Detroit Red Wings to stream Traverse City Tournament for free

September 14, 2016, by
Photo by Dave Reginek/NHLI via Getty Images

Photo by Dave Reginek/NHLI via Getty Images

The Detroit Red Wings are coming through in the clutch for all those that want to watch the Traverse City Tournament. The Wings website ( will stream every single Traverse City Tournament game, regardless of team, for free. There are no geographical restrictions either. So if you want to watch, make sure you head on over there.

With all the World Cup of Hockey talk, the Traverse City Tournament has flown under the radar. The WCOH is the main culprit for this, but it’s also because before this year, there was no way to watch the games. The Red Wings are giving us all a treat. Well done, Detroit.

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  1. SalMerc says:

    Class organization

    • Fotiu is God says:

      How does someone give you a thumb’s down for that, Sal? Strunz.

      I mean, all The Wings did was recognize a skinny, teenaged Gordie Howe as a prospect. Soon after the Rangers organization kicked him to the curb.

      But hey, if you can’t get the game on, my man Swarty’s having a viewing party at his El Chapo villa in Panama City, Florida.

      Oh man, sorry about that disclosure, Swarty. Totally spaced on Whitey Bulger still being on your trail.

      Okay, Swarty’s new BlueSeat blog handle is Orange Mike/Regards.

  2. RobBfromCT says:

    What is the traverse schedule? I’m sure it may have been posted here before, but just curious if someone could fill me in.

  3. RobBfromCT says:

    Also I’m new here, but have been following the site for a long time, but never made an account, good job Dave and crew! Appreciate it.

  4. Reenavipul says:

    Rangers play Carolina Friday at 4, Dallas Saturday at 3:30, Minnesota Monday at 3, Tuesday TBD.

    Game will apparently be available via Fox Sports Go app as well.

  5. paulronty says:

    Great news, I’ll be watching!

    • Fotiu is God says:

      What time you want me and Swarty over, Doc?

      Figure on two cases of Brador. (For me and Hosehead.)

      Swarty picked up two jugs of White Lightning from his chica on The Mohawk reservation. Give me your word, Paulo, that you don’t give him the keys to his Jet-Ski once he gets his drunk on. Dude still owes me for bail.

  6. Evan M says:

    I do not care about this world cup.

    • Pas44 says:

      not even a little? it’s awesome to see guys already getting up to play.
      Starting new rivalries before the season even begins…

      I hope this sort of thing gets Henrik ready quicker too… like last season…

      • Evan M says:

        Those would be good reasons for me to care. Good points. I get cynical sometimes. Thanks for some sense 🙂

    • Hatrick Swayze says:

      I too dislike tournaments which draw the best players from the entire world and disperse the talent over a mere 8 teams, as opposed to only some of the world’s best players scattered over 30 teams. Essentially, All Star team playing in games that actually mean something.

      Are you one of those who stop watching the Stanley Cup playoffs once the Rangers get eliminated?

      • Evan M says:

        Sarcasm not appreciated, Hatrick. Nor your poor assumptions. I’m cool with it though, because I asked for it with a misplaced, drunk post. It should’ve been a drunk post in a World Cup article. I always do look forward to reading your comments as they’re generally the most logical and well-thought out. Mea culpa.

        Actually I love the Cup, love the playoffs, love the season, love college hockey, the minors, local pickup games, etc. I even like the Olympics. I dig the Predators, Wild and Bruins, too, so I watch them when I can. I don’t like the All-Star game. It’s silly to me, but I get why people like it. This World Cup is silly to me, but I get why people like it.

        I don’t like watching only the best of the best. I find it boring, though I completely get why many find it thrilling.

  7. Pas44 says:

    NICE! Getting closer!

    Starting to make plans for the 2nd regular season game on Saturday night against the Blues at a new sportsbar that opened recently in Patchogue!





  8. upstatetom says:

    where on the redwings site is the link for the traverse city games streaming ?

  9. Stridfeldt says:

    How do i watch tonights game ? Link?