Introducing the Blue Seat Blogs-cast!

January 11, 2016, by

Blue Seat Blogs is happy to announce the very first episode of our new podcast, the Blue Seat Blogs-cast! This will be a weekly podcast covering Rangers hockey, as well as general league topics of discussion which you can find here, on Soundcloud, and on iTunes (iTunes will take a couple days, but it should be up there soon). On our first episode we talked about the Rangers’ play of late, some of AV’s comments and lineup decisions, and the recent trade buzz. We hope you enjoy!

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  1. Hatrick Swayze says:

    Fire! This definitely helps get the week by and is pretty cool hearing the voices behind the blogging. Will listen weekly if you guys decide to keep it going. Definitely enjoyed it.

    • Dave says:

      Thanks for the feedback Hatrick. Let us know if there’s anything you want us to discuss as well.

      • Hatrick Swayze says:

        Thought the content was solid. I liked how it was a Ranger-centric discussion (this is blueseatblogs after all) but you guys also delved into other NHL happenings like the Johansen/Jones trade.

        Also enjoyed the overall tone… light and an enjoyable listen.

        Think the 1 hr timeframe is ideal. Pretty standard for a weekly podcast and obv if ppl don’t have an hour straight, the can listen in multiple sittings.

        Not much I’d critique. Couple suggestions:
        – keep a revolving door of voices. If you 3 will be standard week to week, maybe try to get Suit, Justin, etc on for an episode here or there if scheduling permits.
        -keeping with that topic… guests. As the show grows, it would be cool if you guys could work your networks to get on some guys/gals around the industry/league. I think you guys always have solid content up here and are spot on with the Ranger rhetoric. Many times it seems to fall on deaf ears, or at least the comments make a case for that. Perhaps, if a guest speaker who’s played the game in college, professionally, is a video guy in Arizona, AHL referee, whatever would help validate the collective point of view. And perhaps sway some of the day to day stubborn posters.
        -throw up a weekly post where we could throw up topics to include in the comment section (day or two before maybe)
        -Pat has quite a calming voice….pretty sure I recognize him from NPR’s All Things Considered. lol

        Overall, great job. Like I said earlier, I’ll definitely look to tune in week to week

      • Ranger17 says:

        Where do i find this and when is it on next .

  2. amy says:

    this is a nice way to start the week let’s also discuss topics that are important like the trade deadline.

  3. 43 says:

    Solid premiere, but maybe less subjectivity for future endeavors. Search for the reasons why AV might make his decisions outside of preconceived notions you have. Journalism (which sports blogging is) is won through credibility, which, while asking the tough questions, is still composed with rationalism and unclouded with bias. Otherwise, it comes off as amateur and unreliable.

    I thought it was funny though to hear you guys speak of Glass in relatively good light.

    • Dave says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I felt we got a little too subjective for a bit, but we are still rookies at this. Will have a more refined approach as we do more.

      • 43 says:

        I thought y’all (yeah, I’m from the south and I say “y’all”) did well. Definitely not something just anybody could do. Looking forward to more of these.

  4. Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:


    Congratulations on a terrific audio debut. Very informative and I agree, terrific to put voices now to names. Not that it wasnt already evident from the amazing job you do on theses the written blogs.

    Some feedback–

    1) first a procedural one, I’d suggest shorter. I made a point to listen to it all, but it’s hard to carve out an hour to listen to anything, even something this good. Maybe like a hockey game, do three periods! 🙂

    On the stuff you brought up….

    2) I’m glad to see you acknowledged that Glass has really improved his game (must have made certain people on this blog just lose it hearing that!). So since he has, and the 4th line is playing better, why sit him now when that line is working. You mentioned results matter as it pertains to other people. They should matter here too. BTW, AV acknowledged today that while Lindberg played well enough to stay in, he simply did not want to take out anyone on the 4th line at the moment. To me, that’s understandable.

    3) Longer leash for vets. It’s evident from your posts and in today’s audio that you believe it’s unfair that a Girardi gets a longer leash than say an Etem did or some others do. I want to say this carefully, because by no means do I wish to insult, but I do believe to some extent this may be a generational difference (I’m fairly confident that I’m somewhat older than you all!). :). I think I’m just a year older than AV, so I get what he’s doing. It’s much the way I run my own organization. If you are new, you have to prove yourself. Veterans that I trust are going to get more of the benefit of the doubt if something goes wrong. And I have found that many of my twenty something employees come in with a certain sense of entitlement. We quickly adjust their thinking, and their actions behind he scenes demonstrate if they get more time in front of the camera.

    AV benched Miller last year. Everyone killed him for it last year. Then we learned why….he had a work ethic issue. Hayes..same deal. It’s a big leap from AHL to NHL. It’s not just about skill, it’s about attitude and preparation.

    3) Pat, you talked about Etem the other day and it was mentioned here again. I get where you are coming from that AV maybe didn’t give him the best chance. But he had plenty of opportunities to shine in pre-season, and he seemed unprepared (rumor was he came in out of shape). So why would you reward a player like that with more time? To me, every time you get on the ice, you have a chance to impress. Look at McIlrath. When he came to camp in shape, impressed enough to stick, and when he gets in, he contributes in a positive way.

    4) I understand your points about being frustrated that DMC isn’t playing enough….more in a moment.

    • Ranger17 says:

      Etem admitted he did not play well and earn the coach’s trust . He also stated he is going to play better in Vancouver and drive the net and use his speed more on the fore check . Wish him luck but i would have thought him would have figured it out sooner than later

    • Dave says:

      Thanks for the feedback. Shorter is definitely on the list of things.

      In regards to the leashes, this is a team that needs to win now. The window is closing. Sounds harsh, but they need to play their best guys and limit the ice time of those who are seeing their play diminish.

      For Etem, it wasn’t necessarily the player that bothered a lot of people, it was the process.

      • 43 says:

        We won’t really know the impact of the Hagelin trade for a few years. If Gropp turns out to be a good player for us, then it will have been a good deal. Though, it’s not like Anaheim is doing to well right now, either.

        I don’t think it’s unfair of AV to say he gave Etem a fair chance. In the press conference he gave a few hours before the trade, his reluctance and tone while fielding the Etem questions displayed a sort of irritation and AV just looked like he was, for lack of a better phrase, fed up with the kid. It’s unfair to say AV didn’t give him a shot if Etem never did anything to warrant a bigger opportunity than he was given. I don’t think Etem was a goal liability, and he may end up as a pretty decent NHL player in Vancouver, but he just didn’t fit with this team. That much was obvious.

  5. Chris L says:

    Enjoyed listening. I share your frustration with the current situation regarding lineup decisions, particularly the utter misuse of Yandle. Someone suggested to me that perhaps Yandle would be getting more time if he were a right-handed shot. Well, if that were the case, why trade so much future for a third pair, second PP unit left-shooting D man? I am equally puzzled by the pending benching of Lindberg for Megna. All this said, I think 43 makes a good point above regarding objectivity and digging deeper on AV’s lineup decisions. Looking forward to more.

  6. Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

    4) back to DMC…..he’s earned more time for sure, but still, to conclude after 17 games that he’s this difference making answer who needs to be in at the expense of a key veteran who’s been instrumental to recent past success feels like a knee jerk move. Not to mention the fact that Girardi is, by your own admission, getting better and the team is playing better since he’s been back. So if that’s all true, then wouldn’t it be disruptive to what might be a fragile situation at the moment to make rotating McIlrath a central focus? I just don’t think that right now, many coaches in AV’s position would do that.

    Now, that can’t go on forever. No one gets an indefinite long leash. DMC is knocking on the door. It’s up to Girardi to keep improving or be kicked out of the proverbial room. I expect we will see more of DMC soon.

    5) Lindberg vs Megna–I’m with you guys. It’s curious. But, a few things, the goal not withstanding, Lindberg has been pretty ordinary these last few weeks, and he’s played a lot. Megna had a great first game. As Joe speculated, it could be playing him allows the Rangers to showcase him. To me, it’s not really a big deal unless the benching is indefinite.

    6) I have a better understanding now of why you are so into the notion that Yandle definitely wants out. But I still don’t agree. Friedman and McKenzie are great at what they do, but I’ve heard them speculate on deals that NEVER happen, just like everyone else. Being in the media, obvious they rely on sources to get their info. But sources aren’t always correct. There’s an old saying in my business…if your mother says she loves you, get a second source first before you believe it. ;). To know for sure they are more correct than the Post story, you need at least another source. What’s a definite is that Yandle’s future as a Ranger is uncertain, but again, I’m not sure why that would come as a surprise at this juncture.

    7) Hank being great again is key….I know Becky was not thrilled with AV’s point, and let’s face it, AV is being too simplistic here. But he sending a message to a player he knows responds to that message. Hank has been good, but hasn’t been great for a few weeks now. We need him to be “Vezina-esque” Hank to win. Otherwise, no matter what we do, this team as constructed has no chance.

    Again, it was just great. All three of you sound like the smart, terrific people I thought you were! 🙂

  7. Rangers Rock says:

    It was great to hear the 3 of you. I would like to take the 54 minutes and summarize.
    Does anyone know what AV is Doing? Why is he doing this and doing that?

    That’s it.
    Wait old Eddie will straighten you out. You are all wrong.

  8. Andy says:

    Good first episode!

  9. paulronty says:

    Just finished your Blogs-cast & really enjoyed the repartee. Loved Pat’s stentorian voice, Dave’s relaxed hosting & that Becky sounds like a cool chick(sorry if I’m politically incorrect but hey I’m an old guy so who cares?).

    • Ranger17 says:

      paulronty did you see Paul Ronty play for the Rangers at the old Garden on 49th street . He was fairly good not great but that was different Hockey back then .

  10. Ross Chaplin says:

    Gonna listen when i take my doggies for a walk