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Rangers at Blues Recap

October 16, 2016, by
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Follow the BSB Snap!

The Rangers dropped a game to the Blues last night in St. Louis, and boy do we have some things to unpack here. What needs to be said prior to this bullet point recap is this: the Rangers played well and were on the wrong side of PDO last night, so let’s take this loss with a grain (or twelve) of salt.

  • The first goal, and beginning of the game, featured some bouncing pucks and attempts to settle play. The goal was a bad hop over Girardi’s stick at the blue line for a Tarasenko breakaway. Fun fact: he doesn’t miss those. Ever.

  • Whatever Chris Kreider was doing this offseason was well worth it. I love him going to the front of the net and love how cohesive the play on this line with Mika Zibanejad and Pavel Buchnevich is. These guys fly.
  • Speaking of great lines, I really love the fourth line. Each game it seems a different guy is standing out. Tonight was Grabner’s turn.
  • Grabner is impressive. Things will get really interesting when Oscar Lindberg comes back. I wonder what kind of a trade may be in the works.
  • More praise: the Rangers backcheck this season so far looks great. Almost as if the forwards know they have to cover a bit defensively 🙂
  • OK, a little bad. The defense. Not great. Take the second Blues goal, for example: why are Stastny and Steen just hanging out in front of the net? Holden was just looking at Stastny and Staal was nowhere to be found. We really need Klein back…
  • ….or Kevin Shattenkirk in a Rangers jersey.
  • Looks like we will have some time with no Dan Girardi, too, as he’s out “more than day to day” with a hip flexor injury, per Steve Zipay.
  • Colton Parayko reminds me of another great Colton: Colton Orr. He who taught Brandon Dubinsky how to fight.
  • Some more good things: the Rangers respond now. The third Blues goal was followed up 30 seconds later by a Zibanejad goal, one of the poor goals given up by a surprisingly good Carter Hutton last night, letting one in on the near post.
  • The Rangers ended the game outshooting the Blues 11-0 12 minutes into the 3rd, and with a final SOG of 35-18 in favor of the Blueshirts.
  • The Rangers were also 58% in the face-off circle. Good job, centers.

The bad is clearly that the Rangers lost, but if you keep up with the play from tonight, you’re bound to win games. Overall a great, entertaining game against a very good opponent.

"Rangers at Blues Recap", 5 out of 5 based on 8 ratings.
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  1. Ranger17 says:

    Kreider =Beast . Hope he can keep it up and Ziba looks great also . . Tell me why Stepans line got more time on ice than Ziba’s line . Zucc most toi of any forward . Whats with Miller on the PK , he looks good so far doing it , and Hayes also.Would MacIlrath and Fast and Ottawa’s 2ed get us Trouba.

    • richsomma says:

      NO>>>>>>BUT stepan, fast, ottowa #2, and another top prospect or a #1 might…………Dont trade McIlrath…….

      • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

        When or how did McIlrath become untouchable? This is getting a little out of hand.

        Of course you include McIlrath in (any) deal for a top defenseman. ESPECIALLY in lieu of another Ranger draft pick.

        • richsomma says:

          Be realistic, only Glen sather might trade you Trouba for McIlrath….You have to include talent when you ask for talent.
          At this point stepan has value….McIlrath does not but HE is our only physical player…..vesey will continue to get targeted, thats where dmc has value….

    • Swarty says:

      Need to figure out a way to get Lindholm from the Ducks. He’s much better than Trouba.

      Ducks have big time cap issues so it is going to be hard because they really can’t take back much salary. Maybe get a 3rd team involved.

      I want to see DMAC get his shot at playing but if he is just going to languish then let’s use him as a trade piece.

      • Becky says:

        I was reading up on Lindholm recently. I hadn’t realized how much of a cap crunch Anaheim was it. Would be a LOVELY addition to the Rangies…

  2. Ranger17 says:

    Maybe we give them our 2ed instead of Ottawa’s as we should finish higher than they do. Be interesting when Oscar gets back, like Grabners game so far he has some wheels . Kreider looks even faster this year than last year. LGR

  3. Richter1994 says:

    Too bad because the Rangers were dominant overall and deserved the win. If they keep u this speed game then they will be back to 2013-14 when they were a tough team to play against.

    Hate to see anyone get hurt but it will be interesting to see how much better the Rangers’ D corps is minus a player that doesn’t fit their speed game.

    Clendening looked just fine next to McD huh? Also, nice spectator position Holden had on the Blues goal. Standing right there and allowing the opponent to score, should have knocked him on his butt.


    Make it so when everyone is healthy.

    • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

      I think you have the optimal defensive pairings there (at least at this time).

    • Bobby B says:

      Richter1994, if Klein is healthy?, I am totally on board with your D-Pairings. I hate to be a worry wart, but when ever a player does not play because of back spasms??, I always fear it could be a disc problem. Klein who I feel is our second best D-Man ( after McDonagh ) is needed in this line-up!!

      • Richter1994 says:

        ever have back issues? I have for 25 years. one day you thnk you’re past them and one small movement, may not even be a misstep, and you can be in tremendous pain and restricted movement.

        and that doesn’t even take into account playing NHL hockey. Backs can be lingering problems. I hope that you are right in your optimism my friend.

        • 'The Original Rob' says:

          Spot on Richy!

          I wouldn’t wish back problems on my worst enemy.

          3 herniated discs in lower lumbar. Some days, I can’t crawl out of bed. Some days I’m in so much pain, I can’t do ordinary day to day tasks because there’s nothing but pain on my mind. Then there’s the good days, but even then, it can get re-aggrivated just from tying my sneakers.

          However, I don’t play for an NHL team, so I gotta believe they have the best doctors and regime for rehab.

          • Richter1994 says:

            I sympathize Rob, it’s not fun. and sometimes it doesn’t take much to inflame a disk. terrible, hope you feel better pal.

  4. Andy says:

    Touch loss. Kreider, Z and Buch totally getting it done…Kreid’s playing to his strengths and looking great so far. With Girardi out will the coach be forced to play McIlrath? If he’s out longer term will we get cap relief? Saw a lot of Clendening in the 3rd period and he looked OK…Maybe that’s because we out shot them 15-0. Someone wake up Stepan and remind him season started.

    • Ranger17 says:

      Zucc and $tepan were the leaders in TOI for the forward go figure one if you can

    • Reenavipul says:

      They didn’t put G on LTIR last year when they had cap issues and could’ve used the LTIR credit, doubt they will now. They should, just to bank credits.

      Hopefully they don’t call Graves up and play him off hand.

  5. y81 says:

    I think this is the first game I have ever seen where a team recorded zero SOG in period. Very weird.

  6. Walt says:

    Tough loss, but the Z line looks very good………….

    Hate to see Girardi go down with an injury, but what will be AV’s excuse for not playing Mc Ilrath for now??????????????

    Holden ????????? Is that the best he could do, be an innocent bystander on the Blues goal…………

    I have 8 games before I blast off at what I’m seeing, as per permission of Doc, for my mental well being !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • richsomma says:

      Hoping AV goes down with injury…..playing retreads instead of young, aggressive, improving, player and fan favorite McIlrath…….
      Stepan truly is an ANCHOR for any of his linemates …
      Kreider may have improved but the biggest change is he no longer has to play with STEPAN!!!!
      Vesey and Zucc are very talented players who will underachieve with this slow, invisible at times center.
      Brassard got career years out of Poilet and zucc when playing with them.

  7. Craig says:

    Mcllrath please A.V.! Sitting him, is not helping the development of a very promising young defenseman. Maybe Beauk. needs to pick up a lamp and wack AV over the head and wake him up! THIS KID NEEDS TO PLAY!!! Throughout the game last night, the Rangers actually skated circles around the Blues and deserved to win this game. They were noticeably the faster team. Rick Nash seemed disjointed and out of place. It almost seems like he doesn’t fit into the mold of this team any longer. As much as I like him, I would consider trading him for the right pieces. The Saint Louis goalie stood on his head robbing the Rangers a number of times, although he did let in a Ranger goal by Z. that he should have stopped. Hank make some key saves also. I thought Staal played a pretty good game on D., very encouraging. If they play like this all year and stay fairly healthy, they will have an exciting season ahead!

    • Bobby B says:

      Excellent post!!!

    • Ranger17 says:

      Nash played a good game last night i thought .JT killing penalties AV has trust in him all of a sudden WOW didn’t see that one coming .

      • paulronty says:

        That’s because someone jogged AVs brain & he listened(good for him) because he never would have thought of it himself. Just like Babcock telling him that Nas should be on PK. AV is nice but not smart.

        • jeff says:

          paul you are so right. he has also had the enviable position to coach good teams. his excellent record notwithstanding.

          • paulronty says:

            Jeff you are so right about that. He had THE best team in 2011. So what did he do. Created conflict with his All-Star goalie which affected his play. And then got demolished in Game 7 by the Bruins because he did not have his team prepared to play with the intensity required.

  8. Bobby B says:

    A winnable game, against a quality opponent .I admired the relentless charge of period 3. ( VERY GOOD SIGN!!) .Defense cost us the game, not blaming Girardi for the bouncing puck, but of course St Louis would have Tarasenko on the ice EVERY TIME Girardi is on the ice, to expose his lack of mobility and speed. Holden does not take the body, much like Staal, they are both soft players, as just about the rest of the D-corp ( except a healthy Klein) stick checkers, and for their size, FAR TOO POLITE. OK, Girardi hurt, Klein hurt, does Mcllrath get his chance to play????, or does AV plead with Gorton to find Raffie Diaz and bring him back to the NHL. ??? In my opinion their was no excuse for Mcllrath not to be in the line-up BEFORE the injuries to Klein & Girardi. Time to dress the UNDERTAKER, give this team the snarl & nastiness that it lacks. To all my critics who say the toughness part of the game is ancient history, Why do the Capitals have Tom Wilson, the Penguins have Tom Sesito, the Blackhawks signed Jordin Tootoo??, because the need will ALWAYS be there to have those type of players on your team. Mcllrath provides the missing ingredient that no current player on the entire Ranger roster can bring!!. Play him and watch him develop into blue chip, hard nose, solid NHL D-Man ,that will bring the element of toughness to a line-up that is missing it big time!!!

    • Pootie Tang Jr. says:

      Wilson, Tootoo, and Sestito are all horrible players who add nothing to a team but a chance to commit a 5-minute boarding major. They are literally the bottom of the barrel–Sestito in particular is possibly the worst player in the entire league. They affect nothing without committing egregious amounts of violence and are worthless. Girardi is hurt, Klein out at the moment–of course McIlrath is gonna play! Relax everybody!

      • Bobby B says:

        Tanger, not saying Mcllrath is just a goon ( he is a legit NHL-PLAYER) just bringing up a valid point that even though the Caps, Pens, Hawks, are so called FINESSE teams, THEY STILL HAVE A BULLET IN THE CHAMBER IF THINGS GET OUT OF HAND!! Our current line up does not!!!

    • paulronty says:

      We always talk about DMACs physicality but he also has the potential to develop into a top notch defenceman. He’s a lot better than some here give him credit for & people like to jump all over him if he makes a mistake. Every D out there makes mistakes folks & so do forwards. Sometimes the criticism is just a case of selective attention. AV is doing the Rangers organization a real disservice, not developing the talent that is there.

    • Ranger17 says:

      He will develop into maybe a good 2ed pair or at worst 3rd pair but he should be a serviceable D Man

    • richsomma says:

      Another Great post Bobby B…….I believe the rangers team plays better when McIlrath dresses rather than sitting in the stands……At this point McIlrath is a much better skater than Girardi……at least Tarasenko would have to keep his head up when DMC is on the ice, no one fears girardi, only us fans…..

      • Bobby B says:

        Thanks Rich, RIGHT ON!! and the bit of sarcasm at the end of your post did make me chuckle.

  9. paulronty says:

    Over time we will all come to realize that Holden is just not that good. But blame the man on man system too, which is why Staal is way out in no man’s land. D-men should be playing the puck in the corners, behind the net & covering the front of the net, not chasing forwards out to the blueline. The mantra is always blame the D but the system does not fit. The D really lacks snarl. Will DMAC get some playing time with Girardi down? That fool will probably bring up Gimour instead. And get Jesper Fast off the freakin’ PK, Pietrangelo’s goal was about the 12th time Fast has let the point sneak in & score. He never even watches the off point but AV can’t figure that out. When Lindberg comes back send him out with Grabner(never happen).

    • Bobby B says:

      Pauly, great post!! Word has it that AV is trying to coax Raffie ( career AHL player) Diaz out of retirement, it does not matter he is living on a farm in Switzerland, as long as he keeps Mcllrath out of the line up. I am very interested to see who he dresses on Defense next game!!!

    • Richter1994 says:

      “over time?” my friend? lol. that was a horrible goal he allowed to be scored in front of the net. he was there and did nothing, not even try to lift the opponent’s stick or disrupt the play.

      • paulronty says:

        Ya I said over time because time adds certainty & even Holden deserves a chance. But I get your drift.

        • Richter1994 says:

          trust me, I wish he would turn out better than things seem to be going so far.

  10. lv says:

    Well, i still think Mcllrath gets packaged up with Fast in a trade. It will allow Lindberg to center 4th and Pirri to the 3rd. Hopefully we make a smart move to get a stud defenseman or its an offseason signing. Hank is getting older and we hope to have 2 or 3 runs at the cup – who knows.

    • AD says:

      the organization has no depth along the right-side on defense. Neither Holden or Skjei are longer-term options there. Clendening? I think I need more than a preseason and 2 games to convince me his prior 4 other teams over the past 2 years completely missed something. And Klein will likely need to be exposed at next year’s expansion draft.

      Trading McIlrath may be in the best interest of McIlrath, for sure, but it is not in the best interest of the organization.

      • paulronty says:

        As usual right on the money.

      • Swarty says:

        AD – Trading McIlrath may be in the best interest of McIlrath, for sure, but it is not in the best interest of the organization.

        But the question is – does the organization know this?

        • paulronty says:

          Good question Swarty. It’s conjecture on my part, admittedly, but I’ve always believed that Gorton did not want to waive DMAC last year & forced AVs hand because AV wanted Diaz out there and we all saw Diaz out there for game five.

        • lv says:

          doesn’t matter…if coach doesn’t like him then he has no future with the Rangers

    • Bloomer says:

      I would move Fast in a heartbeat. He may be a darling of the media in New York, but likely not a interest in him anywhere else.

  11. Bloomer says:

    Hold on here for a second. The Rangers had far more scoring chances then the Blues. If the Rangers defence was bad, then the St Louis defence was atrocious last night. So how does acquiring a defenceman that is part of an atrocious defence help the Rangers?

  12. Blue 76 says:

    Can I start the ball rolling to get Tanner back in a blue shirt yet?

    • Richter1994 says:

      no, unless it’s a Rangers’ t shirt after he bought a ticket to go to a game.