Practice Notes: Zuccarello/Stalberg to sit, recall expected

April 8, 2016, by

Some notes from practice today, and there were a bunch of them:


  1. amy says:

    a well deserved rest for Zucc and Viktor and Hank let’s do it tomorrow boys

  2. Rangers Rock says:

    AV on Tanner Glass
    On Tanner Glass and why he sticks in the lineup, “Tanner is what you see is what you get. He is an honest player up and down who brings a physicality to the game, wears the opposition down, doesn’t slide past a check, will aid a teammate who is in trouble. Obviously he doesn’t have a lot of offensive numbers but there is an important factor in that physicality that he brings and it’s very well respected by his teammates and his peers and he brings something to this group that you need on different occasions. You might not need it every night, some nights where speed and skill are more useful but he does bring an element that we need and I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t read social media. I did not know that.”

    Tanner Glass is an element a tool a respected tool. A physical tool to wear down the other team for 10 minutes a game. Obviously he doesn’t have a lot of offensive numbers because in a 1 nothing game it is not important to have 4 score-able lines. Eddie Eddie Eddie You defend stupidity!

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      Stupidity is in the eyes of the beholder. I don’t defend playing Glass or not playing Glass. I defend winning. AV wins, and had the best record in Rangers history last year….with Glass playing. So again, if Glass is that horrible, then why couldn’t opponents exploit that weakness when he was on the ice and beat the Rangers, rather than the Rangers having a historic season? The reason is either one of two things….Glass fits within the scheme that AV likes to play and therefore isn’t really that bad, metrics be damned, since the Rangers WIN with him playing. Or, AV is the greatest coach of all time, since he had a historic season with only eleven forwards. Can’t have it both ways.

      You’re focused too much on goals here. Think back to all the trades the Rangers made at the deadline in ’94. They sacrificed players who statistically speaking were significantly better than the players they acquired. On paper, it was a downgrade. On the ice, it was not.

      This is not a school yard choose up game where you assemble your team based on how many goals each guy can score.

      And btw, since early December when he was recalled, Glass has 4 goals. Lindberg has 3…this despite the fact that Lindberg’s TOI has been much greater in most of those game, and despite the fact that he was usually paired with line mates that were more offensively minded.

      This is Oscar Lindberg we are talking about here. He hasn’t been good in a long time. And the 4th line is clicking fairly well right now. Why change it?

      This is all a moot point if our best players play like our best players. If they don’t, Glass vs Lindberg is likely totally meaningless to the final outcome, just like your would be hero James Sheppard would have been last year if he had played. He wasn’t good. That’s why he didn’t play and he’s out of the league. Lindberg hasn’t been good since November. That’s reality. Why should we expect him to help us now?

      • Rangers Rock says:

        Eddie Eddie Eddie how you like to manipulate the stats Oscar also had 7 assist to Glasses 2. And you probably don’t care about scoring chances?
        Your question is, If Glass is that horrible, then why couldn’t opponents exploit that weakness when he was on the ice and beat the Rangers,
        Answer You don’t need to exploit the weakness, they are not a scoring threat! The 4th line can’t beat anyone’s 4th line!
        Your question; He hasn’t been good in a long time. And the 4th line is clicking fairly well right now. Why change it?
        Answer, To make it better. Fast on the 4th line makes it better than Glass on the 4th line!
        Your a little tricky Dickey are’t you? Trying to confuse things.

        • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

          Rock…uh, actually….no! You are missing the point.

          Glass is not out there to generate points. And he plays limited minutes on the 4th line while Lindberg, when he plays, played with linemates that are more highly skilled. So obviously he would have more assists. My point was to say…4 goals for Glass, 3 (now as of today 4) for Lindberg is hardly a reason to make a case here. The issue isn’t about points. It’s about who’s the best fit on a particular line.

        • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

          BTW, congrats to Tanner Glass on his 500th game. Getting a lot of those games playing on. many winning teams that went deep into the playoffs too!

          Just wanted to know what you did to mark the occasion, Rock. You should send Tanner a card to congratulate him! Right after you send a note to James Sheppard in Switzerland to tell him how much you miss him. 🙂

      • paulronty says:

        The Q then becomes why did a player who was so good at the start of the season regress so much, just like Hayes etc. etc. Look no further than the HOF coach who, of course, is SO great that he is never accountable for anything except Ranger wins.

        • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

          Paul, you are too intelligent of a hockey guy to post a question that even you deep down know is ridiculous. Lindberg got off to a start that no one expected. Everyone knew it was unsustainable. He’s a kid, leaning the game. He’s sitting because right now, he takes too many bad penalties. And he’s a victim of a numbers game.

          But if you are being serious, then let me make sure I understand this. Lindberg not maintaining an unsustainable pace..,that’s on AV. Miller having a breakout season at age 22….that’s being done in spite of AV? I just want to make sure I have this straight. And Fast, in his second year, wins the Player’s Player Award..,that’s also in spite of AV.

          You kidder you! You just enjoy pulling my leg with your wacky sense of humor! 🙂

  3. Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

    Hrivik has been recalled. No surprise.

  4. pas44 says:

    JOBU just setup a nice bloody mary, pregame must!


    is there any way to put Zucc’s heart into a larger body for the upcoming playoffs?

    sort of like Master Blaster from ThunderDome!