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Rangers sign Jimmy Vesey

August 19, 2016, by


The Rangers have landed their guy. Jimmy Vesey is now a Ranger, signing a two-year entry-level deal to be in New York.

Vesey was the most sought after NCAA player that became a  free agent on August 15. In landing him, the Rangers get a middle-six forward for the bare minimum, a huge need for a team that needs bargain scoring.

Vesey, originally a third round pick of the Nashville Predators, was traded to the Buffalo Sabres, where he did not sign. It’s expected Vesey will make the roster out of training camp.

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  1. Leatherneck says:

    Helps offset all those 1st round picks we traded away….I am very curious to see how the roster pans out

  2. Bloomer says:

    I am not surprised by this signing, the college kids fit in well in New York. This move the Rangers more offense and they get younger. Jimmy V also provides some size and isn’t afraid to get stuck in. Well done Gorton.

  3. Chuck A says:

    Prognosis as to how the dominos fall now, anyone?

    • Tony D says:

      Ok now move both Stall and Nash to St Louis for Shattenkirk

      • Swarty says:

        I don’t see much sense in Shatterkirk at this point. In less than 11 months you can get him as a UFA. Why give up assets at this point.

        Staal* and a surplus forward? Sure let’s talk about it.

        Since my Eddie-piphany I don’t have a huge desire to dump Nash. I’d like to see what kind of mojo he has with this lineup.

        • Fotiu is God says:

          I tend to fall in line with you, Swarty.

          But consider two dissenting points: Rick Nash’s buddy, going back to their days with the CBJ, Brass, and also his setup man isn’t a part of the picture.

          Moreover, should St. Louis be amenable now–rather than come March 1–why not allow that potentially dynamic PP unit to coalesce at training camp, with Shattenkirk in the fold, rather than with a dozen games left in the season?

          Forasmuch, I’d still consider Anaheim–per Richter’s Rumors–The Sharks and The LAK, notwithstanding their respective cap issues to be better equipped suitors for Nash.

        • paulronty says:

          All those people who think Shattenkirk is coming are delusional. He’s coming next year in Free Agency. And count me as another who is all in on keeping Rick Nash. He’s a great player, despite what his detractors on here say.

          • Fotiu is God says:

            Dr. Paul: It’s more a question of… do you give Shattenkirk the time to get completely acclimated to our group, at training camp; and, reflexively, energize our PP from Day One?

            Or, do you blithely blithely write off another year of Henrik Lunqvist’s shelf-life by signing Shattenkirk next July 1, going into 2K16-17 without a clearcut PP QB?

      • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

        I don’t think St. Louis has an extra $9M in cap space to make that work.

      • joe K says:

        I guess you just don’t understand a salary cap meaning. Why would somebody trade Shattenkirk to take in $16 million in salary

      • JoeS. says:

        yea and while we are at it trade Girard to Pitt For Crosby and make Pitt pay half of Crosby’s salary.

  4. HARLEMBLUES says:

    To Jeff and his staff a job well done. This is just a great signing. Size, skill and youth more of what the Rangers need. Didn’t know of the JT Miller connection from the 2013 WJC. Another nice piece to the cup puzzle.

  5. BOBBY B says:

    WOW, We had some serious competition who wanted Vesey. Do not be fooled by his boyish looks, The guy is 6-2, 210 lbs man of steel, a serious gym rat, has a work out regime similar to Kreiders. Gorton, is to be commended he is making this HIS TEAM. We are getting younger, faster, stronger !!!. Lets see how we can phase out Girardi & maybe Staal?? as the season progresses. Exciting times, changes had to be made, and Gorton is making them!!!

  6. Swarty says:

    Didn’t really think it would go down this way. Just like the dude defenseman from Providence as I say the more the merrier. Brings more competition and greater depth at the cost of a middle of the road free agent. Nicely done Jeff.

    Time to package the forward depth and Staal* to get an A DMan.

    Not sure who came up with Nash and 4 or 5 number 1’s for Lindholm etc but that is a joke.

    I think this deal helps Kreider more than anyone. He now has another Bostonite to hang with and a young Russian to help mentor He’s got a contract under his belt. Time to let it loose Krieds – it’s all set up for you b

  7. SalMerc says:

    Never in doubt, lol

  8. Rangers Fan in Boston says:

    Love it. As a Rangers fan living in Boston, this was fun to follow. The Vesey Watch was on and toward the end, rumors had him going to the Rangers and pissing off every Bruin fan. It was so bad that Jimmy Hayes (who is Boston’s new whipping boy – just like his brother with the Rangers) was blamed as it was rumored he told Vesey not to play for his hometown team since it hasn’t worked out with Jimmy.

    Great get for the Rangers, this regime has really made up for the lack of high draft picks with an incredibly young core.

  9. Just WOW says:

    “Happy Friday” is usually good enough but landing Vesey…that’s just amazing. Everyone has made great points above. I’m in awe of the # of quality USA Hockey players on our squad right now – Kreider, Skjei, McDonagh, Miller, Vesey and Hayes. That’s an entire line (+1) that we can see skating for the red, while and blue in the near future (w/ two lefty defensemen). A nice shoutout to the Scandinavian contingent too!

    We should let the kids play this year, sign Shattenkirk next summer (retaining our picks), dump salary by trading Nash/Staal for the right price (potentially at or before the deadline), although both should have bounce-back seasons and phase-out G. We also have some solid D in the AHL that can potentially step up by this time next year. A key point is that we need to “strategically” protect our greatest assets from the expansion draft.

    I’m feeling we are definitely making a deep run in 17-18 with this year still a decent possibility depending on our boy Alain V. Let’s Go Rangers!

  10. Fotiu is God says:

    Freaking cool!

    Tip of my hat, Jeff Gorton.

    Chris A.: you should’ve taken my action. You’d be unwrapping a top-shelf tequila right about now.


    • BOBBY B says:

      Lighting my cigar, drinking a brew, watching vintage highlights on Nicky Fotiu kicking Behn Wilson’s ass.

      • Fotiu is God says:

        Gospel, Reverend Bobby. Gospel. I’m tipping a beer to you, Paisan from here in the desert. That was full-tilt Ranger glory.

        … We should bring back those mod 70s jerseys.

        And as much as I share the frothy excitement–as you do–from Jimmy V’s coming aboard, Bobby, I still believe we need one animal.

        One beast, with size, amongst our Fs. Be it a top six, or bottom six forward. Someone to protect all these skill types. Then I think this group’s set.

        • BOBBY B says:

          Right on Brother, I thought that guy was out there in Matt Martin, but Toronto wanted him more. The Leafs wanted Jimmy Vecey bad too, but you can not win them all. Thus, the importance of Mcllrath as a regular on this team, speaks volumes, Yes, he is Dman, but his presence alone will keep the nasty stuff at a minimum, knowing payback is a tap on the shoulder away. We think alike, a rugged winger in the mold of a Tocchet, Roberts, Iginia, heck put a Langdon, Domi or Kocur on this roster and I am a very happy NYR fan.

    • Chris A says:

      Lol it’s all good Nicky, but shots are on you in the Canyon of Heroes next June!

      • Fotiu is God says:

        Line ’em up, Mr Christian.

        Like you, I’m beginning to get a good feeling about this group. I believe we’re one smart move away from being in The Conversation again.

        Inasmuch, I’m still pining for a Brandon Dubinsky–or reasonable facsimile–to bring size/bite and veteran presence up front.

        Make it happen. Shattenkirk, (or Sami Vatanen) and Dubi. Then I’ll see you at the Parade. We’ll catch it at Walt’s house.

  11. TomM says:

    Okay. This sounds good, but let’s not expect JV to walk on water.

    • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

      Just another young cog. The exciting part is Kreider, Miller, Hayes, Buchnevich, Zibanejad, Stepan and Vesey makes for a FUN young group of forwards.

  12. James says:

    Stepan, Krieder, Miller, Zucc, Mika, Vesey, Hayes, Buchnevich and Nash….one of these things is not like the others.

  13. paulronty says:

    Like everyone else, I say kudos to Jeff Gorton who is demonstrating in NY the same moxey he showed in Boston. I sure hope VZ is going to play centre ice, where he is most needed.

  14. Peter says:

    Nice work by Gorton, who now has had a pretty darn good summer.

  15. TomM says:

    JV sounds like a good kid and a good player. Let’s not expect miracles from him, however. Let’s give him a chance.

  16. Leatherneck says:

    I see him playing with Zinajabad and Nash …Step with Buch and Kreider, Miller Hayes and Zuke..Jooris with Grabner and fast….Lindberg will take Jooris’s spot

  17. Richter1994 says:

    Like I said, what # will he be wearing?

    Nice job by the team including Gorton, Hayes, and Drury (who played a big part in this as player development director).

    Isles tried hard with Tavares leading the way Kid actually considered them until the end when it came down to the Rangers and the Hawks.

    The “Nash Trade Watch” is officially on big time.

    • Fotiu is God says:

      C’mon Richter! I thought you had juice.

      Get that Shattenkirk deal done. Barring that, Sami Vatanen.

      We get a PP hitting on all cylinders we’re as good as anyone in The East.

      • Richter1994 says:

        Bro, Shatty pressing the Blues big time to trade him to the Rangers but Blues’ asking Buch and Graves in return is not what the Rangers had in mind, so no trade for now.

        But if the Blues tank this year (doubt it) then their asking price may come down. Shatty made it clear that there’s only one team he will sign an extension with. Anyone that trades for him would be a true one year rental for them, other than for the Rangers.

        All those comments about a G for Vatanen trade over a year ago were BS. Rangers “asked” for Vatanen for G and the Ducks hung up the phone. The Ducks never “offered” Vat for G, so the Rangers did not mess anything there. It never happened. And the D man the Ducks are trying to trade is Fowler. Vat and Lindholm are untouchable there.

  18. Dan says:

    Johnny Hockey was also a third round pick with college hype coming into the league … How would you guys compare his skill sets to him? I know Vesey is bigger and I’m totally not expecting him to put up those types of numbers right away but is there a chance down the line, he can produce like Gaudreau?

  19. Walt says:

    This is a good morning for me, reading for the first time that the Vesey kid signed with us………….

    To be honest, I thought he was bound for the Leafs, or Hawks, but Gorton pulled out his magic, and the kid is ours!!!!!!!!!

    Having said that, the other day I posted that I love options, well we just a got a sh*t load of options with Jimmy. I was thinking he would skate on the third line, but Leather put together four lines that look great on paper, again options. We are very deep on all four lines, who does the opposition defend against?? Any of the top three lines can kill you, and the fourth will be tough as well, with their speed, and soft hands, I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!

    Now Jeff has to get to work on the defense, we need to rid ourselves of one of the two, Staal, or Danny boy, and get a swift, puck moving d-man. That one move alone would be enough to make us a very dangerious team !!!!!!!!!

    LGR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we didn’t give away a #1 pick, that’s the icing on the cake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BOBBY B says:

      Walt, you are spot on, I was listening to NHL radio, they had a writer who covers the Maple Leafs, the guy was bragging its a done deal, Vesey is going to Toronto, his father is a scout there and his brother plays in the organization..All the more KUDOS to Jeff Gorton for getting this kid in a NYR jersey.

      • Walt says:

        What is that saying, “Don’t count your chicken before they hatch”. I wonder if the clown was eating crow this morning ????

  20. Mikeyyy says:

    So what’s the big deal about signing a 3rd round pick no one wanted to sign?

  21. pas44 says:

    I have been saying it, Gordon has now IMO been lifted to Rock Star.

    If he pulls off getting rid of extra $$ from the D and getting an upgrade.

    He will become the ROCK STAR LEGEND!

    Not a bad off season…….


  22. 'The Original Rob' says:

    Holy smokes!!!

    I JUST found out about this!

    Is it October yet???

    These Hockey promo commercials, watching the Olympics were pumping me up as it is, and now this!

    “Ice ice baby!”


  23. amy says:

    I am looking forward to the season