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Marc Staal to miss two games with upper body injury

January 4, 2017, by

marc staal

A little late to the news here, but Rangers defenseman Marc Staal will miss at least the next two games with an upper body injury. There’s no indication of where this injury occurred, but it was obviously during last the loss to Buffalo Sabres. Staal has been significantly better this year, and has clicked with Nick Holden. His presence in the lineup may be missed over the next two games.

Adam Clendening will dress for the next two games while Staal is out. For tonight, he will skate on the left side –opening him up to offensive opportunities– with Kevin Klein. Brady Skjei will play with Ryan McDonagh on the top pair (!), while Dan Girardi will play with HoldenĀ on the third pair.

Categories : Injuries


  1. Chris A says:

    Rangers fans, say ‘Hi’ to your new top D pair for the rest of this season!

  2. Florida Tom says:

    Sadly I’d want to see:

    McDonagh-Girardi (I know)
    Holden-Clendening (which should be a good pair)

    These pairings are just an attempt to avoid putting rookies like Skjei-Clendening together which I don’t see Vigneault making a pair

  3. rich s says:

    Nice win! Love to beat the flyers!
    Clendening had good game, but Av will bury him first chance he gets.
    Why? Because he is an id$^t! I get the feeling he is so stubborn he would rather lose with his guys ‘ Glass, Girardi, Klein rather than do whats best for the team!

    Miller and Hayes look great together, every shift…….yet will the coach separate them next game?

    Stepan takes bad penalty, flyers score…….Stepan loses faceoff, flyers score…..
    How many key defensive zone faceoffs must Stepan lose for the AV to use a different center? I have been watching Stepan lose faceoffs for 6 -7 years now, what is AV looking at?????

    • joe719 says:

      Complaining about things the coach might do in the future—-after a win?—is kinda’ a waste of breath, no? You don’t sound clever or smart. Just snide and whiny. They won the game!!! Revel in that!! As for Stepan—can’t blame him for Hank giving up a bad one. He was on his knees before the shot was taken—faceoff win or not.

      • rich s says:

        Might do in the future? When was the last time clendening saw ice time? Why did it take an injury to add some young fresh legs into the defense, which has sucked!
        AV’s coaching frustrates me as a fan, and seeing how well clendening played tonight just reinforces my lack of confidence in his personnel decisions.
        Again, AV’s decision to use Stepan to take defensive zone faceoffs late in a close game is crazy, knowing how bad he has always been on faceoffs. And Stepan losing another faceoff DID lead to the goal!

        • joe719 says:

          Another case of anointing the guy who never plays as the new saviour. The stereotypical Ranger fan. A win is never good enough. Always have to be upset about something. Whiner. (; And the goal WAS Hank’s fault!! Lost faceoff or not, the damn shot came from the point!!! He let up at the end of a busy night. No shame there; but you can’t stop it if you’re already on your knees before the shot is taken. Bad goal!!! His fault!! Night!

          • rich s says:

            You really need to read the comments before responding.
            I never said Clendening is the next Bobby Orr , but any idiot can plainly see how bad girardi and klein have played this year and in girardis case the past 3 years.

            Their play has been so horrible I would look at defenseman in the organization , couldn’t be worse.
            Do you even watch the games?

            You missed the point again regarding Stepan who ALWAYS loses the faceoffs, its dumb to have him take them in D-Zone.

      • Reenavipul says:

        Wondering what the coach may do after a win is germane because this coach learns nothing from actual in game performance, despite his “looking the video”.

        • joe719 says:

          Then we already know what he will do then, don’t we? Nothing!! So why whine about it? He’ll do the same things he did tonight, and maybe bring home another win. He’d be a fool to change. I know, how dare he be successful!

          • Reenavipul says:

            It took 4 months of below replacement play from Girardi to get pushed down to 3rd pair.

            It took an injury to the 2nd pair LD to play the 4th RD on his off hand instead of calling up Graves while keeping #5 & #8 in the lineup.

            At this point I’ll put this on Gorton for not putting Pumpel on IR to call Graves up. I get working cap credits but having waiver exempt Graves up for 4 days isn’t going to break the bank.

    • HARLEMBLUES says:

      Spot on, AV did use Lindbergh finally to take DZone face offs in the last few minutes.

  4. Bloomer says:

    Hayes and Miller united again and it paid dividends, that line was red hot. I thought the Rangers did a much better job with their puck management tonight, not many giveaways. Lundqvist made some great saves and that flip pass by Zucc down ice to a streaking that’s some freaky hobbit magic.

  5. amy says:

    Hayes and Miller played well together and hopefully the bye week will help guys with injuries heal up Marc happy birthday to you we will see you late Friday in Montreal