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Dan Girardi out “more than day-to-day” with hip injury

October 16, 2016, by
dan girardi

Bill Wippert/NHLI via Getty Images

Dan Girardi left last night’s 3-2 loss to St. Louis with a hip injury, and it appears to be more serious than a typical day-to-day style injury. With the next game coming on Monday against San Jose, it looks like Girardi will be out for at least that game. Assuming Kevin Klein cannot play due to his back spasms, it means Dylan McIlrath will likely be inserted into the lineup.

If Alain Vigneault wants to go the call-up route, then one of Girardi or Klein will need to be placed on IR to open up the roster spot. But all signs point to McIlrath playing at least one game, likely on a bottom pair, before the inevitable trade comes.

Jeff Gorton, in the mean time, will be placing a call to the Girardi-Cyborg store where all his parts come from. Clearly there was a defect somewhere in building him this season.

"Dan Girardi out "more than day-to-day" with hip injury", 5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings.
Categories : Injuries


  1. Richter1994 says:

    I hope G is ok but when does the coach and management realize that he can’t play in this league any more? WHEN?

    The snow angels are back and it’s only October. Brutal.

    McD looks pretty good not being paired with G, huh?

    • Jkrew says:

      Girardi is a disaster. He hasn’t lost just a step…he’s lost several. He’s so far behind every play it’s just ridiculous

      • Mikeyyy says:

        Could be an after effect of blocking 185+ shots a season.

        • jdon says:

          a stay at hom D who does not stay. He hses guys all over the zone and he cannot skate.

          • paulronty says:

            They all lose guys all over the zone because they are playing AVs D system devised in 1972 by Rube Goldberg.

      • Richter1994 says:

        so what I can surmise with all the thumbs down votes here is that the Rangers should continue to play G on the top pair because he gives his all, regardless of the fact that he hurts the team big time by doing so.

        No one appreciates what G has done as much as I do but I’m delusional about it. Get a grip people and wake up, it’s about winning the Cup.

      • Richter1994 says:

        you’re correct Jkrew, don’t let people who don’t face facts tell you otherwise.

    • Walt says:

      The thumbs down crowd is out in full force against you, Jkrew, and anyone else who may something negative about Danny boy.

      The man gave his all, we appreciate it very much, but like an old animal, he should be sent out to the pastures for retirement. If he has any pride at all, he should walk into Gorton’s office, and request he be placed on the LTIR, where the organization gets some cap relief, and Dan get’s all he is entitled to according to the contract.

      The Rangers are a class organization, they should find a place for Dan in the front office, scouting system, assistant coach, just to show that we really care for his best interest. Bottom line, this will piss the happy thumbs down crowd, he should consider retirement, because he is a shell of the player he was some four years ago !!!!!!!!!!

      Now little boys, show your stupidity, and start the thumbs down NOW, this should make your day for you !!!!!

      • Mikeyyy says:

        Amen brother. Can’t recruit warriors if youbshoot em in the head when they are lame.

        • Walt says:

          He’s been dead meat for at least three seasons !!!!!!!!!! I guess we should take a spot from a potential better player, who would be cheaper, skates better than him, and has a better shot, get real will you please…………Life goes on, teams have traded better players, cut loose better players, names like Gretzky, Leetch, Orr, just a few who were let go, but we should hold onto Danny boy, again please get real !!!!!!! Your loyal to a fault, your thinking with your heart, not the brain within your cranial vault………….

          • Dave says:

            Walt, we get it, you don’t like AV. But not every somment needs to be about it.

            Everyone else – chill. Civil discussion.

            • paulronty says:

              Dave let’s have a poll–Thumbs up to keep AV, thumbs down to fire him.

            • Walt says:

              Some clown wants to take a shot at me, and I should, roll over and play dead, is that what you want??????????????

      • Walt says:

        To the few thumbers, thanks, you didn’t disappoint, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        We hit a very sensitive nerve now didn’t we. Have some fun, here’s a chance for an encore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Richter1994 says:

      so what I can surmise with all the thumbs down votes here is that the Rangers should continue to play G on the top pair because he gives his all, regardless of the fact that he hurts the team big time by doing so.

      No one appreciates what G has done as much as I do but I’m delusional about it. Get a grip people wake up, it’s about winning the Cup.

  2. paulronty says:

    The inevitable trade? Aren’t you uplifting!

  3. HARLEMBLUES says:

    I said Mika is our number one center and that line will cause problems all year. I hope Stepan doesn’t drag down MZA production. He’s a slow north/south player with limited offensive skills. I think Zuccs would better playing with Hayes and Vessey. JT would fit better with Stepan,Nash and bring speed and edge. No trade put Dmc with McD and see if we have a Wally Pipp moment.

  4. Bloomer says:

    Hopefully, McIIrath will get his chance to play against the Sharks. They are a heavy team, so Dylan would be an asset to have in the lineup, with his physical presence. The Sharks are also a veteran team and they may expose the inexperience Ranger blue line. Henk will have to be better then he has been in his early outings.

    • Walt says:

      Let’s prove Bobby wrong, and not try to bring back Diaz!!!!!!!!!

      Dip stick will try whatever it takes to keep the kid, Mc Ilrath out of the line up, unless it’s forced upon him……………………….

      • Bloomer says:

        I am just as frustration as you are Walt with the way AV has suppressed McIIraths development. At this point, I rather see Dylan traded so he can get an opportunity to play in the NHL and become the defenseman that we all see he can be.

        • Walt says:

          Amen to that !!!!!!!!!!!

        • Bobby B says:

          Bloomer/Walt, its a hard pill to swallow, but I to would rather see Dylan Mcllrath get a chance to play elsewhere as an EVERYDAY PLAYER , rather than be subjective to being treated like gum stuck to AV’s shoe. Its a shame, but if he is traded, remember these names, Tinordi, Carkner, Kosopolis, Carins, all BIG, hard hitting, mean D-MAN who the Rangers gave up on TOO EARLY, who went on to have excellent careers in the NHL.

          • richsomma says:

            I wish Gorton would have a knowledge of rangers history, like you and I . I also include in your list Kjell samuelsson, although not a fighter, a big loss early in his career, who was traded along with mike ridley [by then buffoon esposito] for bobby carpenter….

            • Chris72 says:

              Kjell not traded for Bobby Carpenter. He was traded for Bob Froese

            • Walt says:

              Ridley, and Miller went to the Caps, but your right. We had to face Samuelsson, playing for Filthadelphia six times a season, and even he developed an edge when he played for them !!!!!!!!!

              • paulronty says:

                Somebody is playing with the thumbs down button, it’s pretty obvious from the above, trying to create conflict. Eddie, is that YOU?

          • Chris72 says:

            Hey Bobby B, your boy is in. I hope he has a great game tonight. I’m pulling for the kid to help us get the W especially in front of the Garden faithful. LGR

            • Walt says:

              Based on this mornings thread, this could well be his one, and only game for us, before he is traded ?????????????????

    • Swarty says:

      And let’s hope DMAC gets his shot and plays so well he never comes out.

      Girardi is a warrior and Blue Blood Ranger – maybe he will become hockey’s Wally Pipp…

      • Walt says:


        No one is trying to take away what Dan has given this organization, but as I stated, HOF players were traded, or moved along, Dan certainly isn’t a HOFer by no stretch of the imagination, why then all the upset people when you mention getting rid of the man?????

        • Swarty says:

          Play should be dictated by performance. He had bad year and we all know this and he continued to be played. That’s a problem.

          My concern is that they are going to dump DMC before all of the things that need to get straightened out do get straightened out.

  5. wwpd says:

    To jump to conclusions based on almost no useful information, even moderately real injury to Girardi at this point would seem to virtually assure his buyout this summer? He will mostly recover, play the season less than 100%, not have the bounce-back season that makes him either tradable or valuable in blue?

    Either encouraging or cagey by the team to describe the injury in such bizarre terms

    • Reenavipul says:

      Next year easier to trade than buy out. Buyout hit against cap is greater than his salary, should be able to find a team that needs to get to cap floor without actually spending what they would need to.

      A couple of days back I wrote that letting McIlrath go UFA is the best move, here’s why: team can’t protect him in expansion draft, but as UFA I’m pretty sure he doesn’t count so LV can’t grab him (even if they wanted.) But the team still has an exclusive window until July 1.

  6. Walt says:

    Through two games this season, JT Miller has played a total 4:34 on the PK.

    Last season, in 82 games, Miller played a total of 1 minute on the PK.

    Asked why Miller was seeing time on the PK, Alain Vigneault said that when Miller was playing in the World Juniors he was considered to be a shutdown center. (NY Post)

    He added that Miller played on the PK during the World Cup this year and the coaching staff of that team reported that “he did a pretty good job.” (NY Post)

    This was taken off of the SNY site, just proves without a moment of hesitation on my part, saying this, that AV is a terrible judge of talent, plays his favorites, and has zero idea of developing young talent. Can’t wait for this buffoon to be replaced !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • paulronty says:

      I posted the same thing on a previous thread.

    • richsomma says:

      Spot on observations and comments Walt!

      I have been saying this since Miller has come up.

      I would love to see him centering vesey and zucc, I cant see them excelling with stepan [ too slow, disappears from play]

      14 thumbs down???? Everything you said was based on fact or observations.
      Fire AV

      • Walt says:

        You have some stupid SOB’s on this site, who are blinded by hate. The post came from the SNY Blog, and many have expressed the same point, but these fools are enjoying themselves, and showing their collective IQ, which is zero !!!!!!!!!!!!

        Please continue with the thumbs down, I sit and laugh at all the clowns, maybe they are hired hands of AV…………..

        • Chris72 says:

          Obviously all the thumbs down affect you greatly. Maybe it’s the constant coach bashing that everyone is tired of hearing? It’s rather comical that you accuse others of being blinded by hate when that’s exactly what you are when it comes to AV. OPINIONS!!! These are your OPINIONS, but you state them as FACT. Even when AV’s numbers and success as a Rangers head coach directly contradict your opinion you continue to state them as fact. Then you get pissy when people disagree. By the way…… every NHL coach has their favorites. You’re just upset that he’s not playing your favorites.

          • Walt says:

            And the kettle is calling me black ????? You who wants to stifle Doc, and others when their opinions run counter to yours. Please go back to your corner, and choke your chicken fool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            As for the article posted, and articles written by this staff, and way too many posters tend to agree, this coach isn’t the most flexible man, to say the least. Hell, he has to be advised by another coach, from team north America, that one of his players does a good job of killing penalties, now that’s saying something. Also, didn’t Babcock also advise AV that Nash is a good PKer??????? See a pattern here ??

            Please defend him all you want, but don’t preach to me clown !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Walt says:

            One last point, I was talking to Richter, and Jkrew as to the reaction to their posts, and the thumbs down crap. I get pissy, no I get to laugh because there are enough that react when someone posts something that runs counter to their thoughts, go nuts and respond like sheep, group thought, right Doc???? The mob jumps in, and follow the leader. So get your little finger ready to start the down action now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • paulronty says:

              If it was up to me, I’d just get rid of the thumbs thing altogether because there are trolls on here who just use it to incite.

              • Walt says:

                No it’s the holier than thou who want to lecture you because they don’t care for what you say.. Now that is bunk !!!!!!

    • Stranger Nation says:

      Miller is a good two center and Haze is not, but AV continues to try to squeeze the square peg into a round hole. Not sure why they don’t just make Miller the 3C.
      Rangers letting up 3 goals a game is not a formula for success.
      Even with no DG, Shea with lowest 5v5 TOI. So we have a PP specialist and a PK specialist on the backline? Will lead to big mins for the Capt who clocked 30 TOI last night

      • paulronty says:

        Check back & you’ll see I mentioned Miller at centre many times, especially when there were people who claimed the Rangers would have no centre depth if Stepan was traded. Miller is a natural centre who played with Vesey on his wing on the WJC championship team. AV just gets locked into a mindset, but he can change his mind, if someone “authoritative”tweaks him. He has no imagination like most overly obsessive individuals. The mantra of obsessives is play it safe, be predictable, no surprises, and they need to control things, lest others make mistakes & derail their reality. Seen it a million times.

        • HARLEMBLUES says:

          I’ve call for the trade of Stepan and moving Miller to center since we need a Dman in the trade. If the reports of the Wild trade were correct. We were stupid not to take it or rework the names. Dumba would’ve been a excellent young Dman addition. We now have a true number one center in Mika. Stepan can be traded for D. Which would allow moving Miller to center. Until he’s traded keep him away from MZA. Zuccs needs to play with a faster more creative player. Put Miller with Nash and Stepan. Hey Buch is the real deal such vision and soft hands. Mad RESPECT for Dylan hasn’t said a thing in the AV years.

    • Richter1994 says:

      Guess you’re on the wrong end of the “thumbs” as well Walt, lol.

  7. Leatherneck says:

    Fire AV

  8. Blue Seat says:

    We know Dan is out, and assume Kline is as well. Pairing McD with DMc could be very interesting, and inspiring to a former number one pick that been treated terrible. What option is better for the team?

    • paulronty says:

      That combo played in preseason last year & was good. Perfect combo & worth a try but never going to happen with a brain blind coach.

  9. amy says:

    it is now time to play Dylan to see what he can do

  10. CTYankee says:

    The best news from the list as was Girardi’s was injury. Actually, AV could just sit her m a n a chair on the ice and he wouldn’t lose any money bilirubin.