Oscar Lindberg has dual hip surgery, out six months

May 6, 2016, by
Photo Credit: Steven Ryan

Photo Credit: Steven Ryan

Rangers center Oscar Lindberg successfully underwent dual hip surgery to repair two torn labrums (yikes) today, per the Rangers Twitter. Lindberg’s recovery time is expected to be six months. He won’t be ready for the start of the season in October, but he should be back by November based on that six month recovery period.

The official injury description is “bilateral hip repair” which sounds pretty painful. Lindberg was a healthy scratch numerous times down the stretch, and this may have something to do with it.

Lindberg was pegged by many to be Dominic Moore’s replacement next season as the full-time 4C on the team. He was also pegged by many to replace a still-on-the-roster Tanner Glass. He was also pegged by many to be traded. So basically this injury confirms that we know nothing, Jon Snow.

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  1. SalMerc says:

    Sounds like a pressbox-induced hip injury

  2. Roger Domal says:

    So, any of you bloggers and commenters going to apologize for your caustic remarks about the HC now?

    Nah, probably not.

    • Justin says:

      My only gripe was that Glass remained in the lineup. However, if Lindberg was having serious hip problems, he probably should have been on IR and allowed for a call up.

      • Chris A says:

        Well, if he was hurt once the playoffs started then your IR point is moot.

      • Walt says:

        Agree, but I’d bet the coach still wouldn’t make the call, or bench Glass, so it’s all academic isn’t it??????

        I’d like to know when he was diagnosed with this problem, so as to be able to respond to Roger with some facts, and not be an emotional, irrational, hot head !!!!!!!!!!

    • Dave says:

      The issue was Glass in the lineup.

      • Roger Domal says:

        And once again, this proves that no one has a clue as to why things actually occur. Blame away.

        The focus on the 12th forward is and has been absurd.

        I would rather someone on here look at the last 36 games JT Miller played and figure out why he scored 6 goals. He’s far more important to the Rangers future than the 12th forward.

      • 43 says:

        C’mon, Glass had a pretty solid season. He was far from a liability this season.

        From what I remember, Lindberg’s season, though starting out excitingly with all those goals, ended up being pretty so-so. Didn’t he go 30 games without a goal?

        • pavel_burrito says:

          The issue isn’t that Glass wasn’t as bad as we feared. It’s that there were still far better options to use, even on the forth line. Especially when he’s put on the ice, in the playoffs, with 10 minutes to go, and the team trailing by a goal.

          So basically, it’s the completely unreasonable and misplaced love that AV has for Glass that is questioned here.

  3. BOBBY B says:

    This explains his dramatic dip in production.

    • Chris A says:

      No it doesn’t. Any clown can get lucky and hot and score 10 goals in 20 games, just ask Aaron Voros.

      Goalscoring in small samples is just the residue of good luck. It doesn’t necessarily mean a player is highly skilled.

      Oscar’s dip in production was him normalizing to his skill level. He’s a 3C, a 20 goal season will be a career year for him. And that’s totally fine. Get well soon kid!

  4. Spozo says:

    Can we blame AV for this?

  5. pas44 says:

    “For The Watch”

    Didn’t see that one coming!

  6. Spozo says:

    But that moron doesn’t like playing kids. Maybe this injury was induced telepathically by AV to insure that he wouldn’t have to play a youngster come the start of next season?

  7. ranger17 says:

    There goes the Lindberg / Fast / Stalberg 4th line theory . Oh well does that mean we bring back Moore or do we try to sign E Staal on the cheap and use Hayes on the 4th line , any thing to get TG to Hartford will work for me

    • Chris A says:

      More likely it means Boo Nieves or Fogarty start the season in NY as the 4C. That’s the simplest and cheapest option.

      Maybe the Rangers go out and sign our old friend Ryan Bourque to play 4C for a few months?

    • pavel_burrito says:

      Didn’t Hrivik do ok in his few call ups on the 4th?

  8. SalMerc says:

    All this means is that we will have a player rehabbing in Hartford in November who may be able to join the club if an injury occurs. Can’t say I had Oskar pegged for a top 6 role anyway.

    Doesn’t change the fact that we need to get younger, faster and cheaper. Oskar will be a player in the future, just not the player to put us over the top.

    As mentioned above by Roger, would be nice to know what was the story with JT.

    • Roger Domal says:

      Everybody keeps touting the year he had. He had a great MONTH! The rest was really not so hot. He had 9 goals in 10’games around the halfway mark and everybody remembers that stretch. But, his defensive capabilities still haunt him and if you remember that game against the Islanders on a Sunday at the Garden where he was benched for basically playing like he had been out all night, then you’ll understand why I am not the biggest supporter of JT.

      But, keep talking about the 12th forward. And the 4th line and the 7th defenseman. Because, God knows, that’s the most important reason we are watching from the sidelines now.

      We had forwards who cannot get a shot on goal. Quickie averaged about a shot a game, Miller was at the bottom of the forwards as well. His shooting % was very high, so we can actually expect him to score LESS next year!!


        You fail to see talent. I suppose you think Glass was great?

        • Roger Domal says:

          Why the focus on the 12th forward? Did I say anything about Glass? But the singular nature of comments about #15 are ridiculous!

          I pointed out that the beloved JT Miller had one decent 10 games stretch in an 87 game season. That is far more important than the makeup of the 4th line or whether AV plays kids. Miller played 87 games. He had 9 goals in 10 games in one dynamite period. He had 13 goals in the other 77 games. I think that is way more telling than the argument about the 4th line. But, Glass is an easy whipping boy for those who follow the bloggers like lemmings.

          • Hatrick Swayze says:

            You forgot about his pretty productive game 2 against Pittsburgh. Not a bad 3 point outing for him.

            Don’t get too hot and bothered though, you’ll see plenty more of those next season, RD.

            • Roger Domal says:

              And he proceeded to go shot less in the last two games. He’s truly not that good.

              • Hatrick Swayze says:

                Ok Roger, see ya next year….

                In the meantime, instead of noticing the progression in his production this year, you focus on the inconsistency. Not only does it make zero sense from a developmental standpoint, but let me ask… you ever see him having a 30/30 season?

                Production aside, did you notice his physical presence as the season went on? I take it you’re not a ‘fancy stats’ guy, so let’s keep other facets simple. Did his ice time increase? Get more 3rd period alotment? PP time?

                I’m not a champion of JT, but what it with the disdain? Quite curious…

      • SalMerc says:

        The draft is on June 24th & 25th. I am hoping that the moves we make on draft day make us say, sometime in October, “that kid Lindberg can help the 4th line” when he comes back.

        We get 4 draft picks in the first 3 rounds and drop $20M in salary. Our top 6 have 3 new faces and our backline isn’t as close to retirement as they currently are. All will be good in Rangerland.

        You guys want some of this stuff, it is really goooooooooood.

  9. paulronty says:

    Too bad but this was probably a long term developing condition, but he’ll be back. Buchnevich had surgery on his elbow too. The Ranger Curse is back?

    • Fotiu is God says:

      I’m telling you, Pope Paul: throwing New York Jet lineman Nicky Mangold out of the Garden for going after Tocchet and The Penguins’ bench will prove to be Our New Curse-Goat-Bartman.

      I’m still disgusted.

      Gone are the days when Ranger fans of a previous if not more passionate generation, such as Big John–who wore a Vanbiesbrouck jersey–could go after the likes of Mick Vukota, as he did at Uniondale one night. (I was up in the cheapies, thinking somehow I’d been teleported to a Roman spectacle.)

      Security at The Mausoleum hardly moved. (I don’t think they wanted to dance with Big John: dude was bad-a**.)

      It was Rangers-Islanders, man!

      It meant something.

  10. Walt says:

    First of all let’s hope the kid recovers fast, and that he has no long term problems, hockey aside, he has a life to live, let’s hope with some quality!

    Now to possible things to do until, and, or if Oscar returns by getting someone to replace him. Down on the farm we have the kid from Notre Dame, Fogarty, who basically was eared marked as a 4th line guy, that’s one option. Then there is the Tambellini kid, more of a skill guy, but in a pinch for a few months, he can do. Now I’m not certain about the kid we got in return for Etem, Jensen, I believe that is his name, is he a center? How about JT centering the 3rd line, he’s natural center men, and move Hayes down to the 4th for a little while.

    Bottom line, as a team, we have options, and that’s good. We shouldn’t have to panic, assuming that Oscar returns quickly, and is able to play at the level he did this past year !!!!!!!!!

    • paulronty says:

      Honestly Walt, I don’t think Fogarty is ready for the NHL at this point. This might result in Moore being re-signed for a year, although I don’t think AV would be happy with that.

      • Walt says:

        What do you think of the JT Miller option? Moving him the third, Hayes to the fourth could work, without having to sign anyone else just for a few months, limiting us later on because we can only have what 50 contracts all totaled????????

        • paulronty says:

          Ya, I could see that. I’m really big on moving JT back to his natural centre position, even though it’s unlikely with AV at the helm, given the coach’s risk aversion. I think it would really help improve JTs defensive game as well.

      • Fotiu is God says:

        So, what you’re saying Pope Paul, is you, I and Swarty-the-former-Florida-crimelord don’t need to bother brother Walt about sitting on his stoop for any 2K17 Stanley Cup parade.

  11. Walt says:

    Fogarty ear marked for the fourth line!

  12. ranger17 says:

    We could go out and try to sign Ryan Carter , he is a free agent and received 625.00 last year , but would rather they go for some one younger then him who just might work out for us .We do have options but when all is said and done i would rather have some one in the Org now play up on the NHL level

    • Chris A says:

      Carter would be great for the 4th line. The kind of inexpensive vet you wouldn’t mind benching in favor of kids. Tough and a real pest, also more skill than Dom and still a decent defender.

      • Roger Domal says:

        You make it sound as though the key to success is the 4th line. Who cares about the 4th line when your top 9 can’t help the D move the puck with any consistency and speed. Are any of you watching Pittsburgh right now? Speed thru the center ice area. Sound familiar? It’s what we used to do. Makes the other team play more tentative and less offensive minded.

        • Walt says:


          Can’t agree with you more, except our hands are tied until we unload the garbage on the blue line, I E, Dan & Staal !!!!!

          Sather really screwed us royal with those contracts. Why does it always come back to these guys, and the BS contracts that Sather hands out to diesels who are slow as hell, and their best years are in their rearview mirrors ??????

          Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t sign E Staal for $6 mil, and 7 years! I wouldn’t put it past him.

          Now folks, I’m jerking someone’s chain with that remark………

        • Hatrick Swayze says:

          Hockey is a 4 line game these days. Any one line that can’t play precludes the coach from garnering favorable match ups elsewhere. The edge in competition, especially in the playoffs, is that thin.

          2014 Rangers had the best bottom 6 the team has had in the recent era. No coincidence that’s when we came closest to the prize.

          If you recall we had Boyle/Moore on the 4th and the dynamite Zuc/Brass/Pouliot 3rd line.

          Quit talking down to everyone when pushing your pro glass vendetta…..

          • Roger Domal says:

            You think having a great 4th line is more important than the first 9’forwards? Really?

            How’s the Islander 4th line working out for them now?

            • Hatrick Swayze says:

              That’s not what I said. Re read….

              “Hey Roger, what’s lint again? “

    • Hatrick Swayze says:


    • Mikeyyy says:

      I guess he didn’t want to have to deal with a glass ceiling. Get it.

    • Fotiu is God says:

      Call me a sucker for subtext, Swarty, but I can’t see any bluechip collegiate FA, or pro wanting any part of The Blueshirt organization as it’s presently configured, calcifying, bereft of any dynamic qualities.

      So Caggiula chooses hockey Siberia over AV and MSG. No surprise, I doubt we were in the discussion at all.

      I’ll bet you a sixer, or some of Coach Walt’s chronic that next Jimmy Vesey chooses The Leaf Nation.

      Heck, make it two six-packs and a fat bag of Walt’s purple diesel that Shanny and Lou pull The Power Move come June: drafting the Yank Auston Matthews, then bringing Stamkos home.

  13. Richter1994 says:

    Why do the surgery earlier and start the rehab earlier when Lindberg could sit in civies watching the games in the press box. Makes perfect sense.

    • Walt says:

      Good question, but in case of an emergency the kid could have helped out, maybe not at the top level. Remember AV used three d-men in the PO’s last season didn’t he ?????????????

      • Walt says:

        Oh, and even though Dan was injured this season, he played him just the same? Why aren’t we questioning him on that as well ????? See where I’m coming from ?????

  14. Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

    Roger, fantastic posts! Pretty much agree with most of what you are saying. It’s hilarious how all the pretend team doctors and pretend team coaches out here want to make believe they know that AV hates a kid like Lindberg, and that’s why he’s not playing (wrong!), and that, even more laughable, that AV would defy medical advice and play a player that shouldn’t be playing like Girardi (wrong!) Just amazing. But given the folks writing it, hardly surprising.

    Also, heed the words of Dave above…..WE KNOW NOTHING!!!!!! Especially about what is going on behind the scenes.

    Relating to the issue of “play the kids”, I was watching an interview with the Cubs GM the other day. He was talking about how they have gone young and how successful it has been for them. He also commented on two things. One, they know that to win, they needed to acquire veterans to balance out the inexperience. And, with the kids, he admitted they DONT treat them all the same. Bryant, Rizzo and Russell were ready for big responsibility right away. Baez and Soler, not so much. Schwarber was a defensive mess, but his offense was so dynamic that he couldn’t be kept out of the lineup. So, I wonder if the narrative in Chicago is that Maddon hates Baez and Russell like AV supposedly hates McIlrath and Hayes? I’m sure there are some crazies who think that, but common sense says you DONT treat each player the same, because they are NOT the same.

    Oh, and btw, Maddon is essentially AV isn’t he? Great coach/manager who hasn’t won a thing yet. Yet still great.

    NHL coaches, GMs, medical people are not idiots. They aren’t perfect, but they are among the best of the best. We can combine all of our knowledge out here and it would pale in comparison to what the worst NHL coach and GM has forgotten.

    I was dining with a group of US Senators in Washington the other day. Even though in many cases I vehemently disagree with them, trust me on one thing, most of them are brilliant people. Absolutely incredibly brilliant. And good people too that want to do the right thing. At least most of them. We cover them and criticize them all the time, and rightfully so, but no question, there wasn’t one “moron” in the room. It applies to coaching too. These guys are smart. And like in politics, if they DONT get it done, after a certain period of time, they will be out. That applies to AV too. But we’re not there yet, nor should we be.

    While in Washington, the Caps fans I met are just besides themselves. There was an article in the Washington Post taking Trotz to task for playing Weber over Schmidt. I kept thinking…maybe he’s losing the room or hates the kids…just like AV. Or not.

    • Fotiu is God says:

      Eddie, straightaway, my hat’s off to you.

      From where I sit and tap, you are The Unabomber/Ted Kacinski of BSB. Put another way, your screeds tend to cover as much wild territory as Bhutan and Nepal verging into Mongolia.

      Inasmuch, as a journalist-documentarian-puckhead I, with deep respect, appreciate the assembly. The putting together of nouns and verbs.

      But like when that Hells Angel stabbed the African American kid at Altamount–believe while The Stones were playing–figuratively ending that hippie peace and love moment, I gotta’ come at you.

      Your man AV’s gotta go: too predictable. Way way way too calm. Seemingly distant, kind of Gallic detached. Zero imagination. Kid phobic. The game’s left him.

      Face it Eddie, not unlike that hot-leggy hippie chick named Moonlove we all have in our past, Mike Sullivan is the one that got away. Young, dynamic, and clearly a motivator. AV’s yesterday. Sully is today.

      To lend a more appropriate, deeper framing to this dialogue, it was either Bismarck or Sam Kinison who said, “We totally f**d.”

      • Fotiu is God says:

        … coda should read, “We’re totally f**ked.”

      • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

        Fotiu, while I don’t agree with your premise about AV, I got to tip my hat to you. Very clever and well written! (still…the Unabomber????? Seriously????). So are you a journalist too? On to your points….

        So being “calm” means AV’s not a good coach? You mean like Joe Torre, who looked like he was half asleep most of the time when he was winning those championships? Too predictable? You mean like Bill Parcells was often accused of being? Inside hand off to Joe Morris or Ottis Anderson. Over and over and over. I mentioned once before, I was in a press conference once where he chided his critics after a big win (I was one of them…I thought he was too predictable!) and said, “I just want you to know we were still very predicable today. Maybe we weren’t AS predictable, but we were still very predictable”. SCORCHED! He was the master. What he was saying is, it’s not about the “predictability” of the plan as much as it is about the execution of said plan.

        So you like those guys that have more “personality”? It’s ok, I do too. They are fun. Torts is a far more interesting coach to cover for example than AV ever would be. But let’s face it, coaches like that do their “shtick” for a reason. Throw a water bottle, try and burst into the opposing team’s clubhouse to kick the crap out of opposing coach will get fans to forget about the mediocre play on ice for a bit and get you thinking instead….”yeah! Give ‘me hell coach! That’s the passion I want to see in those lazy, overpaid players”. But, while it may play with the fans, it wears thin real fast on players and management…unless you win.

        Calm coaches do win. Look at Darryl Sutter. He could be the most boring coach I’ve ever seen. Calm? If he was any more calm he’d be embalmed!

        As for Sully, all credit to him. But aren’t we overreacting just a tad here? First of all, he was in charge of the Rangers PP when he was here, and it was more brutal then than it is now! After the Rangers passed up on their “dream coach”, he was in Vancouver for a year with Torts and after Torts got blown out, did the Canuck want him? No. Did ANY team want him–NHL OR AHL? No. He took a year off from coaching, and who knows, if it hadn’t been for the fact that John Hynes went to NJ, maybe he’s still on the outside looking in or at best an assistant coach with Torts. And he got his chance in Pitt with a terrific roster that was badly underperforming. There’s oodles of elite talent on this team. I think that has a little something to do with it. This is not exactly Herb Brooks and the 1980 Olympic Hockey Team here!

        I’m actually amazed that the guy who to me deserves MOST of the credit seems to never get it. Jim Rutherford has done an AMAZING job here. Sully didn’t outcoach AV. The Rangers were “out-talented”. Or more specifically, Rutherford “out-GMed” Gorton/Slats.

        • Fotiu is God says:

          I only mentioned you and The Unabomber in the same breath, Eddie, for your shared and discernible intellectual curiosity, folded into the heft-span of your arguments.

          In the ’90s, my feature-articles were published by both Bob Jr, as well as the Senior Guccione, at Penthouse and Spin, respectively. Both, I add, shared a keen interest in Kacinski. As did I. (Bob Sr. published one of Kacinski’s manifestos.)

          Now as to your point about Sully taking a year off…It clearly paid dividends. As in perspective. Humility.

          You might remember Gore Vidal suggesting to an up-and-coming Jerry Brown that he, also, take a sabbatical. This, some 30-plus years ago when Vidal ran against Brown for governor of Cali.

          Reflexively, Jerry Brown spent a year couch surfing India and Nepal. He also sought out an audience with the Dalai Lama.

          That said, with your blessing I’m anxious to launch a KickStarter: “Send AV to Nepal.” Whaddya’ say, Eddie?

          Given the fact you rub up against our countries’ intelligentsia, politicos/Congressmen and women, maybe you can impress on some deep pockets, say Herman Cain to write a check.

        • Fotiu is God says:

          “The world acquires value only through its extremes and endures only through moderation; extremists make the world great, the moderates give it stability.”
          -Paul Valery

  15. paulronty says:

    Read what I posted above abt this condition. His not playing had nothing to do with injury. NHL coaches, GMs, medical people are not idiots you say. I guess that is why there have been several lawsuits by players, Babych & Robitaille come to mind, because thay were forced to play with serious injury which shortened their career. As usual you demonstrate that you do know nothing Jon Snow.

    • Walt says:

      Nice !!!!!!!!!

    • Fotiu is God says:

      Paul’s House of Pain…

      Bring it, man.

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      Ladies and Gentlemen…Boys and Girls…it’s time for yet another edition of paulronty’s favorite game…..KILL THE MESSENGER!!!!! Don’t like the narrative? Pissed off when the facts about Torts or Keenan don’t match up with your own distorted narrative? No problem….we won’t discuss…we just KILL THE MESSENGER….because if paulronty say something is so….it is so. Facts (or credible and multiple sources confirming) be damned!

      Now, in this week’s episode, Paul shows us his broad brush approach to clumping all people into one category. He brings up lawsuits involving players who played 10-15 years ago. While he’s correct that there was a time in both football and hockey where players were indeed pressured into playing when they were injured, these lawsuits and union influence in recent years has dramatically changed this narrative. Could it still happen? Sure, there are always bad apples out there. But it’s so much easier to take the lazy, uniformed narrative and paint a nice broad brush….let’s imply that Rammer, arguably the most respected trainer in the business, is conspiring with AV and maybe Gorton here to make sure that injured players play when they shouldn’t..even though there is nothing in their past (at least that I’m aware of) that any of those guys have ever done that. But why should that matter? We all need to hate on AV, and we got to pin whatever we can on him to support a likely phony narrative.

      I read somewhere online that a noted Canadian psychologist espoused an interesting theory of a “Distractability Operation”. In this case, when Paul is forcibly confronted with the facts, he can never, ever, ever admit he’s just might be wrong. Or that the hated, evil media could possibly be right. Or perhaps there is a middle ground here that we can all agree on. No. Instead, he’ll distract and obscure the conversation by using his same old lazy approach…..KILL THE MESSENGER! You really should read up on this theory Paul….it’s fascinating and it just might help you here.

      Will Paul be able to engage in a spirited, intellectual dialogue free of feeble attempts at insults on the next topic? Find out next time on the next exciting edition of……KILL THE MESSENGER!!!!!!!

      • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

        Anyway, that was cathartic! 🙂

        I think we’ve exchanged enough body blows. I’m proposing we call a truce. I’d much rather have a respectful discussion about hockey here. So, if you want to flame me back one more time, have at it. Otherwise, either way, I’m not interested in exchanging anymore personal attacks. You and I simply see things differently. Nothing wrong with that. Let’s just agree to disagree and move on. I’m ready to “skate the line” and shake hands if you are. 🙂