberg’s. Oscar got caught following his man around the goal and was in no man’s land when he saw Lee standing wide open on the far post. Jesper was shadowing the D, just like the weak side W is supposed to.

      Completely agree with you on the 2nd and 3rd goals

      • rglv says:

        Completely disagree on both the first and second goals.
        How come right side D Clendening (spelling) was chasing a forward in the left corner? Wasn’t he supposed to cover the right side of the crease where the goal was scored from? On the second, all Stall had to do was to push the puck along the board to Holden who was wide open on the other side of the net. Instead he decided to stop and turn with the puck. We keep seeing similar things over and over. Keep it simple!

      • paulronty says:

        I was talking about Bailey(?), who passed to Lee I believe, as the guy Jesper was watching instead of getting next to, where he could have broken up the play before the pass to Lee.

        • Chris A says:

          Paul, Jesper was on the weakside, Bailey was on the opposite dot from where Jesper was. If Lindberg was on top of the crease, not following a man without the puck behind the goal (a cardinal defensive sin), Bailey’s pass likely never gets to Lee as Lindberg would have been in the passing lane and Bailey’s only option would be to take a shot that the well positioned Skjei likely smothers.

          I’m looking at the play right now. If Jesper cheated in anymore towards the vacated Bailey to Lee passing lane then Bailey can dish it off to Hickey, the weakside D, who would have the entire half of the zone to drive into and make a play.

          I’ve come around on Oscar, he’s opened my eyes this year, he’s a fine checking C. But this goal was 100% on him. He badly blew his assignment on this play. It happens. Maybe he got fooled by Tavares making a slick no look backhand pass to Bailey? Maybe he thought (like you did) Jesper was going to sell out and completely vacate the point to collapse on Bailey? Oscar was over aggressive and was more concerned with potentially pressuring Lee to create a turnover when he should have been more concerned with protecting the front of the net.

          Jeez, sorry for going on and on about this play, but watching it a few time now, it really was a nice goal. Full credit to Tavares, Bailey, and Lee for each making a great play to exploit the coverage.

      • mojoguru says:

        Oscar also was at fault on the second goal, he allowed Ladd to skate unimpeded to the front of the goal.

        I usually like his game but last night the first 2 goals are on him

    • Walt says:


      That shorty was Gianta, who really isn’t much of a player, IMO !!!!!!

      Nice summery, Yuck !!!!!!!!!!

      • King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

        The shorty I had no idea what hank was doing on the play either … besides watching like the other 4 guys …. you don’t have to worry about the back of the net unless it comes out front and then hits the back of the net like it did … lol

  10. Peter says:

    The first period saw the Rangers forechecking and beating the Isles to the puck. The 2nd and 3rd periods were the opposite. The forwards got lost after the first 20 minutes. When they backcheck and forecheck, they win like they did against the Blue Jackets. The Rangers’ blueliners need the forwards to take their defensive responsibility seriously.

  11. RagsFan says:

    RANGERS NEED ‘D’. RANGERS NEED ‘D’. A trade should include Nash for obvious reasons (age, contract mainly – but is also having a good year) We have enough offense to not miss him, but we won’t go far in the playoffs with how the team is built on defense’. Sather really blew those contracts. Pay players for what they can give us in the future and not what they did for us in their prime. Gorton – are you listening?

  12. Larry says:

    Last night’s game was a vivid display of how fragile, slow and helpless when NYR’s D corp were facing a hard-checking team like the Icelanders. I may need a blown bag to cover my face when NYR will be face harder-checking teams like the Caps or faster teams like the Penns in the playoffs.

  13. Larry says:

    But, maybe the ice or the stadium had something to do with all the losses to the Icelanders.