Rangers sign Nathan Gerbe to a one year deal

July 1, 2016, by


Adding on to the Michael Grabner signing, the Rangers have inked Nathan Gerbe to a one year deal at $600,000. The very small (5’5) forward finished his stint in Carolina, where he was primarily a bottom six forward, putting up 3-4-7 in his final year.

Gerbe will likely compete for a fourth line spot, and perhaps fill in while Oscar Lindberg is on the shelf with his hip surgeries. He’s not going to light the lamp, but he’s a decent fourth liner and a decent penalty killer.

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Gerbe is a shrewd move by the Rangers. He has solid possession numbers, even if he won’t light up the score sheet. At the $600k cap hit, I can get on board with this signing. He should give Tanner Glass a run for his money when Lindberg gets back.

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  1. amy says:

    another smallish forward I like it

  2. Rhodork says:


    No chance he beats out the prodigal son for ice time.

  3. Swarty says:

    For a $150K more they could have had Marchessault whose possession numbers are, well to use a Josh-ism, SICK

  4. Blue76 says:

    Yea 5’5″ should really be a solid checker, hitter shot blocker et al … 3 goals and 4 assists are how many more than TG ????

    • Blue76 says:

      So if you like assist better than goals … TG was 4-3-7 and the little guy was 3-4-7 …

  5. 43 says:

    This guy was so good on NHL 15. Every time I had to play the Canes, he scored on me. For a while, I thought he was like one of their best players.

  6. joe719 says:

    So the Rangers like to shop at the Old “Oddlot Pushcart Store!” Nothing wrong with that. I used to buy all my work socks there. They didn’t last too long, but they served the purpose; and the price was right!

  7. Bloomer says:

    Not a lot of capspace for Gorton to work with…and it shows.

  8. jeff says:

    Seems like JG is keeping his powder dry and looking for some other chips to fall. Just made AV totally uncomfortable by having Buek stand next to him. Was waiting for this…ie Mcill, Skiej, n Graves r coming. Good troopers with good paydays maybe on their way. Steal and Girardi have been great for us, unfortunately their time maybe over. Training camp may tell us different stories….the ice don’t lie!
    Patience fellow fans, give the GM his time to make it or screw it up….n not on paper…please…on the ice

  9. jeff says:

    Staal, sorry

    • "The Original Rob" says:

      Thank you ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s a pet peeve of mine…. Kinda like, when them IDIOTS that drive slower in the left lane then the car in the middle lane, preventing cars from passing…

  10. rich says:

    Lets see…
    We have gotten worse on defense,
    slower and smaller and less physical and less talented at forward,
    Cant wait to see the next great move!!!!!

    • sherrane says:

      Slower? Gerbe is very fast. He will fit better with the Rangers than he did with Carolina.

    • Sammy car says:

      Grabner is very fast and does a good job on the pk. They don’t have space to go making big moves so it’s gonna be tough. Please don’t start killing Gorton before he gets a chance. It takes time to fix things. We definitely didn’t get slower

      • Walt says:

        agree, Sather left Gorton in a cesspool, with shit to work with, give him a break !!!!!!!!!!

        From now on we refer to Slats as Binjo Glen……..

  11. SalMerc says:

    Why bother with this smurf? Can’t Hrvik be this guy? We all know we are cap strapped. Just save the 600k and play a rookie.

  12. James says:

    This is all about creating some bottom 6 depth

  13. joe719 says:

    Unless he has some major trades in the hopper regarding the likes of Nash, Brassard, Staal, Hayes or Stepan—-I think what I originally feared is about to take place—– Keep the core of the team as it is, and fill in the rest with bargain FAs and rookies—-Rebuilding on the fly. In other words—standing in place. We’ll see what develops, but I never thought the Garden would ever let them blow it up and risk a few years of empty seats. They just will never commit to a rebuild. Some dark nights are ahead.

    • Alec says:

      In case you haven’t noticed, the Kincks have sucked for ages and there’s no ticket problem there.

      MSG can’t do an Edmonton rebuild, but it is feasible to rebuild here quickly as long as you don’t careen from one panic mode to the next and gave a pair of brass balls.

      • joe719 says:

        No matter how much we may disagree— the popularity of hockey is not even on the same radar as that of basketball. Basketball is NY’s sport. They will always sell tickets no matter how putrid they are. Hockey is different. The only time the Rangers own the backpages is when they win.. Then EVERYBODY is a hockey fan! They will NEVER do a proper rebuild here—they just wont. Next year, or the year after, just watch, they’ll try and buy their way out of their problems once again. If you’re looking for a pair of brass balls at MSG—they left when Mess left.

        • "The Original Rob" says:

          Good points guys, but I MUST disagree on the popularity of Hockey.

          First off, having to have the headlnes on the backpages still doesn’t necessarily mean tickets aren’t gonna sell. Quite frankly, it means nothing nowadays. Fact- Studies have shown that Hockey fans are the .most knowledgebal and active when it comes to technology (internet savvy,multimedia etc.), so we get our fixes in other ways, and most fans of other sports, get their info/knowledge/viewing more so in the conventional way (Newspapers/National Broadcasts etc etc.) Also, we have a head start as well, as we started years before them.

          I can also get into a VERY VERY deep conversation about the whole “nobody cares about Hockey” BS, and explain to you why that it’s NOT TRUE,A but I’m too tired right now lol. Perhaps tomm ๐Ÿ™‚

          Just, don’t forget how many people live in NY!

          In a nutshell,
          no matter how big your population is in your City….It seems like sports media coverage in Cities in the US, are almost ALWAYS gonna devote 2/3rd’s of the Pie to Baseball, Basketball and Football etc. However, what you need to understand is, is that Pie is MUCH BIGGER in here.

          Also, I’m in my 40ยดs and the Rangers almost always sell out. I remember, even in some real ugly seasons, that place would sell out.

          There’s just something about being a Ranger Fan in that building.. Even though the place ain’t what it used to be like..

        • Alec says:

          The last time there was anything approaching a pronounced dip in attendance was before Mark Messier 1st became a Ranger. The only one off dip was when the reconstruction of MSG began. But facts, whatever.

  14. paulronty says:

    He’s a little buzzsaw, but I don’t know that he makes the lineup, except as a PKer with Grabner maybe. Doubt that AV puts him in over Glass.

  15. Alec says:

    He’s a fill in C: either 4C for now, middle 6 C in case of short term injury. Will produce with any increase in QoT. Otherwise a great 1C in HFD.